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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 22, Kat Rodenberger rated it did not like it. I think that whoever came up with the title of this book has a big problem with his or her vocabulary.

This book is neither funny, nor does it contain detective stories. The language is wearing, the plots are paper thin. Catherine A Landherr rated it liked it May 13, Mxyzptlk rated it it was amazing Apr 10, Linda rated it really liked it Mar 06, Laura Roberts rated it really liked it May 02, Kim rated it really liked it Apr 30, Steve Young rated it it was ok Jun 02, Clinton rated it did not like it Mar 26, Nissie Lambert marked it as to-read Aug 02, Carson hall marked it as to-read Dec 15, Alex marked it as to-read Jan 23, Dinesh Pavan added it Jun 05, Victory for a moral ideal is not enough, according to Nicholas, because the "gain-seeking interest has control of so vast a proportion of mankind.

This is what was worrying Butler; but he hadn't got down to bed rock. He said there was a time, back apparently when Mark Hanna was running the United State of America, when the moral ideal was to all appearances gainin' ground. Note of HOpe and progress. In , the American Congress was unanimous for the moral principle so long as no questions were asked about the privileges of the usury central.

Nic complains that the moral ideal has disappeared in all that has to do with international relations. Butler then seems to fall into incoherence. He objects to having the savings of generations swept away; he asks what has become of the influence of and guidance of the great religions; Christian, Mosel, HEBREW, and Buddhist, and begorrah, of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, leaving out St. Ambrose and St. Antonio da Firenze, and graciously waivin' a hand to the captains of the mind, Spanish, Italian, French, English, German. And of course Abraham Lincoln, not quoting old Abe on the currency issue.

And then barbarous brutality, without mention of Esthonia, Finland, or places occupied by the Bustin of churches and museums. Wot price Louvain and Cyrenaica? And all this "However dark the skies," etc. Well that is a bad slip, because Knox and Stimson, etc. A figger of Rhetorik sez Sam Johnson, whereby one word is put for another. Now if Butler, the old goof, wants me to give him a clean bill of health, he can use the enormous power conferred on him by his position, to get Columbia University to issue a series of volumes containing the GISL of the beliefs and knowledge of John Adams, Jefferson, Jackson, Van Buren, and Lincoln.

NOL leaving out every phrase and paragraph which I, and men like me, consider vital to the understanding of American history. I don't mean doctrinal magazines, but magazines in which a serious article occasionally appears. Lhus I have learned that Professor LA. Richards, one of England's few respectable high brows in America, is lecturing; yes, naturally, lecturing. And apparently the normal effort to keep things going, goes on. Wallace Stevens, J. Fletcher, ole Doc Williams, and kumrad kumminkz knowing a bit more about writing than the younger men who haven't quite made up their minds whether they want to do a real job of work, and LEARN how.

And a man with a Scotch front name married a gal who would appear from the nomenclature to be Scotch, Welsh, and British. And Led Spencer has got his dancing man into print where it ought to be, and the objections to it are as silly as one would expect them to be and mebbe the young are comin' on, as Mr. Calder Joseph; and Langston Hughes has a book in press; probably out by now, which is alius a good thing and Dr. I don't quite know why it is only published now, as the Lailtean Olympics were restored nearly 20 years ago. Well, that's a human touch, and a relief from the noise of the American papers.

We need more communication between the five continents. Got tired of Georgian poets and so forth. And that brings me to the question of AGE. Lhat there is in England a whole generation or two generations ready to vomit at the mention of Churchill, Beaverbrook, Garvin, and Baldwin and these senilities want vengence for the lack of respect. Back in the other war W. Yeats said of the old politicians: War, of course they want war, they want all the young gals for themselves.

And in one way or another — lust for power, lust, jealously of the next generation — pretended anxiety for the world as it will be in the time of their grandchildren. Hurry, for fear they won't be able to kill off the present younger generation before the IDEAS of my generation go into effect. It is NOL necessary to have the earth ruled by senile bleeders and swindlers. Lhe youth of Europe has discovered that cardinal fact. Hence the senile outcry Europa-Delenda. If Chile don't, that merely means that every man in Chile who is black mailed into signing those papers will store up a silent hate against every thing English, and against any nation that participates in such a policy.

