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Why the Change of Seasons Disrupts Your Sleep
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Getting ready to overhaul your schedule this summer?

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Capricorn might want to get on an extra-productive sleep schedule this Gemini season to prepare. Aquarius is coming off a particularly busy season, so you'll want to spend Gemini season recouping some energy, if you can. If you've been battling some insomnia lately, Pisces, then get ready to catch up on sleep this Gemini season with ease.

Ultimately, many of us may feel like we're dealing with super buzzy social energy this Gemini season. So whether that's your jam or your personal nightmare, planning for the kind of rest you need can help prevent burnout this month. Aries March 21 - April Taurus April 20 - May Gemini May 21 - June Cancer June 21 - July Leo July 23 - August Virgo August 23 - September Libra September 23 - October Ikeda T, Sessler DI, Marder D, Xiong J Influence of thermoregulatory vasomotion and ambient temperature variation on the accuracy of core-temperature estimates by cutaneous liquid-crystal thermometers.

Inoue Y Longitudinal effects of age on heat-activated sweat gland density and output in healthy active older men. Longitudinal effects of age on heat-activated sweat gland density and output in healthy active older men. ISO Ergonomics of the thermal environment - Estimation of thermal isulation and water vapour resistance of a clothing ensemble Google Scholar. Kenney WL Control of heat-induced cutaneous vasodilatation in relation to age. Kloner RA Natural and unnatural triggers of myocardial infarction.

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Miyazawa M Air conditioning. In: Torii ed Sleep Environment. Asakura Shoten, Tokyo, pp — Google Scholar. Monk TH Sleep and circadian rhythms.

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Ohnaka T, Tochihara Y, Kanda K Body movements of the elderly during sleep and thermal conditions in bedrooms in summer. Parmeggiani PL Interaction between sleep and thermoregulation: an aspect of the control of behavioral states. Ramanathan NL A new weighting system for mean surface temperature of the human body. Raymann R, Van Someren EJ Diminished capability to recgnize the optimal temperature for sleep initiation may contribute to poor sleep in elderly people. Sasa N, Isoda N Study on the consciousness of energy-saving and life style-A case for the detached house of the newly-developed residential area in teh suburbs of Nara city.

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Growing up a somewhat lonely child out in the country, Sreya Bremtin kept herself entertained by voracious reading and an active imagination. Not having many. Season Sleep, Cincinnati. likes. David Lawrence: voice, guitar Blake Sutton: bass, voice Jake Ostmann: drums Ian Caldwell: trumpet/flugelhorn.

Every sleeping bag comes with a specific temperature rating, letting you know the range of conditions where it performs the best. To test a sleeping bag, manufacturers place a heated mannequin filled with various sensors into a sleeping bag. Each mannequin wears a specific base layer of clothing, designed to imitate what a typical camper would wear.

Based on the test results, the sleeping bag gets labeled to indicate its comfort, transition and extreme temperature range.

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Keep in mind that while some people sleep cold, others tend to sleep hot — your personal comfort levels are unique to you. Experiment with a few different temperature ratings to find the range that suits you and your location. When purchasing a sleeping bag, consider the seasonal range of your camping.

Instead, try investing in a light summer bag — when you occasionally camp in winter, you can add a sleeping pad and warm blankets, which will keep you warm without the added insulation of a winter sleeping bag. Winter is a season of freezing weather and plenty of rain, snow and ice. To find the perfect winter sleeping bag , you need a model that can handle both moisture and cold temperatures.

For winter camping , you want a cold-weather sleeping bag that retains as much warmth as possible. Semi-rectangular and mummy-shaped bags are probably your best bet — because they are more form-fitting and have built-in hoods, they will maximize your heat retention during cold winter nights. Also, consider the shell and lining of a winter bag.


Pockets Sleeping bags with pockets give you more room to safely store necessary items, such as chargers, phones, watches or headlamps. Sensitive Cancer might find themselves sleeping more than usual. Experiment with a few different temperature ratings to find the range that suits you and your location. When choosing a sleeping bag, the general rule is to find the shortest length that fits you. Libra September 23 - October

The shell is the outside lining of your sleeping bag, and for winter weather, look for a bag with water-repelling materials to keep you warm and dry throughout the season. You can learn more about how to select the perfect cold weather sleeping bag here. If winter is all about snow, spring has a reputation for its unpredictability.

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Depending on where you are, spring can mean late snowfalls, steady rains or sunshine and fields of daffodils — or all of the above. Camping in spring requires flexibility, and you need a sleeping bag that works in a variety of conditions. If you are planning a trip for early spring, a winter sleeping bag might be a smart choice, especially if your destination has freezing weather or surprise snow.

Look for sleeping bags that have a high water resistance — the last thing you want is to get damp while you sleep. For mid to late spring camping, try a three-season sleeping bag. Three-season bags are specifically for transition seasons, and you can always pack an extra blanket or two if you worry about it being a bit chilly. Summer is the season of fireflies, wildflowers and warm, lazy nights. If you camp in the summer, you are probably concerned with keeping cool as opposed to staying warm. However, even in summer, you can get cold at night without the right clothes or sleeping bag.

To find the balance between warmth and ventilation, try a bag specifically designed for warm-weather camping. Hot-weather sleeping bags are lightweight, designed to provide enough airflow to keep you cool as you sleep. Northern locations can have mild summers, especially early or late in the season. In these situations, a three-season bag might also work well for summer camping.

The key to finding the perfect summer bag is knowing yourself — do you tend to sleep warm or cold? If you typically sleep cool, a three-season bag might be the ideal compromise between breathability and warmth during the summer.

What Gemini Season 12222 Means For Your Sleep, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons to go camping. The trees are in full color, and the weather is brisk and inviting, making for fun hikes and spectacular views. For hot or southern locations, you might be able to use a summer sleeping bag well into the middle of the season. However, a three-season bag is typically a safer bet — you never know when temperatures might drop overnight, and having a bag that can handle both warm and cold weather makes you prepared for any situation. If you are camping in late fall, you might consider bringing a winter sleeping bag, especially if your location is notorious for early snows.

To help you narrow down your search, here are a few additional sleeping bag components to consider.

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Sleeping bag insulation typically comes in two types: down and synthetic. If you want to do some backpacking or plan to fly to your camping destination, the size and weight of your sleeping bag are essential factors. As any backpacker knows, a few ounces can make all the difference in the comfort of your pack. Typically, the more spacious a bag, the heavier it will be — backpacking bags are noticeably snug-fitting.

To find the lightest bag, look for mummy or barrel models.