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Courtyards, terraces and various other ruins are found here as well. It is the most important symbolic environment of the city. The formal, natural and cultural, visual and functional elements are confused in a unity of act, in a kind of urban melting pot of profound collective significance. Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Plaza de las flores, Cuenca, Azuay ProvinceLocated in the Historic Center of Cuenca, where around 25 vendors of flowers and plants, are placed with tents to sell all kinds of flowers, so it has become a tourist and traditional place for Cuenca.

Its location responds to the condition of centrality and religious power, in front of the central square, occupying half of the block located on the western side. Its volume, texture and color can be seen from all angles of Cuenca, including the surroundings. Its facade is made of stone and local marble, while the floor is covered with pink marbles, imported from Carrara Italy.

Duration: 20 minutesStop At: Homero Ortega, Cuenca, Azuay ProvincePanama Hat factory were you will to observe the complete process of manufacturing of the Panama hat which is undoubtedly most important to our country. It is a natural viewpoint that offers a spectacular view of the city of Cuenca.

What’s it really like to live in Cuenca? A Canadian researcher offers an alternative perspective

A green bed surrounds the places that give life to this park. It is the right place for contact with nature. From this point, you can access the environmental interpretation center of the area. Although, the cold is very strong, its view is spectacular, typical for those who go with a spirit of adventure. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. That said, Cuenca is a city of over , inhabitants. Its restaurants cater to far more than the occasional mote pillo craving. The restaurant had a 50s diner aesthetic that my Jersey upbringing would have made difficult to pass up, even had the aroma emanating been less enticing.

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With just hours left in our stay, we decided to satiate our curiosity and our appetites. We approached the eatery along the edge of the cliff where it jut out over the city, providing spectacular views of the Andes. A man sat dangling his legs off the ledge of the severe drop-off, relishing an ice cream cone. We squeezed past in pursuit of our own delicacy and I marveled at the wreckless trust with which he ignored our intrusion.

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For one of our last date nights in Cuenca, we sampled Bodhi Burger, a franchise devoted to American-style smash burgers. Seared to perfection, topped with an onion jam and a secret sauce, the burgers positively glowed from the tray as we sat down. The sun was drifting behind the Andes, and we clinked our bottles of Pilsener together before demolishing any of the negativity from the day with the embodiment of comfort. IV coming soon! I love your style of writing! Plus, you seem like you travel sort of like me.

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Before writing about our travels, I would almost never talk about the trips I went on. It felt like it would be too hard to distill my thoughts about a place into a blurb short enough to keep people entertained. Thank you for the kind words! Like Like. Starting this comment by laughing at myself first, I had to Google where Cuenca was before I could keep on reading this literary travel piece.

I especially liked your observation on the use of public spaces and other comparisons with America. Glad you enjoyed our musings. You have a great writing style. I truly felt like I was sitting with you sipping beer watching this dance class unfold in front of us. I too have often compared common spaces in other countries to those in America, wishing that America would adopt some of this casual style as well. Thanks for the great share! Thanks for the lovely compliment! I think there are some cities in America that do a decent job of utilizing their public spaces.

New Orleans comes to mind. I have heard Cuenca is the city to go in Ecuador. A lot of people prefer it over Quito. There are so many things that make the city unique. I feel like you with respect to how people socialize in open places. It is not something you see in the United States often. But, in other countries, it is normal. We definitely felt this sense of community there, despite it being a significantly-sized city of , I really liked the street arts, they always make me want to visit the city more and see those by myself. Love your writing style! So immersive, felt like I was right there with you.

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I am already subscribed. I am a retired high school teacher, who can get by with the Spanish language, just rusty. I like to get away for the winter months as southwestern Ontario can get cold for months. I have travelled to Florida, Mexico, Cuba and California for winter getaways; however, now that my son is an adult, destinations that are further away and more adventurous, rich in culture, and a broader learning experience, are more appealing to me.

I am single and usually travel alone. I do not do heights well, extreme heights that is. I appreciate any input you might have. Does that get me anything suitably equipped and located and, part two, who do I contact that does this sort of work? What an adventure to get here!!

We sold everything we owned back in Georgia, packed our clothes,our dogs,and some photos. For some odd reason i dont think ill ever miss the USA. Loved reading your blog.

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After Quito, Cuenca is Ecuador's most important and beautiful colonial city. But don't It is a natural viewpoint that offers a spectacular view of the city of Cuenca . Jun 1, Learn what what it's like to live in Cuenca Ecuador, as expats. not leave you with an unbalanced view of the area and ruin your experience.

My husband and I live at feet in the Colorado Rockies. We have lived here 20 years and we are ready to have a new adventure. Planning to book a flight to Equador in We are 56, and thinking that someday we would like to fully retire. Not going to happen in the states, we think. Thanks for any info you can give us!! Aside from that, any time of year is good.

We will arrive to Quito on the 27th for about 10 days then to Cuenca before we decide where to settle. We are coming with an open mind and are very excited about the whole thing. Although we are leaning towards Cuenca, we are wandering if we will find enough activities for an active retirement… like social clubs expats and locals , gym, things to do once settled etc… Our initial stay of a couple of weeks before we decide may not allows to know all there is in that area.

Could you enlighten us please? We will not hold you responsible for a bad decision, only give you credit for the good one! We trust your judgement. Mitri leaving Montreal soon. We really love Quito and feel we could be very happy there. Cuenca has gyms, coffee shops and lots of expat activities. When you visit both cities, but sure to take the time to see the whole city. Maybe you can hire a taxi or van for the day to take you around. As all cities do, both Quito and Cuenca have many distinct areas. It is beautiful, clean and has wide open sidewalks. Lots of street activity cafes, restaurants, vendors and the parks have great outside activities.

In Cuenca, we like the areas just outside of the downtown but still inside the city.


It is quieter and cleaner outside of the downtown part. You will love it! Hi Sarah — guess I should clarify. The meat scares me a little.

A perspective from Ecuador #DAresists #Medicare4all

Hope to meet you during the visit. At least people have clicked on to this site since my Yes, electronics and imported packed foods are ridiculously expensive, so are used cars when compared to the prices in the U. Thanks for your comment and perspective. Cuenca is a walking city.

And the cooked shishkabobs placed on top of the raw ones. But we have eaten other street food — encebollada is amazing. Its soup made with fish, yuca, onion and rich broth. You can add oil, lemon juice and hot sauce and is served with plantain chips — its a family favorite. Is that possible? Hi Lee, I guess it depends on how close you want to be to the beach. Cuenca is just 3 hours from the coast. There is a small area called San Fernando on the road to Machala that has lots of lakes.

Would probably take just over two hours to get to the beach from there.

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Great snapshot of life in Cuenca. My plans are delayed yet again, but I hope to visit the city very soon, certainly within the next two months. Hello Bryan.

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Plans are shaping up of taking a trip to Cuenca to check out the place. Believe a less expensive place to hang the hat may be needed in the future. Cuenca may fit the bill. Good piece for National Geographic.