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A novel by Jane Yolen. A novel by Alex Epstein, speculating about what could have happened in the legend to Morgan, born as Anna, between her being sent into an exile to Ireland at the age of 11 after the murder of her father Gorlois by Uther Pendragon , and her return years later as a powerful witch seeking revenge. A fantasy novel by Ashleen O'Gaea.

A juvenile fiction novel by Colin Thompson. A collection of five stories by Barbara Tepa Lupack, including one about Morgan. A novel by Nancy McKenzie. A novel by Marian Nichols. A book by Margot Beier. A novel by Dozier Finley.

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  4. The Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit by Julius Evola.
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A young adult novel by Kimberly J. A novel by Vivian Vande Velde. A novel by Michael Aguiar. A young adult novel by Lisa Ann Sandell. A book by Gwyn Thomas. A young adult novel by Brian Stableford. A fantasy romance by Kelley Heckart in which Morgaine is the Fairy Queen of Avalon and one of the three female protagonists. A novel by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson. A book by Susan Wilson Younkins.

A book by Philip H. A historical novel by Allan Massie. A final part of the Arthurian series of novels by J. Robert King. A novel by Nancy Springer. A novel by Sarah L. Thomson in which Morgan is Arthur's half-sister and embittered former wife, and a mother of his two twin sons, including Medraud. It is written partially from Morgan's point of view. A book by Janet Zibell. A novel by Shahrukh Husain in which the fairy Morgan, "long painted as her half-brother King Arthur's foe, is shown to have been testing his worthiness, selflessly allowing herself to be thought of as a villain in order to train him to be a better, more careful ruler.

A book by Mary Hoffman and Christina Balit. A novel by Stephen R. A novel by Vera Chapman. A novel by Krystyna Kwiatkowska. By Mike Resnick and Linda Dunn. A novel by Harry Robin and Adolph Caso. A novel by Fred Saberhagen. She is later seen transporting the dead Arthur to Avalon. A novel by Deepak Chopra. Mary J. Jones' "lesbian Arthurian romance" [] in which Morgant is Nimue 's lover. A novel by Gene Wolfe. Morgan le Fay, called Morgana, is a sympathetic character in Firelord by Parke Godwin , where she is presented as a fiery leader of the wild Prydn Pictish people who live north of Hadrian's Wall , and Mordred is her illigimate son.

The original novel was followed by the sequel Beloved Exile in The series' prequel, The Last Rainbow , tells the story of Morgana's ancestors. A novel by Michel Rio. A fantasy novel by David Gemmell a sequel to Ghost King. A young adult novel by Welwyn Wilton Katz. Arthur's sister is Morrigan, also known as Rigan. A novel by Peter David. A novel by Joy Chant. In the book, Morgen is one of the nine sisters in Avalon and a daughter of the lake fairy and Gorlas Gorlois. The Idylls of the Queen. A novel by Phyllis Ann Karr.

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The Mists of Avalon. A novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley. A novel by John Myers Myers. A romance novel by Sara Craven. A novel by Gil Kane and John Jakes. A novel by Catherine Darby Maureen Peters. A novel by Thomas Berger. A novel by Robert Nye. A novel by Penelope Lively.

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A children's book by Errol Le Cain. In this children's book by Jane Louise Curry , "four children discover Arthur and his knights sleeping underground. With the help of Myrddin , they prevent Morgan and Medraut from destroy the Sleepers and stealing the thirteen Treasures of Prydein Britain. A novel by George Henry Smith.

A novel by Rosemary Sutcliff. Three Hearts and Three Lions. A novel by Poul Anderson in which Morgan le Fay makes great efforts to seduce the protagonist, the risen Ogier the Dane - who had been her lover in an earlier incarnation - and divert him from his quest. Though clearly an Antagonist, in this depiction as is often the case with Anderson's villains Morgan le Fay has some redeeming features: she seems to be genuinely fond of Ogier and to welcome the prospect of dallying with him at Avalon - though, to be sure, removing him from the field would be a great coup for her side in the book's titanic war.

