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Curious why? It's not always the same shoe and it's not always the same handbag, but they're always black," the Queen's corsetiere a.

Queen Elizabeth rocks these super Instagrammable shoes on the regular

What am I going to wear with pale blue and dark blue? See, even Queen Elizabeth is sometimes in a rush to get dressed! Queens: They're just like us? Well, perhaps not, but still We also know something that's inside of her bag every single Sunday , and it's kind of great.

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Even still, she often adheres to the rule, defaulting to black boots or pumps carrying a noir clutch. We know she cares about the queen's style stance too: ever since her grandmother-in-law disapproved of her favorite wedges , the shoes haven't made another appearance.

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Ever daydreamed about traveling to London and going to all the Kensington stores Kate Middleton has shopped at? She must be a little exhausted by all of it.

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There are, of course, reasons for protocol. Maybe in days of yore, when monarchs were a more common way of structuring things, all those rules were used to prop up that big title kings and queens had. Obama was on the other side of a bewildering moment of protocol breach during the changing of the guard at the White House back in , when the Trumps brought a gift for the outgoing family to their inauguration.


All was lost when, on May 22, , Elizabeth was tragically murdered at the age of twenty-four by her ex-boyfriend. But as kids do, she did eventually start to grow which meant her braces got bigger and shoes became harder to find. Teresa has a soft suede sole to ensure maximum foot articulation. Roxie is an excellent choice for character stage work. Even still, she often adheres to the rule, defaulting to black boots or pumps carrying a noir clutch. Elizabeth was our miracle baby, when we least expected to be blessed with children.

I laid a hand affectionately across her shoulder. I daresay that the Queen was okay with it, too, because when I touched her, she only pulled closer, resting a gloved hand lightly on the small of my back.

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The Queen has since verbalized her frustration with protocol, apparently. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss a story.

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