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Ledgard, Henry, and Andrew Singer. Edited with commentaries by Henry Ledgard and Andrew Singer. New York: Random House, []. Basic auf der Spur. Programmieren Lernen mit Sherlock Holmes. Rororo Computer, Herausgegeben von Ludwig Moos und Manfred Waffender. The book's premise is that Holmes was an ace programmer and used a prototypical computer Babbage's Analytical Engine as an aid to his detective work.

The BASIC programs presented are in a general "dialect" and should run with little if any modification on most popular computers. Reviews: CH , 6, No. Popular Computing , 1, No. Elementary Pascal , as chronicled by John H. Pascal auf der Spur. Herausgegeben von Ludwig Moss und Manfred Waffender. Reviews: Afghanistanzas , 6, No. Ledgard, Henry, E. Patrick McQuaid, and Andrew Singer. From Baker Street to Binary. Like Elementary BASIC and Elementary Pascal , Sherlockian pastiches are used in this "introduction to computers and computer programming," covering topics that range from binary codes to Turing machines.

Lehmann, R. Punch , August 12, , The Adventures of Picklock Holes, No. Punch , August 19, , Punch , August 26, , Punch , September 2, , Punch , November 4, , Punch , December 23, , ; December 30, , Punch , January 13, , With illustrations by E. Reed and E. Partial contents: 1.

The Bishop's Crime. The Duke's Feather. Lady Hilda's Mystery. The Escape of the Bull-Dog. The Hungarian Diamond. The Umbrosa Burglary. The Stolen March. The Stolen March concluded.

Sherlock Holmes

Picklock's Disappearance. Boulder, Colo. Hubin ; BSM , No. MacDonald, May The Notch in the Tulwar," Punch , November 4, , Scotland Yard," Punch , December 2, , The King of Paflagonia," Punch , December 30, , The Story of the Princess," Punch , January 13, , The Story of the Lamplighter," Punch , February 3, , The Return of Picklock Holes. Compiled and introduced by Brian R. Limited to copies, of which are numbered and signed by Brian MacDonald and bound in cloth. The Notch in the Tulwar. Scotland Yard. The King of Paflagonia. The Story of the Princess.

The Story of the Lamplighter. The Adventure of the Swiss Banker. The Story of the Lost Picklock. Leiber, Fritz. San Francisco: Privately Printed, Holmes tells Watson how he defeated Moriarty in the first round of chess at the London International Tournament of Edited by Marcello Truzzi. Equinox Books, Lellenberg, Jon L. Lennon, John. Introduction by Paul McCartney. New York: Simon and Schuster, []. BC , 5, No. Lerangis, Peter. Young Sherlock Holmes: The Storybook. Based upon the screenplay written by Chris Columbus. Storybook adapted by Peter Lerangis.

Lescroart, John T. Rasputin's Revenge. New York: Donald I. Fine, []. Reviews: BSM , No. Watson," Penthouse Letters , 8, No. A pornographic pastiche in which Holmes, to Watson's "horror and utter amazement," engages in some shocking behavior with the Countess of Mara. Lewis, Anthony R. Lewis, Arthur H. Copper Beeches. New York: Trident Press, []. Not only is it of great interest in its own right, but is doubly so because so many Irregulars are closely identified with it. Reviews: Armchair Detective , 5 October , 40 R.

Hahn ; Best Sellers , 31 October 15, , C. Collier ; Boston Globe December 19, H. Edited by Fred Saberhagen with Joan Saberhagen. New York: Ace Books, [June ]. Liebow, Ely M. Liebowitz, Leonard. Limoli, Thomas J. A pastiche depicting the death of fictional sleuth C. Auguste Dupin, one of the models used by Doyle in creating Sherlock Holmes. Over the years Dupin's companion and chronicler has been progressively annoyed by the French detective's eccentricities and boastfulness.

Eventually Dupin hurls an insult of such an intimately personal nature that for his companion there remains no redress but to accomplish Dupin's death. This he achieves by using methods described in several of Poe's stories. Finally, the companion's guilt is revealed by a talking raven, a pet recently acquired by Dupin.

Linaweaver, Brad. Buckley and D. Buckley, Jr. Lindner, Jan. HF , No. Link, Thomas M. Watson, M. DB , 8 April 1, , John H. In part 1 Watson encounters "Jeremy Briggs," who he is convinced must be none other than Litzinger, Herman Anthony. Traveling with Sherlock Holmes and Dr.

Bryn Mawr, Pa. Contents: Introduction. Lloyd-Taylor, A. Watson, transcribed and edited by A. SHJ , 4, No. Herlock Sholmes, by Ka. William Gillette. Locke, George. Contents: 1. The Shelving of "Childhood's End". The Shelving of "Methuselah's Children". The Shelving of "The Hopkins Manuscript".

The Shelving of "Star Maker". A Nineteenth Century Debacle. Morlock Tomes presents an alternative solution to the type of impossible crime problem posed in Louis Zangwill's A Nineteenth Century Miracle. Tomes and Clotson discuss the numerous variants of the first British editions of H. Lockwood, John. Lofting, Hugh. Stokes Co. Loomis, Charles Battell.

Two of Holmes's admirers try to emulate him, with embarrassing results -- the earliest known example of a Holmes parody without the detective. With illustrations by Florence Scovel Shinn. New York: The Century Co. Freeport, N. Short Story Index Reprint Series. Illustrated by C. Puck , 37 April 10, , Lovell, Marc. New York: Doubleday, []. Apleton Porter, the six-foot-seven-inch spy who is disguised as an eccentric Canadian billionaire, is sent to a book convention in Cannes to buy a manuscript that is purported to be an attack on Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Loveman, Samuel. Lovisi, Gary. Brooklyn: Gryphon Books, Gryphon Double Novel, 3. Ludwig, Edward. Edited by Ruth Berman. Minneapolis, Minn. Lutz, John. Alfred Hitchcock, editor. A detective story with an amateur sleuth named Semloh Holmes spelled backwards , who uses the reverse of deduction and logic -- his "process of illogicality. Lyen, Judy. Lynch, Miriam. Creighton's Castle. New York: Ballantine Books, [October ].

