30 Day Chia Smoothie Diet

23 Ways to Lose Weight with Chia Seeds
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When used in moderation, chia seeds may help you feel more satisfied and less likely to eat too much. Still, if you eat too many throughout the day, you may go over your daily calorie limit. However, most of the omega-3 fatty acid in chia seeds is alpha-linolenic acid ALA. A review found that foods and supplements high in ALA may reduce your risk of metabolic syndrome and coronary heart disease. But at least one study found that high ALA levels are associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Of the 16 studies reviewed, half supported the health benefits of ALA while the others did not. More research is needed. Chia seeds also contain zero cholesterol. Chia seeds have almost no taste so they blend well with many recipes. They may be combined with any liquid, such as juice or water.

Eating chia seeds every day cleared up my skin — here are 6 reasons why you should eat them too

Make sure chia seeds have fully expanded before consuming them. Do not eat chia seeds dry, especially if you have difficulty swallowing. According to Dr. Rebecca Rawl , because chia seeds absorb many times their weight in water, dry seeds may expand in the esophagus and cause a blockage.

When using chia seeds, remember the more seeds you use and the longer they sit, the thicker the final product. Chia seeds are a nutritious pseudo grain that can be part of a healthy weight loss plan. And if you eat too many, they may have the opposite effect. No single food is ever responsible for healthy weight loss. And since chia seeds are tasteless unless blended with other foods or flavored liquids, some people prefer to get their calories from a more satisfying source.

Note: Chia seeds may interact with blood pressure medications or blood thinners such as warfarin. A simple 3-step plan to lose weight fast, along with numerous effective weight loss tips. All of this is supported by science with references. Hi Ryan, I need to loose forty pounds in order to go into the Navy.

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The ingrediants I have at my house are bananas, flaxseed, chiaseed, cinnamon, almond milk, coconut water, dates, and Pb2 peanut butter. How much of each of these would I need to put into my smoothie? And oh, protein powder. Hi Jesse, I just made it and what I did is put a cup of loose and fresh spinach not baby since I did not have Kale, and to keep it low fat since I did not have yogurt, I put half a cup of water and half a cup of Organic classic vanilla soy beverage and no stevia.

I am new at it and hope to loose 27 pound for summer in a smart way and without feeling hungry all the time! You can substitute gelatin, a nut butter, or Greek yogurt for comparable protein, or simply omit. His smoothie recipes are A. I have one of his smoothies after a 4min warmup in the morning. Then I do 20min on the elliptical at home. My goal is lbs.

Good luck to you, Mary. I live in an area where I may not be able to find flaxseed and definitely chia seeds. Where would I find these items? Also, the only place I could find coconut oil was target. I was using it for my hair. The label says expeller pressed organic coconut oil. Is this alright to use? Or should I order it online? I use coconut oil in my hair too. The expeller pressed is usually refined and not meant for consumption.

Mountain Rose Herbs also carries coconut oil.

Sprinkle Onto Sweet Potatoes

Ghee is a great substitute for coconut oil. I made a smoothie today it was great 3 strawberries Handful blue berries Half cup mug of water Half cup full fat Greek yogurt Half avocado One banana Little bit of almond milk Is this ok am a bit unsure, going to incorporate ghee in my next shake when u said cup unsure what size u meant. That smoothie looks great, Rahima!

Smoothies are typically 1 to 2 cups in volume, but can be much more if you desire. Hello Ryan. My name is Grace. I really need to loose some weight in order to fit in my dresses again. Pls how do I blend that to get a good smoothie n how do I make yogurt? Thank u. That should taste pretty good. Simply add the ingredients to your blender and blend away for about seconds. You may want to search the internet for yogurt making instructions.

Hi Ryan.. I actually recommend 2 regular meals and one smoothie, Erica. That way your digestive system is not working while you try to sleep. Hi Ryan, should I be drinking one type of smoothie everyday or rotate to different smoothie versions you have mentioned? I typically have about the same smoothie, give or take an ingredient, for weeks at a time. Do you have a smoothie website aside from this where we can msg for advise rather than on a wall?

I had cancer and so my taste buds are a mess. Just fill out my Contact form link at bottom of site. The recipes above are the best I have to offer for weight loss.

