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Finding the pinpoint place within that knows which direction you should take in each moment. But more importantly, knowing that direction will change from moment to moment and becoming accepting of that. Trusting that directional guidance is always available. The path need not be set out as a map, your inner guidance will usurp any need of maps and will take you wherever you need to be in the next moment of conscious awareness. Becoming very comfortable with change without fear is part of 4th dimensional living, and an absolute pre-requisite to moving into the 5th dimension.

Some of you are visiting there and even residing there at times. The moment you look around to check to see where you are and applaud yourself, you lose your footing there. Fifth dimensional living dispenses with measurements and comparisons.


It is moving with the trust of who you are into who you are becoming as a physical being moving into non-physical while in the physical realm. No small feat, no play on words here; it dispenses with the small stuff. Many of you must be much clearer on what it involves before committing to this habitation, for it takes strength of mind and heart to inhabit this frequency. Many who believe they have accessed it are still within the 4th dimension at the portal looking into the 5th. Yet you see again, if you are concerned about your level at all, the 5th dimension escapes you.

So it is better to not ask "Can I get to and maintain myself in 5th dimensional capacity? We find it amusing to mention that there will be those making statements in future such as; "There goes Harry, oh he's so 4th dimensional in attitude. So we say, do not worry what level you are to attain.

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Instead make each moment, this moment, grand. Living within it in trust, open and embracing of whatever comes in the next, knowing it is only for your good. Invoking of this beneficial essence guarantees joy wherever you reside. And after all, we believe that is the perpetual point. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

New Ascension Signs

Time's flexible spaces flexible. This is when we'll realize that in a way life is a form of a dream and things in life become much more dreamlike. This is also when a lot of times timeline, splitting, timeline shifting. What happened with this is what we call them Mandela effect or some people believe that Nelson Mandela died at a certain time and then other people believe that the opposite. This is because there's this bifurcation of timelines and there's a difference.

There's this Mandela effect that happens based on people's perception, so there's more of this shifting that happens. It's where we recognize the connection between off people. It's where we understand that we are infant spiritual beings living a temporary human experience, and the fourth dimension we start. We understand that as well. We start to understand this connection that we have with everyone else, but the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness really is a level of consciousness that's purely in the heart.

It's about understanding our connection to everyone else and that's why there'd be no war at all in the fifth dimension because other people are other versions of you. Why would you do something bad to someone else like that when that's another aspect of you? There's a higher level of awareness there. The fourth dimension though, there's still a level of this physical reality where we can see it more dreamlike and there's an increase of vibration. This is when you focus more on how you feel in the 3D reality have to work really hard to manifest what you want.

If you were to look to Harry Potter, for example, the movie, that would be like a fourth-dimensional state right there. Of course, it'd be higher. It could be higher because there's a lot of stuff going on in that movie. But the magical type of stuff that happens is more in alignment with the fourth dimension.

It's like almost like we've become more magical Atlanta's times as well. You look back to Atlantis Times. There were abilities that we had that we could barely even imagine. When it comes to what we can do with crystals when it comes to what we could do, it's just we end up using it and not so good way and that's what brought us down back into a level of consciousness.

Without that magical type stuff that we could do, but now we're coming more aware of this and we're raising our vibration and going from carbon-based bodies to crystal and body, which means our bodies can carry more light. We're literally starting to turn our body into more and more light. That we understand a little bit about what these dimensions are. Let's understand this ascension to the fourth dimension that is happening right now on the planet and what we can begin to understand is that the s there was something called the harmonic convergence.

The harmonic convergence had to do with an influx of energy that began to awaken people. Waking a lot of people to their mission as well. But, into this understanding that there is this shift in consciousness about to happen on the planet and since then there have been more and more people waking up every single day and even now it's amazing how much it is avalanche since then and he might ask yourself, why are we going through this ascension?

Well, first off it is simply a natural byproduct for certain cycles. There are certain cycles that we go through in reality and this is one of them in a way. Think of it as well as we raise our vibration, we have the ability to let go of a lot of Karma, a lot of Karma that may have been built up for many, many lifetimes. We're back here to release that Karma and understand that we can let it go and as our vibration increases, we can deal with it faster than ever.

Dimensions of Consciousness/Reality

We can get through lifetimes of Karma in one little life because of this ascension into a higher vibration. This is essentially the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. Understand that this is a natural cycle. It's a natural way for reality works. However earth herself, the planet earth is an actual beam.