Lellenberg ; Publishers Weekly , August 25, , Lynn, Bob. Shamrock Cohen and the Amorous Doppelganger. Shamrock Cohen and the Case of the Faithful Dagger. From the files of John Wetsuit, M. MacGregor, David. Macmillan, W. A pastiche giving plausibility to the untold tale of "The Politician, the Lighthouse, and the Trained Cormorant. MacNamara, Brinsley. Dublin: The Talbot Press, [June ]. Tomorrow , 5, No. Mahany, Walter T. Watson's Little Joke. Chestertown, Md. Swindon Chippenham and John H. Maleh, David. Adam , 20, No.

And his child was a girl. It might have been the most important thing he ever did. Mallalieu, J. Spectator Competition, No. Hopkins and John Manning. A story about how the author came to seek Holmes's help, only to find that "b" had been turned into an exhibition room!

He then became involved in the murder of "Dr. Watson" and was returned to Wandsworth prison. Mallett, Richard. This time the Master Criminal is head of a secret society the Hippy Hops whose plot strikes at the very roots of the British Empire. How otherwise explain the singular and ubiquitous thefts of piano keys, circus elephants, and billiard balls? Watson's Revenge. With illustrations by Rob Pudim. Smith strikes a blow for Watsons everywhere. Malone, Ted. A pastiche in the form of a New Year's letter from Dr.

Watson that was first broadcast on January 7, , over the ABC network. Mannion, Rodney A. Markowitz, Jack. After examining the study of John Jenkins, Holmes deduces that the missing husband is temporarily lost in his income tax and will return by April Maron, Don. Mason, Walt. Chicago: George Matthew Adams, With an introduction by Irvin S. Upon returning from his hiatus, the Great Detective deduces from Watson's slovenly appearance that he has found himself a bride. Masterman, J. London: Hodder and Stoughton, []. Masters, Miles. Subtitled "Sherlock Holmes accused of Jack the Ripper murders," this is one of two prize-winning entries in the Sunday Times short-story contest.

For the other winner, see DA Matthias, Lee A. The Pandora Plague. A posthumous memoir of John H. New York City: Leisure Books, []. Neshkoro, Wis. Reviews: BSD , 2, No. McBain, Ed. New York: Simon and Schuster, This novel is intriguingly Sherlockian, using, with acknowledgement by both cops and crooks, the plot of RedH.

McCallister, David J. A prize-winning entry in the literary contest held at the Sherlock Holmes workshop at Berry College. Parrish: Ben Wood, December McCardell, Roy L. In order to resurrect the detective from his death at the Reichenbach Falls, both he and Moriarty are given parachutes! Puck , 36 October 24, , Screen Romances , 27 November , 39, McComas, Stanley. Edited by J. McDaniel, David. The Dagger Affair. New York: Ace Books, []. The Man from U. The book not only contains Sherlockian references, but it is also dedicated to Dean and Shirley Dickensheet.

The Rainbow Affair. Wherein Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin pay two visits to an old gentleman who calls himself William Escott, lives on the Sussex Downs, keeps bees, fills his pipe from the toe of a Persian slipper, etc. McGoldrick, John. McKenzie, William R. Michael Botz. McLauchlin, Russell. A case recorded by Watson in , but as yet unpublished Five. McLauchlin has written his own version of the tale.

Sherlockiana , 9, Nr. McMorris, Robert. McPherson, Mark F. A Day with Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Conducted by F. Edited by Mark F.

  1. The Old Guard.
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  3. Leaders Who Make a Difference: Leadership Lessons from Three Great Bible Leaders.
  4. War in Heaven.
  5. George.

Medawar, Tony. Edited by Tony Medawar. SHJ , 17, No. Melone, Ralph R. Metcalfe, H. The Bogchester Chronicles. Methold, Ken. Sherlock Holmes in Australia. Reviews: SHJ , 21, No. Meyer, Nicholas. The Canary Trainer. From the Memoirs of John H. Watson, as edited by Nicholas Meyer. New York: W. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

Being a reprint from the reminiscences of John H. New York: E. Issued in two bindings, and with different paper. Also issued in paper wrappers, as an advance review edition copies. Illustrations adapted by Robb from the original drawings by Sidney Paget. Daily Express January 27, , 10; January 28, , 5; January 29, , 11; January 30, , 10; January 31, , 5. New York: Ballantine Books, [5th printing, December ]. Screenplay by Nicholas Meyer. Adapted for Voice by Kathryn Lance.

Scholastic Voice , 61, No. Elemental, Dr. Watson, amigo y confidente de Sherlock Holmes, tal como fueron recopiladas por Nicholas Meyer. Grandes Novelistas. Heyne-Buch, Nr. Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle Co. Utgiven av Nicholas Meyer efter en uppteckning i Dr. Stockholm: P. Den snigende gift. Watson og udgivet af Nicholas Meyer. Editado por Nicholas Meyer.

Traduit de l'anglais par Rosine FitzGerald. Watson would lie to cover up a crime when persuaded that national security was involved. But this time Watson observes that Holmes's agitation over Moriarty's evil doings occurs only when he has been taking cocaine. Fearing that Holmes is destroying himself, Watson tricks him into a trip to Vienna, where he turns him over to Sigmund Freud Freud cures Holmes of his addiction, and Holmes lingers on to observe that the schizophrenia of one of Freud's patients results from a criminal conspiracy as yet unsuspected by anyone.

This award-winning novel remained on the best seller list of The New York Times from October 6, , to June 22, , and on the best seller list of Publishers Weekly from October 20, , to June 16, Rosenberger; David K. Grady ; Birmingham Post March 22, F. Hughes ; Masterplots , David B. Carroll ; MB , 1, No. Liebow , and reprinted in DCC , 10, No. Baker , and reprinted in CPBook , 1, No. Shreffler ; St.

Sullivan ; SS , 2, No. Martin's Press, , Trevor H. Hall ; SHJ , 11, No. Gifford, Jr. Coe ; October 8, S. New York: Ballantine Books, [10th printing January ]. In Which Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Express [Amtrak], 1, No. Illustration by Sue Coe.

Endpaper, edited by Glenn Collins. The West End Horror. Horror en Londres. Watson, recopiladas por Nicholas Meyer. Der Mann des Schreckens. The "discoverer" of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution has acquired another unpublished case of Sherlock Holmes, this one from a widow in Racine whose husband was descended from the distaff side of the detective's family. Here Holmes solves a double murder in London's theater district, thereby averting a national disaster.

While not as highly acclaimed as Meyer's first pastiche, it is nevertheless a witty and delightful novel. Reviews: Afghanistanzas , 1, No. Fisher ; MM , No. Pietrusza ; New Republic , June 5, , L. Naef ; SHJ , 13, No. London: Book Club Associates, []. New York: Ballantine Books, [4th printing December ]. Drama no Savoy. L'horreur du West End.

