War Jazz: A Novel of Southeast Asia

“Jazz—Made in Germany” and the Transatlantic Beginnings of Jazz Diplomacy
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War Jazz: A Novel of Southeast Asia [Mark Moorstein] on lirodisa.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a war novel with elements of a political. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Mark Moorstein is a senior trial and international lawyer War Jazz: A Novel of Southeast Asia by [Moorstein, Mark].

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The pan-Asian fantasy setting pieces together the familiar mosques, congee, and guns are all touchstones of our reality, and yet… with elements that are truly strange: nagas, velociraptors, megafauna, and much else dwelling alongside humanity; prophecy as a talent used to guide nations; a culture where children control nothing of their own destiny, yet can choose their own genders. Part 9: Themes This is a war novel with elements of a political thriller all based on true events. As Tala tries to keep her dangerous past from her husband, Manolo begins questioning the gaps in her stories—and his suspicions push him even further from the truth. Amanda McCrina rated it it was ok Jul 25,

In the course of almost a century, European jazz musicians not only produced a corpus of work worthy of much wider appreciation, but also adopted strategies to deal with a variety of situations, ranging from outright prohibition to survival in the market and institutions. This volume provides an organic overview of European jazz history in order to serve as an inspiration for new generations of listeners and musicians independently of current marketing hype. It covers the linear narrative of jazz history in Europe from its inception to the year presented on a geographical basis country by country.

Each article is authored by a jazz history specialist from the specific country contextualizing the music in the cultural landscape of that country, discussing the most influential figures of its development, and referencing the sometimes considerable literature available in the national language. An unprecedented pool of authors makes much of this information available in English for the first time. Further chapters cover related subjects like popular music in Europe, the history of African-American entertainers before jazz, cross-national traditions like Gypsy and Jewish music, festivals, film and avant-garde music.

The book also draws on the newly available resources created by the extensive work being done nationally by various jazz archives; chapters are supplemented by suggested listening lists and bibliographies.

This volume is published with the support of the European Jazz Network and funds from Creative Europe. Jazz Promoter, Journalist, Lecturer and Author. Further chapters cover related subjects like popular music in Europe, the history of African-American entertainers before jazz, cross-national traditions like Gypsy and Jewish music, festivals, media including films and broadcasting and avant garde music.

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The book also draws on the newly available resources created by the extensive work being done nationally by various jazz archives; each chapter contains an in-depth bibliography and a suggested listening list. Part 1: Western Europe 1.

Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War

Xavier Prevost was a radio producer for Radio France from to , and head of the Jazz Department from to He has served on the board of directors of the National Jazz Orchestra and was also responsible for events for the Jazz Festival in Paris Associations, from to Early French jazzmen; Jazz versus classical; Jazz in the media; Suddenly, the war; The war is over, but the jazz war is coming; A new Django? Duncan Heining writes about jazz, improvised music and 20th century composition.

The Irish Times. Prologue; Introduction; Pre-history; —45; —70; —present; Epilogue; Listening guide; Bibliography;. Jazz Journalist. Independent Scholar.

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Introduction; Jazz bands everywhere —30 ; Jazz and sequins —39 ; The paradoxes of the occupation —44 ; The American era —49 ; Autonomy and marginality —59 ; The sixties: rule and exception —69 ; The electric decade —79 ; Time for review — ; Coda; Listening guide; Bibliography;. Jazz Musician. Part 2: Scandinavia 8. Aalborg University. From the beginning to ; —36; —39; —42; —47; —51; —55; —59;—64; —69; Listening guide; Acknowledgements; Bibliography;.

Music Archive. The pre-jazz years; The arrival of jazz; Hot music and accordion jazz; Swinging dance music; Jazz outside Helsinki; Cool jazz and jazz schlagers; Original Finnish jazz; All kinds of fusion; Institutional jazz; International and professional; Crossovers; Listening guide; Bibliography;. Part 3: Central Europe Cornelius University, Bratislava. University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. From swing to bebop; Hot clubs: guardians of real jazz; The Zurich amateur jazz festival; Teaching jazz; Jazz and Swiss folk music; The birth of free jazz; Going abroad; Jazz labels; Swiss jazz today; Some biographies; Listening guide; Bibliography;.

Part 4: Eastern Europe Part 5: The Western Mediterranean Birmingham Centre for Media and Cultural Research. View Website. His thesis explores the cultural politics of jazz on television broadcasts in Portugal during the right-wing colonialist Estado Novo regime, between September and April His research interests focus on media representation and historiography, with particular interest in the political and social history of jazz diaspora during the twentieth century.

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Prelude in New Orleans; Dance music, artistic avant-gardes and political opposition in the s; Hot clubs, Armstrong and orchestras; Wartime and after; Modern jazz musicians, festivals and media in the s; New movements in the s; s: festivals, schools and labels; The s and beyond; Listening guide; Bibliography;. Part 6: The Baltic States Jazeps Vitols Latvian Music Academy. Part 7: South-East Europe The prehistory: —40; —74; The blossoming: —90; onwards; Listening guide; Bibliography;.

Independent researcher, music journalist, reviewer, translator, lecturer, columnist and radio host.

Tales of the Southeast Asian Jazz Age: Filipinos, Indonesians and Popular Culture, 1920-1936

National Library of Macedonia. Music Academy of Sarajevo.

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Jazz Boradcaster. Turkish pioneers; From the s to ; The second new generation; Festivals; Education; Acknowledgements; Listening guide; Bibliography;. Part 9: Themes Jazz Writer. Baker College of Flint. Michael Heffley is a musician and scholar who teaches at Baker College of Flint.