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Movie Info A mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet.

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Humanity develops an irrational fear of open spaces that causes instant death. Soon, the world population is trapped inside buildings. As Barcelona descends into chaos, Marc sets off on a quest to find Julia, his missing girlfriend, without ever going outside. David Pastor , Alex Pastor. Alex Pastor , David Pastor. Jul 14, IFC Films. Marta Etura as Julia. Leticia Dolera as Andrea. Mikel Iglesias as Dani. Pere Joan Ventura as Rovira. Abdelatif Hwidar as Hombre Extranjero.

Farah Hamed as Mujer Extranjera. Lily Morett as Nina Extranjera. Momo Ballesteros as Angela. Albert Prat as Toni. Scott Westerfeld is a great writer, with a very hypnotizing and mesmerizing writing style. His characters are real and well-developed, and I loved many of them. Scott knows how to grab my attention and keep me there. I really enjoyed the whole band thing- Westerfeld managed to capture the power of music down on paper in a way that no one has been able to do before.

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The b I have mixed feelings about this book. The book was suspenseful, exciting, thrilling, action-packed, and left a huge impact on me. Yet, this book was also highly disturbing and made me very angry several instances throughout. The whole Peeps disease thing is cool, but sometimes it can get really creepy- especially with all the cats having it now.

And then there was the evil monster worm thing. Ah, yes. Let's talk about THAT. That was what entirely ruined the book for me. I mean, come on. The world is coming to an end not because of creepy cannibals but because of Um, okay. No thank you. That's just too cartoon-y, mwa ha ha Dr. Evil type thing for me.

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A mysterious epidemic spreads across the planet; humanity develops an irrational fear of open spaces which causes death within seconds. Soon, the. Los Últimos Días is a Spanish science fiction thriller film directed by David and Àlex . "Taken a bit less seriously, or presented with a little less heart, The Last Days could easily devolve into something silly or (even worse) boring.

I couldn't imagine it, couldn't make a sense of it in my head whenever the worms came up. Everything else in the book seemed so real, but this was just like, "WHAT?!?! They don't fit and they ruin the book. All along, I'd been waiting for her to get together with Moz. Lol, sorry for that rant. I just had to get it out there As you can tell, I'm really pissed that Pearl didn't get to be with the boy she was in love with, and got her heart broken.

God, Westerfeld really hates me. He has a bad habit of repeatedly torturing my favorite characters!! Dess was my favorite character from Midnighters, and Scott had to make her excluded and left out all the time. And now Pearl!! She should go die. I HATE her. Like how we never found out how Moz was getting the money to pay Alana Ray. I really wanted to know if my suspicions were correct, and if Moz was stealing the money, and I was holding my breath and hoping all throughout the book- but I never found out! That really annoyed me. Also, the Black Death thing was never confirmed- the book never said what disease it was.

There are vampires that seem to somehow exist now, and giant evil worm monsters who are eating people. So does everybody freak out and stuff, like expected? Everyone just goes, "Oh, it's evil monsters that shouldn't exist. That sucks. Let's all save ourselves and fight them now.

The Last Days of the Third Age

That is NOT how normal humans react to the supernatural!! Another thing- I thought the pace was a bit TOO fast, especially towards the end. I mean, there's nothing wrong with a fast, exciting book, but it wasn't just that. Events started flashing by without Scott Westerfeld paying much attention to them, and he just sort of zipped through things in a second, making me feel like everything was happening at once and way too fast, like the last chunk of the book was frozen on the fast-forward button on a remote.

Wow, I realize I've been ranting for a long time on this book, and most of it's all just rambling Anyway, basically, I thought that overall, this book was pretty good, but there were just a lot of flaws and gaps that ticked me off. I have just summarized this whole entire review in one sentence. Like, he had a great trilogy going with Midnighters, but then he blew it with Blue Noon.

Peeps and The Last Days were good, but the ending chunk makes me hesitant. So, I'll just end this incredibly and unexpectedly long review by saying The End. View all 12 comments. Apr 15, Erin rated it really liked it.

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Moz and buddy Zahler are struggling musicians in New York City, waiting for their big break. In the meantime, however, Moz witnesses a woman in a nearby apartment throwing all of her belongings out of her window. Amazed by these events, he barely manages to catch a Fender Stratocaster as it comes tumbling down toward the sidewalk. The girl who helps him, Pearl, turns out to be a musical genius, and offers the boys the opportunity of forming a band. How can they pass that up?

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Pearl knows the Moz and buddy Zahler are struggling musicians in New York City, waiting for their big break. Pearl knows the band needs a powerful singer, and can think of nobody but her best friend Minerva. Although she's recovering from a mysterious illness, one that makes her sick to hear her own name or see her reflection in a mirror, she manages to sneak out of her parents' apartment to join the band. Soon, the members begin to discover that their music is more powerful than they thought.

Maybe it has to do with the mysterious black liquid leaking from the sidewalks and fire hydrants Either way, the band knows that Minerva is getting her lyrics - and inspiration - from the very illness that connects her to these deadly forces threatening to take over the city. But will the band succeed Scott Westerfeld's writing is a gift to the senses. Unlike some books, where you're tempted to skip the large chunks of description between the relevant pieces of dialogue, The Last Days ' descriptions are There are just no other words to describe it!

The descriptions transport you right into Scott Westerfeld's kooky, paranormal world, overwhelming your senses and making you feel as if you were standing right alongside his characters :. View 1 comment. Jan 29, Tabea Vanessa rated it did not like it. This was so incredibly bad!! What the heck?! Apr 21, Steph Su rated it liked it. Scott Westerfeld is arguably the master of modern-day sci-fi. His books, whether they are set in this present world, or in a future place, are always easy to relate to and understand.

The threesome hire Alana Ray, a talented but neurotically challenged drummer who drums on paint buckets and can see what music looks like. When the band rehearses, strange things happen. The ground beneath them rumbles, as if something is struggling to reach them from underground.

Meanwhile, the infected Minerva develops a relationship with Moz, as the parasite inside of her tries to spread itself by making her horny and irresistible. Now, the five young men and women must use their musical and supernatural talents to help the peeps, infected humans who can control their vampirish tendencies and who were created to help save humanity. Together, they will summon and fight the enemies until nearly all are extinct. Until next time.

The world that Scott Westerfeld has created is creepily realistic. I got chills from reading this novel, and anything that moves me to such a reaction is extraordinary. May 23, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: death , apocalyptic , vampires , sickness-disease , love-triangle , monsters , immortal , animals , music , secret-organizations. The concept of a singer able to summon monsters is super cool. Loved seeing the characters from the first book again. Gained a new appreciation for musicians.

Jan 18, Katherine rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , 5-star , 4-star , young-adult , paranormal , multiple-pov. That was a satisfying ending. It was also really, really, really weird. It was an interesting take on vampires, and I'm not really big on vampires, and this totally put them in a whole new light, and I think I like these vampires more than the ones in 'other' books.

I actually enjoyed this book more than Peeps, which is a companion novel, but the first one made less and more sense. But that's why you should read them in order, so you know about what happens in the first book and you can apply th That was a satisfying ending. But that's why you should read them in order, so you know about what happens in the first book and you can apply that to the second book. That's why this book is called the sequel.

I don't think you were supposed to like the main characters. Or at least not all of them. I definitely liked some, but the other two were bleh. They all had their downfalls, but I felt like I could hang out with them and have fun. Not so much with Minerva.

She was just downright creepy. And Moz started out okay, but he went down from about halfway through. One thing I really enjoyed were the Night Mayor files. I thought those were simply fascinating. It supplied a completely different view on history and how things happened. I also forgot a lot of the first book, so I was pretty confused at first, but the files helped. The music aspect was really refreshing. I like books with music as a focus, since I play two instruments, and I really enjoy music and it was fun to try and imagine what the music sounded like.

I think it may have been a 3 star without the music, but I just really loved the music, and I always have in books and in real life. The plot was a bit scattered. And I don't think it was meant to have that perfect storyline arc. It felt intentional, and I liked that. It wasn't just your standard story. That being said, I liked the sort of plot line a lot.

It didn't have some amazing epic peak, but rather there were a bunch of little peaks, but it wasn't like a bunch of anecdotes. I can't explain it well, but perhaps if you'll read this book you'll understand. Of course you might not like the first one and just not read the second one. Who knows. It felt unique, and yet still kept me interested and wanting more. I really enjoy Scott Westerfeld's books as some of his books are some of my favorites of all time, and I'm glad I enjoyed this one too.

May 08, Monica rated it really liked it.

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Also positive I read! It took me a really long time to get around to reading The Last Days, which is funny because Peeps is one of my favourite books and this one is kind of a sequel to Peeps. I liked The Last Days, it had some really interesting parts.

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I really liked the parts where you learnt a little bit more about the disease, or those who are parasite pos It took me a really long time to get around to reading The Last Days, which is funny because Peeps is one of my favourite books and this one is kind of a sequel to Peeps. I really liked the parts where you learnt a little bit more about the disease, or those who are parasite positive. I also thought the music aspect was really cool. As well as there being a story about the end of the world, there was the story of a bunch of people trying to create a band. Show 10 More Episodes.

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