The Dragons Harp (Era Of Dragons: The Lost Tales Of Gwenhwyfar) (Volume 1)

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Gwenhwyfar is half human and half faery and suffers betrayal, revenge and forbidden love. Spicy romance with Celtic fantasy. Central to this story is the love interest between a human wolf maiden and her intended white lycan alpha werewolf. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Wolf Maiden Chronicles" series.

A university drop-out is whisked through time to fight alongside Arthur and another English folk hero. Arthur has been sent through time by Merlin's magic to pursue a time-hoping Mordred, the stolen Excalibur and Merlin's Book of Prophesy. King Arthur returns in modern times as English ambassador to the UN.

He is asked to intervene and find a solution to the Russian-Mongolian conflict. Novel is a post script to Lawhead's "Pendragon" cycle. In the not-too-distant future, the drunken King Edward IX kills himself to leave the British throne vacant. Scheming Prime Minister has ambitions to become the realm's first president. After years, King Arthur awakens after years into the s.

Britain is ruled by his nephew Mildred Mordred had a sex change. Arthur's weapon is a bit different with Excalibur now an electric guitar and Round Table Knights now a punk rock band. Let the battle of the bands? Comic fantasy. Arthur, Warlord of the Britons, finds the Berserker and seeks to exploit his invisibility, savage and skill to protect the land from invaders. Brutal, gritty. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Berserker" trilogy. However, orphan Marianna raised by Merlin believes Mordred can be reclaimed and saved.

Mordred accepts this challenge of a goodly salvation. Old Celtic myth and early Arthurian legend inspired this tale of Excalibur's true heir. Mordred is a secondary character and portrayed as a "sadistic monster" being hunted by the novel's protagonist. A long-lived reincarnated Uther Pendragon Prince of the Fairie and immortal brother of Merlin trains a blind, albino youth to be his heir and husband to his daughter. This new Pendragon claims his inheritance, uses Excalibur to locate Arthur's tomb in Glastonbury, then returns the sword to the Lady of the Lake.

Set in in 6th century post-Arthurian British Isles. After ages of bloody war, the Saxons and Britons have an uneasy peace. An elderly couple troubled by misty mysterious memories of a son, set off to find him. Along the way, they encounter a Saxon warrior, a Saxon child, Sir Gawain elderly knight and nephew to King Arthur and other fantastical entities pixies, gnomes, dragons. The couple eventually discover the story of the clouded memories they suffer and then face a moral dilemma.

Later, desperate to regain a physical form, Niven cracks the seal allowing magic to bleed out. With a body, Niven can rediscover Avalon-the source of all magic. The last High Priestess of Avalon and her half-sister share responsibilities as Lady of a Manor which is the last bastion of ancient Celtic pagan and magic after the death of Lady Ygurna. Set 11th century England. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Unicorn and Dragon" series.

Sigrud, a born dragonslayer, combines forces with the wizard Merlin to try to slay the last living dragon.


Two ancient, ruthless beings Merlin and Morgan La Fay lock in a struggle for the ultimate magic weapon and bring their blood feud to contemporary New York City. Vampire Vlad Tepes races to hide the coveted weapon while Merlin finds himself in Chicago trying to fend off Nimue's plan for world control.

After their final battle, Arthur and his Knights retreat under the sea to Lyonesse. Now Lyonesse is threatened by a resurgence of the Dark Powers. A 20th century mathematician who can become a dragon at will the Dragon Knight and he is called upon to assist Arthur to stop the Darkness. Warlord King Arthur wants to further destroy the Saxons and protect his kingdom using a dragon. Merlin informs him a skull from a lake monster is required. Two of Arthur's mercenaries take on the quest.

Skull is found. Dragon is made. Battle is on. King Arthur is The Dragon, an immortal warrior force reincarnated again and again throughout time. This time he is reborn in a distant future when he leads his space fleet to victory. Romantic space opera.

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Depiction of an eternal King Arthur. He is reincarnated as an Irish soldier of fortune in to help defend Vienna against the Turkish siege. Follows the lives of a group of people reincarnated in different eras, but who always retain link with their initial North Wales location. They represent Merlin, Vivien, a goodly Morgan, Kay, Guinevere and Gawain who risk dangers of betrayal and selfishness. Arthurian magic in a modern setting. Incorporates sword and grail symbiology with tarot magic. Strange things begin to happen and characters from Arthurian legend appear in reincarnations to keep past events from repeating themselves.

A third-person narrator describes the history of Sir George Wincaster. Wincaster is an English feudal baron who becomes a self-styled Arthur working to free "protected" races from being enslaved by an intergalactic federation of "superior" races. Covers time to B. Pendragons have brought peace to Caledonia. Current ruler Arthur is thought to be last of the Pendragon line. He and his Knights battle the magical Witches of Avalon for complete dominion over the ancient land.

Caught in the waring is Mordred who seeks vengeance at any cost. Previously published as two books "Mordred Parts 1 and 2", and "Chalice". Tale of Arthur's exiled liege Sir Kay and his struggle to save Camelot from evil sorcery, war and doom. A time-travel lab is breached and subsequently the consciousness of Arthurian notables from A.

Set in alternative 21st century. Charles is Britain's King and the country is in crisis; suffering from "The Troubles" with inflation, unemployment and crumbling infrastructure. Furthermore, the power-hungry Prime Minister is taking advantage of the crisis to become Dictator. The Royal Family is kidnapped and an asteroid smashes into the Cornwall Coast. Wizard Merlyn is freed from cave imprisonment and sets out to awaken Arthur when England needs him most. The Grail Knights live on forever and ever and ever and ever and deliver pizza.

Prince Corwin of Amber revisits the fabled land of Avalon in preparation for the ultimate war of revenge to claim the throne in the true world. Bits of Arthurian legend interwoven. Merlin is a half-breed: human and space alien. The war between Light and Darkness is recast into a war between two space-going races.

Three strangers meet in London and find themselves fleeing aboard a Dragonship to Archipelago of Dreams. They are to be the caretakers of Imaginarium Geographica, an atlas of imaginary lands. Once there, they battle over Arthur Pendragon's throne to avoid placing the evil Winter King Mordred in charge. This is a single with Arthurian features within the 7-book series "The Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica".

Reinterpretation of the legendary romance of Tristan and Isolde Iseult. Novel tends more to magic and sorcery than romance. A roguish time-traveler adventures through a supernatural dreamscape. His exploits include romances with Guenevere and the Lady of the Lake. Bawdy humor. Richard d'Orleans Lancelot becomes a vampire before taking on the assignment of protecting King Arthur.

After that, he is working as a security consultant in Toronto, battling against another assassin vampire. Lancelot and Arthur seek and find the Holy Grail as a secondary plot. Black and white wood cutting illustrations by Barry Moser. Dark fantasy involving Arthurian archetypes.

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Group of small town teenagers band together to stop the menacing Winter King from destroying the world. This same task was taken on by local kids 70 years prior. Set in Lyonesse-the magical island and once retreat of King Arthur. Features adventures to save the life of young Prince Aneurin, the reincarnation of fabled King Arthur. Time-travel sci-fi. This is Book 2 in the "Disinherited" trilogy and features Arthuriana. A mighty alien race finds a near-dead human Galactopol agent Lancelot in a shipwreck. They piece him back together using his own remains, heal him and send him back to Earth.

Lancelot returns to Earth a hero, but is he human? Set in the 14th century ruins of Camelot. A young magician retreats into the Grinmere Forest where he finds King Arthur's sword Excalibur, removes it and discovers it has magical powers. He meets Merlin.

The Dragon's Harp: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar (Volume 1)

He ends up saving an orphanage, a Lady and stops the spread of the Black Plague by false monks. An American Forestry Consultant discovers a magical shield which transports him back in time. He meets a disheveled Merlin who claims the bewildered time-traveler is the prophesized reincarnation of King Arthur. Can either man fulfill conditions of a prophecy to save the world? Adventures ensue. A dark and twisted account of the life of mage Merlin spawn of an incubus and virgin. Full of corruption, infidelity, betrayal and humor.

