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Actual rating is 3. This is the first book of a series. In this one, the human race has been conquered by aliens. These aliens are in a war with another race of aliens and the subjugated humans are essentially slaves that are forced into being cannon fodder in this war between two alien races. This book is an example of why I like the giveaways on this website. I probably wouldn't of I received this book thru a Goodreads giveaway and I would like to thank the author and publishing company. I probably wouldn't of picked up this book on my own but by me winning a giveaway, I am introduced to a new author and a new series which I enjoyed the first book.

Right away, the atmosphere of this book impressed me as it is dreary and bleak as it should be since the human race has little hope. One small group of humans has some hope and they go for it. I really liked how this played out as the author does an excellent job with the battles and I had no problem imagining how these battles were being fought.

The only flaw in this book was some of the characters. Some side characters were two dimensional as the author concentrated on our heroes and their fight instead of fleshing out all of the characters. I was immediately invested into the plight of the humans and I really liked the tone of this book. I would classify this book as sci-fi mixed with military ops. I am definitely going to continue with this series as this book was just about the first step for our heroes and I am interested if they succeed in their mission.

View 2 comments. Aug 15, Jim rated it it was amazing. I found a new to me author and a new series. I like to just read every book one at a time so the story has great continuity for me. Once again, Earth and humanity has been conquered! Man, I get so tired of reading that.

Somebody needs to write a book that say humanity has kicked some butt in the galaxy and everyone is staying away from us. But, I digress, so back to this story. His name is Dylan Kane, gravity factory worker who has a alien implant in his head. Our aliens conquerers are the Grays. And, to top it all off, the Greys are telepathic to an extent. Except, Dylan Kane, has been hiding quite a lot lately. He and his fellow patriots are plotting a revolution. The Grays are in a war with the Trogs. So much so, that Earth was conquered just to give the Grays a slave manpower pool to fight the war and build the resources they require.

Now that the war has really gone badly, almost every human that can stand on their own two feet have been or will be drafted into the fight. Dylan Kane is just about ready to report to his induction center. So, it appears they are just cannon fodder to go and die for the Grays. Dylan is soon to be come Major Commissar Dylan Kane. He has and is also part of the Ministry of State Security MSS which are those humans who have supposedly sided with the Grays against humanity. When the Grays first arrived on the Moon, it was made pretty obvious of their intentions since they build huge rail guns designed to send devastating slugs to Earth.

After wiping out most of the major population centers, a contingent of North Koreans managed to get to the Moon and arranged to surrender to them if they were given a significant role in running the conquered Earth. So now, the North Koreans are in charge of most everything on the planet backed up by their alien friends, the Grays.

Still, Dylan Kane as a Major Commissar is going to be in position to greatly influence what little war that might be left with the Trogs. He and about a division of soldiers like him are being loaded on space ships which will be launched into orbit to protect Earth. All of these troops will be armed.

They will all soon become revolutionaries! Good stuff. Apr 16, Craig Dean rated it really liked it. Gritty, raw and militaristic sci-fi, where the paranoia and claustrophobic depression of the narrator puts you right in the thick of an accelerating drama. The frantic pace masks an underlying mystery that promises surprising revelations, but little is revealed in this first instalment and the jury needs to wait for the closing remarks to decide if the slog through the unrelenting, cloying, narcissism of the unintentionally, unsympathetic and unlikeable protagonist is worth the heavy investment.

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This was a prophetic encounter! There's a new humanity there fulfilling the calling placed on them all the way back on page 1 of the Bible, to rule as God's image to partner together with God in taking this creation into new and uncharted territory—and so ends John's apocalypse and the epic storyline of the whole Bible. Second, the resurrection of Jesus has been confessed by the church as lasting for eternity. Bobby closes the kitchen doors. The interpretation of holy texts, private revelations, and numerous

Feb 26, Lukas Lovas rated it it was amazing. Great writing style. I got sucked in just through curiosity after the first few minutes of very well expressed hate and disgust.

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I mean I like the extra strong and resourceful character and the storyline itself could get pretty interesting. Especially with the fact that if humans will be given a chance, they will grow overpowered very quickly, I think :. Jun 25, Scott Firestone rated it it was ok. I think I like the idea of military science fiction more than the actual execution of it. Because almost everything I've read in the genre is just sort of And this is no exception. Feb 25, Benjamin rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaway , kindle , free.

There are far too many that detail the onset of a dystopia, and a scant few that actually deal with the realities of the dystopia. At the very least, this book was a quick read, helped along by its pacing and action-packed sequences. On a personal note, I also liked the fact that it was set in Colorado, as I could easily connect with the locations and lingo. As I read, I mostly understood the vague goals of the main character and his crew, at least in simplistic terms.

Get off Earth. Join the Resistance. It was the in-between waypoints between these broad goals that were never really clear. Furthermore, the start of the book was a little slow as the author took some time for worldbuilding. Perhaps the most important strength of this book was the situational awareness used by the main character. From his ability to take out enemy starships to his ingenious use of the smaller size of asteroids, the action sequences benefitted from these unique tactics.

Feb 19, Tony Parsons rated it it was amazing. They allow little manufacturing time for things humans need to help survive. Phil etches paper-thin, ceramic composite plates. The mission is to ram Trog cruisers in space. Penny mentions Station 13C is looming ahead. Later, a squadron of Trog ships was attacking an orbital battle station. Penny informs everyone Juji Station is coming up off our port side. Later the Trogs had the crew pinned down. They soon found another space ship The Rusty Turd. Will the crew be able to get back to their original destination?