Anderson attributes to Morgan le Fay a kind of amoral Nietzschean philosophy: "My belief is in joy, in the fulfillment of life, which I taught you once and would fain teach you again. What is there about dull Law which drives you to defend it? You're but bulwarking loutish peasants and fat-gutted burghers, when the mirth and thunder and blazing stars of Chaos could be yours! A novel by Edward Eager.

The Sword in the Stone. By William John Courthope. By Warwick Deeping. A book by Thomas Wentworth Higginson. A satirical novel by Mark Twain. The tale's Morgan le Fay represents an archetypical corrupt and cruel feudal aristocrat, keeping prisoners for decades in her dungeon. A book by T. By Sidney Lanier. A cycle of poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

A book by Dinah Craik. A short story by Debra A. A short story by Brian Stableford. A short story by Esther Friesner. A short story by Darrell Schweitzer. A short story by Liz Holliday. A revisionist short story by Bill Fawcett in which Morganna is a druidess determined to stop the tyrant Arthur by stealing his evil sword Excalibur. A short story by Michael G. A short story by Peter Valentine Timlett.

It was followed by "Launcelot's Grail" in A short story by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. A short story by Garry Kilworth. A short story by Parke Godwin. A poem by Judith Roche. A short story by Roger Zelazny. A short story by George R. A short story by John Erskine. A poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. A poem by Florence Converse. A short story by Arthur Quiller-Couch. A poem by Henry Newbolt.

Two poems by Madison Cawein. A poem by John Grosvenor Wilson. A poem by William Wilfred Campbell. A poem by Charles G. A poem by George Darley.

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Return of Sherlock Holmes was used in press releases, home media releases, and on the CBC video player. I will bear it! There is no doubt in my mind that Mary Magdalene Mary of Bethany was married to Jesus; that she left Palestine for Provence in 44 AD, 11 years after the crucifixion, with two of their children giving birth to a third one there and taught there for 20 years. Canada: Canadian Association of Broadcasters. A novel by Deepak Chopra. Murdoch and Ogden travel to Victoria to spend the holidays with Murdoch's brother, Jasper. Retrieved 23 May — via Google Books.

A poem by Reginald Heber. A series by Robert Tinnell and Brendon Fraim. A series by Lady Antiva.

A series by Michael Hague. In this version, Morgana was raised and thought in black arts by the evil Unseelie faeries, traded to them by Merlin for Arthur. When Morgana returns, she sends Merlin several years into the future, makes a fake copy of Excalibir, and challenges Arthur to war. Muppet King Arthur. Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression. A Ghostbusters comic miniseries in which Morgan has been banished into a pocket dimension by Merlin, but breaks free and returns to the physical plane with a plan to conquer the world and reign for all time.

She is tricked and destroyed by the time-displaced Ghostbusters when Peter Venkman flirts with her and set his Proton Pack to overload. Hellboy: The Wild Hunt. Including in the titular role in the volume Morgane. A comic sequel to Meg Cabot 's novel Avalon High. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Morgan and her son Mordred are both turned into vampires and become minions of Dracula.

Mickey Mouse Adventures. Morgan Farrel is one of the students of Vanessa Fenway, Lara Croft 's old college friends and a fellow archaeologist. When Lara destroys the stone, Morgan gets trapped in the prehistoric era. The British government calls on Brigantia, aided by the awakened Arthur's sister and Morgen half-sister Anna the White Nin, to recover the head. Anna defeats Morgen with Excalibur's sister blade Ganieda, but Morgen apparently escapes to another realm.

Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table. A comic by Robin Wood. Jughead's Time Police. Morgan is a time-travelling rogue Time Police agent from the future who has been mistaken for a witch in medieval times due to her use advanced technology. Jughead's Time Police foil Morgan's world-domination scheme and arrest her. The Last Defender of Camelot.

Knights of the Galaxy. Tom Redfield who went back in time to retrieve Excalibur from the 6th century whom she tried and failed to seduce, and who defeats them and burns her and Merlin with the exhaust of his jet fighter. Classics Illustrated. Jingle Jangle Comics. The disguised Queen Morgan steals Excalibur from Arthur, but it is retrieved by Bingo and Glum and a ring from the Lady of the Lake blows up her castle. The witch Lady Morgana is the wife of the Knight of the Griffin, an enemy of Arthur, and use treachery to substitute Galahad's sword with a broken one, but Galahad wins and kills his opponent anyway thanks to Merlin's help.