Manuscript posthume du docteur John H. Watson, edite par Nicholas Meyer. Michael, John M. MM , Nos. Michaud, Rosemary. Sherlock Holmes and the Somerset Hunt. Romford: Ian Henry Publications, Review: The Ritual , No. Michelman, Jeffrey L. Michaelman, Jeffrey L. Michell, H. The Curtain Rises at b. An entry from the Prooimion Competition in which contestants wrote the introduction to an imaginary Holmesian adventure.

Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Romanov Pearls

Mientus, Vincent. Hopson, trying to preserve their dwindling resources, must discover the fate of their last banknote that he left affixed to the mantle with a hypodermic needle. Miksch, W. Collier's , , No. Millar, Kenneth. Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School, Introductory note by Ralph B. Santa Barbara: Cordelia Editions, Limited to numbered copies, 15 hardbound numbered and signed copies, and 5 signed hardbound presentation copies. Miller, Roy S. A satire in which Watson complains about Holmes's selfishness and inconsiderateness, ending, "Holmes was never a friend of mine.

Why, I hardly knew the fellow. Miller, Thomas Kent. Redlands, Calif. Vanity Fair [London], 70 October 15, , The first published fiction of Milne, famous for his verses and stories about Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh. New ed. With an introduction by the author. The Red House Mystery , by A. The Rasp , by Philip Macdonaid. The Man from the River , by G. London: Odhams Press, []. Fifty Classics of Crime Fiction, , Vol. An excellent detective story in which two of the characters assume the roles of Holmes and Watson to solve the murder. Milne, A. The Red House Mystery.

Dell Great Mystery Library, No. Murder Ink. Mysteries, No. La maison rouge. Traduit de l'anglais par Jean-Andre Rey. Le Masque, Milne, Angela. Punch , July 9, , Mines, James. Mitchell, Gladys. Watson's Choice. London: Michael Joseph, []. To celebrate that great man's Anniversary, he gave a party at which the guests were invited to impersonate characters from the Holmes stories.

Scene of the Crime Mystery Series, No. Mitchelson, Austin, and Nicholas Utechin. The Earthquake Machine. BT Lellenberg ; MB , 3, No. Holroyd ; SM , 4, Nos. Sherlock Holmes: Menace sur Londres. Sherlock Holmes: Les oiseaux du meurtre. Mochrie, Margaret. Moncur, Andrew, and Bert Hackett.

A survey concluded that the detection of crime in Britain is more a matter of luck than skill, as Holmes and Watson demonstrate. Montade, Rhoda. Montague, James J. Watson Gets Peevish," Illustrated by H. Chicago Examiner August 30, Montague, Sarah. Morecambe, Eric, and Ernie Wise. Morley, Christopher. Watson: A Textbook of Friendship. Edited by Christopher Morley. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co. Printed on dust jacket. Garden City, N. A symbolic novel describing the reflections, after death, of a sensitive literary agent in love with his lady psychiatrist, and containing several references to Sherlock Holmes.

Morley, Chistopher. Morley, Frank V. Death in Dwelly Lane. A murder mystery in which the hero is a mathematician and retired gangster, as well as a nephew of Professor Moriarty. Morrow, Sonora. Morton, Humphrey. SHJ , 7, No. Mosier, Alan S. The Adventure of the Chilton Sideshow. Stoneham, Mass. The New Exploits of Sherlock Holmes.

A reconstruction of events outlined by Doyle, as told by Watson; based on the "stilts" outline discovered by Hesketh Pearson. The Adventure of the Double Agents. Holmes's surprising involvement with missing tank plans, the tired captain, and "double" agents. Set in mystery-laden Stonehenge. The Adventure of the Spanish Acquisition. Holmes and Watson take on the curious affair of the missing furniture van, last seen in Grosvenor Square.

The Adventure of the Thrice Murdered Man. Watson tells Holmes of an adventure that he solved during Holmes's absence in Just where was Holmes in ? The Evanescent Mr. The Problem of the Unhappy Headmaster. Holmes is consulted by headmaster Merridew of abominable memory upon the theft of some paintings from one of the buildings of Fulton House school. Moulton's Prospectors. Muir, Frank. London: Eyre Methuen, []. Murphy, Walter. Shaw La Coombes and Dr.

Benwat console a confused Inspector Stanley Hopeless in a case of international importance. Mutimer, Ann and Ernie. Private Eye [London], No.

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Nash, Esther L. Neblett, William. Sherlock's Logic. Landham: University Press of America, []. The first third of this book is a murder mystery in which a student of logic who is the namesake and grandson of Holmes and other characters draw numerous inferences as they struggle to solve a puzzling homicide. The remainder of the book is devoted to an exposition of elementary logic in which the inferences from the story serve as illustrations. Needham, Richard J.

Newman, J. The Case of the Missing Types. Roanoke, Va. The Giant Rat of Sumatra. Newman, Robert. New York: Atheneum, New York: Bantam Books, [January ]. Barcelona: Laia, Sherlock Holmes oder das Gehemnis der schwarzen Kutsche. Aus dem Englischen ubertragen von Brigitte Barbacsy. Additional reviews: Afghanistanzas , 5, No. Nieuwland, Elizabeth. Niver, Harold and Teddie. Nizza, Paul. Lellenberg ; SM , 5, No. Nolan, William F. Edited by Robert Sheckley. New York: Ace Books, [September ].

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Norris, Leslie. Norris, Luther, ed. The Non-Canonical Sherlock Holmes. Selected and edited by Luther Norris. Introduction by Julian Wolff, M. Decorated by Frank McSherry. Norris, Margaret. North, John. Sherlock Holmes and the Arabian Princess. Romford: Ian Henry Publications, []. Sherlock Holmes und die verschwundene Prinzessin.

Aus dem Englischen von Lore Strassl. Sherlock Holmes and the German Nanny. Reviews: BSJ, 40, No. Shreffler ; MPapers , No. Norton, Carol. The Seven Sleuths' Club.

Akron: The Saalfield Pub. Merry Lee, a pupil at Miss Demorest's school for select young ladies, discovers the meaning of the letters "C. It is a detective club named "The Conan Doyle Club" p. Offord, Lenore Glen. It concerns, and is narrated by, a woman called Rachel, whose sister keeps a lodging house in Lauriston Gardens. Jefferson Hope is one of the lodgers. Rachel is also in contact with Enoch Drebber, who insults her. She tells Hope about this; and when the murder of Drebber is discovered, she is convinced that it was for her sake and that Hope had actually written part of her name on the wall.

