Gracies Christmas Eve Recipe Book - Night of the Seven Fishes (Gracies Italian Living Series 2)

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An elderly woman accidentally causes her daughter's car to crash through the wall of the car park — several feet above the ground. She is left dangling with the front wheels in the air, but Blue Watch comes to secure the car and help the woman to crawl out of the car through the back window. Hallam and Jonah are meanwhile investigating a fire elsewhere and Laura talks to Sandra about her worries for Jamie. Nick's crew goes to investigate a call about smoke issuing from a building, but they only find a group of homeless people who have lit camp fires outside against the cold.

Bayleaf asks Pearce to help him in court, because he had been in the front seat next to him and can testify that he had seen the motorcyclist coming out of nowhere. But Pearce insists that he has seen nothing and can't help him. Sicknote and Billy can barely prevent Bayleaf from jumping at his throat. When Kevin leaves the station after duty, he finds his father waiting for him, having served his time in jail again. Jean accuses Sicknote bluntly of an affair with Cynthia.

Nick takes Diana to his flat and she stays over night. A boy who can't handle the fork lift in a warehouse, causes a crash and gets buried unter the fork lift. He has damaged a gas pipe and Blue Watch have to put on BA to enter the warehouse and get the trapped boy out. George wins his boxing match and the whole watch cheers him.

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ACO Bulstrode calls Nick to his office to explain about the crash of a fire appliance with a motorcycle driver. Kevin tells George that his dad has cancer. A man comes to the station with his little boy who has swallowed something and is close to choking. Nick rescues him with a huge pat on the back, making him cough up whatever was stuck in his throat.

Patti Pearce arrives in London to settle down with her husband. Billy takes his newest girlfriend into his passion wagon. Bayleaf keeps suffering from nightmares after the accident. Dossers have hidden in an old cellar where they get high on glue and cause an explosion. Blue Watch is called to put the fire out and Hallam joins them with Jonah and the F. While Bayleaf tries to evacuate a couple from a high window, one slips and falls off the ladder. Nick runs through the flames to save a burning dosser and crashes through the floor into the basement with him.

Instead of taking charge, acting sub officer Pearce runs to help Nick, causing Blue Watch to act disorganised and without coordination. When Hallam arrives at the scene, he shouts at Pearce for his cock-up and takes charge himself, sending the others to evacuate Nick. Diana is just visiting Nick in hospital, when Hallam and Sicknote arrive, seeing him with his new girlfriend.

They tell him about Pearce's blunder and do nothing to cheer him up. In the supermarket Claire is attacked by the woman whose husband was knocked over by Bayleaf, bitterly asking how she could be with such a reckless man. Bayleaf will have to go to court to defend himself against the charge of reckless driving. Hallam is not too happy when he comes home and finds the Pearces in his living room with Sandra. The whole watch comes to watch "Richard III". Jean catches Sicknote and Cynthia in the dressing-room. Nick gets a shock when he comes to visit Diana at home for the first time to meet her parents and her father turns out to be ACO Bulstrode.

Sicknote is forced to spend the night on the couch with a black eye. At the fire station an inquiry about the bungled shout at the warehouse is held, but Pearce talks himself out of every responsibility. Bulstrode is not pleased that he blames everyone and everything except himself, realising that they have landed themselves with a nice troublemaker in Blackwall.

Scaffolding collapses at a building site, trapping people and a whole bus underneath. George evacuates a guy down a ladder, Kevin and Billy have to climb into the rubble where they manage to free a young woman. Nick is surprised when he gets a phone call from Kevin, who is deep inside the tangled masses of scaffolding in a shop. The guys are rewarded for their dangerous situation underneath the rubble, when they find the missing baby and get her out.

Afterwards Nick and Hallam have a chat about their new leading firefighter. Kevin takes his parents to the race track. Sicknote comes home only to realise that Jean has walked out on him and stays with her sister now. Nick complains to Diana about her father being his boss, but she destroys his doubts. A new firefighter, young black Sally Reid, arrives at Blackwall, almost knocking over Sicknote and Pearce when she drives into the station rather recklessly.

Just as the alarm goes off, Recall receives a phone call that Jamie has been taken to hospital. While everyone else goes on the shout, Bayleaf takes Recall to the hospital. Jamie is in hospital, with Recall and Laura worrying at his bedside. Patti complains about the house Geoff has rented, demanding a bigger place where she can show off. Billy gets George to take part in a boxing match. On a shout, the men play a prank on newcomer Sally, making her think that the pump has been stolen, so that she is forced to run to the next police station. But she gets her revenge, when a police car stops the fire appliance on the street, asking Hallam and the crew to identify themselves as the pump in question has been reported stolen.

Finally Sally creeps out of the police car, making clear that she has caught the guys out. Sandra is not happy, when Poison Pearce and his wife Patti invite themselves over for tea — just as Jean turns up as well. Unaware of Patti overhearing them in the doorway, she tells Sandra she is escaping Bert and plans to divorce him after his infidelity. Next morning at the station Sicknote is baffled to hear the gossip from Pearce and shouts at Hallam for offering Jean sanctuary. Hallam is fuming when he realises Pearce has spread the gossip. Kevin warns George that his next boxing match may be fixed.

During night shift, Blue Watch is called to a deserted swimming pool. Two kids had broken in and one is stuck with his foot in the pool, close to drowning. Sally proves her swimming skills by jumping into the water at once to support him. Billy is told that George must lose the boxing match, because there is lots of money riding on his opponent.

He is lots stronger anyway and George gets an ugly thrashing that leaves Kelly in tears of despair. Recall and Laura suffer when Jamie has to undergo another operation. Billy has received his share of the fixed boxing match and being the honest soul, he is, he goes to offer George his share. But George is angry when he learns that the match had been fixed and Billy actually won money from his loss.

When he turns up for duty with his battered face, Nick gives him a reprimand and sends him home. Sally reluctantly allows her boyfriend Eddie to borrow her car while she is on duty. During night shift Blue Watch have to free a couple who got stuck in their car in a very peculiar position after the guy slipped a disc.

They have to cut the roof off to free them. Billy gets into trouble when he refuses an order by Nick and teases Kevin almost into a fist fight. Patti goes to visit Jean in an attempt to make friends, but Jean doesn't appreciate her sticking her nose into other people's business. Sally is mad, when she leaves the fire station after the shift and finds that Eddie hasn't returned the car. He turns up with the car and flowers after four days.

On a long walk, Bayleaf finally proposes to Claire — she accepts. Blue Watch is just putting out a small fire, when young joyriders, chased by the police, crash into a tanker and cause a huge blaze at a petrol station. Hallam bravely darts through the flames to help two guys out of the station shop. Leaking fuel causes the fire to spread to the used car lot next door, igniting several cars.

Nick drives the pump towards a roof to help people escape from the first floor onto the roof of the pump. Sally helps to evacuate the rest via the long turnable ladder. The whole area is covered in foam, making it look like after a snowstorm. Maggie has gone to Thailand where she is enjoying herself with a Thai toyboy.

Billy introduces Bayleaf to his Nan, who has raised him. Sally allows Eddie to stay at her place but resents his overtures. Hallam is forced to give Geoff lifts to the station and back home, after the Pearces moved into the neighbourhood. Recall returns to duty now that Jamie is getting better. Eddie is just about to borrow Sally's car without asking, when George catches him and Sally angrily sends him away.

Two boys play a prank on the manageress of a laundrette by locking her in the office and setting the machines to produce huge masses of foam. Billy and Colin wade through the foam in BA to free her. Hallam and Sandra are driven to hiding behind the sofa, when the Pearces come for yet another visit. Three drunk football fans crash a party and throw a molotov cocktail into the house. The banners that decorated the hall, cause the fire to spread everywhere very quickly. A guy has a fatal fall from a flagpole.

