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Freedom, finally? Starting in October, the Bolsheviks rule by themselves. What were poets, thinkers, and avant-gardists like Maxim Gorky and Kazimir Malevich doing during this drasticchange of power? More info. Buy ticket. Running time: 1h 33min. Extreme climate of the Arctic Yakutia is an everyday survival challenge, forcing a human to struggle with nature and himself. This region attracts people who are looking for freedom and independence — everything here depends on a human; as there is no roads, electricity and hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest community.

Our hero is a horse breeder living in a tundra and taking care of his cattle. He feels himself estranged in his own house, having no time to see his children grow ; and every year, Sergei spends more time away from his village, only meeting his family several times per year on horse breeders festivities and while bringing home horsemeat.

A harassing living routine in the North shows who exactly is this human in reality. Running time: 1h 49min. Anyone can find numerous courses, lectures and workshops to their liking in Moscow. Yet the focus will be on the one and only lecture: the lecture about love. The characters are ordinary people, lost in a big city, their lives will intersect and each one of them will have a love story to tell. Running time: 1h 52min. Mikhail Nosov is an ordinary working man.

His lonely life consists of operating the factory machinery, watching TV, surfing the net in his tiny rented flat and dirty clubbing. One day Nosov meets a prostitute who calls herself Diana. She moves in with him and becomes his full-time escort. Running time: 1h 56min. Oleg is a young gifted paramedic. His wife Katya works at the hospital emergency department. She loves Oleg, but is fed up with him caring more about patients than her; she wants a divorce. Oleg's new boss, a cold-hearted manager, got new strict rules to implement. Oleg couldn't care less - he's got lives to save.

Caught between emergency calls, alcohol-fueled off-shifts, trouble at work and search for a meaning in life, Oleg and Katya have to find the binding force that keeps them together. Running time: 2h 10min. After an alien ship crash lands onto a Russian city, many who saw it and the occupants start to question their own existence while there are those who demand the aliens leave Earth. Running time: 1h 40min. A wannabe model from a small Russian town robs a local bank to fund her modeling career and takes hostage an accidental witness of the crime, Lisa, who herself has recently experienced a mental breakdown and ran away from her daily life..

Running time: 2h 12min. Anastasia Palchikova. The film follows the tortuous path of a young provincial girl Yulya who dreams of becoming a ballerina. Her ambition is to dance at the prestigious Bolshoi Theatre — the epicentre of Russian ballet. However, to succeed she needs to brace herself for the countless physical and mental challenges, tough decisions and an intense rivalry like she has never experienced. Running time: 1h 58min. A Jewish family is in trouble: the youngest son and his bride do not come home, and in the morning, a ransom note arrives from the local tribesmen.

The ransom is so high that the family is forced to sell its small business and then seek help from their community. The Closing Party will include champagne, drinks and canapes for all attendees after the 1 st screening, 8. The party will be accompanied by a Mathilde costume exhibition. Running time: 1h 20min. Roman is a proofreader, a real intellectual from St. Petersburg, who comes to a small Estonian spa town, to find tranquility and inspiration. He does the proofreading of the encyclopedia of the Baltic Sea Fishes, compiled in the same location by professor Polyanski, a Nobel prize winner.

This work is very important for Roman. He would have accomplished his task, but once he swims too far in the sea and it is there and then he meets Helena, who is about to change his life and his perception of the world forever. Friday, 24 November — Free admission. Filip Perkon, the Russian Film Week General Producer is inviting fans of film, art and culture to the preview of his unique collection: posters of Russian films, screened in the UK over the last several decades and vintage Soviet posters of British and American feature films.

Russia and the West have a long history together, which included the Cold War, but also periods of warmer ties. The confrontation has been on the level of ideologies and official relations, but among ordinary people there has always been mutual interest and desire to understand each other. During the Cold War, an organization called "Patriot" created a super-hero squad, which includes members from all the Soviet republics. For years, the heroes had to hide their identities, but in difficult times they must reveal themselves again.

Running time: 1h 19min. Guppy is a small aquarium fish that can survive in any conditions, even in the sewage system Running time: 59 min. Director, writer, producer:. Age and fragile health force an old Russian lady to share her apartment with her niece and four children. Running time: 1h 35min. Contemporary Russia. Mitya and Alisa are set to get married. The problem is that Mitya is still married to Vasya, who refuses to grant him a divorce.

Can Mitya and his friends convince Vasya to change her mind? He considers himself a genius but the publishers refuse to print his works. Constantly without money and out of touch with reality. The elegant fop Daniil Yuvachov names himself Kharms - a name just as effective as his appearance.