If the police had really looked for a Rachel and found her, she might have been forced against her will to reveal her knowledge of the crime. O'Hara, Gerry. CH , 8, No. Oldham, Robert. In this first adventure of Hamilton's own detective, David Owlton, the Victorian sleuth is assisted by Holmes. Oliver, John P. Perpetrated by Dilys Winn. New York: Workman Publishing, []. O'Neill, James P. After hearing the words of a dying man, Dr. M ycroft A dler Norton, Jr. Ontario Ministry of Health. Seven chapters featuring that inimitable genius of detection, Trumbolt Murphy, and his chronicler, Dr.

Hygiene; also, a glossary: 10 steps to dental health. Orr, Cecil. London: Odhams Press, [n. O'Spelin, MacLean. Otten, Eric H. Ouckama, Sean. Bonus Johnlock chapter up! Second Chances by Shadpup reviews Emily struggles to reclaim her life in the aftermath of Doyle. Prentiss, D. Rossi - Complete.

What if Kate's stay at Castle's loft had gone differently? His loft has excellent water pressure, naturally, evidenced by the thundering spray echoing throughout the tiled space, putting the drizzle from her own building's ancient, cranky plumbing to shame. Well, no need to worry about that anymore. London is John's city now and he will keep it together with stitching, string, his healing, the food off his table, and sometimes the clothes off his back.

John Watson keeps going.

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Mycroft Holmes: The Case of the Romanov Pearls (The Mycroft Holmes Adventure Series Book 6) - Kindle edition by David Dickinson. Download it once and. Book 4 of 6 in The Mycroft Holmes Adventure Series (6 Book Series) . Mycroft Holmes: The Case of the Romanov Pearls (The Mycroft Holmes Adventure.

He's good at that. He Remembered Her by ausland reviews AU. The first time that Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler met wasn't in a sunlit sitting room in Belgravia. She was the only woman who ever mattered, because she was the first woman. Slight M. Empty Arms by BravoExpressions reviews When Mary suffers a miscarriage, she finds herself more vulnerable than anticipated, and leaning on a treasured friend that might turn into something more. Takes place mid-season-four.

T for sparse language. Not Okay by the. Set immediately after the last scene at the FBI offices in 1x She's not. Not usually. Sure, maybe sometimes work bleeds a little too much into her personal life. Sometimes she identifies with the victims families a little too much. Sometimes she crosses lines. But this is different. Unwritten: Uncharted by Kate Christie reviews "Sliding his hands down, he hoisted her up, set her on the smooth, wide, perfectly positioned banister.

Whoever built this porch deserved a bonus. Co-written with Kate Christie. Compromise by Blessed Lunatic reviews Jenny has some things she needs to say. What may have happened in the library during Ted. Giles, Calendar, J. Sidekick by chappysmom reviews After a rough day, John is feeling a bit sorry for himself, but he gets cheered up by an unexpected source.

Maybe being a sidekick really isn't that bad! One chapter one-shot. Days of Summer by liviafan1 reviews A young Kate Beckett spends her summer waitressing at a local shack on a Jersey beach, tending to her alcoholic father and paying her way through the academy. One night, her world turns on its feet when Rick Castle enters the door Advent Again by chezchuckles reviews A chapter a day.

A holiday fic. Assume Season 5 spoilers. Ave Verum by Francesca Wayland reviews John discovers Sherlock's secret, which leads to two conversations between the flatmates in which Sherlock is surprisingly frank. Vice by Sandiane Carter reviews AU: Beckett is a uniform on the Vice squad at the 12th, five years before she and Castle actually meet in the show. Based on an idea of Cartographical - chezchuckles and I just liked it so much that we each wrote our own.

Variations on the same theme, sort of. Things are tricky enough with the threat being hard to spot, but the emotional tension makes them both a little careless. Suddenly John and Zoe are in deep, deep trouble. Can Finch, Carter and Fusco save their lives.

Invincible Summer by mezzosangue reviews When Severus asks Hermione to work with him, he really doesn't know what he's asking for. When Hermione says no, it's just the beginning. Canon Compliant, disregards Epilogue. Chinese Boxes by 01cheers reviews In case you've read and liked Catching Up and wondered what happens next, you have a few people to thank for getting me to write a companion piece.

This one is a different beast; more action than reflection, more shady alleys than shimmering mountaintops. And not a swatch of the Bat-cape in sight. But I hope that the heroes are still recognisably Bruce and Selina. Catching Up by 01cheers reviews One more - the st, I know - version of what happened to Bruce and Selina at the end of the Nolan trilogy between the Gotham Bay blast and the Florentine cafe.

No big surprises, I am afraid, just a snippet of light-ish entertainment. Now continued in Chinese Boxes. Jop reviews When a former partner of Henry's comes under investigation, Shawn will do anything to get assigned to the case. Turns out, he's not interested in helping an old family friend; he's out to protect himself. The Guilty Ones by Cissy Black Malfoy reviews Jesse commits an error of judgment that could be fatal to Shelby, or at least derail both of their lives completely. Rated M for violence, sexual content and mature themes.

But will she find out something unexpected? In Memoriam by strangegibbon reviews Sherlock returns from his self-imposed exile to find a John Watson he barely recognises. Now he must solve the mystery of the disappeared man and try to rebuild their relationship as well as deal with his own return to a London that has forgotten him. Set post The Reichenbach Fall. Romance, angst, slash. Sherlock x John. Never be alone again by Bodge reviews Shelby finds out she'll never have to go through anything alone again.

Originally a oneshot inspired by THAT kiss! And sometimes there's more to learn in peace than in war. Separate epilogue pending. Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Logospilgrim reviews Sometimes, all it takes is a touch. Written last year for the Snapecase fest. Sue me. What would happen if they got the chance to be together again? Would a child bring them together? Please review! You Look Better In Pearls by Team Damon reviews She's starting over, but he's haunting her - his voice, his face, his memory - and one night, just when she's starting to think she's losing it, she finally discovers the truth.

Bucket List by chezchuckles reviews co-authored by Sandiane Carter and chezchuckles. Chapter 9b is Bucket List in Paris, posted separately, and to be read before Chapter Juliet does something incredibly stupid and turns to Carlton for help, but this task may prove more than he and his heart can handle.