Sicknote climbs over the roof to save a woman and her baby who were stuck in an attic room. Jean, who is staying with Sandra, sees his heroic rescue operation on TV and is so moved that she decides to return home — telling a surprised Sicknote that he is "on probation" for the time being.

Kevin, Billy, George and Sally go to the dog races but much to Kevin's surprised his so far very successful dog suddenly loses. He begins to smell a scheme. Bayleaf has to go to court about the crash between his pump and the motorcycle. Jean is treating Sicknote extra-nice, happy to be home. Kevin hears from a stable boy about the fixed races and goes to thump Charlie.

Blue Watch is called to a burning shed, where lots of fireworks are stored. When they explode, they cause a serious threat to the firemen, while the guilty pranksters only laugh. On returning to the station, Kevin learns that his father has died in hospital. He goes to support his Mum. In court, the car driver gives a tearful testimony, but finally admits that he saw the motorbike and Bayleaf had had no chance to avoid it.

Bayleaf is found not guilty of reckless driving and Blue Watch goes to celebrate at his house. Nick goes to see Diana, but finds a stranger in her flat, erupts in jealousy and leaves again. The Pearce's have prepared a house-warming party, but nobody comes except some spooky characters from Bristol. Kevin gets a box from his dead father that contains lots of money — all the money he made from the fixed dog races.

He breaks down in tears. Blue Watch are baffled when Maggie appears at Bayleaf's party with her Thai toyboy. Patti is mad that nobody came to the party. Hallam is defrosting his car, while he has another row with Sandra and Pearce appears for his lift to the station. He is pissed off when one by one the firemen come to apology for not coming to the party, offering one or other lame excuse. Kevin attends his father's funeral.

Blue Watch is called to help a worker who is squashed under a heavy block. Billy talks to him he used to be at the same school as Billy and tries to encourage him, but the man dies and the older watch members have to support Billy to overcome the shock and accept death as part of their job. Sandra can't avoid Patti in a self-service restaurant and tells her that Hallam may take a civilian job.

Kevin returns the race dog to his previous owner. Nick is just talking to Billy about the incident, when Diana appears at the station. But Nick is stubborn and tells her that it's over. Sally takes Recall's elder son Ben to the swimming pool. Hallam goes to talk to Jonah about a job in a security firm, but he is not happy with himself. Nick sends Colin on a course with the airport fire brigade at Stansted Airport and he enjoys himself with the modern special appliances there.

Blue Watch is called to a seemingly small fire. Colin and Sally have to inspect the premises and happen onto an ancient theatre room where squatters have taken up residence.

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Colin fiddles with the curtains on the stage and a beam of lights crashes down on him. Nick takes him to the hospital. Blue Watch is happy with its new undress uniforms and Maggie reads a letter from Colin to everyone. Although he is now walking again after his accident, he's been declared "permanently unfit" and as a result will never return to Blackwall or active duty again. Blue Watch is devastated. A lorry driver crashes into a wall, which collapses and buries a kid with his bike beneath.

Blue Watch is called to free the driver and the kid. Bayleaf loses his temper when another fireman takes the mickey out of him because of his accidents. Laura catches Ben who returns from school extremely early, but he refuses explanations and leaves again with his friends. Ariadne and Petros distribute invitations to their wedding at Dimitri's restaurant, much to Nick's displeasure. Kelly finds a rat in fact a mouse in the kitchen and yells at George that they must move because she cannot raise kids in their awful place.

Sandra wants Hallam to take a civilian job in an office. She later tells Patti about her hopes for him and she likes the idea. But when Hallam is shown around his future office by ex-Station Officer Jonah, he is horrified at the thought of being trapped in the confined office.

Nick confronts Bayleaf over his loss of temper with the other firefighter. During night shift, Blue Watch is called to tackle a huge blaze at the local prison — two brothers have cooked up a scheme to free one of them from jail. To escape in the mayhem, he knocks out Bayleaf and steals his uniform, but a prison guard catches him.