Loosely based on the biography of Daniil Kharms, the renowned Russian absurdist author of the beginning of the 20th century. Running time: 90 min. In , scientists made the sensational discovery of Lake Vostok. A vast lake underneath the icy desert of Antarctica, untouched for In , after 40 years of drilling, a Russian scientist broke through the ice. This film explores the mythologies and legends surrounding Antarctica, from H. The main happiness in life is freedom.

The film is the story of its suppression. But all efforts are in vain, and in the end freedom triumphs. An animation film made using paper origami figures. A parable telling us that no man is a prophet in his own land. Three melodies are three stories. The quarrel between the matches with blue heads and the ones with green heads flared up because of nonsense — because of the colour, and ended, on the scale of matches, with geopolitics and a nuclear war. The film was very popular, although Bardin had several problems: at the beginning of s, the USSR State Cinema Committee considered this symbolic film too pacifist.

Bardin saw the plot of the film in a dream. Running time: 2h 08min. The story concerns two separated parents living apart, whose affections are long forgotten and whose relationship has become loveless. The couple, going through a divorce, must team up to find their son who has disappeared during one of their bitter arguments. Sold out. The film was entered into the 48th Berlin International Film Festival. Saturday, 25 November Buy tickets.

Alexander Alexandrov. The last Emperor of Russia has an affair with the prima ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaya. The passion that could change the fate of the Russian Empire. The love that has become a legend. One has to make a choice. The coronation at the Cathedral of the Dormition, the lavish Kremlin interiors, the Khodynka Field stampede, the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi theatre performances - this is where the heart of the eternal Russia beats.

Running time: 1h 55 min. A tribute to the renowned Soviet film director Mikhail Kalik and a talk about his films with music by the internationally acclaimed composer Mikael Tariverdiev. A family living on the outskirts of Moscow are mired in quarrels, discomfort and mutual oppression. They spit negative emotions at each other, forgetting about love, compassion and God. A tragedy will take them through a belated catharsis.

Running time: 1h 53min. Set inside the confines of an apartment, a drama is played out between family members, mixed with a hidden blind faith in a miracle, following a visit of a devout grandmother. Amongst this family madness, a tragic love story of a teenage girl unfolds. Running time: 1h 25min. Performers of songs:. Valeria, Ensemble of Don Cossacks them. Kvasova, R. Medieval Russia. A villain seizes power in the Murom principality. Only one brave warrior, Prince Petr, goes to battle with the villain and defeats him. But the poisonous blood of the sorcerer threatens Petr's life.

Fevronia, who is a healer, uses her gift and saves Petr. A true feeling starts to grow between the young people, which they preserve, despite many obstacles. Running time: 1h 07min. From Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea, Placebo: Alt. Russia takes you on the band's journey through Russia, meeting great characters on the way, investigating the alternative culture in Russia, and taking in the raw emotions of Placebo's powerful concerts. As the tour travelled through the country the band went out and met various artists, architects, animators and musicians, finding out about the alternative creative culture and celebrating all they have to offer.

But then she discovers contemporary dance, a revelation that throws everything into question on a profound level. Admission FREE. Andrew Gollinger. Eric Koch, Andrew Beaser. Fourth Row: Alex Marmar. David Michel, Jeff Walton. Phil Rosier. Alan Chang, Ryan Cutright. David Tuton. Eugene Rosenberg. This game is really exciting. If only we could see what is going on! After losing a solid group of seniors, returning captains Mike Jab- bawy and Jeremy Stone were joined by four year varsity superstar.

Matt Aaronson to lead a young, but strong group of athletes. The dynamic core of seniors including John Sabbagh. David Simons. Lou lancovichi. Mike Langer. Alejandro Verdaguer and David Brandwein, played a significant role in defeating some of the best teams in the state. The Lions contended in every single game by playing intensly for all eighty minutes. This hard work and pride in performance is the foundation of the program Rooney has built and it is what will propel the Lions to future success.

Although failing to reach the state tournament for the first time in Rooney's career, the outlook for the Lions is excellent as the outstanding group of underclassman will return next year even more prepared to fight for the varsity boys soccer's first title. John Sabbagh.

Eliza Krigman. Becky Greenstien. Middle Row: Alex Hayden. Becca Wallach. Michal Shapiro. Back Row: Julia Spiro. Lauren Albertini. Virginia Vance. Megan Philips. Girls Soccer Women's Soccer had an incredible season this year. Despite missing the tournament by a single point, the team's intensity and spirit were higher than they have ever been before.

With Vir- gina Vance, Janelle Amidon, and Marisa Berenbaum, the six seniors organized numerous team dinners, a hp synch, and a trip to Foxboro which helped make the team incredibly close and focused on working together. Coach McCarthy took on the difficult task of trying to organize three teams single handedly, and surpassed all of our expectations. Everyone was sad to see the season end, but our memories of the night games and sleep-overs will always stay with us. This year, they did. Despite a disappointing 6th place fin- ish at the Eastern Mass.

