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Battle for the Bulge
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Ivan Kotzur. Fiona Rody. Abigail Lax. Stuart Thomas. Daniel Curtis.

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Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely. Book Description iUniverse. Seller Inventory ING Benford The Ardennes Tapes Pray that Somebody Listens! The Ardennes Tapes Publisher: iUniverse , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Christmas Eve, About the Author : Timothy B. Buy New View Book. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

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Search for all books with this author and title. Schumacher later takes control of a vital intersection of three roads connecting Ambleve, Malmedy and the Siegfried Line. He sabotages the road signs, and the rear echelon of Wolenski's troops take the wrong road to Malmedy; almost the entire unit is captured and massacred. Weaver manages to escape, but Duquesne is killed.

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US soldiers become suspicious when they witness Schumacher's " military police " lay explosives incorrectly on the Our bridge, and his masquerade is revealed, though too late to stop Hessler. When Kohler orders Hessler to bypass Ambleve, Hessler replies that the Americans have no concept of defeat, citing that they will ship things as trivial as a fresh chocolate cake to their front-line troops.

He feels he can break their will to fight, and Kohler gives him the night to do so. Hessler's tanks and infantry storm Ambleve, finally taking the town. American forces regroup and begin to reorganize for a counterattack. Facing the dangers of a foggy night, Col.

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Kiley conducts an aerial reconnaissance in an attempt to locate the main German spearhead. He orders the pilot to shut off the engine and glide in an attempt to listen for enemy tanks. Suddenly, through a gap in the fog, he spots Hessler's tank column heading toward American lines. Kiley radios in the coordinates, but his plane is hit by German fire and crashes near an American fuel depot. In Hessler's command vehicle, Conrad finally confronts the Colonel about his warmongering ways after Hessler boasts about the war going on forever, meaning Conrad's sons will have to become soldiers and fight.

Hessler is unmoved, transferring Conrad to the fuel battalion. Meanwhile, Gen. Grey's forces, with the Meuse at their back, prepare to fight off Hessler. The outgunned, outarmored American tanks are systematically destroyed, but at the cost of the Germans burning up much of their fuel.

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The Ardennes Tapes book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Christmas Eve, The Ardennes Forest was thick with blood as the Ba. Christmas Eve, The Ardennes Forest was thick with blood as the Battle of The Bulge raged on. But in the midst of combat, two hundred troops—Americans .

Guffy encounters Weaver, who has taken command of a small force of wounded men, and the surviving Americans head to the depot, the same one where the wounded Kiley is recovering. Aware of the German fuel shortages, Hessler leads a detachment toward the depot to capture its stocks, Conrad watching him go. Weaver and the stragglers arrive first.

Weaver recognizes Lt. Schumacher, who is still posing as an American MP and whose men have taken control of the depot, but Schumacher doesn't recognize him. At Weaver's signal, he and his men open fire on the disguised Germans, killing them all. As Hessler's column approaches, the US defenders flood the road with gasoline and set it ablaze. The young German crews abandon their machines in terror, only to be shot by the Americans or consumed by the flames.

Abandoned by his crew, Hessler goes it alone, only for his tank to be destroyed by a burning fuel drum. General Gray arrives in time to see the Panzers explode.

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Bridgette rated it it was amazing Dec 13, Thomas Blatchford. Ardennes, Battle of the, By James Huang. New Wishlist. At Weaver's signal, he and his men open fire on the disguised Germans, killing them all. VHS Tapes 7.

Out of fuel, the remaining Germans give up the attack, marching back to Germany. Conrad, bringing up the rear, discards his rifle and cartridge belt, and confidently marches on, his personal war over. The final tank battle is a rough depiction of the Battle of Celles on December 26, , where the U. The film creates the false impression that large numbers of American tanks sacrificed themselves against the heavy Tiger IIs and in the process lured the enemy off course, which caused them to run out of gas.

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In reality, they were already stranded. The tanks used, despite the claims of the producer in an interview, which is one of the DVD extras, are not historically accurate. Although the M24 Chaffee light tanks used in the scene were World War II-era vehicles, they were not in use in the scale shown in the film and were relatively rare. However, in World War II, while it was true that, tank for tank, the Tiger II was superior to the Sherman, most of the anti-tank duties were actually the task and work of the tank destroyer units.

Aside from the initial American encounters with the German offensive is the absence of cold weather and snow, which were the conditions in which the real battle was fought. There is no trace of snow at all in the film's major tank battle scene, and some battle scenes were fought in flat and bare territory, unlike the mountainous, forested and grassy nature of the Ardennes.

The film was shot on location in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range and Madrid , Spain. The sequence with Lt. Schumacher and his men was based on Operation Greif , the plan to parachute English-speaking Germans using American equipment behind American lines to sow confusion and capture the bridges. Absent from this movie is the response by General Patton , whose Third Army relieved the siege of Bastogne. Indeed, there is no reference to British forces in the area, but British troops were largely kept behind the Meuse River and thus almost entirely out of the fighting.