The brother in the escape car panics and races off, followed by police. He dies in a car crash, his brother is returned to prison. ACO Bulstrode visits Nick about the prison incident and the stolen uniform, wondering why it's always Bayleaf who gets into such trouble. Bayleaf himself is pissed off that even his kids make fun of his accident. George and Kelly complain about the state of their flat to the landlord, but he says it's their own fault. Blue Watch represents the fire brigade in a charity action for the Children's Hospital Fund at a supermarket, where they have to build little houses in time.

Billy had told Pearce that it would be fancy dressing, so he's the laughing stock when he appears in a chicken's costume. Patti's misplaced nun costume doesn't stop her from talking to Nick about Hallam's job offer and hopes for Geoff's promotion, taking Nick by surprise. Sicknote takes Jean on a romantic weekend in the country, but spoils her hopes for romance, when he meets an old guy called Douglas who gets him drunk first and takes him golfing the next day.

Nick makes Hallam talk about the job, but he says that he won't quit the brigade. Maggie tells Bayleaf that she's invited a friend from Thailand — unaware that he has brought the whole family. During night shift, Blue Watch is called out to tackle a fire in the library, where a blind woman is trapped in the cellar.

Ariadne tells Nick that she'd cancel the wedding to Petros if he'd be willing to make a commitment and marry her. Hallam asks Nick who told him about the job in the first place and he admits that it was Patti. Blue Watch's old enemy Scase appears, newly promoted to District Officer. He requests a drill and catches Billy with missing personal items and Sicknote forgetting to book Sally out. Nick knows that he's only looking for trouble, but reprimands Billy and Sicknote nonetheless, reminding them how important it is to follow procedures.

Sally goes to Rotherhithe as stand-by driver. She gets along fine with the firemen, but the female Sub Officer has no sense of humour and tells her that she only joined the fire brigade to get the men's attention, which won't work with her. Blue Watch must help to free people from squashed car wrecks in a huge accident. They realise that a very pregnant woman is involved and can't be freed in time.

Pearce has to assist her and help delivering the baby in the car. Sandra happens onto Patti in the supermarket. Patti asks how she feels about Hallam declining the job, taking her by surprise. At home, Sandra yells at Hallam for not telling her about his decision. Pearce tells Patti about the baby, but she won't have any of it. Laura is visited by Ben's teacher and realises that he is permanently skiving school. Kevin moves in with Billy for a while, Sally goes swimming on the brigade team and George is involved in a haulage to earn some extra money.

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It ends in disaster when a piano drops onto the street from the fourth floor. A mentally disturbed kid named Donald hangs out at the station, much to Pearce's dismay. Bayleaf explains that he means no harm and only admires the fire brigade, Billy sends him to buy some papers. Scase appears again during an exercise to check Blue Watch's books.

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Kevin flirts with Sally and Bayleaf tells George that he considers leaving after all his accidents. The exercise is interrupted by the alarm bell — an elderly woman has called the brigade because she fears that her neighbour got trapped in a tank. An army tank, that is. A group of kids, including Ben, raid a little newsagents' store. Kevin and Billy go out with two girls, one of which gets into a drunk stupor.

Kevin is kind enough to take her home and gets yelled at by her father. Patti calls Hallam to check the fuses after she was left in the dark and makes a pass at him. He is saved by Pearce's return. Ariadne and Nick have a secret meeting in the church and she urges him to make a decision, but he's stubborn. During night shift, one crew has to go on stand-by at another station. Recall and Sally talk about his problems with Ben, Pearce confesses to Hallam that Patti has always been chasing after other men and that she was also the reason for them leaving Bristol, after she made a pass at the station officer and the gossip got around.

They are called out later to rescue a policeman who got stuck in a muddy pool with his motorcycle after chasing a group of young yobs. Laura reports Ben missing. Billy tries to play a prank on Pearce by pouring a lot of salt into his milk, but he doesn't seem to notice, much to Billy's and Kevin's shock and surprise. They are called out for a little fire in a letterbox and Pearce yells at the kids for destroying the letters for nothing.