The time-travelling Ghost expels Merlin from King Arthur's court. Merlin sewears revenge and talks Queen Merlin into sending her knights to conquer England and dispose of King Arthur. They capture Ghost and Morgan orders him executed, but he escapes and helps Arthur beat back the attack using his 20th-century weapons. But Gareth is protected by the time-travelling Sorceress of Zoom an also villainous protagonist , who wants Gareth for herself and so she decides to get rid of Elaine, who is in Morgana's captivity, and defeats Morgana's men and magic. Morgana surrenders to her, but then Merlin's magic sends the Sorceress of Zoom back in time to the future.

Sir Batman at King Arthur's Court. Played by Rebecca Ferguson. Played by Sara Malakul Lane. Played by Heather Dale, the author of this musical. Morgan le Fay is a good sorceress in an anime film adaptation of the book series of the same title. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Played by Alice Krige. The vampiric Morgan is played by Kimberly Cash. Played by Laura Rees. Played by Kelly Le Brock. My Goddess: The Movie. An anime film entry in the manga and TV anime series. Morgan le Fay, voiced by Ayako Kawasumi , is a Faerie princess and the film-only character. The treacherous and power-hungry Morgana played by Catherine Oxenberg [] is the dark-magic wielding "greatest warrior in the land" King Pendragon's former consort, [] who travels into future to the modern-day America in pursuit of the Excalibur and the teenage Arthur, posing as his teacher.

A Knight in Camelot. Played by Whoopi Goldberg. Prince Valiant. Played by Joanna Lumley. Played by Marie Angel. Played by Jean Marsh. Played by Debbie Stevens. Played by Anastasiya Vertinskaya. Morgan, played by Candice Bergen , [] is the "most vile and demented creature on earth" who plots to kill Arthur so her beloved son Mordred can take the throne. Sword of the Valiant. Played by Emma Sutton. Played by Helen Mirren. Morgan le Fay. Played by Jessica Walter. An animated feature wherein Morgana and Merlin narrate several folk and fairy tales by reading from Merlin's book.

Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay.

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage Audiobook Highland Pleasures Series Book 2

A French erotic horror film originally titled Morgane et ses nymphes. Played by Dominique Delpierre. Lancelot and Guinevere. Knights of the Round Table. Played by Anne Crawford. Mordred and her lover Morgan and fight against Arthur and his allies, and Morgan poisons Merlin and Mordered kills Arthur before he is defeated by Lancelot and dies in Morgan's arms.

Played by Virginia Field. Adventures of Sir Galahad. Morgan le Fay played by Pat Barton , Arthur's half sister and a magician, helps him fight against the evil Merlin's magic and the Saxon invaders. A Connecticut Yankee. Played by Myrna Loy. Played by Rosemary Theby. Oggy and the Cockroaches. Voiced by Lena Headey. She is described as a being of shadows and is responsible for the war between humans and trolls, as well as the creation of shapeshifting troll changelings. She is revered as a goddess by some trolls.

The Librarians. In truth, she is using the fair as an opportunity to absorb the energy generated by the use of a magical app , resulting in a feedback loop that is only broken at the last second by the Librarians. She also infiltrates the Library itself, revealing her true identity.

At the end, she vanishes abruptly, but not before warning the Librarians that a terrible catastrophe will soon befall the Library. Played by Julie Carter. Ultimate Spider-Man. Voiced by Grey DeLisle. Played by Marilou Berry. Morgan played by Eva Green [] functions as the main antagonist of the series. She is a beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious daughter of Uther Pendragon, who dabbles in witchcraft and sees herself as the rightful heir to her father's throne. In her pursuit of power and revenge against those who harmed her in her youth in order to bring Arthur to the throne, which he legitimized, Morgan gives herself over to dark forces that allow her to threaten the court of Camelot from within.

The Super Hero Squad Show. Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Morgaine le Fey. Live from Lincoln Center. Episode "Camelot", played by Fran Drescher. Played by Katie McGrath. This results in a deep and lasting hatred for her former friends and home. For more information, see the list of Merlin characters. Justice League Unlimited. Voiced by Olivia d'Abo in the episode "Kid Stuff". Justice League. Played by Grethe Fox. Played by Tamsin Egerton and Julianna Margulies. A Twist in the Tale. Played by Claudia Black in the episode "Obsession in August". Initially depicted as the disfigured daughter of Igraine and Lord Cornwall, Morgan allies with Queen Mab and her servant Frik, in exchange for beauty and ultimately the throne.