Class B meet, where the team missed out on a place in the All-State meet by a mere 5 points, everyone would agree that was a great season. Overall, strong leadership and dedicated running contributed to a stellar season and a DCL Championship. By: Jeff Woodward Trackies w arm up before the big meet. Matt, run! Megan ponders her success. Liza breaks out in front. Coach Steve McChesney.

Aly Venti, Sarah Venti. Liza Harrison. Libby Sucher-Jacobson. Liza Silverman. Missing: Marta Zaharoff and Sara Hurwitz. Although muiltiple injuries made victories more difficult to grasp, the hard working team continued to persevere, and ended their season triumphantly. Seniors Megan Fletcher and Libby Sucher-Jacobson also contributed to the forceful leadership of this year's team. Many of the girls who struggled with injuries or sickness in the regular sea- son bravely rejoined their teammates in the more important races towards the end of the sea- son.

Although a varsity DCL championship was not achieved as in past years, the girls placed second overall, placing four runners in the top fifteen. The girls came a long way from the beginning of the season, when often times only a few of the top seven athletes competed in races. From the sweltering hot days of early September through the freezing winds of November, the team remained focused and unified.

Their deter- mination and hard work throughout the season paid off in the Eastern Mass Championship. The team overflowed with pride as they grasped their trophy. With perseverance, the girls managed to attain many goals. The dedication of this team was clear when injured runners such as Tzioumis.

Marta Zaharoff. Next year's team will continue the success. Freshmen runners, Magali Rowan and Sarah Litu- in will have the opportunity to step up in the future. Undoubtedly, success will continue for NSXC. Yeah girls!! The season started off having only one coach for both JV and Varsity. The season started off pretty strong and optimistic. Through many disappointments however, we were able to keep our spirits up and play to the best of our abilities. The Field Hockey team was made up of many strong individuals. In fact there were 28 girls on the team, led by a strong core of 13 seniors: catpains Melissa Kramer and Lindsey Sudalter.

Eliza Berenberg. Acacia Brow n. Elyssa Bristol. Kathryn Fitzgerald. Alexandra Gelles. Leah Haimowitz. Coach Magner really did her best trying to make the team come together and realized that we were trying our hardest. We had a great, fun season and wish good luck to the team. Jackie Laussen. Parker Rice.

Cori Rothkoph, Rayna Cummings. Tracey Penn. Lauren Deweese. Samantha Elfland. Lindsey Fox. Karianne Kelly. Vikki Torelli. Coach Michelle. Lindsay Rothkoph. We made the state tournament for the second consecutive year. The highlight of our season was when we won five straight matches, which secured our place in the state tournament. By: Amanda P. Burrows 75 Girls Volleyball The girls volleyball team had another exciting season which took them past regular season play. After completing the regular season with a winning record of nine wins and seven losses, they were ready for the tournament.

In their first game of the tourna- ment they beat Algonquin by a marginal amount. In the second game of the tourney they fell to Cambridge in a hard fought loss. This loss did not diminish the spirit, effort and hard work the team had demonstrated all season. Led by captains Kiara Upshaw and Jessica Donovan the team rose to every challenge that pre- sented itself.

The team's effort and hard work were apparent in the way they played. Senior Irina Vasilchenko was a great outside hitter while Maddy Fleisher played as hard at the setter position. Kim Honig was a huge force as the middle hitter. Joslin Fritz and Michelle Parad were good setters in new positions. Jess Wallace and Kyla McCartney made great contributions to the team when called upon. Whether a big role or a small role everyone worked very hard and contributed to the team this season.

Citations of Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data

It was not only their hard work that made this team a success, it was the spirit they showed throughout the season. The players made many encouraging signs for each other and the monkey cheered them on at the end of the season. With this spirit behind them, the team never gave up and was always improving. Because of this the season was a success for the girls volleyball team. The seasons had many ups and downs but in the end reached a peak to show not only that the team was as good as it used to be.

The team, led by captains Lindsay Aronson and Beata Momtaz, faced many obstacles this year, including countless injuries, new additions and old departures of teammates. Another change was the addition of Nicole Brother as a co-coach with returning coach Christina Grillo. Although the coaching styles of the two were very different, when put together they worked wonders with the squad, enhancing their perfor- mances with Nikki's knowledge of stunting and Christina's knowledge of projection, precision, and performance.

