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F. L. Lucas

Principles, however liberal, are no substitute for common sense. In Literature and Psychology he had conjectured that the end of civilisation might come, not from war or famine, but from a decay of man's intelligence and self-control under the strain of a too artificial way of life. My dream is of a British statesman who could say to his countrymen: "You are sick of war, weary of entanglements.

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Log in or go premium to post and read comments Go premium. Photographer Martin Eberle honed in on the club culture of the s. Clear all. Though his reign ended on a high note, with order largely restored to his empire, it was followed by three years of civil war. Cranach was best man at Luther and Katharina von Bora's wedding, he was godfather to their children and painted the Great Reformer countless times.

There are some who would have you renounce both. I offer you instead a heavier load of foreign responsibilities, a risk of new war. Because that is the only road to lasting peace. Since the War, British policy has been shuffling, timid, ignoble.

Be bold at last, and give a lead to Europe, by offering to form with France and whatever other European states will join, a League within the League, of nations pledged to submit all disputes to the League, but pledged also to fight without hesitation in defence of any member of the group who is attacked. If Germany will join, so much the better; though Germany as she is never will. If America, better still; for the present America is a broken reed.

All the more honor for us to accept a responsibility if she refuses.

Complete List of the Holy Roman Emperors

We shall often regret the day we pledged ourselves to bear taxation in peace and face death in war for interests and frontiers not our own. But no interest is more really our own than the reign of law between nations. That is little likely to happen. Only an Abraham Lincoln takes risks of that sort with a nation. But this is not because the ordinary politician is wiser; it is because the ordinary politician does not realize the latent force of idealism, all the stronger with the decay of the religions which gave it other outlets, ready in the world of to-day for any leader with the courage to use it; and so easily abused accordingly by the rulers of Moscow and Berlin.

Many honest folk feel it hard to deny the Sudetens self-determination, if they want to belong to the Reich.

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But then, can we deny it to the Czech areas among the Sudetens? Then what about Sudeten pockets in the Czech areas?

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Self-determination must stop somewhere. In politics, as in physics, you come to a point where you cannot go on splitting things. You cannot have self-determination by villages. You may split Czechoslovakia now. In a few years it will be one again. Only it will be German. That is all. What would our own answer be, supposing we were expected on racial grounds to hand over to Berlin our coastal counties from Essex to Northumberland?

We should reply that any nation must defend itself against a step which would make it impossible to defend itself. You cannot by any juggling with frontiers abolish racial minorities in Europe. And you cannot totally ignore geography. It follows that where you cannot move mountains you must move men. If the Sudetens are irrevocably set on being in the Reich let them go to the Reich instead of expecting the Reich to come to them.

The Germans are the later comers in Bohemia.

SAM SMITH - Lay Me Down (Cover by Lucas Roman, Fed

There are precedents for such an exodus. Good Aryans may disdain to copy Moses, but within these fifteen years just such an exchange of minorities has cured, as nothing else could have cured, the secular hate of Greek and Turk. If a small, poor and barren state like Greece could absorb between one and two million refugees it is absurd to pretend that a great country like Germany, which Hitler has set flowing with milk and honey, could not do as much and more.

And if the Czechs can give a home to the persecuted refugees of the Axis, so much the better. This seems to me justice. The alternative is to admit the Trojan Horse into Prague. That may be the sort of fool's wisdom called "expediency"; it is the line of least resistance; but at least let us not cant about its honesty. Undoubtedly Hitler will object. He has other aims. It is not oppression he minds; the loudest yelps about persecution come from the persecutor of the Jews. Czechoslovakia lies on the flank of the German drive to the Black Sea.

Therefore, Hitler will not hear reason. A question that vitally affects all Europe should be discussed by Europe. If Hitler foams at the mere mention of the League, let it be a European conference. Only let it give full weight to those smaller Powers which have often a more disinterested sense of decency than their great neighbours.

Lucas Dohmen

If Hitler refuses he puts himself at once in the wrong. The verdict of such a conference may not convince him; but if he cannot reason, he can count. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British writer and scholar. Lucas proceeded to his M. He returned, briefly, for two signed reviews of authors he found congenial, Browning 22 Nov. Stephen Spender and Donald Hall London, John Wakeman New York [pp. Scan of full review, British Library: [1]. Extracts: shubow. John Wakeman New York, , pp. Housman: The Critical Heritage , ed.

Housman Oxford, , Vol. Lawrence, Correspondence with E.

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Forster and F. Lucas , p. XIII Pt. Leavis: A Life in Criticism , p. Eliot: The Critical Heritage, ed. Michael Grant London, ; T. Eliot: The Contemporary Reviews, ed. Eliot London , , vols. Anthony Thwaite , G. Bradbrook 8 June in the New Statesman. Lucas, librarylink. Justin Almeida 64 33 78 4. Brandon Hagel 66 41 61 5. Trey Fix-Wolansky 65 37 65 Lucas Roman.

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