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We parted company. A publisher recommended by a friend accepted the next two books in the series, Fringe Benefits and Smell of Death, and did a bang-up job producing paper and ebooks but decided publishing was not what she wanted to do.


We became good friends, and she took on the next books in the series. The books looked great, I received royalties, and we were both happy for a long time. Then something unexpected and terribly sad happened: the publisher had a stroke, and the company could no longer continue. What now? Mike Orenduff of Aakenbaaken and Kent is in the process of republishing all the books in the series. The latest is Tangled Webs.

I am delighted to be with this new company. As an aside, some of my stand-alone books were also published by Oak Tree Press. My host for today, Lorna Collins, who is also a dear friend, volunteered to edit and publish them on Amazon for me. Am I bit crazy for not giving up?

She once lived in a beach town much like Rocky Bluff and has many friends and relatives in law enforcement. Facebook: Marilyn Meredith. Twitter: marilynmeredith. Wednesday, October 17, My Favorite Photo. This was a new story to us. Further research led us to other information about the parrot. And we discovered that the copy of a Charles Percy Austin painting in the mission actually contained the bird.

We had seen this picture many times and had never noticed the parrot.

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A while ago, we were asked to do a presentation for the mission docents about the history of San Juan Capistrano in the s. At the end, we asked who knew about the parrot. Only one person raised a hand. No one did. We later found additional articles about Lola. Her death was reported in newspapers across the country.

He and Lola ended up in the same place, just where they both would have wanted to be.

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We decided to tell it from her point of view for children. I wrote the text, and Larry did the illustrations. After more than thirty years penning fiction, she continues to capture the interest of new readers with mysteries like Deadly Omen, Intervention, and Unequally Yoked.

See a Problem?

Because of the realistic settings Meredith creates in her fiction, it makes sense that fictional towns like Bear Creek—home of the author's popular Native American protagonist Tempe Crabtree, featured in Deadly Omen and Intervention —are based on the author's home town of Springville, California. While her settings are the result of travels or research, they are strongly influenced by the Springville region, where Meredith's family has lived for several generations.

Assigned to patrol the Yanduchi reservation near town during Pow Wow, Crabtree finds the body of Mariella Kelso, a local teen whom many thought would be crowned Pow Wow queen. When she thinks the local police are being remiss in their investigation of the native girl's death, Crabtree begins her own investigation, yielding surprising results.

Harriet Klausner, reviewing Deadly Omen for the Midwest Book Review, called the novel "a brilliantly crafted and highly recommended mystery" that "not only introduces a fascinating protagonist, but also authentically captures the essence and history of California Native American tribal culture. Crabtree appears in several other novels by Meredith, including Unequally Yoked, in which the resident police officer must investigate the murder of a three-year-old child in the Southern Sierras.

Her marriage to a Christian minister begins to suffer the strain when her frustration over bringing the child's killer to justice prompts her to look for clues via ancient Yanduchi tribal rituals. Meredith's novel Intervention follows Deputy Crabtree as she gets trapped in a mountain lodge during a snowstorm, along with a group of people from Hollywood. When one of the vacationers—an Oscar-winning screenwriter—is suddenly murdered, readers must follow as Crabtree tries to solve the case.

With electronic publishing catching on, Meredith views the new opportunities that have opened up for genre novelists as a welcome change to publishing industry traditions that have made a writing career daunting to less-well-known authors.

F.M. Meredith

Readers can easily download any of Meredith's books right off the Internet , or buy an autographed copy from the author herself via Meredith's Web site. Meredith told CA: "I've been writing since I learned how.

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As a child I wrote stories, published a magazine when I was in middle school, and wrote plays for the neighborhood children to perform. When my sister researched our family genealogy, I wrote two historical family sagas based on both sides of our family: Trail to Glory, published by Leisure Books, and Two Ways West, both now out of print. One of my sons-in-law was a police officer. My daughter didn't like to hear his stories, but I listened avidly and also went with him on ride-alongs. My 'Rocky Bluff P.