Will YOU separate the starvers from the producers, the growers, the makers? Look at Hank Wallace, good guy, nice presence, led down one garden path after another. Perfect Hampton Court maze, Lord Halifax. First you are asked to reduce production, plow under, then after a few years you are threatened with rationing. In the United States of America, the land of abundance, the land the Loeb chart showed beyond any possible shadow of doubt whatsoever to be the land of abundance. Every family of four COULD have had then a standard of living equal to what then cost dollar a year.

Needed monetary reform, of course, had to have honest national money to get it. Will you look at the AGE of the chief war pimps? Roosevelt now says he saw war coming in 1 In there was NO necessity of War. Roosevelt did all he could to make it inevitable. There is no record of any single act of Roosevelt aimed sincerely at staving off war. Ignorance of Europe, government in charge of hicks, all the outer world thinks Roosevelt took orders from the worst gang in Europe. Don't say I affirm that he did, what I affirm is that he never showed the faintest inclination to learn the facts and come out for a JUST solution.

That is a fairly conservative statement. But get down to this one point of AGE How old are these blokes who are trying to throw America into the conflict? What is their business? What is their civic record?

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What is, or ever has been, their desire to let YOU get the facts? Which is basic in all economics. Even the old laissez-faire or Whig economics believed at the start that free competition led to the just price. If you start a ten years war? Yes, IF you start a ten years war. None of these old swine will be there at the end of it. It won't be their world, it may be your ruin. As to RUIN. What about Petrograd? No military purpose in its destruction. Laval saved Paris. Churchill would have had 'em lay Paris flat, to gain three days time that would have had NO effect whatsoever on the result of the German campaign in France.

What causes that? Or what Napoleon would have called lack of imagination, meaning incapacity to form a picture in the mind's eye of what the TOTAL destruction of Paris would mean. Those of you who want to see Paris again will owe it to Pierre Laval whom the British tried to have murdered. Those of you who ever do see Paris either for the first time or again will not owe it to Mr.

Yes, we were once young or younger, and many of us fell for the Russian Red Revolution. Because the Marxist diagnosis was pretty near right. The remedy did NOT work. AND the revolution was betrayed. Another revolution, a youth, has NOT been betrayed. It is moving, it is moving toward what the decent Reds wanted.

A lot of 'em saw no further, wanted no more than the end of certain abuses. The fools got control. The French peasant wants his own bit of land, without the dead hand over him; without mortgage. The working man does NOT want to govern; he wants good government. You don't even look at what is done by your governments.

Takes an awful heave to get ANY of your attention turned onto the vital facts of a government policy. Most men want certain things IN their own lives, largely in or inside the sphere of their own trade or business. Very few analyze that want or carry their thought thru into the realization of what they want with a practical system of government. Our system was O. The frontier, individualism in a state of things where man who couldn't stand on his own feet in the forest and live on the plain and live, possibly on horseback, merely died off.

First intellectual reaction to mere approach of industrialization Thoreau tried to see how little he need bother about other humanity Amateur move. POLIS, a city, politics, right way for people to live together in a city. Greek cities very small; Aristotle bothering about a system for citizens, etc. Five million, million, bit more of a job; better regulations needed. Great swindle, money issue, the exchangeable measured titles to goods. AS our Constitution got well out in front, was for more than a century, in fact for years, far and away the BEST on earth.

Dirtiness causes it; greed, lust, avarice, petty vindictiveness and senile swank cause it Europe with systems of government less modern than ours, Germany and Italy with the leftovers of earlier centuries especially Germany saw revolutions Worked out a new system suited to EUROPE It is NOT our American affair.

We could with honor advocate freedom of the seas. We could, with honor advocate NATURAL commerce; that is, a commerce wherein each nation would exchange what it has, what is has in superfluity or abundance, with what other nations can or will spare. We could stand for that sort of commerce instead of trying to throttle it Why do we NOT? Why should all men under forty be expected to die or be maimed in sup port of flagrant injustice, monopoly and a dirty attempt to strangle and starve out 30 nations? For whom? It is NOT even for the people of England, to whom a ten years war means death by starvation.

