A Year in the Life of an Unemployed Poet

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The threatened earth slowly slowly slowly.

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Bio The taciturn worker-poet Old Coalminer perches In an meter-deep coalmine. His poetry takes shape in this difficult, dark environment. His poems speak with the center of the earth, speak with the coal beds. After a fatal mine disaster, his poetry can also speak with the dead. Mining Disaster Site.

In 2011, I was unemployed and $80K in debt...

Forgive me, brothers. I will be a living coffin. I'll release it all. Bio His daily routine is used to blow up rocks and dig mines for miners. By lonely, deep mountains, he writes poetry filled with a fighting spirit. Learning that his mother is ill with terminal cancer, he chooses to stay in the mountains and continue doing this dangerous work rather than returning home. Demolitions Mark. I use up my midlife five kilometers in. I explode rocks layer by layer.

My humble relatives are far away by Mt. My body carries three tons of dyna mite. Last night. I exploded like the rocks. This is the first documentary film ever to focus on worker-poets in China. A crowdfunding effort is launched, and is successfully supported by 1, people, becoming an example for the film industry. This pioneering event was reported on widely in the media. An anthology of poetry related to the film was published, and "Iron Moon" has already became a lasting cultural influence in China.

The film has a shot at the most important documentary film award in China.

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The 'countrywide crowdfunded screenings' begins, and over the next year "Iron Moon" will have crowdfunded screenings in cities and 30 provinces, a new record in Chinese film. An English-language version of the anthology will be published in the United States, and a Spanish version is currently being translated. Nov 7, , Brandeis University. Nov 7, , Yale University. Nov 17, , University of Southern California. This documentary film follows the lives of workers behind the rise of Chinese manufacturing. Their stories and poetry affect us all, and with your help, we can bring this important film to the US and publish a corresponding poetry anthology.

The fate of six worker-poets are interwoven into a moving story about the charms of poetry, the power of the workers, and the challenges of this moment in history. A demolitions worker who works deep in the mountains suddenly becomes a guest on the "King of Poetry" reality show. Illusions mix with fierce conflicts on screen, as well as in real life. I Swallowed an Iron Moon Xu Lizhi I swallowed an iron moon they called it a screw I swallowed industrial wastewater and unemployment forms bent over machines, our youth died young I swallowed labor, I swallowed poverty swallowed pedestrian bridges, swallowed this rusted-out life I can't swallow any more everything I've swallowed roils up in my throat I spread across my country a poem of shame.

FILM SYNOPSIS An assembly line worker in an Apple factory who commits suicide at the young age of 24, leaving behind poems of despair — " I swallowed an iron moon… " ; a guileless lathe operator who is rebuffed at every turn, living in the world of his poetry; a female clothing factory worker who lives in poverty but writes poetry rich in dignity and love; a coalminer who works deep in the earth year round, trying to contact and make peace with the spirits of his dead coworkers through his poetry; and a goldmine demolitions worker who blasts rocks several kilometers into mountainsides to support his family, while writing poetry to carry the weight of his fury and affections — " My body carries three tons of dynamite….

Rambling, 2. Words are made of thoughts. I wish they'd intrude. I am lonely, unemployed with a nine to seven routine of various activities. A malignant trend courses through the head.

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Broadcasting it outside in the realm of trust where I am blank but set to go, it would have the appearance of a finely ambient glass of chocolate milk. Sometimes I'm asked why the relevance hinges on me. If I had to say, it's because I keep getting vignettes, like something out of a beggar's bowl, a wooden saltiness that becomes increasingly less involved. And, like, everytime I think about it, it's something similar to trying to walk on John Carter's Mars; and all of this trivial, like, asinine things can never match up to the draw, the pull of whatever has been dropped, whatever has been shorn unevenly like a badly eaten candy-bar.

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A Year in the Life of an Unemployed Poet [Cindy Rickey] on lirodisa.tk *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Written over the period of one year, this poetry. A Year in the Life of an Unemployed Poet - Kindle edition by Cindy Rickey. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Or something. I don't know why it has to be about me. I don't, pull my weight, and recently I feel cold in the summer; I have slept under a bedsheet since June. That's not what this is about, or what I, want to project. This isn't a prerogative, a jarring hiss of due-dates incoming inevitably. Which is not a surprise, like organic web shooters is a surprise, or, thinking up something like a dead polemic of a sewer draining the sordid leftovers of a consciousness. Yenson Jan 1. Deluded slaves controlled fools Lawrence Hall May 6. This is a re-post of "All Change at Zima Junction.

I am unemployed for the first time since I was five or so and was set to toddling out to the chicken yard every evening to gather the eggs in an old Easter basket. And now - what adventure does Aslan have next for me? That cent paperback from an airport bookstall in San Francisco is beside me on the desk as I write. Dr Baljit Singh May The disease is biological. Dr Baljit Singh Sunday, 19th May IncholPoem Jan Many Things. Guilty By Public Opinion. Isn't facing time behind the walls of prison. A nice settlement makes some stay quiet.

If they was paid. Like they were doing the comedian accusers. A former executive of the EYE network accused and unemployed. Isn't considered anywhere near going to prison by even his accusers?

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None of them makes as if to ignite bourgeois trousers. Strange justice. Ironically, this blog post is inspired by the unsteady climate of my current employer. Jim Bennett. I swallowed an iron moon they called it a screw. More honors followed, including a symposium on the Objectivists at the University of Wisconsin in Thank you!

Strange justice. If they pay or have paid they get better treatment of justice to avoid time. Did we see his network interviewing many upon 6o minutes? A sitting president taped and recorded as grabbing females by their private parts. Like a wicked boy does when they have wealth. Pay them off and later they cry about it seeking attention. We can't nominate him for honorable mention. He admitted his guilt on tape.

Now, here come the truth.

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A comedian sits behind prison walls held to higher standards than any of the three mention above. And many males feel he got railroaded. By women with a little guilt of their own. Even according to the some the Temple instructor. What made her take the be quiet settlement? Heck, we can't come hard upon this infamous soul singer. His past with youth has been well known. Some ladies went along blindly.

Some went along as groupies like fans.

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And you best believe we not seeking guilt of various white men that rival him. And all cases isn't decided by courts but by many with public opinions. Judge not, that you be not judged. For what you measure anyone against? You might later be found guilty by public opinions. Isn't this what decided the case against Jesus?

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