The spells, enchantments, inventions and magic continue much in demand of a retired Merlin. About Merlin before Arthur, set a millennium in the past. Merlin is from the incredibly technological world of Atlantis. He rebels and spends years seeking to destroy the lasts of Atlantis' terrible creations-the dragons. Merlin, the ghost of Uther and Knight Griswold des Arbes time-travels to , and to save mankind from the evil Nemestis.

Humorous fantasy. Contemporary archeologist Merlin Lakin discovers the secret to time-travel. He is sequestered back to King Arthur's era, becomes the Merlin of legend and affects the course of Arthur's reign. Weaving together of the fairy realm and Camelot with our distant future. The Fisher King, Morgan le Fay and Mordred all want control of a hypostator machine, a device capable of altering fundamental reality. Bones from newly deceased Merlin protect a fortress. Shortly after the death of King Arthur, a troupe of strolling players come upon a strangely unfinished castle, where they find the secret hiding place of Merlin's bones.

Arthur is indeed the once and future king, sealed by the "half star-born" Merlin in a chamber until future space travelers are able to heal him. Meanwhile, Merlin is the product of cross-breeding with aliens. Merlin's mission is to produce a leader Arthur who can champion humankind back to enlightened reason and the stars. He must battle the evil half-breed Nimue, Lady of the Lake.

Story of the feuding undead spirits of Merlin and enchantress Vivien. Merlin gone corrupt. Taliesin is the hero. Mordred narrates the story of his young life growing up in Brittany under the tutelage of magical Merlin. Mordred is a sympathetic and romantic hero-strong, smart and gay. The usual Arthurian components are uniquely re-imagined.

Unclear status regarding plans for a trilogy. Arthur and Merlin must keep the evil Morlocks from using the time machine to invade and menace 19th century England. Steampunk sci-fi. An unassuming professor is compelled to write about Merlin Merlanu and discovers he is actually writing about his own true identity and purpose. Merlanu must convince a band of rogue angels who have taken human form and rule as gods of their truth. Lots of Greek mythology.

The time-traveling god Orion narrates story. He has defied his creator Aten again by serving as Arthur's squire; assisting and protecting Arthur from before his coronation until his death. Witch princess Morganna is a meld of Morgan and Morgause. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Orion" series.

King Arthur clan reemerges in 21st century Baltimore, Maryland. All the old, unforgiven conflicts are brought forward and the Knights of the Round Table are divided in a civil war. Then comes an urgent message from Queen Vivian, sovereign of mystic Avalon. Percival quests for the Grail and is aided by his childhood magical Fey friend Lili.

Lili's quest is for a human heart. Lili relates the story in first-person. Cherryh aka Carolyn Janice Cherry. The android "made people" on a stranded spacecraft begin asserting their personalities. Elaine-the maid, Lancelot-programmed lover and household manager, Vivien-keeper of accounts, Gawain and Lynette-pilots, Percival and Mordred-engineers. Faeries co-exist in another-world with the modern world.

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The Dragon's Harp: Era of Dragons: The Lost Tales of Gwenhwyfar (Volume 1) [ Rachael Pruitt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. SALE ON . ENTER THE WORLD OFTHE DRAGON'S HARPARTHURIAN Dragon's Harp ( Era Of Dragons: The Lost Tales Of Gwenhwyfar) (Volume 1).

A group of Mages has formed to destroy the Faerie. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Promethean Age" series. An immortal demon lord from the Netherworld is accidentally summoned to King Arthur's Britain. He slays knights with abandon. However, when the Paladins Holy Knights challenge Raum, he has a change of heart. Still evil but now knightly, he defies a summons home by his evil Lord and remains on earth as a Paladin. A bored bookseller is having strange dreams. He sets upon a journey east, goaded by his dreams.

He certainly doesn't expect a quest to find the King Arthur of poetry, or a journey into a parallel world. Story is conveyed in a series of letters written by main character to his ex-wife. The souls of Merlin, Arthur and Mordred continue to struggle in the 20th century. Arthur McCallum, a young English policeman, battles the evil forces of Mordred with the help of Melchoir, Merlin's apprentice. They search around the world in a deadly race for the legendary sword Excalibur.

