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21st century American religion: decreasing church membership, rising generational divides
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So, it's easy to see why Manning would offer his support of the Patriots legend. Just find a role and I think anyone in American society can relate to it. Bryan, what is your purpose in putting this out here? Given America's propensity to take up arms in the face of perceived injustice, it was almost inevitable that the nation would launch a war against terror. It should directly contain very few, if any, pages and should mainly contain subcategories.

Then, in the s, a real estate bubble and a lack of fiscal transparency led to a collapse of property prices and a general recession. A shrinking and aging Japanese population, led by a secretive government, has been struggling ever since to recover the old magic. At the beginning of the 21st century, the European Union was hailed as the proper Western paradigm of the future.

The euro soared over the dollar. Europe practiced a sophisticated "soft power," while American cowboyism was derided for getting us into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Civilized cradle-to-grave benefits were contrasted with the frontier, every-man-for-himself American system. Now Europe limps from crisis to crisis.

Its undemocratic union, when coupled with socialist entitlements, is proving unsustainable. Symptoms of the ossified European system appear in everything from a shrinking population and a growing atheism to an inability to integrate Muslim immigrants or field a credible military.

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As we enter this new decade, we are currently being lectured that China is soon to be the global colossus. Its economy is now second only to America's, but with a far faster rate of growth and budget surpluses rather than debt.

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Few seem to mention that China's mounting social tensions, mercantilism, environmental degradation and state bosses belong more to a 19th than 21st century nation. Two symptoms of all this doom and gloom are constant over the decades. First, America typically goes through periodic bouts of neurotic self-doubt, only to wake up and snap out of it. Indeed, indebted Americans are already bracing for fiscal restraint and parsimony as an antidote to past profligacy.

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Second, decline is relative and does not occur in a vacuum. As Western economic and scientific values ripple out from Europe and the United States, it is understandable that developing countries like China, India or Brazil can catapult right into the 21st century. But that said, national strength is still found in the underlying hardiness of the patient -- its demography, culture and institutions -- rather than occasional symptoms of ill health.

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Bryan, what is your purpose in putting this out here? My wonder has always been why people are religious at all.

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I strongly disagree with Hitchens, Dawkins, et al about religion being a sham. My readings in evolutionary psychology lead me to believe that people believe in religion is a lot more than just answering questions about how the world works. My constant refrain is that if science has, seemingly, answered all the questions that we thought religion was there to answer, why are people still religious? For the record, I am an atheist. My purpose, Anthony, is to scope out the future of education. I find religion plays an important role in this topic, both in shaping the broader society within which colleges and universities are situated, as well as impacting academia directly in certain ways.

Agreed, much has to do with the framing of questions. Re: science, that was the popular idea starting in the late s. And that refrain came true for much of Europe. The US, in contrast, remained strongly religious for generations after Darwin. Hence the intriguing nature of this poll. Your email address will not be published.

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Bryan Alexander. Skip to content. How will religion change in the 21st century? Unsurprisingly, the older Americans are, the more likely they are to have a religious preference: How will this play out over the next several decades?

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When the clock turned from December 31, , to January 1, , the world breathed a sigh of relief. All the fears associated with the term Y2K—what was. The 21st century has not been kind to America. It began with our country being the world's unquestioned economic, military and cultural power.

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