Recall asks the whole watch to distribute search notices about Ben. Even Donald wants to help finding him. Patti barges in on Hallam with the excuse to lend some eggs though she only wants to seduce him again. Claire learns that she has inherited a lot of money. Patti upsets Laura even further by tactlessly suggesting that Ben could be injured in hospital somewhere.

Sicknote goes golfing with his new friend Douglas and his mates, but he vanishes halfway through the game, feeling stupid. Ariadne marries Petros despite her feelings for Nick. While asking around for Ben, Donald gets beaten up by some young thugs. Recall and Laura go searching for Ben in the West End. Meanwhile, Blue Watch has to tackle a huge blaze at a futuristic games' club. Ben, who is roaming Soho, is terrified by a man who seems to be following him and seeks refuge at Soho Fire Station where he is finally reunited with his parents.

Scase appears again during an exercise to check Blue Watch's 6 Sandra catches Hallam on the phone to Patti and grows suspicious. Billy allows Donald to sit at the wheel of the pump ladder and switch the blue lights on, but then the alarm goes off and Pearce catches them out, yelling at Donald to get lost. Desolate and hurt, Donald seeks refuge in an old factory, where he has built a model fire station. Meanwhile, Blue Watch arrives at a City Farm, where a smith has set the straw on fire.

They tackle the blaze and evacuate the animals. Sicknote rescues a scruffy, extremely ugly mongrel and decides to adopt it. Billy jokes about Kevin and Sally, so that Kevin pushes him. Hallam interrupts them and sends Billy to evacuate the pigs, but he falls into the mud while chasing after them and the others hose him down. Sandra confides in Jean about her worries about Hallam and Patti. Pearce meanwhile decides to go home by bus instead of getting a lift from Hallam like always. Jean is horrified when Sicknote appears with the mongrel and resolutely locks him up in the garden shed.

George goes to sell chips and hot dogs from a van, but he can't handle a group of teenagers and the van goes up in flames. Red Watch appears to tackle the blaze and George is the laughing stock. Sandra and Hallam have a row about Patti and Sandra decides to go and tell her to keep her hands off her husband. In the resulting quarrel, Pearce takes Hallam's side, saying that he believes him that nothing happened, but Patti doesn't budge. Maggie's friend prepares a Chinese dinner for Blue Watch during the next shift. Pearce catches Donald at the wheel of the pump ladder and yells at him once more, telling him to never set foot in the station again.

Bayleaf tries to smooth things, but Donalds runs away. He goes playing with his model fire station, but the little fire gets out of hand and sets the old factory on fire. Blue Watch comes to tackle the blaze. Pearce goes to save Donald from the roof, but he's too terrified to let him come near, steps back and falls to his death in the yard. Sally is woken up in the middle of the night by police who are investigating her boyfriend's drug-trafficking. Next day she's so tired that she blows the swimming competition for the brigade. Nick goes to see Diana Bulstrode, but she tells him that he only loves Ariadne.

Kevin goes to visit Sally to comfort her and they kiss. Bayleaf and Claire go to take a look at the restaurant they'd like to buy. Nick and his crew go on a fire safety inspection to a restaurant, which has been turned into a nightclub. Billy manages to chat up one of the strippers, Lauren. Sally rejects Kevin's new advances and he vents his anger by attacking Billy over a stupid remark. Jean declares war on the mongrel and tells Sicknote to take him to the station with him for the next night shift, so that she can sleep again. Hallam tries to make up with Pearce about the Patti-incident.

Kevin moves into a house boat and Billy comes to visit him with Lauren. During the next night shift, Blue Watch is called to a burning house, where kids have set up an illegal radio station on the roof. Two of them are now trapped in a lift. The firemen have to tackle the blaze and fight off the young yobs, who hinder their work and take things away from the pumps. When they return to the fire station, Nick finds Sicknote's dog in the cellar, where it has ripped an old uniform to shreds.

Hallam is sent to train on the fire brigade river boat on the Thames and Pearce takes over as Sub. Jaffa attacks Sicknote about fleas in the station and Nick has a go at him about the dog. The whole watch has to clean the station from attic to cellar as Nick fears another surprise visit from Scase. Down in the cellar, Billy finds some old uniforms. Blue Watch is called to a block of flats, where a young woman has cracked up and locked her husband and child on the balcony.