A new number throws John and Zoe together again, this time they are going to have to break down their trust barriers to survive. Unequal Affections by OnlyaNovel reviews Diverging from Jane Austen's classic novel at the first proposal in the Hunsford parsonage, Unequal Affections explores what might have happened if Elizabeth Bennet had reacted thoughtfully rather than emotionally to Mr. Darcy's proposal. First chapter and prologue. And All The Mornings Ever After by Liv Wilder reviews "So…" whispered Kate, a slight smile curving her lips and threatening to break wide open like the sun bursting free of a cloud, "you wanna talk about it?

How the story might continue post-Always. The morning after If you find Ch1 a little OTT it does get better. What he thinks she thinks, what she thinks he thinks, what others think they think, what a change of scenery can do for the thinking man, and how it affects the thinking woman in the process. Invisible Once More by chappysmom reviews Part 4 of the "Invisible" series. Moriarty is back, and this time, he's after John's gift. The only problem? He thinks it belongs to Sherlock. Yes, it's the Reichenbach episode, people!

Too Visible by chappysmom reviews With his gift of being invisible, John has always worried about being locked away in an experimental government lab. Baskerville is quite literally John's worst nightmare—and the hound has nothing to do with it. It's all Sherlock's fault, but will he realize that? Yep, it's an emotional rollercoaster, folks. Still Invisible by chappysmom reviews Sequel to "Invisible. An Unwritten Future by Aurette reviews Still struggling with the aftermath of the war, Hermione decides to leave everything behind to go find herself.

She travels further than she could have ever imagined without going anywhere at all. Along the way, she discovers someone she mistakenly thought she'd known AU, M. Invisible by chappysmom reviews John had had the knack for as long as he could remember. It wasn't that he could become invisible, exactly.

The laws of physics worked quite well in his vicinity, thank you very much. It was just that people tended … not to see him. Trials and Tribulations by flashwitch reviews The sequel to Four O'clock is the worst time in the morning. Shawn is out of hospital, what happens now? Will Truman, Ellis and Randolf get away with it? Will Francine bake me some cookies? And who knew Scouts could be so scary?

I don't own Psych. But shouldn't John be the one who doesn't like the sound of thunder? For the johnlockchallenges on tumblr September prompt. Skin by lilylynn reviews Her skin was on fire. If she didn't get relief soon, hell was going to break loose. I own nothing. Chapter 4 is M. Prentiss, A. Being that John is the only one Sherlock actually trusts, things get complicated Hermione only wanted to learn Healing; she discovers that Professor Snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold.

Come Find Me by Kayleighnicolej reviews Mr. Darcy is in a chaotic emotional state just a week after his failed proposal to Elizabeth Bennet. When he takes his frustrations out on a midnight ride, he comes across an upturned carriage, only to find the one and only Elizabeth injured inside. Adjustments by KuryakinGirl reviews Getting used to life with red tape isn't easy for the Black Widow.

Sequel to Opportunities. Afghanistan Comes Home by hjohn reviews "Based on John's posture and reaction to what he read in the newspaper, it must be related to his military service. Based on his response to the phone call, it was a Bit Not Good. He wasn't fine. In Between 'verse Rated for some violence.

Recently divorced Karen Vick reevaluates her relationship with her head detective after he issues a serious work-related ultimatum. Yes, Karlton. Yes, she's divorced. Yes, it's "make-believe. T rating, may possibly become M because that's just how I roll. At age 36 and nine months Sherlock finds his first grey hair, which indirectly leads to two significant conversations: one with Irene and later, one with John. Each conversation leaves the other person profoundly shocked by what Sherlock shares. Takes place several years after "Neither A Soldier You think they'd remember to make his hearing aids freaking waterproof.

After Sherlock's Fall John loses the ability to talk. Three years later, Sherlock is back. Inkspots by mezzosangue reviews When you are a double spy with two masters, no one is a friend. But the war ended last May, and Severus is now his own man. An owl brings a letter of change, but is it a good change? John however, has a way of dealing with this. Four words, five syllables and Sherlock is alive again: "Show me something new.

How does Sherlock actually escape from the Karachi insurgents himself, and what happens when an adrenaline-filled Sherlock finds Irene waiting for him in his hotel room right after his audacious rescue? Progression by Clever Lass reviews Hermione became friends with Professor Snape with hardly any words spoken between them. It started the summer after Voldemort's return It will eventually have a happy ending; until then, put it on your story alerts and stay tuned.

Lassiter going undercover causes a change in his relationship with Karen Vick. I CAN! Unexpected conversations ensue. Starts out canon, wanders off fairly quickly. T for now, possibly M later on. Collaboration by firsttimefan reviews When Castle injures himself in her world, necessity dictates Kate Beckett steps into his. T for absolute safety. He's watched him go to war and back. From a prompt that said 'Sherlock knew John before he went to war.

Now he finds out that he's been shot infront of the team from the yard'. He wants to leave. A bullet may have stripped him of his dexterity but never his strength. Or how John Watson learnt to fight a different war. Revelator by robot iconography reviews In the wake of the events of the film, Natasha and Clint take some time to recalibrate.

Title from the song of the same name by Gillian Welch. To Severus's dismay Remus Lupin has a strange influence on him which he can't explain or withstand. Soon this influence transforms into a bond which he fears to tie. As the year proceeds will Lupin find a way past Severus's defences? Reese - Complete. Set after Headhunters, although I've seen no spoilers for anything upcoming. Giles - Complete. Life This Way by Chiimeriical reviews This is how it went each day: Snape's eyes would pass over her, a sneer on his face and a challenge in his expression.

And she would do nothing to prove herself to him, because she wasn't a know-it-all. Not anymore. Therefore, I Do by Aconite and Nightshade reviews Remus is summoned to see his once very good friend Severus by Albus - but for the reason, Remus has no idea. Following School Rules by RipperShipper reviews Giles and Jenny get into a little trouble at the first staff meeting of the year Takes place some time during S4, after Cuffed. Happy unbirthday, Laura! I love you. Juliet goes away suddenly, leaving the men in her life to ponder the why of it. Shules exists, Marlowe doesn't, and this is Lassiet.