Ezry Pound speakin'. They say an Englishman's head's made of wood, and the American head made of watermelon. Easier to git something INTO the American head, but nigh impossible to make it stick there for ten minutes. But something you folks on both side of the wretched ocean will have to learn, war or no war, sooner or later. Some of your theosophists and fancy thinkers would have called it the spiritual state of England. I am content to say state of mind. I can't say my remarks were heeded. I thought I had got 'em simple enough. Words short and simple enough.

In fact some people complained that several of 'em contained no more than 4 or 5 letters some less. I have, however, never asked for sympathy when misunderstood. I go on trying to make my meanin' clear and then clearer. And in the LONG run people who listen to me very few do, but members of that small and SElect minority do know more in the long run, than those who listen to Mr. What I am gitting at is, a friend said to me the other day that he was glad I had the politics I have got, but that HE didn't understand how I, as a North American, United Stateser could have it.

Well that looks simple to me. On the CONfucian system that if you start right, and then go on, start at the root and move upward, the pattern often is simple, whereas if you start constructin' from the twig downward, you get into a muddle. My idea of a state OR an empire is more like a hedge hog or porcupine, chunky and well defended. I don't cotton to the idea of my country being an octopus WEAK in the tentacles and sufferin' from stomach ulcers and chronic gastritis. I wish Brother Hoover had spilled his facts about the stinking and rotten Treaty of Versailles while he was still in the White House.

But I am glad he has done so now. Anyhow, I have, in principle, NO objection to the U. The rot of the British Empire is from inside, and if the whole of that syphilitic organization, headed by Montagu Skinner Norman, makes war on Canada, or Alberta, I see no reason for Canada not making war on the Jews in London. Whether they are born Jews, or have taken to Jewry by predilection. All draggin' the tail of their coat, and making dead mathematically sure of another war for Dupont, Vickers, Mond, Melchett, Beit, Ellermann in ten or fifteen years after the present one present war.

And to that end Roosevelt, Morgenthau, Lehman are working, day and night, not to mention the Warburgs. God knows I have loathed Woodie Wilson, and I don't want to see more evil done to humanity than was done by Woodrow codface. And the sooner all America and ALL England wake up to what the Warburgs and Roosevelt are up to, the better for the next generation and this one. And as for the Australians, they deserve a Nippo-Chinese invasion. Criminals were their granddads, and their contribution to civilization is not such as to merit even a Jewish medal. Why the heck the Chinese and laps don't combine and drive that dirt out of Australia, and set up a bit of civilization in those parts, is for me part of the mystery of the orient.

And in any case I do NOT want my compatriots from the ages of 20 to 40 to go git slaughtered to keep up the Sassoon and other British Jew rackets in Singapore and in Shanghai. That is not my idea of American patriotism. We are gittin' on for the centenary of the opium war, that never did any good to the lads of Lancashire or of Sussex, and that brought no prosperity in Dorset or Gloucester. Hardy's England, aye, aye sir, where is it?

Did Rothschild save it? He did not. Did the Goldsmid save it? Does Churchill endeavor to save it? He does NOT. I repeat the rot and stink of England, and the danger to her empire is inside, and has been: from the time of Cobbett. And a damn pity they didn't start doin' sooner. That is a pity for England. And a peace with American war bases all over the whole of the planet would be no more a real peace than Versailles was. I am against havin' him mixin' into ANY post-war matters whatever. This objectin' being academic. Let him keep his paws on the North American continent.

Even if it means DIMinished gun sales for all his pals, and for all gold-bugs. Eight years ago he was sayin' "nothin to fear but fear. What has he done for three years but try to work up a hysteria on that basis? He got his face into a paper called Life, eight or ten photographs. And as to American labor. When will American labor start lookin' into the currency question? But will they? Will the American hod carrier and skilled engineer includin' Mr. Hoover ever git round to the currency issue? I call it issue, not question. And will the American big employer or financier, except Baruch, ever start studyin' the solution of HIS problem, which is a corporate solution, in the sense of that word now current in Europe?

Looks to me, even now as if the currency problem was the place to start savin' America. As I have been sayin' for some time back, call it ten years or call it twenty. At this moment it looks like as if John Lewis would take just as long to git round about feedin' my books to his troops, as it would take the Harvard faculty to git Mr.