One thing that is certain is that after each and every obstacle, the squad got back up and worked hard to repre- sent the pride and spirit of Newton South. After many hours of practicing, the captains and coaches were able to send the squad to each game with a performance that the team, the parents, and the many other fans were proud to watch and cheer for. Stacey Poutas. Kesina Gray. Sue Ann Navarro. Jes- sica Bosselman Bottom Row: Sandra Rodriquez, Kesina Gray The trophy pose The signs mean yell back 79 Powder Puff Every year, as a tradition, the day before the Thanksgiving game, the senior and junior girls go head to head in the all-girls football game known as Powder Puff.

The fun began at the pep rally after the early release day and continued on as the senior and junior girls piled onto the varsity football field. It was inevitable that the juniors were going to lose, but they still put up a good fight losing Senior Michal Shapiro set the tone for the seniors by scoring the first touchdown. Becky Greenstein took off in a cloud of smoke when she received the ball and was untouchable until she reached the end zone and scored the sole touchdown for the juniors. School spirit on the day of the Powder Puff was at an all-time high and was displayed all over the school and parking lot with stickers, posters, face paint, and team jerseys.

Even the guys got into the spirit by dressing up as cheerleaders to cheer on their respective teams. The seniors' hard work and great spirit paid off in the end with a triumph for the Class of Better luck next year '01; you will get 'em in the upcoming game. After losing over half the team to graduation and school transfers, the team found itself with an uphill climb from the start. Mike D'Auria. As the season winds down, the team finds themselves on top of the DCL, in prime position to win the league's crown. Front Row: Phil Rosier. D'Auria, the basket is behind you!

Zach, Seth, and Mike, the toughest cap- tains around. Donroy gets pumped. Kiara, Lauren is on your team! Top Row: Jocelyn Fritz. Jessica Donovan, Kyla McCartney.

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Later in the evening they meet and have dinner where candid conversations are brought out at the dinner table, where more revelations, confrontation - and sex - begin. Mare Sarr and Mintewab Bezabih, In addition to the ideological Russification mentioned before, actual Russification also took place in Latvia in two ways: the numbers of the Russian-speaking population significantly increased as a result of immigration, and the role of the Russian language in everyday life and in the education system grew significantly. Paris in the Late 19th Century. Cool water was an only witness, It kept its secret, even in awe, It is the way it keeps the secrets.

Kiara Upshaw, Lauren Bar- nett. Girls Basketball Girls basketball this year has surpassed all expectations. Despite the loss of four starters, the team qualified for the State Tournament, and continued its tradition of focus, dedica- tion, and defensive pride. Senior co-captain Kiara Upshaw lead the team through her intensity and post spin moves, as did Jessica Donovan through her high scoring and excellent outside shots and drives.

In addition, senior point guard Joanna Ducey and junior guard Lauren Bamett set the defensive tone through their aggressive defense and solid offense. The strong leader- ship encouraged the rest of the team to step-up to their own potential. Sophomore Kyla McCartney emerged as a confident all around player, especially in the post. Also respond- ing to level of play, senior Becca Rich assisted the team through her ball handling and inside passing, while junior Lauren Frank displayed her skill in outside shooting. Jos- aline's strong offense, as well as self-sacrifice, made her a force to be reckoned with.

How- ever, the team would never have been as successful without the dedication and astounding improvement of the underclassmen. Sophomore Laura Slavin's hunger to score, sopho- more Sara Cluasen's developing confidence and skill, and freshman Annie Ross's ener- getic defense have insured the success of future years. Crucial contributions were made by their excellent coaches. Head coach Mark Aaronson kept the intensity up by consistently motivating and focusing the team. Assistant Coach Mitch Lyon's patience, advice and encouragement partnered with Assistant Coach Q's support on and off the court made the gym feel like home.

However, the season has been as fun as it has been challenging. But perhaps the most lasting and special will be the team bond. Even during the hardest practices or the worst losses, this team has felt like family, which will hopefully be true in the off season and in years to come. By: Annie Ross These captains stick together every sea- son. Many individual and relay performances highlighted the season. The 4x relay team comprised of Mitchell.

Aronson also qualified for all state as an individual in the The 4x relay team, composed of senior John Lee. Everyone worked incredibly hard to obtain both their team and personal goals. The sprinters and technical event crew spent their afternoons at New- ton North, while the distance runners held their workouts outdoors, fighting against the frigid sub zero degree weather. However, no matter the running conditions, the team found a way to mold together before all the meets to form one strong cohesive unit, which led them to their success.

Although the team will again graduate many high-scoring runners, they will be replaced by key new additions. Rising stars such as Blum. Mike Fisher, and Dan Beardslee, along with returning veterans Riley. Penarese, Lin. Philips, and Woodward provide a promising outlook to next year's Indoor Track and field season. Matt Aronson. Matt Capstick. Doug Mitchell. Lee Hurwitz. Ray Chai, Coach Todd Elwell. Coach Marianne McChesney. Row Three: Zeke Phillips. Russik Munde. Jeff Wood- ward, John Rai Chung. Tim Lin. Ryan Moy. Row Four: Antony Lee.