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30 Day Chia Smoothie Diet - Kindle edition by Vienna Zanders, Rebecca Gruden, Mario Zanders. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Mar 19, - 30 Day Chia Smoothie Diet book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. 30 Day Chia Smoothie DietThe secret is out.

Sounds like you may need to tweak them to suit your needs. I am a teen and kind of obese. I have decided to undergo this weight loss journey. I would appreciate recommendations. Hi Ryan, You are a wonderful person for providing this information. What about apple cider vinegar.

What benfit if any is there to adding to a smoothie? I understand d there are great health benefits to using. Thanks, Lisa from Massachusetts. Hi Ryan, great combos in your recipes! Please let me know your thoughts on my typical smoothie to make it a whole meal…I try to add nuttiest boosts so I can mask them and still consume them. I am a vegetarian.

I have a small glass for breakfast snd another smsll one for lunch. I have two regular meals after that. Thank you very much!! On first glance your smoothie looks fantastic and quite healthy. Would you mind terribly providing the amounts for your ingredients? Thank you. However, it offers so many other health benefits that I encourage you to include it.

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Hi ryan Please confirm the following recipe is correct or should be avoided for weight loss smoothie. Please suggest will the above smoothie will be helpful to loose weight or it may gain weight. Awaiting for your responce to he earliest. Did you read the article above? Please read the article and my article on healthy fats linked to above. And can i use the superfood recipes to or is it best too stick with the green ones?

Natural protein sources Greek yogurt, gelatin, kefir, avocado, chia seeds, goji berries are preferred, but in a breakfast smoothie for someone who needs ample protein first thing in the morning supplementing with a protein powder is perfectly fine. Actually, the protein I recommend, Sun Warrior, is more like a multivitamin with protein.

Superfood smoothie recipes are all excellent for weight loss. Better yet, do green smoothies with superfoods! Is that too much Im confused with all the information. Please help, Annmarie. It is high in sugar with all the sweet fruit.

Smashwords – 30 Day Chia Smoothie Diet – a book by Mario Zanders

Strawberries are good. Use only pineapple or mango. Please read this post and comments in its entirety. I recommend a smoothie for breakfast and two regular meals. Your smoothie could use more fat avocado and coconut oil and less sugar. Try honey, maple syrup, or stevia as the sweetener.

Ryan I tried it. Yesterday I got real weak so I will go back on it this weekend and get me some coconut oil and some stevie sweetner thanks. If you have a challenge with chewing food than perhaps an exception can be made to have 2 smoothies a day, Chido. Long term, I would try to consume just 1 smoothie and 2 meals though.

I have lost 10 lbs over the last eight weeks after increasing my water intake and starting on the green smoothies for either breakfast or lunch. I began working out this week and I purchased some Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder to have a protein shake after my workouts per the advise of a physical trainer that I follow..

Great to hear you started working out. I noticed that my smoothies after I make them are a very good color of blue or burgundy but after a night of being in the refrigerator 6 hrs. I do use spinach, flax seed grounded , and hemp protein. Hi Chris! I too have been trying to lose weight. Hi Erica, can I ask, do you also have normal breakfast and smoothie or does the smoothie replace the normal cereals, etc. Thanks, Camelia. I want to try smoothies for losing weight but have no idea how to go about it. The recipes are great but when should they be consumed?

Is it replacing a meal or meals? How many smoothies should one consume in a day? Most people, including myself, have a smoothie for breakfast, then two regular meals for lunch and dinner. You could also replace a second meal, usually lunch, with a smoothie. Pay attention to your body and how you feel if you try two smoothies a day. Hi Ryan, you advocate smoothie for either breakfast or lunch but I was wondering if it could work to have my smoothie for dinner instead.

Would appreciate your thoughts … I have so many things on after work over the course of a week that I thought I might like to smoothie it as a quick dinner which would stop any snacking to get through my studies etc. Great site, no messing about, no hidden agenda and buying, simple, straightforward and open; thank you. Will try the smoothies, shopping for ingredients tomorrow.

Thanks so much. I love your site — thank you!!!!

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It has helped me so much in making smoothies. When I look at my ingredients, the fruits are really adding a lot. I was using Fitness Pal to calculate what my tally was, and you can go down the list, with coconut milk, cacao, chia seeds, spinach, sun warrior, and then there is the banana, or other frozen fruit — it really pops all the numbers up. Since the sugars are coming from fruit and not junk, does it really matter? This is usually my noon meal. Oh, and I love your superfoods, but do you try to incorporate them all everyday, or is that overkill?