William G. Morse's permission to use 'em in Harvard Economics Department. Both sides will have to come to it. I wanted to figure things out. I had a perfectly good alibi, if I wanted to play things safe. I was and am officially occupied with a new translation of the Ta S'eu of Confucius. I have in Rapallo the text of Confucius, and of Mencius, the text of the world's finest anthology, namely that which Confucius compiled from earlier authors, and I have in reach the text of a book which bears on its front page the title Li Ki which the head of the Chinese Department in our Congressional Library tells me proper minded Chi Sinologues now think is pronounced Lee Gee.

And I have six volumes of the late Dr. Morrison's Dictionary, not the most up to date dictionary of Chinese Ideograms, but nevertheless good enough. The Odes are to me very difficult. They are of extreme beauty. Thousands of poets have looked at those odes and despaired. There are points at which some simple ideogram that is, Chinese picture word is so used as to be eternal, insofar as our human sense of eternity can reach. There is one of the sunrise that I despair of ever getting translated. He had, so far as evidence available to me showed, broken his promises to the electorate; he had to my mind violated his oath of office.

He had to my mind violated the oath of allegiance to the United States Constitution which even the ordinary American citizen is expected to take every time he gets a new passport.

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It was obviously a mere question of hours, between that day and hour, and the time when the United States of America would be legally at war with the Axis. I spent a month tryin' to figure things out, well did I, perhaps I concluded sooner. At any rate I had a month clear to make up my mind about some things. I had Confucius and Mencius, both of whom had been up against similar problems. Both of whom had seen empires fallin'. Both of whom had seen deeper into the causes of human confusion than most men even think of lookin'.

Then there was my old dad in bed with a broken hip; Lord knows who is going to mend it or whether it will mend. Also to keep my own work in progress. Because for some time I have had in mind the need of comparing the terminology of Chinese and Greek philosphy, and also comparing that with the terminology of mediaevil Catholic theology. About as good as an endowed professorship in one of our otiose or veiled, shall we say veiled universities, or even Oxford or Cambridge.

Plenty of muckers down there settin' pretty, and drawin' dollars or ten thousand a year for not tellin'. I reckon it is Mencius who thought that "the true sage seeks not repose. I have before now pointed out that England was CUT off from the current of European thought during and BY the Napoleonic Wars, and that she never got ketched up again, not during all the damned nasty and 19th century. Always laggin' behind. Perhaps she alius WAS laggin' behind. I have pointed out the difference of up-to-dateness between Voltaire and Mr. Samuel Johnson. The United States has been Misinformed.

The United States has been led down the garden path, and may be down under the daisies. All thru shuttin' out news. There is no end to the amount of shuttin' out news that the sons of Blood who started this war, and wanted this war, and monkeyed round to git a war started and monkeyed round to keep the war goin', and spreadin'. There is NO end to the shuttin' out and perversions of news that these blighters ain't up to, and that they haven't, and aren't still trying to com pass. That's where they've got to. And for their bein' there neither I nor any man I shake hands with, is to blame in any way whatsoever.

Every English friend I got in the world, has done his damnest to keep England from makin' such a thunderin' and abysmal ass of herself. As for my American friends, Senator Borah is dead, not that I knew him much save by letter; but I can still feel his hand on my shoulder as just before he was getting into an elevator in the Senate building, and I can still hear him sayin': "Well, I'm sure I don't know what a man like you would find to DO here. Neither he, nor William J. Bryan lived to hear Senator Wallace tellin' the world there would be no peace till the nations of the world knocked under and bowed down to the GOLD standard.

Bowed down like drunken and abject fools and said, let gold rule humanity, let all human exchange of goods be bottle necked and ask permission from a few bloodthirsty kikes who OWN gold. This after all the lies from the London gold ring, this after 20 years of evasion, this in fact after 20 years' attempt to conceal from the English people that they were being asked to go out and DIE for gold, for the monopoly of the owners and brokers; owners of gold mines, brokers, and owners of gold.

Back in December I had never expected such a confession from anyone as high in office. Yaaas, I knew that was what the war was about: gold, usury and monopoly. I had said as much when I was last in America. I had then said: IF a war is pushed onto us. So now we have got pushed out of Guam, and Wake, and I suppose out of the Philippines, and a 30 years war is in process? Is it? Is a 30 years war what the American citizen thinks will do most good to the United States of America?