Gregg Schmidt. Timmy Ho. Joey Panarese. Man, have we got great personalities or what?! Row Two: Becky Starr. Missing: Aly Venti and Gillian Gallagher. Girls Indoor Track The season for the women's indoor track and field team was marked by friendship, fun, and success. The team quickly recovered from their less-than-ideal onset and pulled through to finish the season with a record of five wins and three losses.

Each individual runner, thrower, and jumper contributed to the team's achievements. Sarah Venti, and Aly Venti, the team was always supportive, spirited, and determined.

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Through hard work and training, the team produced a great number of talented atheletes of all ages. Though the sprinters, jumpers and throwers often had the privilege to retreat to the warmth of Newton North, everybody had to brave the cold, wet, and dark days of winter. Despite separation during training hours, the team came together at meets and pasta dinners to form a close bond. Whether you wish to call it a family, a cult, or a group of friends, the indoor track and field team joined to accomplish all the goals they had set out to achieve.

The sometimes endless and painful meetings and training sessions helped the team to fin- ish strong and proud. Throughout the season the girls met the challenges with which they were faced with dedication and strong will. They hope that seasons to come will continue the legacy to which they have contributed so much. By: Natalie Balkema and Eliza Berman 85 Boys Swim Despite losing some key swimmers and divers, we pulled together for a commendable season. With the experience of seniors Alexey Gorshkov and Phil Ng, and the leadership of captains Matt Greytak and Chris MacArthur, the team pulled off some surprising victories and close defeats.

The team was greatly helped by newcomers Matt Egyud, Mike Roberts.

The Russian Film Week Programme

Joey Rubin, and Mike Wan. The diving squad was headed by MacArthur, with the help of Luke Brown. Danny Greenstein. Diving often played major part in winning meets, or at least coming close. Although a snow cancellation did not give them the chance to beat long time rival Boston-Latin, they finished the season with a satisfying final meet against Concord-Carlisle, in which they were barely defeated.

This season produced some great times, sending Goldberg, Gorshkov, and Greytak to Sectionals. Matt Greytak, Mike Wan. Alexey Gorshkov, Luke Brown. Missing: Chris MacArthur. That'll make a splash. The Team Underwater Row Three: Jen Parad. Amanda Capurso, Karianne Kelley. This year's swim team did well, even though the final record did not show it. Everyone worked hard and, most important, had fun.

Coached by Scott Pohlman and Michael Kennedy, the whole team was involved at meets and dinners. By: Katie Warren Guys, I can't find my hairdryer. Under the guidance of new coach Dave Ettlingen the team improved as a whole, reaching the team combined score of The leadership of captains Justin Sharby and Dmitry Fabrikant kept the team motivated and set an example to the rest of the team through their dedication, hard work, and "'advice to the team. Justin Lau. Mike Tash. New additions to the team, Dave Chung. Ari Sneider.

With a new coach and revitalized team, the team reached heights that previously seemed impossible. Throughout this incredible season, they were able to maintain a sense of humor, making every practice a lot more than just interesting and memorable. Through hard work and team unity, they were able to reach new heights this year and not only give the school a sense of pride, but also to themselves as a team. David Chung, Justin Lau. Missing: Chris Dong. Megumi gets limber.

We started off the year with new experienced freshman. We were dazzled by Deb- orah Wiener, and surprised by Sonia Redko and her hidden talents. With our returning sophomore, juniors, and seniors, we established a strong team and had an amazing season. Sophomore Casey Amidon and Erica Tarn were ready to learn new skills and juniors Sarah Hoshino, Meg Gordon, and Amy Salk contributed with strong consistent routines with increasing ability. Seniors Lulu Fan and Meytal Kotik caught the spectator's eye with their impressive floor routines.

We were lucky this year to keep major injuries to the minimum. Returning coach Jeff Diaz and co-coach Greg Beaupre gave the team inspira- tion. Jeff's famous stories and Greg's attempts at showing us his talents kept the team laughing. Gymnastics is definitely a unique sport at South. We have relaxed and chill practices, but we compete hard-core gymnastics when it counts. We placed third at DCL last year, and with the new medal system this year, we hope to place higher. By: Jancie Wong cDonde esta Anne?

Each team- mate gave his all at each practice and game throughout the season. Shooman, who has been on varsity since freshman year, was needed to carry much of the scoring load as he ranked as one of the all time high scor- ers in Lion history. Goalies included sopho- mores Dan Elkind and Nathan Shallar. Although the team began the season with tough losses against Westford Academy and Trinity Catholic, they worked hard and pulled it together throughout the season.

