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In an interview with French magazine Ecran Fantastique , Henson explained his decision to pursue Bowie for the role. David Bowie has that quality. According to Froud, Jareth is "Sarah's inner fantasy, a figure made up of her daydreams and nightmares". Jareth therefore appears not only as a Bowie-like pop star, but Froud designed the character's outfits to reflect the leather jacket of " leather boys on motorbikes " and the armour of a medieval knight as well as the tights of a ballet dancer.

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This fact was accentuated by a codpiece in the costume design. Jareth's deliberate sexual allure alludes to "the dark fairy in folklore [who] are meant to be tempting," Toby said. Brian Froud has stated that the character of Jareth was influenced by a diverse range of literary sources.

  • Annales Algériennes. Édition de 1854, Tome 3 (inédit &annoté) (Annales Algérienne - Deuxième édition) (French Edition);
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Bowie's costumes were intentionally eclectic, drawing on the image of Marlon Brando 's leather jacket from The Wild One as well as that of a knight "with the worms of death eating through his armour" from Grimms' Fairy Tales. Jareth the Goblin King has become a cultural icon [15] and is one of David Bowie's most popular performances. Writing for AXS , Michelle Lavallee said, "Bowie combines a theatrical flamboyance and a sinister style that makes for one of the most memorable villains of the 's". A fan favourite, Jareth is the subject of fan art , cosplay and fan fiction.

Bowie portrayed Jareth in two music videos for the songs " Underground " and " As the World Falls Down " from the Labyrinth soundtrack. The videos feature footage of Bowie as himself performing the songs, appearances by Labyrinth character Hoggle and footage of Bowie as the Goblin King taken from the film. Jareth appears as one of the main characters in Return to Labyrinth , a four-volume original English-language manga sequel to the film, written by Jake T. Forbes and illustrated by Chris Lie, that was published by Tokyopop between and In the series, Jareth has ruled the Labyrinth for 1, years, and is not a goblin like his subjects but had decided to rule them out of boredom.

In the manga, which is set more than a decade after the events of the film, Jareth establishes Sarah's then-teenaged brother Toby as his heir, leaving him in charge of the Labyrinth, which is in a fragile state. Jareth then returns to the human world to entice Sarah, with whom he is still in love, into creating a new world with him using the power of her dreams. Jareth makes several appearances in the Labyrinth Special , a single-issue comic book published by Archaia , an imprint of Boom! Released on 29 November , the comic is a collection of six stories by multiple authors set in the world of Labyrinth.

Jareth mainly features in the fifth story, Beauty or the Beast by Roger Langridge , in which he shows the captive baby Toby some of the wonders of his world and informs him that he will inherit it someday. Jareth is the central character in Labyrinth: Coronation , a issue comic series published between and by Archaia which details the history of the Goblin King as well as the history of the Labyrinth itself. Written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss, the series takes place within the timeline of the events of the film, framed as a story told to baby Toby by Jareth during their off-screen time together.

Jareth appears in the ongoing issue comic series Labyrinth: Under the Spell , a multiple-authored collection of stories set in the Labyrinth universe. Published by Archaia, the first issue was released on 28 November In , NECA released three Jareth action figures: a inch speaking doll, dressed in black, speaking lines from the film, and two 7-inch versions, one of which comes with a figure of Hoggle.

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In October , McFarlane Toys released an action figure, in his Ballroom dream outfit, including a mask and a crystal orb. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Return to Labyrinth. Inside the Labyrinth Televised Documentary. Los Angeles: Jim Henson Television. Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History. London: Titan Books Ltd. Jim Henson's Red Book.

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Compre Titanstomper Book Two - The Goblin King (English Edition) de John Patrick Schmitz na lirodisa.tk Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. John Patrick Schmitz was born in coastal Virginia where he still resides in a modest townhouse with rooms cluttered with.

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Mobile Apps Login. Full Profile. Mentions about a name: John Schmitz. New England School of Law. University of Colorado School of Law. University of Miami School of Law.

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