Pride of Time by Anubis Ankh reviews Hermione quite literally crashes her way back through time by roughly twenty years. There is no going back; the only way is to go forward. And when one unwittingly interferes with time, what one expects may not be what time finds Wars of Our Fathers by labRT reviews Two war-weary individuals find the courage to face their past and find their future. Hermione's and Severus's world has drastically changed, but their lives are about to come crashing down again. Epic novel with angst, drama, mystery and, above all, love. And no matter how Kate looks at it, she's staring at piles of rubble.

And from rubble, where do they go next? Slight spoilers for 4x11 and beyond. Consumed by Shadows by SkywardGratis reviews They were once consumed by the shadows of pain. Dark Themes. Deals with rape and kidnapping. Boyfriend Jobs by SplishySplash reviews Tony does a favor for Ziva, which is almost like a 'boyfriend job'.

Lost and Found by Borolin reviews When Snape is tortured and maimed a team inc. Hermione, Neville and a Muggle surgeon battle to save his life and sanity. The Story You Haven't Heard by LoveandLearn reviews Derek thinks he knows everything there is to know about Addison and her past but the truth is he is missing a vital piece of information which could change everything he knows about his marriage. Warm and Fuzzy by International08 reviews A writer, a detective, and her cat ring in the new year.

A sequel to "Fluff. In the Body by Ivory Novelist reviews Sherlock has a tantric masturbation session while John's out of the house. Synergy by Laurielove reviews Hermione is being followed, and she suspects she knows by whom. But when they come face-to-face, how will she react to him and his startling request? M readers only, please.

Things Better Left Unsaid by babydykecate reviews When their common ground came up, it wasn't in a discussion. Warning: rape fantasy, discussion of rape. I do not wish to offend anyone, please heed warnings. This is dark, written very much from the point of view of a survivor. Morgan, Elle G. Six years after the war, Hermione discovers a neglected and abused population with no place in a post-Voldemort world, and the man who stayed behind to pick up the pieces.

A story of reconciliation, redemption, and above all, love. Have Tomorrow by Lawson reviews Karen Vick suffers a loss and surprisingly, it's Lassiter who not only understands, but is there to pick up the pieces. Definitely non-canon territory but assume spoilers through all current episodes. Willing Spirit, Willing Flesh by Laurielove reviews While working alone in the library one stormy night, Hermione senses she is being watched.

But even she is unprepared for who, or rather what, that person is and how she reacts to him. M content. A healer assigned to assist Snape in his efforts for the Order returns to Hogwarts when she learns Snape survived. Post-Deathly Hallows. Slightly AU look at what might happen if Lassiter got fed up with how Shawn treats him. Shules exists, Marlowe doesn't, and it turned into Lassiet after all. The stories think they're in charge. Advent by chezchuckles reviews Castle tries to convince Beckett of the magic of the season. A chapter posted every day. Fine by mariella giov reviews Actually, he's not even sure to understand himself what it is that he feels toward her.

All he knows is that every time she's near, it hits him so hard his breath catches. Fluff by International08 reviews Richard Castle discovers something unexpected when he visits Kate Beckett one December night. Recovery PT. Next Time, I Call Shotgun by Artie Fowl reviews Shawn was looking at him again, a half smile formed on his face; a look Lassiter decided he didn't care for, "Your secret is safe with me. I won't tell anyone. I'm really good at keeping secrets; even better at being one.

But the seasonal celebrations bring back difficult memories for them both. This is my attempt to understand something of the damage that binds these two men together. Liminal by Cybrokat reviews Severus Snape keeps running into a student playing piano. Why does he stop to listen, and how does she respond when she is asked to invite him when she plays? And what about Voldemort? Here there be fluff, romance, drama, and angst. The mind, however, is another matter.

Set during the current season, so references made to potential spoilers. Shules exists, but given how the show writers are playing it, there's room to play. What's Heard by FanficwriterGHC reviews Letting loose and laying her cards out was easy in the comfort of her apartment, but saying them to someone other than her therapist was harder. But Kate didn't need to worry about that just yet, right? Slight spoilers for Cuffed.

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Forged in Flames by MsWhich reviews In her last year at Hogwarts, Hermione and her Potions professor find themselves forced into a situation that neither of them wanted Of Finding Innocence by FanficwriterGHC reviews When Kate Beckett went to get her book signed by Richard Castle, she never imagined that she'd end up meeting his daughter, much less offering to babysit for the afternoon. A Personal Hell by kp reviews Emily Prentiss was losing the battle to hold everything in and in a brief moment her weakness was exposed. Maybe Oneshot maybe not Finite Incantatem by Atlantis Founded reviews "Deeper than that, she not only has to trust me, she has to believe that there is good in me worth having faith in.

And that, I cannot help her with. She is destined to recede into the shadows. Snape's Oceans by Theolyn reviews Who would Severus become without his burden of self-loathing? And how will that Severus react when Ron Weasley's widow comes seeking healing of her own? DH compliant, save for Snape's survival. Hermione Bound by Everae reviews Hermione and Harry have always been good friends, but Harry decides to try and take it a step further with some magical fun. Erotic one-shot HarryxHermione piece.

Contains sexual content,sub-non-con and a tiny BDSM theme. Do not read if you are offended. Lion Tamer by ThexInvisiblexGirl reviews Shelby doesn't know what she's in for when she attends an assembly at her daughter's new school. AU - based on season I only. Darcy has a little spill and is forced to remain at Longbourn, guest of the Bennets.

Many Wounds by cathedral carver reviews Lines and circles and 10, taste buds. After the Wedding Night by River in Egypt reviews Elizabeth's curiosity gets the better of her when she wakes up one morning before her husband. A study in anatomy. Fade to Grey by marianne le fey reviews Unable to catch hold of anything in order to save herself, her mind clung to the one fact it knew to be unassailably true: something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Interval by Jaz22 reviews Post 'Hiatus' - Tony does all he can to hold his team together, but who will notice if he goes home at night and quietly falls apart? Hunger by adaon45 reviews A missing scene from chapter 4 of OotP. Attending an Order meeting at Grimmauld Place but, as usual, not staying for dinner, Snape meditates on the connections between food, hunger, and community. Sherlock can name them all. Owned by Subversa reviews War is hell, as is the aftermath. Having lost everyone she most loves, Hermione Granger is only a shell of the woman she had been.

Devastated by loss and guilt, Hermione draws the attention of Severus Snape with a random utterance. What Pales in Comparison by FanficwriterGHC reviews Rick Castle, who kept her from freezing to death and held her hand in front of a bomb, prepared to die with her, wasn't who she was going home with. Kate's night after the end of Countdown. Tumbling by dress4m reviews The pain that Mr. Darcy felt in his body was nothing compared to the feeling that his heart still held.