Each player, from the starters to the bench, will tell you that each time they laced 'em up, they gave their all for coaches Charlie Rezzuti and Bobby Mosca. Lions have a breakaway. My sister taught me everything I know. Flying L! Ryan Curchin, Richard Levinson. Stacy Poutas. Arthur Voronov. Top Row: Chris Russell. Froyman takes a seat. Eric and Jared, captain and assistant.

Seniors Scott Goldberg Ben Morse Steve Braylovsky , Alex Verdaguer and Socrates Rosenfeld pro- vided a strong core for the team in the middle weights. Nate Friedman Boris Kurit- nik , and Adam Kotkin Heavy weight each had crucial wins en route to the team's final eight victories. The team also performed well in the post- season sending three wrestlers to the all-state meet.

Little Oreper goes for the pin. By: Alex Verdaguer Where is South s opponent s head? Lion Pride. Make 7-Up yours! Soc goes for the take down. Elyssa, Amy, and Leah Rock! However, the team got off to a good start with the great leadership of its captains Michael Scherr, Jared Wilk, and Sophie Dabuzhsky. As the snow began to fall. Life Skills teacher Beth was introduced as the new coach. Using new training techniques, the team was more physically and mentally prepared than ever before. The girls team went into the season hoping to return to states as a team once again. However, with the loss of Emily Bodner and Stephanie Whitehorn to graduation, and the absence of Sophie Dabuzhsky for a large part of the competing season, the other girls had to step it up.

Senior Rachel Tarko had a terrific season, allowing her to attend the state competition. Another key competitor for the girls squad was rising star Lauren Honig. After a disap- pointing season last year, no one knew what to expect from the boys team this sea- son, especially due to the loss of seniors Gabe Goldwasser, Dan Crockett, and David Simons.

The boys, however, finished third in the league. Scherr and junior Ben Steinberg consistently placed high at each meet, while Wilk, juniors Nick Violi and Nick Willett were never too far behind. Much of this year's success is due to the hard work of the students, but a great deal of appreciation goes out to Beth. With the shortage of juniors on the team, it will be up to many of the younger racers to step up their game and carry on the South ski team legacy. In addition to the ski team Contrary to popular belief, we do ski once in a while.

Mike, watch out for the binding! Bottom Row: Seth Schy. Mike Lowensteme, Adam Katz. Eric rounds up the chicks. We were a workin'. Ski team knows how it is done. Just like other freshmen, we have had to adjust to a new school. At first, when one of us was asked, "What school do you go to? But when we are asked again, "What year? On the first day of school we found ourselves in freshmen, with useless maps to never ending maze. Instead of with time for friends and new with endless work, tests, boring that we rarely see. However, we learned how to manage our in touch with the old ones and out being fifteen minutes late, hallways became familiar faces All of a sudden, it felt normal to the middle of other confused lead us through a gigantic, the high school we imagined, freedoms, we got one filled study halls and old friends adjusted quickly and soon time, make new friends, stay easily find our classes with- The once strangers in the and eventually new friends, say we are freshmen at New- ton South.

Even though the beginning of freshman year is tough, it has turned out to be a lot of fun. After all, being freshmen is just part of the high school experience. Everyone goes through it. Getting lost, finding your way, making new friends and being excited for the time when you and your class can participate in Powder Puff, senior slump, and the prom. Freshman year is dedicat- ed to getting setded and making South feel like home. Don't worry you'll catch up someday. Flash us those pearly whites.

What a lovely pair! Frosh take a break before class. Friends gather in the caf. I love Kramie! High school is such a blast! Dan needs a 2 pencil It's a good thing you're wearing a tank top. Do you wanna borrow my scissors? Skinner shows some skin. Slick Sophomores Sitting in lunch you gaze over to the front of the cafe and watch enviously as the upperclassmen escape from school and head out to lunch. Then you turn behind you and see the freshmen eating their lunches, chatting away. You know that for the freshmen this whole year is mere training for what is to come.

As you turn back to your own table you see your sophomore friends and come to the conclusion that your grade doesn't really have a distinctive place in the school. You are the "in between grade. You are actu- to the upperclassmen and don't get time. Sophomore year is a great and reach out to new faces. With more girls can trade in their tight boots for sneakers and relax.

The longing stares from all the "natur- but it also has upsides too. You unlike freshman year when you ally now considered a real peer condescending remarks all the time to get to know your grade rising confidence the sopho- jeans for sweats and their black boys now spruce it up and get al" blondes at the freshman tables. Another advantage of being a sophomore is that the SAT's, college applications, and decisions don't control your life. When our PSAT's came back we laughed about them and say, "We'll do better next year, when it actually counts.

