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I slowly release the pencil… There it goes, the pencil drops to the floor. The magic show ends. This is the world greatest magic show. Why do I say that? It is because it matches with the 5 scenarios mentioned above.

It works anyway. The amazing fact of your subconscious mind is that it is also working on the same principles as the gravity does. To summarize: Your subconscious mind power is always there, whether you realize it or use it or not. But when you go against it, you are heading towards trouble.

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This is so true to someone who had a fall from a height. Yes, gravity pulls everything in the earth in place, but it also causes many to fall to death when they try to defy this law.

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Similarly, your subconscious mind can help or sabotage you. Therefore, while you carry on this journey of developing your subconscious mind power, embrace this power of your mind and set your path towards success. For a start, write down the first few goals you want to achieve. You may add more along the way Goal No. Good News! You CAN now achieve your goals more easily! From now on, you can start carrying a small notebook and a pen to write down your list of goals, as you know that you have the power to achieve it. Well, because you are one of that very rare group of people who are using the lost art of optimizing your subconscious mind to achieve success.

The techniques you learn in this book will definitely open up your mind to the next higher level where you will achieve your success by using the most powerful source of force in the earth — The Subconscious Mind Power. Our thoughts are so powerful because they have the power to overcome the constraint of time and space. Yes, through advancement of technology and evolution.

You moved from one era to another. You are now living in a newer, bolder and faster era. You need different set of skills to excel in times of uncertainties. Using The Mindynamics System allows you to embrace change and uncertainties with much more confidence and competence. Are there concrete evidences that mind power do exist?

The answer is Yes! Examples of the demonstration of our Mind power can be in the form of the following ways: i. Telepathy — Sometimes when you are thinking of calling someone urgently and just when you are panic as you have lost his telephone number, the person calls you. The ability to perform telepathy is not exclusively for human only. Telepathy happening among animals was reported some years back in Japan.

A monkey in a forest developed a certain habit of performing a 6. Within a short period, all the monkeys in the forest followed it and adopting the habit of having that funny gesture. What astonished the scientists was that after sometime, monkeys from another forest few thousand miles away also developed this unique gesture. The scientists ruled out the possibility of a monkey from the forest A to travel to forest B and show the gesture to the monkeys at forest B as the distance between the two forests is too far for any of the monkeys to travel.

In addition, a common experiment scientists use to demonstrate telepathy is that when a baby rabbit is facing a life threatening danger somewhere far away from the mother rabbit, the mother rabbit will panic and its brainwave varies significantly showing its awareness of the danger its baby is facing. Dreams — Sometimes you dream of some events that happened while you were young and sometimes in the future where you will encounter later in your life.

I have similar experience : Few months before Fanny was pregnant, I dreamed of carrying a little boy on my arms — That little boy was Bryan. Hunches — Most people have, once a while depend on their guts feeling, which turns out to be useful to them. Me and my several friends have used our hunches to make some critical decisions and the decisions made turned out to be useful to us. Our natural healing power - this is one of the greatest and convincing evidence of our mind power.

A coward turns into a hero when being placed in a critical condition and vice versa. It is the searching power of your subconscious mind that keeps working till the objective is achieved. All these people may amaze you, but you ARE capable of performing those tasks. You may have performed some of these tasks before, but those were mainly sporadic and you do not know when it will happen again. You do not lack of these skills, you were born with this ability of using your subconscious mind. You either fail to recognize, or develop it till an extent that it will serve you well. This book will harness this power of your conscious and subconscious minds and consciously put it to good use.

Format for This Book This book is in two parts - The theory and the practical. You need a lot understanding in order not to get lost into something that seems mysterious and unfamiliar to you and many of us. Most books are similar in content but preached at different angles. All of those books are right and providing genuine advices and techniques which allow the readers to understand the concept of the subconscious mind power.

And this is the reason for the 2nd portion of the book. The practical part will come after you have a solid understanding of the foundation. Exercises are added for practice. Do these exercises diligently. You will be rewarded. This is the highest level of competency under the famous Conscious competence learning matrix Competence Incompetence.