He could easily ignore the aches and pains in his muscles and bones, but there was no escaping the throbbing of his heart. Then again, her aunt Lily's never died before. Cold Comfort by chezchuckles reviews After the events of Setup and Countdown, Rick Castle can't get warm without a little help. A story of many things, but primarily of healing. A Most Comfortable Pillow by thunderful reviews Elizabeth finds herself a pillow that she is reluctant to part with. But she needs an apartment. Can they help her and figure out what she got herself into before it's too late?

Of scars and other demons by Moranion reviews Sherlock has a scar. In fact, he has several, but he won't show them to John. I Am by iamold reviews Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see that something's wrong. Gen one-shot. SS, HG. Of Muggles and Magic by Aurette reviews A witch struggles to conform in a society that restricts her.

A wizard thinks he has nothing to offer anyone but his duty and, ultimately, his life. As AU as you get. M for later chapters. Endure and Defy by LissieKay reviews She wouldn't sleep. All those hours in that camp and she wouldn't sleep. So neither would he. Then she tried to crawl into his skin she was so frantic to get close to him. Her whimpering evened out, her tears dried, and she slept. So he did too.

Would they be different people? Would there be a void they couldn't explain? Would they search for each other? AU story. Just because she would do anything to win the war doesn't mean she should, does it? Fun cast of thousands. Thank you! Sick Snape later on. Will needs a friend. They both get much more than they were hoping for. Rated M for language and mature themes and sexual content. Breathe by Knitchick reviews Based on the movie. What would have happened if instead of walking away in anger, they had just taken a breath and closed the scant distance between them during the proposal scene in the rain?

A story about forgiveness and overcoming the obstacles of family, friends, society and their own pride and prejudices to find their happy ending. Some characters are slightly OOC. Darcy - Complete. Weaver, K. Legaspi - Complete. Broken by StrawberiPai reviews Severus has been chosen to bear Voldemorts child, but it is a ruse and he will be giving birth to Lupins instead.

Will Snape be able to take the burden of his body being used against his will, yet again? But our McDreamy gets a call from his sister that brings him back to his wife Until someone stepped in and changed all that. Can he allow himself to be happy? Callen - Complete. The healing experiment by A-Karana reviews Ziva finally wants to heal and needs Tony's help for it.

She can't tell him about her plan though, at least not with words Watching Me Fall by Tara reviews He's been hovering on the brink for so long now that the fall is almost a relief. The Occluded Soul by Aurette reviews Severus Snape did what he thought he needed to do to get the job done and broke himself. Years later, Hermione Granger realizes that he had been counting on her to fix him.

Drowning by Dayja reviews Sherlock has never learned to swim. Wherein Hermione learns about a type of magic not taught in school. M for reasons people. You know me. Misunderstood by ConfusedColumbia reviews Wesley realizes that Lilah is misunderstood, and can majorly relate. Then, an event happens that draws them closer together than they were before. Landslide by Crimson Coin reviews Sawyer is injured on a patrol of the fence line and makes a startling discovery about Juliet and the brand on her back.

Including a second chapter due to demand. Four o'clock is the worst time of the morning by flashwitch reviews Shawn has a bad night. This is a rubbish summary, but i wrote the darn thing at 4 in the morning myself, and have no idea what to say about it. The first time Shawn ran away from home. I know i promised you a sequel, but just give it a read. For me?

Can be read as a stand alone. When Sleeping Feels Like Dying by cathedral carver reviews Of infatuation, insomnia and the lost ones. What Men Call Love by lordhellebore reviews After the war, Severus has tried all kinds of healers, but no one could help. Why would Luna Lovegood be any different? He finds that she is, though, and that there is more healing than he'd anticipated. Be My Mitten by little-morph reviews A freezing winter, a draughty castle, and two people searching for warmth and other things. The Caretaker by Aurette reviews Ron saves Snape's life after the Battle of Hogwarts, invoking a new life debt, and something else AU, EWE?

Collins' longwinded and insincere proposal, Elizabeth heads for the woods where she runs into an injured Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, Mr. Bingley, Jane - Complete. Alex, true to his promise, notices and fixes. Love Everlasting by CarlisleAliceJazzCullen reviews After Remus convinces Lily to set him up with Severus, they begin a secret affair; but secrets breed lies and lies breed distrust.

Fatal mistakes, other lovers, 2 wars and decades later, will their love be everlasting? Giles happens upon a crying Ms. What will happen? First published Buffy fic. Be honest in your reviews. Crucio by jeweled inferno reviews He stumbled through the door to see that the candle was lit and she was still sitting on his sofa, working. She'd waited Not for YOU. No one would wait for YOU.

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William T. Jason Isaacs portrays the troubled teen in a deep voice that hints at the dark nature of the story. Sherlock Gnomes and his assistant, Gnome Watson, storm London 's natural history museum where their nemesis, a pie mascot named Moriarty, is holding gnomes hostage. Herman Lay. Larry Grayson. McCardell, Roy L. Veterinary Medical Library Today: a.

Sanctuary by ringanybells reviews Mary heads over to Raphael's place after a long night at work, but things don't go as she thought they would. He goes looking for an explanation for the silence between them. I don't own these characters; they just entertain me. Be on the look out for Original characters that may recur from one story to the next.

I own only myself. Not my first fanfuc. Please Review! Thank You for Fixing Me by Cowboys-and-coffee reviews Because even after all the time and all the distance, Derek is still the only one who can really comfort Addison. The Problem with Purity by Phoenix. Writing reviews As Hermione, Harry, and Ron are about to begin their seventh and final year at Hogwarts, they learn some surprising and dangerous information regarding what it means to be Pure in the wizarding world.

AU after OotP. But he'd been broken and he wasn't sure he had it in him. Who Needs a Hug? Mens Rea by tfm reviews Post Retaliation 5x Emily has something she needs to do before she leaves Lockport. In the Prefect's Bathroom by Ms-Figg reviews Hermione goes into the Prefect's bathroom to enjoy a luxury bathing experience, but she's interrupted and has to hide. An angst-ridden look at how even a strong person can be worn down. Adult situations, non consensual sex and strong language. Follows through canon and S8 Comics except no Twilight here. The godfather by Marisol reviews Snape is asked to be the godfather of a child and Hermione plays a vital part.