A man of the 21st century is drawn through a hole in space and time. He is exalted as a noble warrior. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Castaways of Time" series. A young fugitive from Rome safeguards a mysterious and powerful chalice. A bit lighter on the fantasy with a good blend of historical fact. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Mongoliad Cycle" series. Novella based on the tale of the "Poisoned Mantle". Sir Kay prevents the mantle from circulation amongst the Knights.

Kay challenges the woman who brought it and sets off in quest to find her. Sir Gawain accompanies him. Search for the Grail within a computer-generated fantasy world. This is only one story-line of several within a complicated plot. Retelling of the story of Taliesin's birth and support for his ugly brother Avagdd in the winning of a beautiful girl.

Inspired by a story in the Welsh Mabinogion. Merlin and the Fisher King are brought to the nuclear age to restore the world after a holocaust. Wounded 20th century soldier awakens as Ogier the Dane and encounters the sorceress Morgan le Fay as Dark Powers threaten the world.

Throughout the years, magicians Merlin and Morgan le Fay have watched over mankind, which is again in need of the hero Arthur Pendragon. Only his Champion a contemporary government agent can break his slumber. A crash landing on Earth strands the Time Weavers. They have lived, loved, died and birthed the legend of King Arthur.

During this time, the legendary King has risen again to take his rightful place as Supreme Lord and fights against Medraut's evil. Mix sci-fi and fantasy. Merlin guides Knight Gawain as he embarks on a mission to save a dying girl, defend Earth and discover the heritage of his sword. A young courtesan lives in the time of King Arthur has the powers of Seer.

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Gawain and Morgen le Fay are central characters to her development. A curse is laid upon her which she passes on to her unborn son by Gawain. She seeks to have the curse removed from her and her vengeance is mighty. Lots and lots of sex. This is a single with Arthurian features within the "Incarnations of Immortality" series. Set in the near-future where the country has been taken over by a totalitarian movement.

Four men and women attempt to escape to the legendary Avalon. Stories take place in the periods and , before and after Arthur's great battles. Details of the past are revealed through flashbacks and third-person narrations by various characters. Series includes "A New Age Begins" tale of the search for Merlin's journal and the desire to bring alchemy, sorcery and magic back and "Crossings" follows a group of people who live in the Age of Magic that came after Merlin.

Sci-fi, techno-military. Comedic, witty reimagining of Mallory's classic Le Morte d'Arthur. Series includes "Something About a Sword and a Stone? About Arthur's life story beginning long before he was born. Companion book is "Far Beyond the Wave".

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Robert King. Series includes "Mad Merlin" uncovering of the secrets of Merlin's past, the reason for his supernatural powers, as well as his pivotal role in the destiny of King Arthur and Camelot , "Lancelot Du Lethe" a re-vamped story of Lancelot and the war of loyalties that threatens peace in both mortal realm and netherworld and "Le Morte d'Avalon" Arthur's half-sister, once lover and sworn enemy Morgan le Fey.

Contemporary adaptation of Arthurian legends. Arthur sleeps, Britain is in dark despair and evil Morgana has named herself Empress. She has stripped the Lady of the Lake of power. Morgana seeks domination over the mortal realm, Avalon and the Otherworld. Arthur is the only hope. Merlin is called from prison and Sir Gawain from captivity in Limbo to wake Arthur and restore balance. Merlin in his grief over Arthur's death, casts a powerful spell that binds the souls of Arthur and his Knights to evil sorceress Morgana. Centuries later Morgana has returned, attacked, wiped out modern technology and now hunts Arthur to kill him before he can find magical Excalibur and unite the people against her.

Immortals "Anthors" inhabit the Earth. King Arthur administrates in the Athanor government and keeps harmony among Anthors. Arthur is sought to assist an Anthor's vengeance and finds all Anthors threatened. Companion book is "Legends Walking". Premise suggests Camelot's story was distorted by its enemies and reveals the role of King Arthur's descendants throughout history. The time is the very near future. In mythic Britannia, darkness reigns. King Arthur is dead. Excalibur is missing. Camelot is burning. Treacherous Morgana le Fey and her vile son Mordred rule all of Arthur's once great domain.

Arthur Pendragon son of the Once and Future King Arthur and grandson of evil Mordred must claim or deny his heroic destiny. Urban, fantasy thriller combining Arthuriana with contemporary British politics. Series begins with "The Pendragon Protocol". Arthur has promised to return and does so in the near future when biochemical terrorism has created chaos.