This 4- Quadrant model clearly explains the process and stages of learning any new skill or behaviors, ability, technique, etc. Many authors, teachers or trainers for motivation training commonly assume trainees to be at stage 2, and focus effort towards achieving stage 3, when often trainees are still at stage 1. This will automatically cause the readers or trainees to loose the ability to realize the relevance of the training or the reason for them to know the stuff they are going to learn.

With this bad start, the effectiveness will definitely be affected, and the results are normally mediocre. This is a main reason for the failure of a lot of training and teaching on personal development. In a nutshell, if you is not aware of the deficiency of a certain skill, you will simply be ignorant to the need for learning, and you desire and willingness to learn will not emerge.

As such, it is important to establish the awareness of a weakness or training need unconscious incompetence before you start to learn any new skill and move trainees smoothly from stage 2 to 3. You will respond to training better when you are aware of your own need for it, and the benefits you will get from achieving the new knowledge or skills will be more rewarding. Here are some points to note from this model The progression is from Stage 1 to Stage 2, then to Stage 3 and finally to Stage 4.

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Jumping of stages is NOT advised. Regression to previous stages e. You must find and accept the stage you are in before you can progress to the next stage. People develop competence only after they recognize the relevance of their own incompetence in the skill concerned. Summary for the Conscious Competence Learning Model Stage Definition Description 1 Unconscious In this stage : Incompetence You are not aware of the existence or relevance of the skill area You are not aware that you are incompetent in certain areas or skills. Stage Definition Description 2 Conscious In this stage : Incompetence You become aware conscious of the existence and relevance of a certain skill You are aware of your deficiency in certain area You accept the fact that by learning this skill or ability, it will benefit you.

You are committed to learn and practice the new skill.

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You will be conscious i. You can perform the skill independently. You have mastered the skill so well that it becomes your Your mind drifts second nature. It depends. To some, it is another book on Personal Development. To some, it may be another book on Law of Attraction.

But to others, which I know, will become a book of magic, a key to a more rewarding life. This may not be your first book on personal development but this is definitely one of the books you must have if you are serious in learning some effective ways of permanent Self Development and Mind Mastery. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort when you explore your journey to success and happiness through The Mindynamics System. This book can also prevent you from committing deadly and costly mistakes. As for practical, it is really fascinating. What I have here is a series of techniques you can use after you have the basic understanding of how subconscious mind power works.

Some people believe miracles, some depend on miracles and some are cynical and doubtful against miracles, but most of us, sometimes in our lives, hope for miracles. Well, through this book, you are not only going to realize what you do not know about miracles, but also HOW to create them! The scientists have already confirmed through quantum physics that you can affect the outcomes of almost everything through your observation. This also explains why whatever you focus on, multiplies!

To truly enjoy the benefits of this book, you have to DO the following diligently while reading this book. At least for the time you spend reading this book Take yourself to be a person with a blank mind and Give yourself a chance to learn what The Mindynamics System has to offer and what your subconscious mind power can do for you.

Give yourself some confidence that you can make it, and reasonable time to see and evaluate the results you get after you try out these techniques. The time requires may range from instantly to a few days, sometimes a week or more. Work on them!! The techniques may seem strange to you when you do it for the first time, but once you have picked up the habit of using them, they will become your 2nd nature, just like breathing to you.

Be patient when the book tells you to do certain exercises and write down something. Follow it, it will benefit you greatly later on. Do NOT use these mind power you acquire to work for you at the expense of the well-being of others. Always be reminded that no matter how good you have developed your mind power, you should NOT use it against others, if your intention is at his or her disadvantages.

One of the pillars in The Mindynamics System — The Law of Reciprocity believes that you will receive more of what you give. Similarly, it you do something evil to someone, you will get it back. It is amazing, but it works! Now, what can you really do with the skills you acquire from this book? What The Mindynamics System can do for you is what your Subconscious mind can do for you. Another personality transformation CD for developing a much sought after quality, the power to lead from the front.

