The Generous Gambler (A short but grand prose poem)

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Charles Baudelaire was a 19th century French poet, critic, and translator. A controversial figure in his lifetime, Baudelaire's name has become a byword for literary and artistic decadence. At the same time his works, in particular his book of poetry Les Fleurs du mal The Flowers of Evil , have been acknowledged as classics of French literature.

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Charles Baudelaire's "The Generous Gambler"

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BookShout Price:. Quantity: Print books are available for purchase with a minimum order of 50 books. Readers Also Liked She writes: "In work that is at times radically experimental, and always alert to the capacity of language to remake the world, Christodoulos Makris seeks ways to break open the lyric space of the poem to alter the ways in which language operates in the public realm;" and: "Resisting post-Romantic constructions of the poet, Makris challenges the idea of language emerging from singular subjectivity, responding instead to the energies of collaboration and performance, to the trade routes of digital and material culture.

An introduction by Sharae Deckard sets the tone, outlook and ecological-cultural connections explored in the issue. Full issue contents with some online accessibility here. My thanks to the editors for the invitation to contribute, and to Lucy Collins in particular for her incisive reading of my work.

Labels: publication , review. Wednesday, 22 May a heap of language radical publishing. For the second installment of 'a heap of language', an ongoing event series organised between Paper Visual Art Journal and the School of Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design NCAD , I will lead a 'Transcription Writing' workshop where participants will engage with public language towards making and publishing new work. The workshop will involve a short walk with the transcription activity taking place outdoors, in a covered space.

Schedule: 4pm: transcription writing workshop with Christodoulos Makris 6pm: talks at the Goethe-Institut, Merrion Square 8pm: publication launch at the Goethe-Institut, Merrion Square All aspects of this event are free but ticketed.

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Labels: workshop. A volume that seeks not to offer a taxonomy but a brief glimpse of the brilliance of so many poets working at the forefront of the language arts, this is a book unified by a fidelity to that which is truly contemporary, amorphously continental and generously innovative. My contribution consists of sections 3 and 9 from this is no longer entertainment , recently published on Dostoyevsky Wannabe originals. Then it was back to Newbridge, Co Kildare, for the closing event of the festival which I co-curated and hosted , and which featured solo readings from 11 poets.

For this performance I decided to play around with amplification and audience perception by moving gingerly around the stage, resisting the pull of the microphone. Footage of all EPF Ireland performances is available here. Labels: performance , publication , residency , translation , video. Transcription Factor was published in copies, all of which were disseminated to delegates and other conference attendees, and was performed by Gregory, Julie and myself at the wonderfully communal Riverrun reading Poetry Ireland, 26 April The body of a wasp has four main sections, the head, the mesosoma, the metasoma, and the petiole that joins them all together.

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She is a living legacy who should be far more recognized. Subscribe Magazine Preaching the Word Newsletters. He leads me thus, far from the sight of God, Panting and broken with fatigue into The wilderness of Ennui, deserted and broad, And into my bewildered eyes he throws Visions of festering wounds and filthy clothes, And all Destruction's bloody retinue. Consider Thomas Jefferson, roiling with all of the contradictions of race and social justice, memorialized in his thoughtful, scientifically considered and liberal slave-built monuments. To realize the central secret of the mystics, from Protagoras onwards, the secret which the Smaragdine Tablet of Hermes betrays in its " As things are below, so are they above ; " which Boehme has classed in his teaching of " signatures ; " and which Swedenborg has systematized in his doctrine of " correspondences," one arrives at Gerard de Nerval, whose cosmical visions are at times so magnificent that he seems to be creating myths, as, after his descent into hell, he plays the part he imagines assigned to him in his astral influences. Elle est I'imperatrice bleme d'un macabre Lesbos.

Building from the idea of the Hox, the subset of genes that determine the arrangement of these body parts, each poem underwent a similar editorial process but in a different order. Our individual voices became both nature and nurture as we worked with what we were given and gave forth to be worked upon. There are, in fact, 16 poems in the entire collaboration, stemming from four poems by each of us edited four ways by all, but these poems here are the final or, rather, current evolution of the texts. We are grateful to Barry O'Halpin for facilitating this collaboration.

Monday, 6 May Visual Verse May Visual Verse is an online anthology of art, poetry, short fiction and non-fiction. Every month the editors publish an image by a contemporary artist and invite writers to submit pieces of words written in the space of one hour in response to the image. Three writers are commissioned to write 'lead' responses which appear on the first day of the month. Submissions to Visual Verse are accepted until the 15th of each month.

Up to additional responses are published from open submissions every month.

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My thanks to editor Preti Taneja for the commission. Labels: publication , translation. Wednesday, 1 May this is no longer entertainment Dostoyevsky Wannabe, I am very pleased and excited to announce publication of my new book this is no longer entertainment. The book is published by Manchester's Dostoyevsky Wannabe press on its Originals imprint.

My thanks to Richard and Vikki at DW for making the book part of their very cool list, for their brilliant design work and their overall support. In its use of avant-garde compositional methods as parallels with experimental documentary filmmaking practices, this is no longer entertainment borrows from and extends the documentary poetry tradition. If you're a book reviewer, or a newspaper, journal, or magazine editor interested in commissioning a review, or for any press or other enquiries , please email your query here.

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This carefully crafted ebook: "The Generous Gambler (A short but grand prose poem)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of. The Generous Gambler (A short but grand prose poem) - Kindle edition by Charles Baudelaire. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones.