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Alas, looming above my head like little warning clouds were my student debt, the complete lack of social security in my home country India, a passport that makes visas painfully difficult, and a protective family back in my small town home at the base of the Himalayas. Truth is, there was little precedence in India for a person — forget a single girl of 23 years — to leave behind the security of a stable paycheck for an uncertain, seemingly impractical, life of travel.

Before I took the plunge, however, I tried to understand my wanderlust and know if long-term travel was really for me.


On a two-month sabbatical from my job, I flash-packed across Western Europe with a friend and volunteered by myself in the highest villages of the Indian Himalayas. Thanks to the low cost of living in India, my savings were enough to see me through 6 months of wandering. Using Delhi as a base away from the constant nagging of my family to get my act together , I picked up work with NGOs and travel enterprises that let me feed my wanderlust in remote parts of the country, started writing for national and international travel publications, and gradually entered the realm of professional travel blogging, with my blog the-shooting-star.

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Two years and many adventures later, in another leap of faith, I gave up my rented apartment and sold most of my belongings to go location independent — an idea that still leaves most people in India boggled. Since the summer of , when I handed in my resignation, my appetite for risk has grown slowly but surely, helping me deal with the battles that regularly come my way. For instance, my life as a freelancer — I work as a social media strategist and community manager for travel companies, collaborate with travel brands to promote campaigns through my significant reach in Indian and Asian countries, and dabble into travel writing — has no set pattern of income, and I like it that way, for it has taught me to live in the now, wake up to the possibility of exciting new work everyday, and well, trust that things will figure themselves out.

More importantly, this uncertainty in my working and income patterns has introduced me to the art of slow travel. Instead of moving around constantly, I try to stay in a place long enough to soak in its quirks and discover the local way of life — while also working to replenish my bank account and accepting the physical and emotional constraints of long-term travel.

That I left a well-paying corporate job with student debts, without social security and without much of a plan, might sound irresponsible. So I just did it. I would live with a Mayan family in Guatemala, Buddhist nuns in the mountains of Ladakh and the indigenous Bribri people of Costa Rica, and appreciate that people all over the world are the same within. I would hitchhike through remote villages in the Maramures region of Romania, the Indian Himalayas and the Black Sea Coast of Turkey, and feel overwhelmed by the innate kindness of strangers.

What about you?

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Looking for books about pretend relationships? You know those fun books where two people for whatever reason pretend to be in a relationship with each other. And of course, we swoon, sigh dreamily, and blush. Well, I have a list of ten books with pretend relationships in them.

Normal to Nomadic: How One Girl Built a Life of Travel

I talked about how having a compelling, dynamic character was important to telling a good story, but another important component is conflict. In literature, conflict is described as a struggle between two opposing forces, usually the protagonist and antagonist, for something which they desire to achieve or obtain. A character archetype is a common pattern we see in characters throughout fiction and life. Character archetypes are helpful because they help set the foundation for you to build your character.

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Think of Build-A-Bear Workshop. You start off with a plain bear but then you can accessorize it how you want to make it your own. The same happens with character archetypes.

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Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home recounts the unprecedented story of women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Filmmaker JulieHera. Journey To Normal. likes. Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home recounts the remarkable story of women who have served in theaters of combat in.

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Email a Friend. Solutions We offer our clients three delivery routes to discover your genius, each one catering to different client needs and budgets. While doing these steps, I ruined my paint coating. Events you might like:. Shivya has one of the greatest knacks for storytelling of any travel blogger! Enter the code as shown below:.

I fell in love with writing when I was Ever since my mind has been filled with many stories that I want to share with the world. I made Bad Writer as a platform to help express myself and to help you express yourself too. January 23, pm No Comments. Ordinary World In the Ordinary World, we have our first introduction to the protagonist in their normal life. Call to Adventure After seeing the protagonist in the ordinary world, something happens, an event, that throws off the balance of this world. Meeting the Mentor After the protagonist declines the call to adventure, they meet a mentor to help gain the confidence, training, weapons, or insight they need to cross the threshold and accept the call to adventure they once declined.

Crossing the Threshold Once the protagonist has accepted their call to adventure, they need to take their first steps crossing the threshold to embark on their journey. Tests, Allies, Enemies Once the protagonist embarks on their journey, they will be tested, find allies and enemies. Approach to the Inmost Cave After being tested by enemies and helped by allies, the protagonist must face their biggest test yet. Reward, Seizing the Sword After the protagonist overcomes their first challenge, they receive a reward which can be an object, hence seizing the sword, or it can be new insight that they did not have before.

The Road Back The Road Back marks the beginning of the end where the protagonist now has what he needs to return back to the Ordinary World. A popular entry point towards the Genius Journey is booking one of our creative leadership training courses. Are you ready to become an authentic creative leader, and are willing to commit time, effort and discipline to develop a genius mindset? Are you interested in helping us creating more authentic creative leaders for the innovation economy?

In , Bayer Thai approached Thinkergy to empower and inspire a group of Southeast Asian senior managers of its Polycarbonates business units during a 1-day training session that was part of regional management offsite.

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Who is the Genius Journey for? To become a visionary creative business leader in the innovation economy.

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Genius Journey Training A popular entry point towards the Genius Journey is booking one of our creative leadership training courses.