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Quorne Returns: The Golden Amazon Saga, Book Six
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Once alerted to the threat, the Golden Amazon hits back with all the ruthless scientific ingenuity at her command.

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She creates an ultimate doomsday weapon--only to precipitate a reprisal from the denizens of another universe, plunging the Amazon, her husband Abna, and their daughter Viona into another astonishing science fiction adventure in the ongoing saga of the Golden Amazon. The sixth thrilling chapter in this exciting space opera!

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Got one to sell? Voice of the Conqueror. Naturally it is for you to decide if we accomplished any of this, and we are excited to get your feedback! Humans are soft, clearly not warriors, but they are resourceful and plentiful. This issue features short stories by David K. A little something I put together using a digital piece by artist Tithi Luadthong, the audiobook s prologue from Jeffrey Kafer, and some bootleg garage band sounds from yours truly. The Quillian Sector.

In British writer John Russell Fearn decided to quit writing for the American pulp science fiction magazines, and to concentrate instead on books for the English market. Within a very few years he became established as a leading novelist in several genres, not only science fiction, but also mystery and detective fiction, and westerns.

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But the apparently successful experiment has a flaw: it instills into the girl a hatred for all men, and a ruthless cruelty. Her supernatural scientific gifts enable her to master atomic power, and practically leads her to destroy the world.

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She breaks the will and strength of men, and elevates women to positions of wealth and power. She also discovers human synthesis, and by this means she is able to escape retribution when she is eventually overthrown. In actuality, it was only her synthetic image, and this paved the way for the Golden Amazon Returns , and further sequels. Fearn sold reprint rights in the first novel to the prestigious Canadian magazine, the Toronto Star Weekly.

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Aimed at a general readership, the novels were written by the top popular novelists of the day, including John Dickson Carr, Ellery Queen, and P. They sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and the novels were syndicated to several American newspapers in the Maine and New York areas. His final two Amazon novels appeared posthumously. This was because the publishers discontinued their entire fiction line in However, the Amazon novels continued to appear in the Star Weekly , eventually notching up twenty-four titles. Fearn had resold paperback rights to the Canadian publisher Harlequin Books, but after publishing only the first three titles, they stopped publishing SF and other genre fiction to concentrate on their famous Romances line.

Meanwhile, as early as , Fearn had realized that the Amazon series had the potential to run indefinitely. This presented him with a problem, however. Subsequent novels were written during the war and the immediate postwar period, and projected their stories only a few decades into the future.

He very astutely realized that to keep ahead of reality, he needed to move the Amazon further into the future—first into the outer solar system, and thence to the stars. So with the seventh novel, he introduced a new main character, Abna of Atlantis—someone as equally intelligent, and even stronger than herself. These dynamics provided him with an interstellar canvas, thus ensuring that the series would remain ahead of reality.


This new Borgo Press paperback series will be the first trade edition of all twenty-one of these later novels by Fearn, beginning with the seventh novel in the original series. First published in as Conquest of the Amazon , I have edited it slightly as World Beneath Ice The Golden Amazon Saga, Book One so that it can be read and enjoyed by new readers who may be totally unfamiliar with what had gone before.

Subsequent novels have also been slightly edited for modern readers. The publishers hope that this new series may create many more fans of the Amazon. Meanwhile, any reader interested in seeking out the earlier six Golden Amazon novels will find that they are readily available on the internet, and in numerous earlier paperback and hardcover editions. The Amazon encounters Abna, a descendant of Atlantis, stronger and even more scientifically advanced than she, and the ruler of an Atlantean colony still surviving in a protected environment on Jupiter.

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She refuses his offer of marriage, but agrees to form an alliance in order to restore the sun and save the Earth. One thing that Abna has not told the Amazon is that all the females of his race have been wiped out by a bacilli infection. A gigantic ridge of land rises from the Atlantic floor, causing massive tidal waves on either side of the ocean. Even stranger, both England and America are then assailed by an invasion of prehistoric monsters! A gigantic domed city rests on the newly risen plateau, whilst out in space an alien spacecraft orbits the Earth.

Such are the mysteries and challenges facing the Golden Amazon, self-appointed governess of Earth, as she struggles to unravel the maze of mystery that was the deadly legacy of Atlantis! The marriage of Violet Ray Brant—better known as The Golden Amazon—and Abna of Atlantis should have ushered in an era of peace and scientific prosperity to the people of Earth. But an unexpected turn of events finds Abna betrayed and marooned on a satellite of Jupiter, and the Amazon flung far beyond the Solar System.

The metaphysical union of the Amazon and Abna results in the mental creation of a fully mature daughter—Viona. Quorne, still struggling for domination, forces Viona into a marriage ceremony, and impregnates her. But with the intervention of Tarnec Brodix, a super-mind from an external universe, Quorne and Viona are separately flung into an ultra-dimensional limbo.

Abna chooses to follow after his daughter, leaving the Amazon to brood over the disaster, alone in the Amethyst City of Saturn.

A miscalculation by the super-mathematician Tarnec Brodix destroys his universe, and the fault spreads into the Earth universe in the form of a Dark Tide of Absolute Nothingness. Unable to save himself, Brodix transfers his knowledge into the one mind powerful enough to receive it: that if Sefian, the son who has been born to Viona and Quorne. Sefian rapidly evolves, and, no longer human, after saving the Earth universe, vanishes into the greater universe, to seek new challenges. Then the Amazon is confronted with a further puzzle—a large section of the planet Neptune is discovered to be an exact duplicate of the Earth!

Then he began to inspect his dusty uniform, marked from the moment he had been thrown in the dust by the superwoman, the Golden Amazon of Earth. Over the decades, Frederick Douglass took repeated inspiration for his antislavery campaigning from the land of James Douglas which he celebrated as a centuries long battleground in the fight for freedom over slavery.


Happy Birthday Edinburgh University Press! The Starlight Watchmaker. It could …. Donald S. Murray was a teacher of English for 30 years. Since leaving that profession, he has written full-time.

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