Other personalities from ancient-Arthur times have also reincarnated. Karma turns as stability and safety are sought in New Camelot. Series begins with "Arturo el Rey". Nyneve and Merlin create the story of King Arthur in an alternate universe to help Avalona manipulate the distant future. Tristan and Iseult are "real" characters who act out some of the better parts of the stories about King Arthur.

Gnomes are given prominence. Arthur is summoned to pit Light against Dark as retribution for his slaying of children in an attempt to extinguish Mordred. For this heroic self-sacrifice, he is freed along with Lancelot and Guinevere from their cycle of love-betrayal and finally achieve peace. Set in contemporary times with the past Arthurian struggles begun anew. Professor Evans, who is the last descendant of the legendary 6th century hero Arthur, is featured throughout. Fun sci-fi and modern geek twists. King Arthur is reincarnated in the 20th century as a ten-year-old boy. Aided by an alcoholic ex-F.

Set in both medieval and contemporary times. Series begins with "Arthur" aka "The Grail Quest" wherein a mystery author sets out for England to discover the meaning of his nightly dreams involving Arthurian characters. In Glastonbury, it would seem not to be such a small, quaint town-there are real knights, real swords and perhaps a real king. Arthur's rise to become Dux Bellorum War Chief of united British tribes, his campaign to defeat the invaders, his coronation as the first High King, his fall and apparent death on the Camlann battlefields forty years later. Set in 5th century Britain after the Romans departed.

Trio includes "Atlantis" Merlin born in last days of Atlantis, falls in love, must save Avalon from drowning title wave , "Avalon" Merlin and others escape drowning at Atlantis and find new life in a new Avalon and "Alignment" Merlin awakens from his rest in the Crystal Cave and must prevent the end history with perpetual enslavement of humanity. Arthur, kin and clan experience 21st century NYC. Comedic urban fantasy. Arthurian story cleverly re-imagined with gritty street gangs in contemporary Indianapolis.

Set in alternative, mythical 15th century England where the War of the Roses rages. Coming-of-age and questing story of a young man the last reincarnation of King Arthur with wizard Gwydion Merlyn. A college-age, skeptical woman is rescued from werewolves. He tells her of potential to become a sorceress and offers to teach her. The woman and Mordred fall in love, nurture the orphan dragons and battle a rogue dragon element.

Series begins with "The Last Pendragon". Twist on the usual Arthuriana. Set AD in Wales. Inspired by Welsh mythology and ancient culture. Both have Seen doom to Arthur by Mordred. Both must determine what they will and won't do to avert this fate. The first three titles were originally published as a single "Cold My Heart". Creatures of myth and magic continue to live amongst us powered by our belief in them.

Merlin the Magician is a financial consultant and aides a young mathematician hero to save humanity from evil. Series introduces many new Arthurian-related characters and story-lines. The Lords of Avalon previously known as the Knights of the Round Table pit themselves against the un-human demon king, Morgen Pendragon. Set in a mysterious, baroque land of pre-Arthurian myth now lost beneath the Atlantic. Ogres and fairies coexist. Kings war. Magicians strategize. Changelings quest for the grail. Arthurian lore most apparent in "Madouc". Gritty high fantasy. Arthurian series purported to be the previously unknown and an unpublished sequel of Thomas Malory's "Le Mort de D' Arthur".

Blending of Arthurian legend, biblical prophecy, urban and wizard fantasy. Morgana le Fay has been denied her throne based on her gender. She has become a powerful and evil sorceress and seeks to bring back the demon dragons. In contemporary 21st century, Merlin teams up with a college student to battle assorted dangers including drug smugglers and a year-old Chinese necromancer and defeat Morgana.

Series begins with "Revelations". Series blends Celtic, Greek and Arthurian mythology which follows Merlin on his dark, complex journey. Cranky Merlin tutors a teenage Arthur. Merlin sneakily enjoys two simultaneous marriages and searches for the town's Pict-stolen communal Holy Grail cauldron.