She sleeps with Arthur, fully knowing he is her half brother, so that her son can one day be king. However, she is eventually betrayed and killed by Mab, who throws her down the stairs of her castle. As she lays dying, the spell granting her beauty fades. She asks Frik, whom she has fallen in love with, if she is still beautiful, and Frik reassures her that she is beautiful beyond words. This portrayal is closer based on Morgause than Morgan. In this science fiction series, Morgan played by Sarah Strange [] is depicted as one of the Ascended Ancients, aiding the main characters in their quest for the Holy Grail.

The show's version of Merlin "is of particular interest because of her largely benevolent characterization in this series one that differs markedly from more common characterizations. Unlike the other, famous intergalactic take on the Arthurian legend seen in Camelot , the Morgan in Stargate is not a villain so much as a figure reminiscent of the Celtic 'fae' formidable creatures with greater powers than humans and different codes of conduct and behavior. In this American loos adaptation of a Japanese video game series Darkstalkers , the evil sorceress Morgana is an ancestor of the antagonist succubus Morrigan Aensland.

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. Voiced by Deborah Allison. A thousand ago, Morgana was the leader of the evil ancient wizards, as well as the original creator and wielder of the Dark Stone. Having been defeated and banished into wild magic by Merlin, Morgana returns with a vengeance after the Dark Stone restores her physical form in her lair in the second season, allying herself with the first season's Lady Kale to destroy Merlin and take over the magic of Avalon.

The Jewel Riders must ensure this will not happen and help Merlin vanquish Morgana's dark powers again. For more information, see the list of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders characters. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice. In this cartoon series, Queen Morgana voiced by Kathleen Barr is the evil sorceress who serves as the primary antagonist of the series. She was responsible for sealing Arthur and his knights into the Cave of Glass. She despises Merlin and has great magical prowess.

Among other things, Morgana constructed her "Warlord" warriors out of stone and can reassemble them using her magic. Her second-in-command is Lord Viper, who leads the Warlords and seems to be the only human in Morgana's army. Played by Susie Blake. The Legend of Prince Valiant. Battlefield Doctor Who. Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater. The Centurions. A descendant of Morgana named Melinda is the villain of the episode "Merlin", in which she attempts to recover Arthurian relics, and ultimately Excalibur who she claims had been owned by Morgana before Arthur stole it , in an attempt to rule the world.

The Centurions, aided by Merlin himself, thwart them and the villain Doc Evil. In this cartoon series, she is the villain of the episode "The Round Table" in which she had rejected "the true church" out of envy of King Arthur and became a powerful sorceress "through terrible pagan ceremonies" of "the ancient and dark eays of the false druids".

She is the mother of Mordred and puts a spell on Lancelot to forget his wife Elaine. The Twilight Zone. Morgan witch who is the villain of the episode "Smurfs of the Round Table", where the Smurfs and shrunk Lancelot need to recover Excalibur from her and save Camelot from a total destruction. The Legend of King Arthur. Played by Maureen O'Brien. The Freedom Force. The wicked sorceress Morgana appears in the episode "Morgana's Revenge" also known as "Pegasus' Odysse" in which she is Hercules' scorned former lover who captures his Pegasus and enslaves Hercules himself.

The rest of the Freedom Force, which includes Merlin, rescue them from her castle. Wonder Woman. Played by Brenda Benet. In the episode "Merlin the Magician", Merlin and jester Gronk are pursued from the Great Beyond by their nemesis Morgan, played by Ina Balin , [] who intends to trap them in this era. The Ghost Busters befriend and assist the broken-down magician in his battle with the beautiful sorceress. Voiced by Lola Brooks. The Adventures of Sir Lancelot. Played by Laura Rees in the episode "Knight's Choice". A narrative adventure game set in the 19th-century London.