She attacks Recall and Sally with a knife when they enter the flat, but they can overpower her. Bayleaf signs the contract to buy the restaurant and George starts another job as watchman in a theatre. Sandra, sick of Hallam's attitude, has a job interview herself. Billy is preparing another prank on Pearce and pours foam pulver into the outside toilet, but it almost turns into disaster when Scase appears at the station and inspects the toilet, which is blocked.

When he leaves, Billy sends Pearce to check on the blocked toilet and he unblocks it — getting covered in masses of foam, much to the watch's amusement. Uncle Yanni tells Nick to leave Ariadne alone now that she's a married woman. Sally's boyfriend turns up at her flat and they have an argument just as Kevin appears.

Kevin punches him, thinking that he's doing Sally a favour, but she yells at him. Bayleaf and Claire start working on the restaurant. Nick seeks help with Dimitri, but he also tells him to leave Ariadne alone. After the shift, Billy takes the old uniforms, but he is caught by Pearce who is immediately suspicious. Kevin invites everybody to a party on his new boat, but Sally refuses — officially because she's got swimming training, but in truth because she's still angry with him. George goes to work in the theatre, where he saves the Russian prima ballerina Larissa from a little blaze.

The rest goes to Kevin's party, but he's not chuffed when — uninvited — the Pearces turn up as well. When the party is over, Kevin cleans the boat and is attacked by two thugs who beat him up. At the station Kevin accuses Sally, but she says she has nothing to do with it. Dimitri thwarts Nick's attempts to get in touch with Ariadne. Fake firemen sell smoke-detectors to pensioners and run off with the money. Boys are playing in an old water tower and one falls down into a very deep well. Nick is rigged up in rope and let down into the well, hanging upside-down to rescue him.

After this heroic effort, even DO Scase is willing to pay him respect. While Blackwall is on stand-by at another station, they are called to a burning flat, where a young woman passed out after burning some letters from her ex-lover in the dustbin. Hallam's crew can't proceed, because they are stuck in the street where the mothers are protesting against car drivers, so Nick's crew has to tackle the blaze on their own.

He risks his life and for once has to be grateful to Pearce who rescues him. Hallam gets into a furious argument with the leader of the protest, but not to much avail. At least they can all return to Blackwall Fire Station. While Pearce and Sicknote muse about the bomb and the damage it could have done, Billy scares them to death by throwing a dustbin onto the ground next to them.

When they enter the station, they realise that the army guys have devoured all their supplies in the kitchen, but before they have time to take this in, the alarm is sounded yet again and they race off to a fire in a refuse tip. Sicknote starts worrying about his balding, but Jean only laughs at him. Charisma returns to Blackwall after 5 years and is joyfully greeted by his old friends.

Nick, though, is rather stunned about his glib remarks. George asks Jaffa to take over driving the appliance for him so that he can start working at the theatre in time. The fake firemen are caught out by an old lady whose grandson is in the brigade and recognises the old uniforms. Blue Watch is just doing a ladder drill, when the alarm bell goes off. Nick's crew leaves while the others continue the exercise on their own. They enter the kitchen in BA and frighten Maggie, who accidentally kicks a hose.

The jet goes off and sprays the whole kitchen. Sandra's new boss makes a pass at her and Claire goes investigating about bouncing cheques. George leaves the station early and Jaffa takes over for him, just as Blue Watch is called to a huge explosion. A gas depot is on fire and all the gas bottles go off like missiles, setting houses on fire and making work dangerous. Just as Jaffa is calling for reinforcement, one gas bottle hits the pump which explodes in a huge ball of fire.

The gas explosions continue.