It is quite appar- ent through sports, honor roll lists, and other extra curricular activities that talent is widespread through- out our class. We are a close knit community and provide wonderful environment for each other to make it through not only sophomore year, but also the rest of our high school careers.

Where's your lucky feather? The first day of school there was something in the air, and our whole class sensed it. During our previous two years, as sophomores and freshmen, the first day back to school left us feeling shell-shocked. After long, relaxing summers spent at overnight camps and on hot beaches, back to school day, with its dizzying hallway crowds and slaughter of new textbooks, class- es, and teachers, was a day we underclassmen dreaded.

The first day left us worried about school and baffled about where vacation had gone. But to our pleasant surprise, this year back to school day felt distinctly different. Despite the school being packed with more new faces than ever before, as we stepped into the proud to be here.

We quickly realized the upperclassmen — the new junior class! We when we could call South our own, and join time had arrived, and juniors basked in the walked against the walls during passing time, kids, now we strutted down the center of the out of the way. Whereas before we scurried classrooms, today we took our time, greeted rooms on the campus we knew so well. And nervously, hoping to find our friends amidst classmen, now we found we were more like day drew to a close, we came to another building.

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South felt like home, and we felt source of this new feeling: we were now had waited two long years for the days the lofty ranks of the upper class. The glory immediately. Whereas before we trying our best to avoid blocking the older hallway, letting the frosh and sophs dodge about, out of breath, trying to find our new friends, and walked with confidence to the whereas before we approached the caf the swarm of intimidating looking upper- the social directors of the place.

As the amazing realization: our days of waiting classmen for rides were over. Many of us for mommy to pick us up, or begging upper- were now licensed drivers, and the Junior Lot would be our new home.

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The junior class hit the ground running. Many members of our class joined the ranks of Varsity sports, newspaper editors, and student leaders. We crammed for the PSATs. The reality of the academic pressure of junior year set in, causing plenty of stress. But we never let it get us down! As more and more of us got licenses, we hopped into our cars with friends for coffee breaks and lunches during frees. On weekends, juniors sped around in their cars, rocked the house at basketball games, shook their bon-bons at school dances, and partied all night.

The class of '01 made many memories this year that will not soon be forgotten. Who could forget our unbelievable spirit at Powder Puff?! We didn't just survive junior year — we conquered it. Given the amount of fun and success this year, senior year should be out of sight! Ho steps in for a visit It's definitely upside-down. We'll cheer you up! Backstreet"s back, all right! When Ms.

Wise began with the yearbook in , she worked with one editor on a book of about pages. Today, she works with three editors, an exten- sive ad promotion and a computerized system to produce this Millennium yearbook of over pages. A demanding advisor, she makes sure pictures are taken and deadlines are met. Her eagle eye catches any grammatical glitch in the volumes of copy she reviews. If a stu- dent or parent is upset about a picture or ad and she has some great stories , Ms. Wise handles the problem with wisdom and diplo- macy. Twenty years of yearbook history is stored in her brain; luckily, she lives near by and has offered her services to the Regulus Yearbook Editors and advisors for years to come.

With great appreciation and thanks, we wish Ms. Wise all the best as she heads off to new adventures and travel! By: Frances Moyer and Thanks, Ms. Back in the "good old days" before the hours rule, seniors did not have to fulfill minimum class requirements, and for the second half of the year, they hardly had to attend school at all. Although we cannot slack off quite as much as our predecessors, our passion for laziness is just as strong if not stronger.

Multiple gym classes, lots of minors, and arranging a schedule so that all of the long blocks with the lunches are free are just some of the joys of senior year. Being a senior, however, is about more than simply having lots of free- blocks; it is about the knowledge that very soon we will be off to college, out of Newton, and our world will change before our eyes.

It is about savor- ing our final precious moments as children while at the same time prepar- ing ourselves to be adults. It is a time when each party becomes a celebra- tion of the past as well as the future. It is a time when every moment spent with old friends becomes special, when we are driven by a sense of both nostalgia and excitement for the things that are to come.

We have been at Newton South now for four years, a large chunk of our lives. During our stay at South we grew together as a class. We are older and more mature than when we entered as little lost freshman, desperately trying to navigate the hallways of the school. We have been through a lot together, shared many moments, and many emotions.

Soon we will be gone, but now, in our final days, as a class, we can only enjoy the time we have left. Adam Wilson Where's seaweed? Good luck everybody and thanks for everything. For people who don't know me, I am that quiet girl in the cor- ner. Yasmeen Ali 7 Fredette Rd. SV — we survived Mrs. Cej — these R the best yrs, enjoy! Sasha — fri nite challah, bf 2 the end. Gymnastics '00, late 2 lunch, road trips. Good Luck '00 Christina E. Apostolakis 41 Chestnut Hill Rd. Jills — 4 yrs. Maris — u amaze me. And to the rest, thanks for the times.

