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Volume 6, Re-formation and Expansion, , is being edited by R. Po-Chia Hsia. Having established the political and material contexts within which the Council met, Tallon devotes a pair of chapters to elucidate the two aspects of Trent that had preoccupied Jedin—whether it may be con- sidered as the generator of the Catholic- or of the Counter-Reformation.

Politics, Society, and Religion 1500-1700

From the discussions at the Council it is unambiguously clear that the opinions of Luther and other reform- ers were considered a priori to be heretical. Even though many Spanish and French bishops were in support of a blanket ban, the decrees as issued clearly leave the decision locally to the discretion of individual bishops.

This is particularly vis- ible in relation to the debate over whether episcopal residence was a divine or papal requirement. Tallon goes on to note how the bishops, on the whole, saw papal authority as an adjunct rather than as an obstacle to their power as they struggled against those groups who most frequently challenged episcopal authority: their chapter and the regular clergy. According to this point of view, the shadow of Trent reaches the close of the twentieth century and beyond. Privileged lay individuals had been previously granted access to particular documents, perhaps most famously in the case of Luigi Firpo, whose edition of the documents relating to the trial of Giordano Bruno was republished as recently as Now interested scholars may write directly to the archivist to request admission in advance of their arrival.

Moreover, the ability of scholars to orient themselves in the archive is seriously compromised by the lack of systematic catalogues or comprehensive indexes of mate- rial. Quaglioni Rome, To this end, the book is divided into three parts.

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This is where the problems begin, for although he disavows any intention of wishing to provide a revisionist interpretation—it being his declared purpose to understand the Holy 11 The publication of the proceedings of a cycle of conferences held under the aus- pices of the Accademia dei Lincei provides interested scholars with a useful snapshot of the kind of research that the opening of the archive is facilitating. For the conference programs, see www.

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Here as else- where Godman displays an uncertain grip of the wider context. Stango Florence, , I am most grateful to Prof.

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Wilcox determined the results. Visuali differite Sergio Polano Casabella p. This is particularly vis- ible in relation to the debate over whether episcopal residence was a divine or papal requirement. Mason, G. The moral and political lessons that humanist history teaches tie events together into well-understood units and give the reader a core of meaning to follow. Ritratto dellartista da giovane Eduardo Souto de Moura Casabella p. Linfondatezza del vecchio laleatoriet del nuovo Francesco Dal Co Casabella p.

Fragnito for sending me copies of these two items. In real- ity, Sirleto and his colleagues not only increased the number of categories of books which came under the purview of the Congregation, but also successfully sought to ensure that the more rigorous Index of Paul IV prevailed over the milder Tridentine variant. Not only that, but Bellarmine is depicted almost entirely outside the context of his identity as member of a powerful order, the Jesuits.

As Fragnito has observed, it is simply inconceivable that a Jesuit of his eminence and calibre would have avoided the attentions of a general, Claudio Acquaviva, who, as Richard J. Fragnito, La bibbia al rogo: la censura ecclesiastica e i volgarizzamenti della Scrittura Bologna, , in particular chp. As the editor notes in her introduction, the volume is particularly directed towards correcting the emphasis placed on the suppression of theological works by looking at other disciplinary areas.

These include: astrology, duelling treatises, law books, spiritual literature, vernacular lay literature, and the Talmud, to each of which is dedicated a chapter written by recognized author- ities of the calibre of Lugi Balsamo, Ugo Baldini, Eduardo Barbieri, Claudio Donati, Fausto Parente, Ugo Rozzo, and Rodolfo Savelli.

Likewise, she stresses the plurality of the organs of censorship that the Roman Church had at its disposal. Such attempts at suppression of material could reach almost farcical lengths, as in the case of the Talmud, ably recounted by Fausto Parente. But censorship not only eliminated but also reoriented and reshaped entire branches of the publishing indus- try.

Barbieri and D.


Zardin, eds. The period between the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries saw significant discussion in Italy about the two different political models of republicanism and seignorialism, reaching a climax at the end of the Trecento when the most influential scholars of Florence and Venice began to attack the despotism imposed on Milan by the Visconti.

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The arguments put forward by both sides were largely predictable: supporters of a Republic argued that liberty — represented by an elective government and independence from foreign powers — was of greatest importance, while those in favour of seignorialism instead claimed that they brought order, unity, and social peace. In this book, the two systems of government represented in Italy are revisited, the arguments put forward by their supporters are compared and contrasted, and the development in the use of political language, especially in the city-states of Central and Northern Italy, is explored.

The reality, it is suggested, is that the political systems of republicanism and seignorialism were not so very different. Republican governments ignored universal suffrage, those supported by signori did not always run totalitarian governments, and in both cases, power continued to be held by recurring oligarchical groups who were unwilling to enter into constructive dialogue with their opponents.

However, as the two sides fought for power, the political arena became the testing ground for new forms of communication that could be used to manage and manipulate public opinion. Login via Institution. Access content through your institution. Any other coaching guidance?

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