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In abandoning it to them, competition leaves it to their appraisal or their estimation, and demands a price for it.

How Home Appraisals Work

Figurative sense, "act of appraising" originally a term of literary criticism is from A formal evaluation of property by an expert, used to establish its market value. Nearby words appositely , apposition , apposition suture , appositional growth , appositive , appraisal , appraisal drilling , appraise , appraiser , appreciable , appreciate.

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Examples from the Web for appraisal Thomas, however, reveals she is actually far more understanding in her appraisal of Girls. The Guarded Heights Wadsworth Camp. Dwellers in Arcady Albert Bigelow Paine.


All rights reserved. Appraisals are often used to determine whether targets have been achieved and make decisions about future work. Another reason for appraisals is to discuss career plans. In some cases, they may include bonuses and pay increases. A good appraisal should be a two-way process, where you are encouraged to speak honestly and openly about your job.

They are usually carried out by your line manager.

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An appraisal should be held in private, on a one-to-one basis. You should be given enough notice of your appraisal meeting date and you may be asked to complete appraisal documentation before the meeting as part of the process.

Appraisals may include rating your performance in different areas numerically. Each point is discussed and a score given, leading to an overall performance score. Both you and your appraiser can make comments on each point. Your performance may also be linked to specific objectives or tasks and rated according to how well you have performed. Most appraisals are completed and signed off by the line manager and employee.

Benefits of an Appraisal

If minor issues are in dispute, but the employee is satisfied with the appraisal overall, a record of the areas that have not been agreed can also be kept. It is important to remember that an appraisal is not a disciplinary process and should not be used by your employer to impose disciplinary sanctions.

over 10,000 appraisals performed every year

Appraisals should be an open forum to allow you and your line manager to talk about your performance at work and any issues you have about your career. If you are unhappy with the result of your appraisal, most employers will have an appeals process or mechanism in place to address any issues and record your concerns.

Examples of “appraisal”

If something is specified in both the Gemfile and an appraisal, the version from the appraisal takes precedence. Assistance in developing a system is available through a variety of sources including consultants, periodicals and books, and software. It's there to ensure that, as the buyer, you don't pay more than the home is actually worth. Neutral appraisals can speed resolution of a settlement and keep disputes from escalating into lengthy and expensive lawsuits. July Whatever format you choose, keep it consistent across the business and stick with it!

If an appeal meeting is held, a UNISON rep can also advise on the best way to make sure that your point of view is heard and that you are being treated fairly. Members may ask you to help them with an appeal after an appraisal, but it is unusual to sit in on appraisals.


Speak to your employer to see if their appraisal scheme allows you to attend meetings with members. You may be asked to fill out a pre-appraisal questionnaire, or other documents, which may ask you to comment on your performance and voice any concerns and issues. Mainly, it is there to monitor your development, identify training and related needs, and improve your performance.

Use 'appraisal' in a Sentence

appraisal definition: 1. the act of examining someone or something in order to judge their qualities, success, or needs: 2. a meeting in which an employee. Appraisal may refer to: Look up appraisal, appraisals, appraise, or appraisement in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Contents. 1 Decision-making; 2 Property.

Appraisals are usually carried out by your line manager. To be effective, the appraiser should be someone who knows about the specifics of your job. Updated April The information contained within this article is not a complete or final statement of the law and is based on the laws of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Tips on Writing a Self Appraisal for Your Job