Tsukino hikari wa Ai no Message. Thanks to all my friends — I could never say enough. B and L, I love you guys. Roar, keep fighting the good fight! And lastly, Liza. I love you. Thanx to all ya'll, you know who you are, who have made my four years at South Luv you much, yeah, n' stuff. Elan S. My heart and dedication are yours, always. Carpe diem and live with no regrets. Nadira Balgobin 11 Winchester Plaza February 9, "Inspiration is in seeing a part of the whole with the part of the whole in you.

LA — u"ll always B part of the house sis. Thanx 2 every! Mom n Dad I'll always b a pain but thnks, ily. Missy n Alex gd luck. My Crew, u know who u r, we're always the last 1 's 2 fall n hav the most phun, we party the hardest, n had 2 many gd times, never 4get em, ily guys gd luck. RS thanx 4 listenin. Croc, fnd de HI 1. Sar ily.

Shoo good times. Karly, keep smilin gd luck ily. Joy, ur the best friend I ever had never change, ily, thank you. Adam Joshua Barmash Woodcliff Rd. It's been a long run, but it's been worth it. We had some good times, and some oth- ers, but through it all it's been fun. I give my thanks to my parents without whom I wouldn't be where 1 am. My grandparents have given me love, support and inspiration, and my teachers have offered me many wonderful lessons in academics and life. All this support has assisted me in grow- ing and prospering.

Dad Thank you for everything you are the greatest — Mike, you are m; best friend. Bab — Fri 10, Harris. L — the greatest person I know. Good luck to the class c " And I'm tire of making other people feel good aboi themselves". Thanks all of my frienc M. Clara hope you alwaj think of me with a smile. Marisa J. Berenbaum 24 Windsor Road July 17, 2 rds diverged in a wood and 1. I John Bergdorf 65 Ellis St. C-Side crew. Football ' I'll see ya after boot. MC u were always a good friend. JW u taught me so much. Rosie D the E known u 4ever.

MB always had a plan. ES 7 who started u at QB? To ML, EB. NS Hoops. KG we had great times. Gui thanks for everything u r like a brother to me. Roei Biberstain 16 Fairhaven Rd. I love u all. Richie and Scott. Thanx u r gr8 friends and were always there for me, Bk — Why? Be — U Mike lowery, DD — spurs 50, and to neone else I forgot, thanx, its been fun but its time to move on.

High school was not teenage hell ben, it was a blast and college will only B better C U all on the flipside. A speshul thainx goze too mai teechurz hoo tot mi sew gud. Dan — You're the best brother I've ever had. I love u. Erica — You're my hero and I luv you. Jane Audrey Black 93 Sevland Road August 11, "The glory of friendship is not the out- stretched hand, nor the kindly smile CS — the memories, ILY.

Rosie Josie, joaners — my party girls. David Brandwein 46 Hale St. Thank you Mom and Dad. Best of luck. DG — friends always. BL — if 1 say it, you will not score JK — thank you for understanding. Steven Braylovsky D Washington St. Elyssa Bristol 22 Palmer Road June ILU J — good luck I will always be here for you. Isa, Shmee. Our memories will last a life- time. Broder Dedham St. D — noonch. Mis ami- gos — the best bunch of trouble makers ever. Bums at DDs "You. Henry Lisa M. Brooks 10 Harmon St. RD, DL my other sibs. Jen I w'nt n'thng. KP, JS.

JP RM. CL miss u. Nicole Brooks Mass Ave June 1. To class "00 — Where there is no vision, the people per- ish — Proverbs 1 8 — So dream, explore, be realistic, and you will soar. Good luck ' Jovanne C. Buckmire 60 Learyway, December 25, Without God this wouldn't be possible that we are all graduating. Thanks for putting up with me — Mom. Robert, Orson. Seth — I love you guys. Niema, Dani. JoJo — the best of friends — remember 6th grade. SP — remember 3rd grade. MS — remember 5th grade. Everyone else be safe — NB.

GP ON. If you're not reading this. Good luck to you anyway.! I'll see you when I see you. And proceed to fill my next fold of the future. Burrows Dedham St. You'll all play golf wher you're older. Matt Capstick 77 Lakewood Rd. Stay strong, rui strong, beat Westford.

XC Captain you're the best. Seniors remember i' keep bowling and eating ice cream. God Luck Zervas Crew. What 1 do with m life is my gift back to my Creator.

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EC — thankz for being there. Lil sis — Study hard. Stay out of trouble. D-baller Rich!!