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Facebook Twitter Instagram. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: 10 plane crashes that changed aviation. Turkish Airlines Flight — A cargo door blew off Turkish Airlines Flight outside Paris in while the plane was in the air, causing cabin pressure to drop and eventually leading to a section of the cabin floor to collapse. The accident ultimately led to an industry-wide change in design limiting the possibility of depressurization.

Hide Caption. The incident highlighted the need for better communication between planes. Like the incident over the Grand Canyon, the crash illustrated the need for better communication between pilots and air traffic control. Soon after, there was a push to standardize air traffic control phraseology. Though the pilot was able to make an emergency landing, only half the passengers escaped in time.


Afterward the FAA required all aircraft bathrooms to be equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Though the pilot followed protocol, the seats were placed too close to each other, making it impossible for some passengers to escape. After the incident, plane manufacturers changed the internal layout to make evacuation easier.

Japan Airlines Flight — A Japan Airlines Boeing crashed in the mountains outside of Tokyo in as the result of a poorly executed repair. After the accident, repairs to older aircraft were monitored much more closely. Aloha Airlines Flight — In , while flying at 24, feet, a large section of the roof blew off of Aloha Airlines Flight while en route to Honolulu. The plane -- a Boeing -- was 19 years old, and investigators blamed the incident on age-related wear and tear. In the aftermath of the incident, in which the Boeing crashed into the ocean near New York, federal officials issued a new safety requirement mandating certain planes to install a device that would prevent fuel tanks from exploding.

American Airlines Flight — After the American Airlines Flight crash in , the NTSB ruled the first officer was excessive in his use of rudder inputs, which ultimately led to the tail fin snapping off. Since the accident, American Airlines has updated their pilot training program and the FAA has implemented new training regulations for pilots.

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Air France Flight — Both the Air France crash in , which took nearly two years to recover, and the more recent incident involving Malaysia Airlines Flight have spotlighted the need for better access to data for investigation purposes. On the heels of AF, the European Aviation Safety Agency have recommended plane manufacturers retire "obsolete recording technologies. May 1, - New York Rep. Thaddeus C.

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Sweet R. Pages in category "Lists of American politicians" The following 27 pages are in this category, out of 27 total. A List of African-American Republicans List of American professional sports figures who held elective office List of United States political appointments across party lines List of assassinated American politicians. C List of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign political endorsements List of chairpersons of the College Republicans List of American federal politicians convicted of crimes List of American state and local politicians convicted of crimes.

F List of foreign-born United States politicians. H Holdovers from previous administrations in the Trump administration. I List of Italian-American politicians by state. Here's the breakdown:. Like the majority of people with common sense, Bernie doesn't believe cannabis is dangerous. He even admits he tried it twice himself as a young person, although it only made him "cough his guts out". Bernie didn't get high or feel much of anything, but he admits that others may have a much different experience.

He's isn't advocating for cannabis use, but he also knows it's not a killer like heroin. In Bernie's own words during a public speech:. Marijuana is listed as a Schedule I drug alongside of heroin.

That slight reclassification would make cannabis the same, legally, as cocaine instead of heroin, but still allow for unnecessary prosecution and incarceration. The prisons and jails across the United States are filled with people convicted of marijuana charges. Some are also convicted of more serious crimes, but many are guilty of nothing more than growing their own weed, selling small amounts, or simply possessing as little as an ounce.

They are treated no differently than if they had robbed or raped. And, in some cases, those convicted of relatively harmless marijuana charges can spend as much time behind bars, if not more, as hardened criminals. Even in the case of a simple misdemeanor possession charge, where only probation or a suspended sentence is involved, the penalty is overly harsh. The person may not ever do actual jail time, but the charges will haunt them for years should they apply to a university, look for a job, or even try to rent an apartment. Bernie doesn't think that the punishment fits the crime.

There are few, if any, racial dividing lines in America when it comes to cannabis use. However, if you're black and smoke weed, you're four times more likely to be arrested than your white friends. That number might go up even more if you're poor. This shouldn't even come as a secret. All you have to do is watch an American reality show where a camera follows a police officer.

As soon as they pull over an African American, the first thing they say is "I smell weed". Four times as many blacks are arrested for possession as whites. Throughout his political career, Bernie Sanders has publicly stated his support for ending the war on drugs. In , Bernie ran for governor of Vermont. During his campaign, he stated that the government should toss out any laws that pertain to sexual behaviour, drugs, or abortion on the basis that the very idea of American freedom was being eroded by those very laws.

When Vermont began its quest for legal medical marijuana, Bernie supported the idea. Medical marijuana was legalized in the state in , with cultivation and recreational use becoming legal in mid Selling cannabis is still illegal. This proposed regulation did not pass, but it sought to prevent the Department of Justice from going after people who used or distributed medical marijuana in legal states.

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Bernie Sanders was the first US senator to introduce a bill to end cannabis prohibition at the federal level. It was called the Ending Federal Prohibition Act of and, obviously, didn't make it into law.

Similar bills have been reintroduced by other senators and representatives since then. The most progressive bill Bernie supports is the Marijuana Justice Act of It's not a law yet either, but it goes past decriminalisation and rescheduling at the federal level. It will penalise states who don't legalize cannabis and continue racially-biased enforcement by withholding federal funds.

The new law will also clear criminal records of federal convictions for marijuana use or possession and give funding to communities who were most impacted by the government's war on drugs. This was another proposed law to decriminalise cannabis, but it also sought to "level the economic playing field" by setting up a trust fund to help women and other disadvantaged groups start small marijuana businesses. The bill also funded studies in highway safety and the impacts of long-term cannabis use on human health. He had this to say:. Marijuana is not the same as heroin.

No one who has seriously studied the issue believes that marijuana should be classified as a Schedule 1 drug beside killer drugs like heroin.

Quite the contrary. We should allow states the right to move toward the decriminalization of marijuana, not reverse the progress that has been made in recent years". It's virtually impossible to find a single case where Bernie Sanders did not support cannabis legalization.