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Gracie's Christmas Eve Recipe Book - Night of the Seven Fishes (Gracie's Italian Living Series 2) - Kindle edition by Mike Angarola, Kristy Angarola Culpepper. Gracie's Christmas Eve Recipe Book - Night of the Seven Publisher: Mike Angarola; 2 edition (December 8, ) Christmas with Country Living Volume V (Christmas with Country you everything you need for hosting a party this Christmas season. . Authentic Christmas Italian Cooking At Its Best.

Jaffa has been badly burned but is still alive. Scase and Nick are at loggerheads again, when Scase cancels the helicopter Nick had requested for Jaffa's transport. But Nick later apologises and says that Scase was right — no helicopter could have landed with all the debris flying around like missiles. Hallam and Sicknote try to evacuate a worker from the burning gas depot and get almost blown away by a new explosion.

George hears about the huge blaze in the theatre and phones the station, just as Blue Watch returns. He is shocked to hear about Jaffa's accident and goes to see him in the hospital. Jaffa's wife tries to convince him that it was his own decision, but George feels shitty, knowing that he should have been in Jaffa's place. Kevin wants to visit George at home, but only finds Kelly who says that she simply can't get through to him at the moment.

Meanwhile, George tells Larissa about the whole thing and she comforts him. Sandra slaps her boss when he tries to make another pass at her, knowing that it will cost her her job. Nick learns that Ariadne has given up her job at a playschool, but Yanni refuses to give an explanation. Charisma gives Sicknote a lotion for new hair growth. Nick gets a memo about the fake firefighters. Pearce goes to tell him about seeing Billy with the old uniforms. Billy gets summoned to Nick's office and is told that he'll be sacked if the con men are caught.

George is still racked with guilt about Jaffa's accident, but S. Suffolk tries to cheer him up as well. Sicknote wears a cap all of a sudden, but he only reveals to Charisma that his lotion has caused an ugly rash on his head. Nick and Pearce attend a coroner's inquiry about Donald's death at the blaze. Pearce has to admit that he was too rude to the boy and even feels guilty, but the coroner states that the incident will be treated as a sad accident.

Pearce is truly humbled when Donald's mother tells him how fond he was of the brigade and gives him a drawing he had made of Blackwall. Meanwhile, Blue Watch is called to a flat, where a guy is stuck in the heating with his arm. His flat is full of yukky animals, causing Bayleaf to flee. He is called back to assist after Billy obviously "collapsed", but when he opens the medicine bag, a huge spider crawls out, shocking him, while everyone laughs. Sally goes out with her brother and after some chat, he tells her that their father is really ill and would like to see her again. Billy gets the old uniforms back from the guys to whom he lent them, unaware of their mischievous plans.

While the watch exercises with dummies and first aid gear, he secretly returns the uniforms and tells Nick. Nick is frustrated about Ariadne's disappearance and quarrels with Hallam to vent his anger. Blue Watch is called to a car accident, where a guy has been run through by a pole.

On returning Nick learns that there's been a call from Cyprus for him. Jean is just taking a parcel from the postman, when Sicknote returns from night shift and snatches it away from her. It turns out to be a hair piece. Sally visits her father in Wembley. Larissa says goodbye to George and gives him a signed programme of the ballet company. She invites him to visit her at the hotel later, but he resists temptation and returns home to Kelly. Nick gets a phone call from Ariadne who's been taken to Cyprus by Petros.

He agrees to fly to Cyprus and fetch her home. Bayleaf and Claire want to confront her brother, but he's vanished. Suffolk catches Sicknote with the hair piece in the bathroom and warns Blue Watch. They all act as if they don't notice — much to Sicknote's disappointment. Ariadne and Nick escape from Cyprus, chased by Petros and his friends.

Scase appears at the fire station about the fake firemen incident, but everyone keeps mum. Scase summons Pearce to the station office, but he refuses to say something. Unbeknown of this, Billy later attacks him for talking to Scase. Pearce loses his temper with Billy and they almost fight, but Hallam interrupts them. On returning home, George finds Kelly in tears. She has found the signed programme and accuses him of infidelity, but he swears that there was nothing between him and Larissa.

Charisma joins Kevin and his friends for a card game, Nick and Ariadne come home.