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It is also available for purchase in bookstores, and at book signing events, including one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on December 15, Hadjittofi Universidade de Lisboa and A.

Nicaule aggiuntevi alcune traduzioni di poesie sacre ebraiche

Hadjittofi and A. The workshop will take place in two installments, in Lisbon in June , and in Heidelberg in December The publication of a proceedings volume will depend on the quality and coherence of the presentations. Important dates: This might be a good metaphor for thinking about how the Christian poetry of late antiquity breaks free from traditional systems of generic classification.

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However, just as music keys have a particular mood in them, often culturally constructed, genres too are not only stylistically and thematically defined but their re-construction and reception also depends largely on their cultural milieu. In this case, how does the medium, heroic hexameters, influence the reception of the other, non-hexametrical genres in it? The workshop will attempt to tackle and disentangle, to the degree that this is possible, some of the following questions:.

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Does the metre or genre in which a Christian poem is written influence its reception or interpretation? Do classical genres and metres still evoke an ethos? For example, are iambic metres still associated with invective?

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How are Christian hymns written in hexameters e. XV ]?

Were large-scale compositions thought to be more suitable for public performance? Can we detect a connection between genre and the rituals to which these texts may allude?

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Do small-scale forms and genres suggest a more private or bookish context? How do the various genres and sub-genres of Christian prose Gospel, Apocalypsis, homilies, hagiographies, passion narratives inform the genres of Christian poetry?

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Do some of these give rise to new genres? How are they identified and received when integrated inside other genres?

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How are the various stylistic techniques learned in the schools of rhetoric e. Does their employment within larger- or smaller-scale forms make a difference in how they are received? Do poetic paraphrases of Christian texts work within the same, Hellenistic tradition, and to what extent do Christian poets seem to be aware of this? Dubois, Paris, Beebee, T. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Italian philosopher. Giuseppe, Levi; Pontremoli, Esdra eds.

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