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The number one benefit of a spiritual journal is it releases all those thoughts that are stuck inside of your head! Some of those thoughts are negative, obsessive, or downright bonkers, which may cause you to laugh hysterically upon reading what you have wrote. A journal aids you to discharge what is stunting your personal and spiritual growth. Another method to eliminate stinking thinking with your journal is to write down a negative or fearful thought, replace it with a positive thought, allow yourself to respond to the positive thought, and repeat this process until you feel free from your fearful or negative thinking.

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Everyone on Earth has a soul mate. God and the angels are arranging your partner to come into your life.

Are you kidding me, what about the last date I had with that jerk! The jerk was a fluke, focus on your spiritual growth, self-love, and the right one will come in…. There are other uses for a spiritual journal besides letting go of your inner critical thoughts and negative feelings, which are:.

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A toast to journaling to increase your spiritual growth! To grow closer in our walk with God, grow in relationships, and grow in wisdom and understanding. To fill it with the stories from our lives where God moved mountains, parted seas, and did the unimaginable. So that these journals create a legacy to leave future generations in awe of the God that holds us by the hand, never leaves us, and always does the unfathomable.

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So, come join us. Since we've bounced around a bazillion ideas, tested out some funny designs, and with some adjustments, finally landed on what Growth Book is today.

4 Different Ways to Use Journaling For Spiritual Growth

A sleek journal that holds your journey, walk, and adventure with the Lord. Your place to write out prayers, and record all the details about God's abundant faithfulness in your life. Your spot to jot down notes on podcasts, sermons, and books, write what God is revealing to you, and a place to dig down deep and record your heart.

Refresh Journal of Contemplative Spirituality

Hi Latoya. Once you have expressed something, it has the ability to transform. Maximum quantity allowed for this product is Now that I've made my way all the way through, I will be using this book as more of a reference tool when I get stuck with my journaling or I need to remember one of the ideas that she gave that I want to implement in my journaling. In these pages you'll find intriguing and encouraging insights on topics like "ordinary things," "discovery journaling," "drawing from another's well" and "dialogue journaling with Scriptures. Tags : coaching ife coach integrative wellness and life coach self developemntl spiritual growth spiritual health tips wellness. Personal and spiritual growth - writing will help you grow in all areas of your life.

Want to learn more about us? The roadmap and footprint of your spiritual journey.

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When folks talk with me about next steps in spiritual growth, I always ask the same question. I ask them if they journal. Most don't. I ask them if they are willing to. Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth [Luann Budd] on lirodisa.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Would you like to journal, but you're not sure .

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