This CD generates an internal surge of self-confidence and power within you that you will begin to project in the form of easily perceived strength and mastery. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to get up each morning, fresh from a deep sleep and full of energy and enthusiasm to take on the coming day with a spirit of challenge rather than as a problem? This CD is designed to extract the maximum performance from you even in the most pressing of times, by letting loose the vast storehouse of untapped energy.

Discipline really has two angles to it: Internal and External. External discipline can be easily achieved through conscious effort, but how do you achieve internal discipline? How to control negative, harmful and wrongful thoughts from coming into your mind? This program can be of great assistance.

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The affirmations are designed to empty your mind of the negativity and refill it with a positive frame, so that you can give your life that extra edge of discipline and organization. This CD programs your subconscious mind to manage your time effectively, so that you don't have to pace against this limited resource to survive in this competitive world. This CD enables you to uproot the nicotine habit forever and for good. Sick of nicknames like "fatso","fatty", or "hippo"? Tired of carrying those obnoxious tyres around your torso?

Put your subconscious mind to some rigorous workouts and enjoy the results. Lack of adequate sleep or Insomnia is not uncommon in the world we live in. Hypnosis treats the problem the other way round. Instead of trying to sleep, you are given post-hypnotic suggestions for letting sleep occur automatically. Can you imagine the impact of such a destructive pattern on our behavior and performance? This CD enables you to finally get this unwanted baggage of negativity off your back. Play the music on Side B to "shield", your mind from negative influences.

Every bit knowledge that one accrues through any of the sensory organs, gets recorded in the brain. This capacity of the brain is called memory. In real life, due to inadequate usage, the brain often fails to promptly recall and clearly reproduce the knowledge that we ask for. This just signifies that the capacity of the brain has not yet been honed to perfection or utilized properly and scientifically. This CD, especially developed for students, enables you to improve your memory, and with repeated listening develop a cosmic photographic memory.

Concentration is one pointed thought. Good concentration is like a laser beam of powerful directive energy converging on a small region. On the other hand, if that same powerful energy is fragmented over many different activities or thoughts at the same time, the energy is dispersed and nothing or real substance can be achieved. This CD enable you to reverse this unproductive behavior and achieve maximum success through intense laser concentration. All speed reading techniques are based on one fact. Our brains can hear only words per minute, but our brains can see up to words per minute.

This CD will literally enable you to "see" thought pages of text, and absorb everything that you read. A very powerful CD to increase the reading speedand concentration of anything including newspapers, magazines, reports, books etc. The point is that we all have the ability. This awareness can alone work wonders. This CD conditions your mind to see yourself as a creative genius, bursting with creativity. How do you react to the thought of sitting in an exam? Do you approach examination as a challenge or as a problem, as an opportunity to embrace or one to get rid of?

Rewire Your Brain To Stay Motivated Focused And Goal Oriented - Subliminal Isochronic Meditation

This CD is designed to instill a positive sense of anticipation towards examinations, so that you tackle them with confidence and poise, rather than fear and helplessness. It is often seen that many brilliant students get through their exams with considerable ease, but are terrified at the thought of attending an interview, be it for a school or college admission or for a job placement. Through imagery and affirmations this CD will improve your confidence for dealing with interview in positive manner.

It will also provide you a keyword for post hypnotic conditioned response.

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Everyone around seems to be perpetually haunted by these twin devils in order to meet the demands of life, thereby inviting frustration, depression and disease. This CD guides you to the state of deep hypnotic relaxation and suggestions are given to program you for remaining calm, composed and wise in the midst of the chaos and tension of life.

A CD of extraordinary power. Listeners have reported amazing cures of mental and physical ailments of all kinds. Although this CD is immensely powerful, you are not advised to discontinue the medication prescribed by your physician. The primary aim of this CD is to take care of the psychological aspect of the ailments. A wonderful CD containing a guided meditation with beautiful flute music in the background. You are guided through various peaceful mental imageries in the from of beautiful landscapes to help you remain calm in any stressful situation.