This may sound a little bit out there, but planet earth is an actual beam. We have that and we're kind of like the sales on planet Gaia.

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Other times people describe going before a council of robed beings. Forests offered a myriad of elegant trees, their leaves were sumptuous and were of many shades of fluorescent green. Chanting or dancing for a long period of time similarly can effect a shift in consciousness. Well, first off it is simply a natural byproduct for certain cycles. Indeed it sounds like a silly idea. He shifts. At the core of your being you are energy.

We are like the cell, so as the planet herself, you could call their Gaia. Gaia herself is going through the ascension of vibration. As Gaia, herself goes through this ascension of vibration. We as the cells on Gaia are also going through this shift in consciousness and you could say the same thing about the sun. The light coming from the sun is transforming our consciousness.

This is a whole evolution of consciousness happening. Let's look at why this may have happened and why this is happening now. Well, one, it's part of a cycle too. Let me tell you a little story and you tell me if this resonates with you. I shared this before in the video. It's maybe the second time you hear it, but here's what happened. Back in the 30s and the forties the 30s and the forties we started to create and have nuclear bombs.

Earth's Ascension into the 8th dimension . . . and beyond | Joy Elaine | Author, Speaker

Nuclear bombs are very powerful. They are also very dangerous. And these nuclear bombs that we were setting off on the planet, we were setting those off and those bombs, the energy from those bumps are going out into the universe and far out into the universe because that's how powerful those nuclear bombs are.

What happens is in this reality, we have free. What we have is this veil of forgetfulness, where we come to planet earth, we forget who we are so that we can remember who we are, will that free is honored unless we as a planet are influencing other reality systems with our own stupidity or our own ignorance. If that is the case, then there is divine intervention.

What happened? His mother, Gaia put out a call into the universe, said, I need help. There was a call for help. There was this understanding that Gaia herself needed help to transition into a higher dimension. Because she didn't want to have to destroy yourself. She didn't want the beans on the planet to destroy themselves, which would destroy her and nuclear bombs have the potential to do that, to destroy the whole planet and it's happened in the past as well. This call was put out, it needs as a higher dimensional being because you let your core are high dimensional been we're in other reality systems on other planets doing some pretty cool stuff.

You were maybe teleporting to different places because that's the fourth dimension in a higher state of thing that you could do. You were being able to read your friends and family telepathically because that's what you can do in the fourth dimension. You can make things magically happen because that's the thing that you can do in the fourth dimension and hire many, many of us as well or exist in higher states of consciousness in that.

However, these are things that we could do. But we heard that call, and we remembered that we had many lifetimes on earth back in the day and we had a special soft spot in our heart, a little soft spot where like I love the earth. I remembered this earth is a very unique place because people from all over the universe, this is like a melting pot of people from all over the universe in many galaxies come to earth and it's like a melting pot and there are many different types of beans incarnated on earth right now.

That's why there are so many different personalities and so many different types of people.

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We said you know what? It's not going to be easy because I'm going to have to forget who I am and most reality systems, I remember who I am even as a baby and I'm grown up with this spiritual understanding that I'm a spiritual being, limited temporary human experience. I'm going to go to Earth, I'm going to forget totally who I am so that I can remember who I am, go through a spiritual awakening and then align with my mission and help other people on the planet awakened so that we go through this shift in consciousness together.

And along the way, I'm going to release some Karma as well so that I don't have to be so tied to the earth plane because when we built up Carmen, we've got to deal with it. We said you know what, out of compassion, I'm coming back to Earth. You'd started to come back to Earth. You had to also lower your vibration and your signature into such a low forum that you could come into this planet. Some people say I don't want to be here is painful. I get it. You're such a high vibrational being, every single one of you that yes, it is dense to be here, but you can handle it.

You wouldn't come here if you couldn't handle it. You chose to come here to help awaken the planet and you knew as well that this is one of the most exciting times to ever be alive because never before has a whole entire planet moves into a higher dimension in a body the way that we are. Yes, it's happened in certain ways. Certain societies have done it, but the whole entire planet is going through this shift in consciousness right now and over the next period of time on the planet, there's going to be more transformation than ever before because of this.

And you came to be a part of it and you're one of the first to wake up. If you're watching my videos, you know that as well. You're one of the first people to wake up cause you wouldn't have woken up if this didn't resonate with you. You wouldn't have woken up and read on this blog.

Even it means at a deep level. This resonates with you.