Thanks Again Ryan! Great questions. However, too much sugar even from fruit can be detrimental to your health. For some people a banana and frozen berries is too much sugar. The other ingredients in your smoothie also factor in. Fruit only smoothies can be sugar bombs and should only be consumed occasionally, say for dessert or a snack. For your everyday smoothies I would stick to mostly frozen berries and maybe a small banana.

I prefer thickening my smoothies with avocado and chia seed gel instead of banana. When I first discovered the various superfoods I immediately ran out and bought them too : I have a few go to superfoods that I consume on a daily basis coconut oil, chia seed , others I consume fairly often maca, cacao, spirulina, goji berries , and the rest here and there. How often and which superfoods I eat changes from year to year based on my nutritional needs and listening to my body.

However, you can consume a host of them daily, it just gets kind of expensive. Hi Ryan, I bought a powerful blender today and I was browsing for smoothie recipes. I tumbled across yours site , I am happy that I did. Wonderful recipes and I am planning to start right away. I have Hypothyroid and I read in an article that coconut oil helps in regulating it and in one of your comment you mentioned that Coconut oil is a super food like chia seeds. Thank you! I like the different recipes. I have my own that I created, but I love the Cayenne add to a smoothie. In almost 8 weeks of adding this to my diet everyday plus completely changing what I eat and weekly exercise routine I have lost 35 lbs.

I have been out of town for work for Months, since my transformation I have had 3 co-workers buy blenders for their Hotel room and started doing what I do. I also had the head of Housekeeping yesterday ask me for my recipe as her and some of the Hotel staff were wondering what I was doing.

I will check back often to get new ideas for my smoothie, but definitely adding the cayenne in. Congrats on losing 35lbs! Eating healthier, which usually includes smoothies, and exercising are two keys to shedding unwanted poundage. Love the ripple effect. Your smoothie recipe is right up my alley. Hi Eric. How many times a day did you drink the smoothie, to lose 35lbs in 8 weeks?.

I am really wanting to find a good weight loss smoothie to try. Your smoothie sounds really good. Thank you, Lisa. I only drink one a day usually in the morning for breakfast. I also changed all my eating habits as well plus a weekly workout schedule. I hope you like it and it works out for you as did for me. Good luck! If you have any questions on what I did, please feel free to email me at ericmcarthur73 yahoo.

Thanks for this inspirational smoothie post!

Congratulations on your weight loss as well! May I ask if your food changes included lower carb intake and eating clean opposed to processed food intake? I currently do zumba and kickboxing and have just started the healthy smoothie WOL 2x a day. Hi Ryan — I am new to this and need guidance. My intention is to do this as a replacement for breakfast for the next four weeks and on occasion dinner to take down some pounds. Start with 1 teaspoon and work up to tablespoons. The coconut oil will keep you satiated, increase your energy, and help you shed pounds among other health benefits.

See my article on coconuts and coconut oil for more info. You might also rotate avocado into your smoothies on occasion, maybe in place of banana. Cinnamon and a high quality salt such as Celtic sea salt are other good additions. Your game plan of a smoothie for breakfast and periodically in place of dinner is perfect. Let me know when the extra poundage is gone :. You are a life saver! I have been wanting to make a good smoothie but I always felt like I was missing something!

I am highly allergic to bananas and most smothies use them! I have been trying to figure out what to replace it with! I am going to buy avocado tomorrow!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I Googled smoothie recipes and found yours! Gong to the store tomorrow when I wake up to buy the ingredients!! Thanks so much for posting this!!! I have been looking for a smoothie site and came across yours. Thank God for that I love it cant wait to start. Hello I just bought me the health master elite blender and plan on starting a smoothie diet monday and im looking for any help possible, I am new to all the coconut oil, and flax seed, and protein powder so any suggestions to help me out?

Great to hear you purchased a good blender and are ready to rock-n-roll with smoothies. My advice is to start by having a smoothie for breakfast every day. I would find an edible coconut oil. Hi Ryan Just stumbled upon your site. I am in need of losing 25 pounds and want to lose it in a responsibly healthy manner. You have kept it simple and to the point. However, I am going to experiment with a make ahead version that I can keep in the fridge at work and give a shake when ready to consume.

