Psalm 23 - eine Analyse (German Edition)

Geschlechterunterschiede in den Arbeitswerten: eine Analyse für die alten Bundesländer 1980–2000
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Reichenbach, Gregor. Arbeiten zur Bibel und ihrer Geschichte Seybold, Klaus. Die Psalmen. Mohr Paul Siebeck , Smith, Mark S. Temen, Samuel.


[DOWNLOAD] Psalm 23 - eine Analyse (German Edition) by Lisa Schanz. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read. Below, the author offers his own translation of the Psalm, followed by his interpretation, which focuses on the ambivalence inherent in the narrator's wish to serve.

Eerdmans Critical Commentary. Eerdmans, Van der Lugt, Pieter. Old Testament Studies. Van der Ploeg, Johannes P. Volume 1 of Psalmen. De Boeken van het Oude Testament. Roermond: J. Vos, Cas J. Theopoetry of the Psalms. Pretoria: Protea Book House, Weber, Beat. Die Psalmen 1 bis Volume 1 of Werkbuch Psalmen. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, Weiser, Artur. The Psalms: A Commentary. Old Testament Library. Translated by Herbert Hartwell from the German, 5th rev. London: SCM Press, Wills, Timothy M. Zehnder, Markus.

Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, Zenger, Erich.

Psalm 23 |

Correspondence : Phil J. This should then be translated as: "and I will return. Geburtstag ed. It is perhaps possible that the author of the psalm intended the form to be ambiguous, hence the presentation of both possibilities in the translation above. This is also the view of Beat Weber, Die Psalmen 1 his 72 vol. Willem S. Prinsloo ed. Wim Beuken, et al. See John Gold-ingay, Psalms vol. The Masoretic accents have been honoured in the division of feet in the representation above. Charles A.

Schubert’s Psalm 23 – Part III

Briggs and Emilie G. The Masoretic segmentation of poetic lines argues against this. The particular part of v. See Janowski, "Der Gute Hirte," I doubt whether it is right to ignore the Masoretic punctuation in this way, and would rather put the emphasis on 4b which is the middle stich of the 13 Masoretic feet. Richard J. His lead is followed in the discussion in this section. Bernd Janowski has also recently investi-gated the roots of the motif of the "good shepherd" in the ane and the hb.

He pays special attention to the closing hymn a song of praise to the divine shepherd from the Egyptian "Instruction addressed to King Merikare"; later Egyptian poems from the period of personal piety in Egypt 19th and 20th dynasties ; and in the HB texts like Exod , Ezek , Ps , and Prov as contexts which help to understand the description of Yahweh as "good shepherd" in Ps So also Zenger, "Psalm 23," Pronounced reflection also of post-exilic texts in Ps 23 and its consequential dating after the exile make this improbable.

It is true, on the other hand, that it could be appropriated by a leader of the Second Temple period or the community as a whole in any period. See John Goldingay, Psalms 1, He includes "a king" as one possibility. This is another instance where one can detect a purpose-ful allusion to an existing biblical text, since the author of Ps 23 would want to con-trast his own relationship with Yahweh with that of the generation of the exodus.

Ps These conspicuous similarities with Ps 23 make a strong case for a possible connec-tion between Ps 23 and Zeph 3, although it is also possible that in this regard Zeph 3 was influenced by Ps Another post-exilic text which compares the return from exile to the time of the exodus is Mic Ps 23, however, does not specifically refer to Yahweh as host at the exodus like Ps 78, but rather to him as host in the temple. It therefore seems possible that Ps 78 adopted the motif of Yahweh as host from Ps 23 and applied it to the exo-dus tradition. Prinsloo, "Psalm 23," The importance of this expression is highlighted by Jacob's pronouncement in Gen Deut , "you have not as yet come to the rest and to the inheritance that Yahweh your God is giving you.

The voice of Mark S. He says that "The poem describes a journey which culminates in arrival at the temple. Deut , but also , , , , etcetera. German original, ". Peter Craigie sees in this expression another reference to the exodus, since "for the sake of his name" is given as a reason why Yahweh saved his people at the Reed Sea. Peter C. Craigie, Psalms WBC 19; 2nd ed. Tate; Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, [] , According to Hans F. Van der Ploeg considers the image of the host to be abandoned also in v. See Van der Ploeg, Psalmen 1, Weiser describes v.

The fact that the shepherd image is abandoned is usually glossed over by commentaries, but is noted by a few. See in this regard the remark of Prinsloo, "Psalm 23," Some exegetes try to force "he restores my soul" into the shepherd metaphor, like Terrien who thinks of a sheep "ram, ewe, lamb" as the victim of exhaustion. Eerdmans, , Verse 3b also does not seem to be an echo from the traditions about the exodus or the return from exile like so many other pronouncements in the psalm. See Walter Dietrich and Samuel Arnet, eds. He points out the parallel between Yahweh and the wisdom teacher.

In Ps , Yahweh takes over the role of guide which is the prerogative of the wisdom teacher in Proverbs. The style of life of the evil person is described in vv. The metaphor of a level or straight road of life is well-known in Proverbs. Prov and The previous verse Isa contains a quote from Prov , while this verse Isa has various similarities and thus possible con-nections with Prov Note the corresponding questions at the end of the cycle in Ps , and the possibility of the idea of dwelling in Yahweh's temple in Ps Mohr Paul Siebeck , , describes the meaning as "right tracks," since the good shepherd owes it to himself and his name to go on "right tracks" and not on "crooked roads," illegally or secretly over fields and gardens my translation of the German.

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He evidently under-stands the verse only in terms of the shepherd metaphor. Timothy M. Wills, "A Fresh Look at Psalm a," VT 37 : , has a similar interpretation of this phrase as simply meaning that the shepherd gives "shelter" to his sheep p. Verse 3b then further complements vv. Hos Against the backdrop of Prov , it seems to be a confirmation of the doctrine of retribution.

The connections can probably be attributed to the work of editors, and this makes it difficult to be certain about the direction of influence. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Article. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation.

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