This CD helps you to control and eliminate anger and there by be more clam and relaxed. This CD helps you to eliminate guilt and be more at peace with yourself. An amazing CD that has helped thousands to shed their cloaks of inferiority and develop a powerful and magnetic personality to attract fame and wealth. Sales managers generally agree that in any sales organization. Why is this so? Do the 20 percent work harder?

Are they smarter or better educated? For maximum effectiveness, use each session daily. The more often you experience the sessions, the faster they will generate the desired outcome. Experience a journey in any way you desire.

These Meditation Journeys are divided into multi-tracks, making them easy to listen to one at a time. Relating mind levels to cycle-per-second activity, the hypnogogic state is the bottom of alpha, top of theta. This is the level Albert Einstein claimed to have received his ideas and Mozart composed music. But Dick Sutphen has tweaked the electronics to take you deeper into theta, while at the same time remaining alert and focused on your creative endeavors.

Two different minute tracks songs of relaxing music with subliminal suggestions embedded in the background. What you hear is 60 minutes of relaxing, digitally mastered stereo music. Each track uses different music and different suggestions. Listen while you are driving, working, or doing other things. Only your subconscious mind will hear the suggestions, which are embedded into the music. With repeated listening, the suggestions become new beliefs.

With continued use, these programs will help you to attain awareness of karmic lessons blocking your perfection and learn how to over-come them. Listen any time, anywhere, including driving in the car. As an example, here are the words you would hear over and over for ten minutes if you were to listen to Track 1 of "Personal Power Programming": Confident.

Rock solid. Sure of yourself. Know you can do it.

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Female Fertility Nicola Haslett January 16, 2. This is done by optimizing your subconscious mind power through The Mindynamics System. Gut: The Inside Story is an entertaining, informative tour of the digestive system from the moment we raise a tasty morsel to our lips until the moment our body surrenders the remnants to the toilet bowl. Embedded in this book are a multitude of simple tools and techniques of self-hypnosis that can change your life, develop undiscovered talents and allow you to live fearlessly. Discover And Unleash Your Power. It willl help you to enhance your self image as a beautiful and vibrant person who is capable of giving and receiving unconditionally love Price : Rs.

Without a doubt. These session use a powerful new induction that will expand your aura, thus increasing your psychic potential. Within 21 days of daily use, you should be highly receptive. Produced with beautiful music and the latest mind-programming technology. Track 1: Alpha-Level Programming. Use Track 1 once a day, and Track 2 as often as you want. Do Not Use this program in your car or while doing anything requiring concentration. Change takes time. To get the results you desire, you must have the self-discipline to keep using the audio programming regularly.

After the body relaxation is complete you hear nearly words of paced and repeated suggestions, phrased for acceptance by all levels of your mind. The words fade away at the end of the program, directing you to sleep soundly. Track 3: Symbol Therapy - A psycho-synthesis visualization technique to focus free-floating psychological energy. Track 4: The Messenger - A visitor provides tips on how to accomplish your goals. The track ends with the original suggestions repeated. Track 5: Awakening - You are awakened with positive suggestions.

Track 6: Beta-Talk Subconscious Reinforcement - The primary suggestions are rephrased from an "I" perspective, and you are asked to repeat each one. It was believed in ancient metaphysical cultures, such as Egypt and Atlantis, that musical keynotes in certain combinations could be used to stimulate, awaken and balance the chakra energy centers that lead to expanded awareness. This is the goal of today's New Age musicians--to produce an inner-harmony in the listener. The ancient sacred writings of India, the Vedas, tell of the incarnation of gifted musicians at the beginning of each New Age.

They are said to herald the transition and assist man in his awareness of the mysteries. Recent scientific studies of the relationship of music to the illness of the body and mind have yielded some startling results. New Age music proved far superior even to classical music in producing dramatic change in consciousness as measured upon scientific instruments. Listeners transcended both levels of awareness, achieving serene and relaxed states.