The Doctor and the Assassin

The Doctor and The Assassin
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Once, long ago, in a land of monsters and corridors, a fair maiden was captured, and placed in a deep sleep. She was used to being captured, and she had a hero who rescued her on just such occasions. But this time the hero never came. And the fair maiden slept on. Eventually, a King rescued the maiden, and made her his bride, which many wise old women might tell you is just another way of capturing fair maidens.

And still the fair maiden slept on. Then, the hero had another stab at rescuing the maiden from her prison, but he was too late.

Time, for them, does not really change. Stagnation is suggested even in the name of their hall of government.

Life aboard ahe Tardis

The eye of a hurricane is the one place in it where nothing happens. Until now, that is. I doubt Holmes had any plan for this in mind, but future episodes took this ball and ran with it. Stray observations. When Goth dies, the Doctor is left as the only candidate for Lord President, and therefore wins by default. From detested outsider to head of the government? The A.

Christopher Bahn. Share This Story. Gizmodo Earther. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. Chancellor Goth , thought to have been the most likely successor, calls for prompt elections and opts to stand as a candidate. Goth also urges the Doctor's swift trial and execution. At the trial, Goth's prosecution moves swiftly. The Doctor, however, invokes Article 17 of the Gallifreyan Constitution, naming himself as a candidate for President.

Under it, he cannot be denied the right to make his claim.

The Deadly Assassin: episode three (13 November 1976)

Goth is outraged, but Chancellor Borusa acknowledges that the article gives him protection. He is grudgingly given forty-eight hours to prove his innocence. The robed figure is told by his associate of the Doctor's use of the constitutional loophole. He has anticipated this. The figure is shown as a horribly disfigured and decaying husk.

The Doctor attempts to convince Spandrell and Coordinator Engin of his innocence; his shot was intended for the actual assassin, who stood in the crowd on the Panopticon floor. Someone is going to great lengths to frame him. He notes that the sights had been fixed on the rifle to intentionally throw off his aim.

Spandrell confirms this by aiming at a target himself. He begins to believe the Doctor. They find the Doctor's original blast mark on the wall. The Doctor realises the gallery camera would have recorded the actual assassin. Runcible screams with horror when he looks into the camera barrel. Running to the gallery, they find the camera barrel empty except for the miniaturised corpse of the cameraman.

Runcible goes to fetch the recordings, but when he returns, he falls with a knife protruding from his back. This is a network of past and present Time Lord minds that acts as an enormous database and future forecaster. The Doctor decides there must be an unauthorised second access point into the Matrix. The Master used this to forecast the assassination into his mind and then wipe all trace from the Matrix.

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He reasons that either the Master or the assassin working with him must be inside the Matrix. Despite the stern warning from Engin, he interfaces with the Matrix to find him. The Doctor finds himself in a vast, rapidly shifting terrain, the domain of the assassin.

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The two engage in a pitched battle of wills. The assassin has the definite advantage of having created the virtual reality world inside the Matrix. The Doctor finds himself in a jungle. He steps on a train track, and it becomes stuck. He looks up to see a masked man driving a train towards him The Doctor prepares for impact, but nothing happens. He gets his foot out and moves on. The Doctor evades the many pitfalls laid for him inside the Matrix. These include being strafed by a biplane and tracked by the assassin.

The Doctor and the Assassin

His physical body, still in the APC room is enduring a terrible and potentially lethal strain. Meanwhile, the assassin is finding the battle of wills extremely taxing as well. The Master increases the power, despite the assassin's plea it will kill him.

The Doctor begins to turn the tables on his assailant, first by booby-trapping the hunter's equipment, then by avoiding the water poisoned by the assassin. He improvises a blowpipe and shoots a poisoned dart at the assassin, but he is wounded himself. As the Doctor comes closer to winning the conflict, the Master sends one of the chancellor's guards now under his power to the APC room to kill the Doctor. Engin spots the guard, Solis , tampering with the controls. Spandrell shoots Solis to protect the Doctor.

In the Matrix, the Doctor gains the upper hand against the assassin, who reveals himself as Goth. The Doctor tricks Goth into firing his rifle while in a cloud of swamp gas. As the world around them erupts in chaos and flames, Goth seizes the Doctor and holds his head underwater, about to drown him.

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The Doctor throws him off and escapes from the Matrix. He revives in Spandrell's office. He informs the shocked Castellan of the assassin's identity. They trace the location of their lair, where they find the Master's lifeless body — he seems to have died of natural causes.

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When he arrives he has to go on the run as he is presumed to be a criminal. Next time Rats in sewers, oriental intrigue and Sherlock Holmes. According to the text commentary on the DVD, Holmes argued that the title was not a tautology, stating that there were plenty of incompetent assassins. Categories :. Season 2 : - Howe and Stephen James Walker reported that at the time of broadcast several viewers took issue with the serial's portrayal of the Time Lords, finding it a contradiction of the small details that had previously been dropped about the Doctor's home planet, but over time its reputation became more positive.

Goth, himself near death, admits he was power-hungry and bitter on learning he wasn't to be the President's successor. He had found the dying Master on the planet Tersurus , his body at the end of his regeneration cycle, and brought him to Gallifrey to help him fulfil his scheme. Goth dies before he can reveal just what the Master's plan was.

Cleared of all charges, the Doctor still has lingering doubts. He wants to know the Master's plan. He doubts the Master would accept death so easily. He reasons that the solution lies in the ceremonial relics given to the President on induction, the Sash and Rod of Rassilon , and researches their links to ancient Gallifreyan mythology. The Doctor's suspicions are confirmed.

The Master has faked his own death. He steals the Sash and Rod, which are the keys to the Eye of Harmony , the heart of a black hole captured by ancient Time Lord Rassilon. It is the source of Time Lord power. The Master seeks the power of the Eye to restart his regeneration cycle, even though Gallifrey would be destroyed by doing so. He uses the Rod to unlock the Eye of Harmony, hidden below the Panopticon floor. This begins to release its energy, which would be channelled through the Sash to rejuvenate him.

The Doctor wrestles with him. The ground shakes around them. Before the Master can uncouple the last cable from the Eye, the Doctor pulls him away, and he falls through a fissure in the floor. The Doctor reconnects the cables, bringing the crisis to an end.