According to official synopsis: "The legendary sorceress suffered her curse during the fall of Camelot and has been forced to live in canine form ever since. It has been a constant struggle for Fey to reconcile how the world sees her and her personhood, her femininity, her desires. Will she ever regain her human form, but more importantly who will she be when that happens? Both a boss character and a recruitable hero in the Knights of Avalon event. A legendary hero summon character: "Morgan was the first human to ever learn fairy magic. Her first use of the power was to grant herself eternal youth and beauty, but her body has not been able to withstand the spell and the surging power has marred her skin.

She continues searching for a way to heal herself, and has joined the Cult of Shadows to achieve such ends. She is one of the few on the order who still retains free will. Two different playable hero characters. Soul Sacrifice. She goes with her army in a search for her mentor, Merlin, who was kidnapped by Nimue. But it turns outs Morgana worked not to help him Britannia but to increase her power.

Cabals: The Card Game. In this card-based video game, Morgana Le Fay is one of the Hero cards used to build a deck in the game. Faery: Legends of Avalon. A puzzle game in which the ambitious great sorceress Morganna has turned to evil and was vanquished by Melin but managed to escape. Years later, Morganna return to get her revenge and take over Avalon.

An action-adventure game in which Morganna is a powerful sorceress and a half-sister to King, who has lives in seclusion in a floating part of Avalon since the Great War when she and Merlin defeated Mab. After Mab is defeated, her influence is broken and they are reverted to their normal selves, remembering nothing.

Arthur's Quest: Battle for the Kingdom. A first-person slashed in which the evil sorceress Morgana is the antagonist of the game and Arthur uses the Excalibur to slay her in the final fight. Legion: Legend of Excalibur. The player is cast in the role of young Arthur on a quest to unite the Kingdom of Camelot and destroy Morgan. Morgan is a fairy Mother Goddess, a temptress who despises the hero Bradwen because of his rejection of her in favour of Morgan's sister Rhiannon. She tried to arrange for her champion, the Pied Knight, to kill Bradwen, but the situation is resolved without a fight, and Bradwen later also rescues St.

Joseph who has been put under a sleeping spell by Morgan when he tried to convert her. Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry.


Morgan is a great goddess whom Bradwen must outwit to get the fairies of her domain Avalon to help him against the evil sorcerer Morganor's ally known as the Witch of Winter. Later Bradwen refuses Morgan's advances and frees Gawain from her power, and they escape from Avalon. An early version circa of the game that would eventually become the stealth game Thief: The Dark Project featured Mordred as a misunderstood hero and Morgan as the protagonist Mordred's "sort of good" advisor. Chronicles of the Sword.

Marathon Infinity modded. A first-person shooter with the mod titled Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge about a space marine's mission is to stop the time-travelling Morgana in three time periods. An adventure game where a woman named Kay is sent back in time to put a threat from witch Morgana and rescue Merlin. A knight needs to recover the stolen Holy Grail from the evil witch Morgana and save Britannia.

Also referenced in the sequel, Vengeance of Excalibur. King Arthur's Quest. In this adventure game, the wicked Morgana, angry that Arthur has refused to accept her son Modred as one of the Knights of the Round Table has cast a spell that plunged the entire land into neverending winter. The player is cast in the role of Arthur who sets out to remove the curse. Playable character of a raven-themed evil sorceress character who is a great descendant of the "historical" Morgan. Canceled []. A post-apocalytpic version of the role-playing game Hypercorps where Morgan and Merlin are among the "Warlords of the Wasteland" ruling this world.

A card game.

The Mystery of the Grail: Initiation and Magic in the Quest for the Spirit

A board game where Morgana is a playable character addd in the Avalon expansion. The Resistance: Avalon. Shadows over Camelot. A board game. Morgan is one of the playable lords of Camelot. A role-playing game where the Witch Queen Morgan is a default adversary and the gamemaster is supposed to "always blame evil events on her, if she is not responsible.

Any suspected ill-doing is her fault. A board game with role-playing elements, in which Morgan if not avoided can seduce the players to enter her service. A board game by Greg Stafford in which the players play as either Merlin or Morgane. A musical by Frank Wildhorn and Robin Lerner. In this opera by Mary Knickle, Morgan represents female power on an isle threatened by fearful male religious fanatics exploiting Mordred's unconcern with women's welfare.

