Pulling Out Knives

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Angry Deliveroo driver pulls out knife

The government is coming under increased pressure to act following the latest spate of violence, with year-olds Jodie Chesney and Yousef Makki stabbed to death in separate incidents in recent weeks. The youngster from Merseyside said he would rather carry a knife than end up in a hospital bed or worse.

Despite carrying a knife, he said he "wouldn't class himself as a criminal" because he is "just trying to defend himself". When asked how he would feel if he ended up killing someone with the knife, he replied: "I'd feel guilty but as long as I'm still standing, I'm alright, it wouldn't bother me. Their mum said she thinks it's safer for her children to carry a knife so they can defend themselves.

Shoplifter pulls out knives and threatens employee

The reason that most guys carry a knife or gun is fear. We used to think that if we did not have one and they did, we would be in trouble. In People v. Kershaw Knives and Emerson Knives have joined forces on a series of knives that combine the precision engineering of Kershaw with Emerson's uncompromising functional design. I would always prefer to fight fist to fist, but there are crackheads who would stab you for a fiver.

Their mother said she doesn't like it but said she feels they are safer on the streets. Last updated Mon 11 Mar Witnesses watch on as they chase eachother down a road. By Video Desk. Israel: Archaeologists claim to have found Biblical city of Ziklag.

Three Young Girls Accused Of Pulling Knives On Servo Workers

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Skaters Pulls Knife On Thug With Crowbar And Make Him Leave!

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