Companion book "The Werewolf of Camelot" is equally bawdy. Varro Arthur's former centurion , Myrdhinn Merlin and a handful of other survivors of the Battle of Camlann discover the Americas and forge new alliances among the native peoples. Gwalchmai Gawain learns the customs of his father Varro and godfather Myrdhinn, who gives him a magic ring with the power to defend against enemies and defy the passage of time. In companion book "Merlin's Ring", Gwalchmai finally returns to Britain, finds Arthur's sword in a faery mound and restores it to the king, who lies sleeping in a cavern beneath St.

Michael's Mount in Cornwall. Retelling of the Arthurian legend by Mordred in a bizarre mix of modern and ancient times. Dark fantasy series focuses on Mordred's role in Arthur's downfall. Arthur's rule is represented as brutal and ruthless. Heroic fantasy series set in alternative 17th century. Duo includes "Paladins" and "Knight Moves".

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Paired with humorous text. Not Enabled. A must-read for anyone who appreciates realism and believability in their fantasy. Trivia About The Dragon's Harp. Audra April 11, at PM.

In the series opener "The Prince and the Program" Mordred Pendragon, the Bastard Prince, has been stripped of his magic and exiled to contemporary Canada. He finds a good job as a Software Engineer, as well as someone who could anchor him to the world of the living. Merlin Satanspawn is son of the Devil and was Arthur's friend and mentor. He has had his heart ripped out and lost his love Nimue. Merlin seeks his heart to regain his former great power.

Terence Hanbury White. Chronicles the parenting and education of King Arthur, his rule as a king, the romance between his best knight Sir Lancelot and his Queen Guinevere. It ends immediately before Arthur's final battle against his illegitimate son Mordred. Grim and bloody version of the Arthurian world; a realm full of savagery, rapes, murder, cannibalism and other gratuitous horrors. The first book "Dragon's Banner" is about Uther Pendragon-the son of a king and grandson of an emperor and Britannia's greatest warrior before Arthur.

Dark, divided and devastated, Britain is in ruins in the wake of Rome's fall. Uther and his warriors stage a final battle for the future of Britannia. Second book anticipated to be about young Arthur. Begins with "Pendragon: The Beginning" which tells the story of Arthur's grandfather, the early days of Merlin, the formation of Excalibur and the early creation of the kingdoms of Britain and Celts. Chronicles the life of Gawain, the Hawk of May and the man who would become King Arthur's most loyal knight.

Series begins with "Mayhawk: Rising". Contemporary reimagining of the Arthurian legend in which Arthur is brought back to life in the 21st century. He is confronted by terrorism, indecisive world leaders and dark forces that threaten Earth. Romance and mystery crossover. Evil Morgan made disappear the magical Orchid, causing Camelot to darken and burn out. Direct descendants of the First Knights free Excalibur, quest for the Orchid and hope for a new Camelot.

Companion book is "Eternity's Hope". The first book "Blackgloom's Bounty" features a hint of Arthurian tie-in with the appearance of the spirit Merlin. In a dream-like visitation, long dead Master Magician Merlin of Pendragon commands his longtime apprentice to destroy a former apprentice. Lesley aka Elizabeth Hull. Arthurian legend is recast in the distant future.

Chronicles the time of King Arthur and the generation following him. Arthur's story told in the voices ten per each book of those who knew him well.

Trio includes "The King of Powys" King Arthur's attempt to stop the westward invasion , "The Aftermath" time following the Battle of Camlann with the struggle to set a new government and "The Triumph of the Dark" more struggle and strife in Britain with a new leader emerging. All three novels are collected in the omnibus "The Shadow of Avalon". An apocalyptic catastrophe has plunged mankind into darkness and near extinction.

Merdynn searches for the ancient bloodline of legendary Arthur to once again save and unite all Britannia. Trio includes "Shadow Lands", "Causeway" and "Haven". Arthur's story is told first-person by his closest companion and foster-brother, the "Fox" Prince Bedwyr. Set in the Dark Ages of post-Roman Britain. Series begins with "The Fox and the Bear". Set in 5th century Britain with Rome's abandonment and Saxon invasion. Retelling of Merlin's story; from his mysterious birth as a fairy child, through his development as visionary of Britain's destiny, to the conception of the savior King Arthur.

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