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Personalize it for just null. The Scoop As each piece is placed correctly in the puzzle board, your child will be delighted to hear the names of the states and capitals!

Details Wooden sound puzzle helps you learn about the 50 states and their capitols Light-activated puzzle says the name of the capitol when the piece is placed in the puzzle board 0. Specs Product: 0. Print Instructions. Perfect Playmates. Quick View. Alphabet Sound Puzzle - 26 Pieces. Melissa's Pick.

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Farm Cube Puzzle. See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle - 26 pieces. See-Inside Numbers Peg Puzzle - 10 pieces. Vehicles Chunky Puzzle - 9 Pieces. Solar System Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces. Shapes Chunky Puzzle - 8 Pieces. Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces. Recently Viewed. This Month's Favorites. Food Truck Indoor Playhouse. Star Diner Restaurant Play Set. Star Diner Restaurant. The scores are much lower than I expected too, especially with the amount comments saying people need to make their own site if they wanted quizzes that are less us-centric for like logo quizzes or car quizzes when it is not specified it is about cars in the us.

In cases like known writers or something it makes sense more us people would be on the list. I did it to pay homage to President Donald Trump. This is a feat for the ages. My name is Mandie and I am 10 years old. I beat my 15 year old cousin in the united states map qiz!

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I think you guys should try my quiz. It is pretty hard for people who don't know Chinese. It is called Chinese Words. Then he played some tennis And read some Magazines Well this just be added to the European map quiz when Putin annexes the United States and Trump does nothing to stop it? How is the average only 32! Unless, of course, the majority of people taking this quiz aren't from the United States. For a non-American who is trying to think through all the information that they can without having ever seriously looked at a map of the US, the time is just right.

This is my 2nd favorite Jet Punk quiz!

List of 50 States of USA in alphabetical order with map- General knowledge videos

My favorite is Countries of the World. These states are a little hard, but I just need to study and get the best of me! I wish i could try to beat them. Good luck! I started with being able to locate only, like, 5 states! Hope I won't forget anything tomorrow :D P. I'm not from the U. Learnt them in a day. And i'm also not from the U. S as you can tell by my username :D.

Not native to the USA but got it all on my third try with 3 minutes on the clock.

Good job, me. School is almost out for me and I still have millions of tests to do in 1 week. I am so going to master my test on states but the other stuff not so sure. Why are there so many tests at end of the school year? Do you know any other good games for studing on Jetpunk? I am super busy with sports. Mainley Gymnastics as you can tell from my name. Got them all except i mixed up North and South Dakota because they are shaped so similar i can never tell theam apart.

United States of America Sound Puzzle - 40 Pieces

The fact that North Dakota is north of South Dakota might be a good thing to remember. If i get it correct on the test this week, we get sundaes! Literally the only reason i got Wisconsin wrong is because I do these on my tablet. I'm a Brit and managed 50 out of 50 on my 3rd try after about 10 mins of studying Come on 'Merica, merge those tiny little New England states together. I'm from Australia have never left my home state and got all bar 3.

Bet most yanks wouldn't have a clue about the geography of our brilliant country. You used to be owned by Hungary and got taken over by Germany in World War 2. But it's a pretty small country. I hate those middle states like kansas, iowa and nebraska because i never remember where they are.

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My class and I are having a test about states at the end of the year. We do a game about the states and whoever gets all of them right, doesn't have to take a test!

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I hope I'm one of those people! Why did so many people miss Missouri? It's a way more recognizable shape than, say, Wyoming I am from greece and I found difficult to understand how they had divided the states in the area next to ohio illinois and north.