I think using greek yogurt and avocado will be key success factors in both keeping it thick and blended as well as support the weight loss. Bringing a smoothie to work for lunch is a great idea. Glass mason jar is ideal, but not always practical. Is it okay to make smoothie the night before? Hi ryan, i just recently had a baby and i need to lose weight and change my life.

I have no idea about losing weight with smoothies. Can you give me some hints. I cant work out because i am a full time mom. I need healthy eating tips. Tired of being over weight. A desire to lose weight is where it all starts. I would begin by consuming a smoothie for breakfast every day. My site is full of recipes to choose from. Stick to berries and banana if possible.

Although the occasional walk is always good. If you email me and provide more info I can point you in the right direction. Please read my response to other comments and if you have specific questions drop me an email. I am new to the whole smoothie thing but I have started this week replacing breakfast with a smoothie. Eventually I want to replace 2 meals with a smoothie but I want to work my way up. This is what I have been putting in my smoothie:. I want to know if what I am putting in my smoothie is ok or what changes can I make? Or do you have a special recepie for a smoothie for people with insulin resistance?

Your recipe looks good. Healthy fats are really important. Chia seeds are another ingredient I recommend, 1 tablespoon also. Additionally, you could add a dash of cinnamon and sea salt for added nutrition and taste. Substituting avocado for banana is something else to try.

I was searching for smoothie recipes to aid in weight loss as well as healthy ingredients for immunity disorders to help curb my symptoms and decrease inflammation. Also, this is my most recent smoothie creation, Can you offer any alternate ingredients that might have been a better choice?


Please see my recent article on reducing inflammation with smoothies. Immune disorders or auto-immune diseases are tricky. Below is a link to my immune boosting smoothies post. I prefer tinctures, but powders can be added to smoothies. Your smoothie recipe looks mighty delicious and healthy. I would add coconut oil 1 tbsp for good healthy fat that also aids weight loss.

Chia seeds are another good ingredient to add. Just went out and got some coconut water to try as a substitute. Also, can you recommend any other types of powdered supplements helpful for auto-immune disorders that I might add to my smoothies? What are some ingredients that might work well to counter the bitterness? I would research that and try what you find.

Chia seed smoothie recipe maximizes results

You can add pretty much anything into a smoothie. Start with small amounts. I would like to start drinking smoothies to lose weight. I have gained weight since I have this problem. What smoothies should I drink to lose weight? I would address GURD first. These two articles will steer you in the right direction. I love your website! Thank you for all the great info.

I noticed you havent talked much about wheat grass. I just bought the organic powder form and would like to incorporate that into my smoothies. How much would you recommend i put in and what are the benefits of adding it? I also purchased spirulina. I am new to smoothie making and your website is like a smoothie class for me :- I have only made them a few times and here is what i made this morning:. I making it for myself and my boyfriend.

After i read your website, i think i should omit the milk and use water instead. And it seems like coconut oil is a good thing to add too. I am also trying to lose weight so any help is appreciated. Your assumption is right, omit the milk in favor of water unless you have access to raw milk, or use an organic almond or coconut milk.

Coconut oil is precisely what I recommend you add to your smoothies. Wheatgrass is extremely nutrient dense and contains an array of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. Thank you for your quick response and great ideas. Im on my way to the store now to get some coconut oil! Thank you again and have a great day Hi Ryan, these are my smoothie ingredients. I get so excited when summer is near so I can start devouring all of the amazing milkshakes and smoothies!

I must try this one! Ooo, this sounds like I actually might like it! Awesome Amber!! I think by putting chia seeds, it boosts up your health! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Instructions Put all ingredients in a high performance blender and blend for seconds until smooth. Pour, serve and enjoy! Comments Really enjoyed this one. This is a much loved smoothie in our house Lola! So glad you liked it. If you get a really nice vanilla flavour it seriously does taste like icecream! I never put chia seeds in salads! Love hearing from another DQ fan! We have a ninja and use it pretty much every day! Will surely try it out!!

This looks really good. I definitely try to make this smoothie. Xo diidy. This sounds so yummy! I love chai so I am interested in trying this! Haha thanks Melissa! Chia seeds are amazing!