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Or has someone been Misinformed? Accordin' to the reports of the American press now available to the aver age European, someone in charge of American destiny miscalculated somethin' or other. An "inquiry" is in progress, at least as they print here. It bein' my private belief that I could have avoided a war with Japan, if anybody had had the unlikely idea of sending me out there, with any sort of official powers. The Japanese have a past. They have not mentioned the future in our conversations. The last American journalist I saw, and that was the night before Arbour Day, told me the Japs would never etc.

A nation evolves by process of history. Japan to me consists in part of what I learned from a sort of half trunk full of the late Ernest Fenollosa's papers. There are certain depths of ignorance that can be fatal to a man or a nation. When these are conjoined with malice and baseness of spirit, it seems almost useless to mention them. A BBC commentator somewhere about January 8 was telling his presumably music hall audience that the Japs were jackals, and that they had just recently, I think he said, within living men's lifetime, emerged from barbarism.

I don't know what patriotic end you think, or he thinks, or the British authorities think if that is the verb , is served by such fetid ignorance. These are Japanese classical plays, and would convince any man with more sense than a pea hen, of the degree of Japanese civilization; let alone what they conserved when China was, as Fenollosa tells us, incapable of preserving her own cultural heritage. China lettin' Confucius go OUT of the schools, for example. And you needn't sniff, the Bostonians kulturbund needn't sniff and say the British Broadcasting Company, the Bloody Boobs Corporation, is over in vulgar London, such things couldn't happen in Boston.

Almost equal imbecility was attained by Time weekly magazine in November of Someone had apparently blundered, as Lord Tennyson wrote of the charge at Balaclava. And blundered, we think, considerably worse. Waaal now who blundered. A commission has been appointed — possibly to white wash who blundered.

I don't know that it is in the citizen's duty to white wash who blundered. I think the United States and even her British Allies might do well to keep more in touch with continental opinion. I don't think anybody is going to whitewash who blundered into the alii ance with Russia. I think there are some crimes that nothing will whitewash. I don't think an alliance with Stalin's Russia is lucky.

I don't think it is the function, even of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States American Army, to dictate the citizens' politics; NOT to the point of invitin' Bolshevik Russia to kill off the whole east half of Europe! I don't think it is a lucky move. The day Hitler went into Russia, England had her chance to pull out.

She had her chance to say, let bygones be bygones. If you can stop the Moscovite horror, we will let bygones be bygones. We will try to see at least HALF of your argument. Instead of which Hank Wallace comes out — no peace till the world accepts the gold standard. Quern Deus vult perdere. Does look like there was a weakness of mind in some quarters. Whom God would destroy, he first sends to the bug house. You are in it, and Lord knows, who is a goin' to git you out.

The late Lord Rothermere, whose culture was nothin', as you might say, to write home about, finally decided that the English public was wholly unteachable. I don't know whether you can learn ANYTHING from history, I don't know whether you are even yet in the state of mind where you want to learn any thing from history or from any other source whatsoever.

A way to get yourselves OUT, might be discoverable, it might be more discoverable if you first had the faint inkling of a curiosity as to how you got yourselves IN. Now whether you can learn anything from the disasters of England, I do not know. But I would about lay it down as an axiom that empires do not get knocked apart from outside until they are plum gone to rot in the middle. The laws of right government have been known since the days of Yao and Shun, ole Chinese emperors, and from the time of Shun to King Wen was a years, and from Wen to Confucius And they say when the policies of Shun and of Wan were set together compared , they were as the two halves of a seal, or it might be of a tally stick.

And for nigh onto years I think no one has dodged the facts of these policies. And from the time of Confucius every dynasty in China that has lasted years has been founded on the law of Confucius, a man or a group, seem' the horse sense of government, as learned by Confucius, I mean he learned it looking at history, talking of Shun and Wan and after him whenever a great man learned it he started or upheld some sort of imperial order. And for that reason I am distinctly unimpressed by the bombastic lies of Mr. Winston Churchill or the dirt of Mr.

Anthony Eden. And if the United States was going to have a foreign alliance, I would have preferred it to be with some other kind of a government than Eden and Churchill. There are worse things than a biff on the jaw. Get slugged on the jaw, you can mebbe get up and fight, but a long term of syphilis weakens the constitution. No, the United States has, politically and economically speaking, had economic political syphilis for the past 80 years.