Takes place after book 7, but with some important changes. You won't believe why! A love story. Lizzie's a ballet dancer that may never dance again; Darcy's a doctor that helped save her leg. A story exploring love and how it drives people to do some of the things they do. A story about morality, mortality, and pickled walnuts. Cuddy's actions have unintended consequences. Mentions physical abuse. Obligations by Logospilgrim reviews How could this not happen? Professor Snape burns out. His body and mind rebel against the task that was asked of him. What if Gunn and Wesley had arrived in time to save her?

What would have changed? How would things have been different? A Sandwich For Mr Giles by spinners-grove reviews Giles has a bit of a mishap with his glasses in the library, so who comes to his rescue but Jenny Calendar? Just some fluff with a hint of snark. What if Darcy and Elizabeth met under entirely different circumstance? Naturally, "The course of true love does not run smooth" but I hope it runs interestingly. My first attempt at Austen fic. Angst, humor and lemons. Can't move. Can't defend yourself. You're helpless. At my mercy. But fate is not quite finished with them yet.

Beware fluff and melodrama. Sequel to 'Salvage What You Can'. After the Fall by FirstYear reviews Ever since Hermione entered the world of wizards and witches she has dealt with the ongoing war. Now she is having a hard time learning to live. Returning to the Muggle world, a strange sort of "friend" helps her A Long Goodbye and a Slow Becoming by lordhellebore reviews Remus doesn't seek love, just another parent for his son.

Severus is tired of being alone. DH-compliant except for them surviving. Drabble series, four drabbles per chapter. Part 1 of the Years Go By Series. Profiler's Choice Lifetime Achievement Award Can Remus help? How does Lucius fit in? And will Severus be able to help Remus get over Sirius's death? Running Shoes by wehavedental reviews Lilah returns home to find someone unexpected.

Mark and Addison attend marriage counselling after four miscarriages. Angsty fic. Review love is always appreciated. It would brighten up my otherwise dull month. Les Bijoux by Antenna reviews Giles thinks too much. Jenny has a solution. Giles x Jenny. Angelus is on the loose and it's up to Wesley and the gang to stop him, with a little help from an unusual package sent by the Powers.

It's all finished and Deathly Hallows compliant. Is there anyone he can trust, anyone who helps him bear his fate? All the Million Hours by wallyflower reviews Going up to her flat, he takes the stairs two at a time. NonDH compliant. Bound To Silence by cecelle reviews He found himself afraid of hoping too hard, veering wildly between cautious anticipation and abject certainty that this was never going to end.

That he would be stuck between these barren walls forever. Friendship with a dash of romance. Mist and Vapor by cecelle reviews After the war is over, Severus is left humiliated, an outcast in the wizarding world. And for him, the fight isn't over yet. But this time, he doesn't have to fight alone. Flitwick - Complete. Scott Eiland reviews Jenny knows a cover up when she hears one. Written for RemixRedux V.

Something odd about Hermione causes her to have unexpected reaction to a love potion. Only it's one which no one expected. How could a lack of reaction cause so much trouble? AU to Books 5 and 6. The year is , on the night of Giles' 30th birthday when he saves a mysterious American girl from a vampire attack All That We Let In by masked-spangler reviews Friendship, with her, with each other, in general, is still so new to them.

So how are Bailey and Callie supposed to know if this is just a phase for Addison, or if she's really going off the deep end? Now complete! Air by masked-spangler reviews Set during Wishin' and Hopin'. Bailey tends to Addison after her collapse. Season 2 GilesJenny cuteness.

Fire by dollsom reviews Passion. Six Days by littledaybreaker reviews An account of the last six days prior to Lilah's death. Hermione is helping remove traces of the Order from the compromised Headquarters when the traitor returns. Alley sex. Lilah gets memories and feelings she doesn't want. At all. Wesley visits Lilah after a walk in the rain. About how he thinks of his new life, and, Lilah. There were likely to be enough cross words when they finally met.

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For seven years of his teaching, Hermione had had nothing but cross words from him Life was a puzzle sometimes. Broken by Neena Varscona reviews In the battle between House and Vogler, some things were bound to get broken. Hurtcomfort, slash. Rated T for first chapters, M for last chapter. House, J.

Wilson - Complete. Guiding Star by babies-stole-my-dingo reviews Oneshot. Wolfram and Hart steals Wesley's memory after the end of S3. Now Lilah has a decision to make What Percy Saw by lordhellebore reviews Starting with a detention in his first year at Hogwarts, Percy over the years gets to know a side of Snape most other people have no idea exists.

Why does he trust him even after the events of HBP? Mental Cruciatus by saiyanwizard reviews Severus Snape has tried everything, but he can't seem to get rid of a migraine. He finds help in an unlikely place. Rated just to be safe. An AU one shot. Silver Lining by Tez reviews Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Missing scene from Fantasy Date, BrendaFritz. Icarus by MarbleGlove reviews Some successes are only measured in how long you last before falling.

Hermione writes a letter and begins a relationship. Love, Maybe by the silence in between reviews Fourteen drabbles, words, and two incredibly screwed up individuals pondering each other and what they have together. Warning: language. What I Know You've Done by snarkyroxy reviews How do you convince someone to go back when the whole world has turned against them? Show them that you still believe. Suffering by thegrottogirl reviews Lilah at another work party, feeling empty again.

Redemption by banduraqueen reviews 3rd in a 4 part GJ fic. Takes place during Amends. In the process of being totally revised. A Revelation and a Proposal by banduraqueen reviews 2nd in a 4 part GJ series that started with Premonitions. Takes place during Revelations. It's 2 chapters of fluffiness, in the way that Giles and Jenny get engaged, before the series gets serious. Premonitions by banduraqueen reviews Jenny eats band candy, and relives a youth that's not so care-free, and is intrisically opposed to "Bad-Magic-Hates-The-World-Ticking-Time-Bomb Guy. Lilah tries to help.

But meanwhile, Harry's behaving erratically, Draco's slimy as ever and Ronald Weasley desperately needs a woman. Wish for Me by CrypticSunrise reviews The exclusion of hope. It is Severus cross to bear. In the face of all that he did not deserve, acceptance, love, understanding, the darkness welcomes Snape. By the Book by Scattered Logic reviews During a bout with the measles, Hermione learns that going by the book isn't always the best thing to do.

Trying by Snowballjane reviews The trauma of war finally catches up with Severus Snape.