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Person 2: WAAT! Aw lucky!

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She's awesome. Person 1: I know. Rosalie: Hey! Person 1 and 2 faint.

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Rosalie - A bright and spirited person. She is always seems happy but has a more complicated personality than she lets off.

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Rosalie has great sense of humour but is very dirty minded. She acts dumb but is actually intelligent! Rosalie does not follow the crowd and is proud to be different. Rosalie has large green eyes, she is petite and has fab curves! Words for Rosa : Beautiful, Inquisitive , Magnetic. Rosalie is a large-breasted, compassionate , articulate , intelligent and attractive woman who always puts those around her needs' before her own.

Rosalie Hale

She thinks she best in people but is often disappointed and has a gift for creative activities. A bit of a loner but fights to the death for those that she loves. Moody and odd but always makes you laugh. Loves to paint, sing, write and read. A bit of a hermit. The cooperation with a crew of talented producers paved the way for the stylistic diversity of Rosalie.

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No matter what each song sounds like, she does her best — simply singing perfectly. Search for. Style :. Groove , Hip-hop.

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Rosalie Reiri

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