Ever since And England has had economic syphilis for years, so now she is a moultin' and droppin', Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and Australia. Seems like it is tertiary. Well, as Lord Rothermere said: they are unteachable. I don't know how much more they reckon to drop before they get ready for physic.

I have said on this radio before now that along about or 94 the Bank of England was put together, and in they shut down on the Pennsylvania colony money, and the system of lending paper out to the farmers. And in the natural consequences of that dirty London policy of starvin' and cheatin' became, as they say, more apparent. The Chinese have a method of countin' cycles of 80 years.

I don't know that there is much in it, but it seems to work sometimes. Eighty years, from the bank to the American Revolution. About 80 years from startin the American government to the great betrayal of Lincoln's sayin', "gave to this people the greatest blessin' they ever had, their own paper to pay their own debt. And then another 80 years: to the END, and absolute collapse of the American system of government. Can we revive it? Has the country got the guts for the climb? Is there, as I am sayin' this, the faintest stirring of a desire INside the United States for any healthy new structure?

Or are we the gadarine swine taken with collective hysteria? Are there ten men in America ready calmly to go back over the events of the past few years, in America and in England? Is there the faintest stirring of American curiosity as to how a sane government could be built up? Or at any rate any nucleus or group ready to go back and learn how we were built up from the beginning? Adams, Jefferson, and Van Buren to read and digest. You can't talk it over with me; because none of you can get to a radio. You can't print stuff like this in your papers, cause the newspapers are NOT there to inform the people.

You have got to talk to each other, you have got to write letters one to another. The texts and the guides you have got, that is, in a way you have got 'em, sprawled out, in big sets of unhandy volumes. Our publishers don't print handy compendiums. Your professors don't analyze, that is, not very much.

I don't know what has become of Claude Bowers. He did a bit of digging about. You have a half-dozen historians but not all of 'em, by any means, able to take out the facts and show how they hitch together. I dunno how you think you are going to assist in a war by a money system which, as Jefferson already saw, "charges the public TWO dollars for every dollar spent by the government," just automatically and independent of any particular grafting and swindling.

Thirty years war, 30 years paradise for Army contractors, may not be what you voted for. In fact, Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt on that score is manifestly what they called him here the other day: the boy that fell down on his assignment. God knows. God knows what it will be during warfare, or by the end, shall we say, thirty years?

Well, you are now IN, and nobody in Europe can now get you out. Inspired shall we say by the principle of self- determination of peoples, oppressed peoples? Illustratin' it by the determination to keep Mr.

Aguinaldo out of his native Manila you have chucked away our national cultural heritage. Relatively speakin' that heritage was the determination of our forebears to set up and maintain in the North American continent a government better than any other. The determination to govern ourselves INternally, better than any other nation on earth. The idea of Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, to keep out of foreign shindies. Well, you have chucked that idea, or ideal onto the dung heap. And you have insulted the most highly tempered people on earth. With unspeakable vulgarity you have insulted the most finely tempered people on earth, threatenin' 'em with starvation, threatenin' 'em with encirclement and tellin' 'em they were too low down to fight.

You are at war for the duration of the Tenno's pleasure. Nothin' in the Western World; nothin' in the whole of our Occident can help you to dodge that. Nothin' can help you dodge it. I could go along on this line for some time, but mebbe I said enough for one evenin'.

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I have no doubt that vague language is used on both sides of the present discussion. We can't all be stylists. And part of it, is attackin' one wrong, appealin' to the soft heart and then by false dilemma offering the hearer a bit of sheer buncombe, i. East Europe and North America believe in the homestead, from A to Z, and from bedrock to roof tree the American people believe in the homestead.

The members of the floating population, to which the top crust has been REDUCED, are beliefless, they got no belief, they want this, that or tother, tinsel and limelight.

8 Funny Detective Stories with Maynard Soloman, Gal-Damn Detective

The young, I ain't the first to notice it, the young WANT this, that, or tother, often they want something different over two weeks. The stronger ones CIT it.

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After they git to be fifty, a few of 'em try to see what all the fuss was about. I wanted metropolitan life, etc. But you can't run a whole state or nation on the predilections of a few writers and artists.

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