She is also hostile to Uther as the murderer of Gorlois, and to her own mother. She has an uneven relationship with her sister Elaine, who coerced by the clerics convinces her to return to Britain. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 10, Astennu rated it liked it. Why am I rating this book at 3 stars out of 5, even though I'm generally a fan of Evola's writings? Because there are too many vague assumptions about what each symbol represents.

And there's always a vague inclination towards a "spiritual" explanation that borders on supernatural, without ever actually saying it. It could just be that Evola intentionally circles around the word "psychological" because he considered it to be too materialistic and plebian in some sense. But I don't like finishing Why am I rating this book at 3 stars out of 5, even though I'm generally a fan of Evola's writings? But I don't like finishing a book that is supposed to explain "the mystery of the Grail" and feeling like I haven't really learned anything more than the author's guesses as to the meaning of each symbol.

Having said that, there are some more or less logical and "psychologically" plausible explanations of symbols. But the constant erudite comparisons of various stories and characters don't by themselves provide an explanation, and the reader is after reading an entire page or two sometimes left wondering if these comparisons have any value at all other than showing a certain consistency across Traditions and across time. Pointing out this consistency, while plausibly showcasing that there's "more to the story" than some would like to believe people who laugh at idiotic and degrading Monty Pythonesque sketches come to mind , it still doesn't move us to a deeper understanding of the story itself.

When trying to provide a deeper insight, Evola is left guessing and interpreting subjectively as much as anyone else. One positive takeaway is simply viewing a more spiritual interpretation of the Grail in a historical context. What do I mean by that? Evola is fond of cycles, and the idea of degeneration from higher to lower, and possible revitalization of the higher through heroic action. And so the quest for the Grail is intepreted in a meta-historical context, and the actors from the Grail stories represent certain qualities and conflicts which lead to a "Higher Order" and self-actualization or to the forces of chaos prevailing if the heroes are not powerful enough to stop them.

This ties neatly into the narrative from Evola's other, more political works, such as "Revolt" and "Men among ruins". Jun 12, Mel Bontje rated it really liked it. An order following in the footsteps of Templarism would have a decisive role in a world such as the modern one, which displays forms of great dissolution and inner collapse. The Grail - as an antithesis between "priest" and "warrior" - will regalvanize and give strength to myths and ideas connected to the legacy of better times, and will make those who have received the "sword" wait for the right moment to wield it. Aug 03, Frederik Vandelannoote rated it really liked it Shelves: traditionalism.

Very nice overview of the meaning of the myth of the Holy Grail, routs and connections with past organizations. It puts a new perspective on the Ghibelline ideals and exposes the usurpation and false use of the myth by contemporary advocates of the "enlightenment". View all 3 comments. Feb 26, Kris rated it really liked it Shelves: history , philosophy , spirituality , mythology. Overall, this book was a captivating, inspiring and potentially transformative read. I'm certainly planning to investigate some of the topics raised further and will be seeking out more of Evola's work.

I would have liked to give it 5 stars but didn't for two main reasons: - It could have been organized better. The so-called chapters seem to bleed into each other heavily at times and the linear chapter structure doesn't match the twisting, looping journey through the actual content. The historical and mythological aspects were often quite dense, although interesting.

What really enamored me was the deeply transcendental ethos that underlies the entire character of the writing. The best way I could describe this work is as being "charged with meaning" and potentially of conferring a greatly charging effect on the reader. Sep 23, Matt rated it it was amazing. Outstanding analysis of Hermeticism and the idea of the Grail and it's pre-Christian gnostic origins. Aug 16, Susi rated it liked it. Milantropio rated it really liked it Sep 17, Gerd rated it it was amazing May 16, Fabrizio rated it it was amazing Aug 26, Aidan Griffin rated it liked it Mar 24, Matthew W rated it really liked it Jun 29, Solar rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Diego rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Tyler rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Jason rated it really liked it Jan 14, Ana Rommel rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Ungernberg rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Hektor Giacomelli rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Pedro E.

Thomas Monteforte rated it it was amazing Oct 06, Maja Ruben's rated it really liked it Jan 13, Andrea Profili rated it really liked it Jul 16, MummyMan rated it it was amazing Jan 16,