Only an honest one. A very well written outer space book. This could also make another great outer space movie, an animated cartoon, or better yet a mini TV series. To be continued. Jun 08, Mike Keller rated it it was amazing. Bobby Adair's brought a new series to life with all the excitement and intrigue you love from his writings. The Grays, the Roswell aliens that introduced the world to flying saucers, have returned in force, enslaved mankind, and forced us to labor for them. Building parts for their spacecraft, and using humans as soldiers fighting in the Gray's war against their enemies, the Neanderthal-looking Troglodytes.

Cannon-fodder against the Trogs, humans are sacrificed by the millions. Bobby spins a tale Bobby Adair's brought a new series to life with all the excitement and intrigue you love from his writings.

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Bobby spins a tale as exciting as only a war with aliens can be, and as thrilling as the intrigue and action of a Jack Ryan novel. His characters are realistic and anti- heroic stumbling brilliantly through the plots and lives of a defeated and degraded species. The action is good and the story progresses awkwardly through our clueless heroes. Ordinary people doing extraordinary feats of fear-driven heroics. I know you'll enjoy this sci-fi post-apocalyptic dystopian future as much as I did.

I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. Jan 29, Bradley West rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites.

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[READ ONLINE] Bobby And The New Earth: A Dream Of Heaven by Roy Meadows Jr.. Book file. PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download. This Book is about a dream my uncle had of Heaven, he had this dream several years ago and still remembers to this day and still talks about.

I'm not a sci-fi reader normally--certainly not the "bug hunt" genre--but "Freedom's Fire" was the first book thanks to the author's surname in the table of contents of a fundraising compilation called "for-1". I gave it ten minutes and ended up hooked. It's been a long time since I read a book that delayed turning the lights out at night. I love non-stop action and this story grabbed me from the start. An ordinary factory worker OK, he has an alien implant at the top of his spinal column I'm not a sci-fi reader normally--certainly not the "bug hunt" genre--but "Freedom's Fire" was the first book thanks to the author's surname in the table of contents of a fundraising compilation called "for-1".

An ordinary factory worker OK, he has an alien implant at the top of his spinal column turns into a leader of the resistance once he reaches space. Adair does a nice job to this non-sci-fi reader explaining how beyond-light speed travel is plausible, and spends adequate time talking about the various technologies deployed.

I was, however, disappointed to be left hanging on an asteroid near-ish to Jupiter and that cost the book a star.


Jan 13, Ami rated it it was amazing Shelves: action-adventure , series , love-it , apocalyptic , epic , sci-fi , space-opera , incredible , dystopian , aliens. I have to begin this with a slightly unrelated fact: Bobby Adair is the author of my all-time favorite post-apocalyptic series, Slow Burn. Which is the main reason I decided to read Freedom's Fire. Now, on to my personal opinion of the book you are actually wanting to know more about.

I truly didn't think it could even begin to compare with Slow Burn, but I took a chance. And I am so glad I did. It just goes to show he is an incredibly talented author in multiple genres. When you get this book, please don't skip the very last bit after the end of the story. I know sometimes you might think, "oh, it's just the author thanking people and I don't have the time". I promise, if you like this book half as much as I did, you will love the last part. Now, stop wasting your valuable reading time, go get this book.

I'm going to get book 2 in this series, right now. Nov 13, Ian rated it really liked it. First off I did enjoy the book, but it was a close call! The begging was slow and to be fair setting out a good reason to feel the way people did. But it was bleak and maybe a tad long, but once passed that the story picked up the pace and did a better job of filling you in on some people's past as moments of distraction of thoughts at times in the story where some authors would fly past and not acknowledge probably what would happen to you or I in that place!.

Revelation 21-22: A New Heaven & A New Earth

I also enjoyed Bryce at the end of First off I did enjoy the book, but it was a close call! I also enjoyed Bryce at the end of the book after you Finnish reading, there's a cool bit about drinking hobo coffee! So I'm here keeping everyone alive. I kinda feel bad that I've finished the book, this must be what guilt feels like. I would add that if I had known bobby was a Zombie book author I would have skipped this book so I'm glad I only found out after. There are no zombies thankfully! Feb 13, Caroline Walker rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. Fantastic science fiction!

It has action, adventure, mystery and does a fairly awesome job of explaining the science behind the technological advances. I will start off by saying this book is not appropriate for some younger readers but high school age should be ok. The adult relations are kept brief but do contain some graphic material. I loved the flow of this book and how it was fast-paced with some intermissions in the action where the protagonist would take a step back. The concept of this Fantastic science fiction! The concept of this book is very original and I like the twist that is being hinted at so far.

The dynamic characterization is great and really adds some depth to the book and sets it apart from science-fiction where space ships just explode the whole time. I'm definitely picking up the sequel for this one! Jan 30, Michelle Mellon rated it liked it. I read this as part of the Kindle version of 25 for One, the book bundle benefiting hurricane victims. It was the first book in the bundle and grabbed me from the first page. I was all-in with Adair's bleak view of alien invasion and human subjugation, and cheering for the rebels to prevail.

Unfortunately, the book's ending was too abrupt for me. I was just feeling like I really knew and liked the characters and was waiting for their next challenge when things ended with an "until next time I've read plenty of other series openers that left me feeling more satisfied at the conclusion. That being said, the book was well written, and I might get over my disappointment enough to continue the series. May 19, Tony Hisgett rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction , review. This probably one of the most depressing opening chapters of a book I have read in quite a while. There were a few minor irritations, at times the author falls into the trap of many science fiction writers of being seduced by their own technical ingenuity and devoting too many pages to describing how all the technolo This probably one of the most depressing opening chapters of a book I have read in quite a while.

There were a few minor irritations, at times the author falls into the trap of many science fiction writers of being seduced by their own technical ingenuity and devoting too many pages to describing how all the technology works. May 15, Carol rated it it was amazing. Always loved Booby Adair's zombie books.. McFerrin sang a Wizard of Oz medley during that television special.

In , he composed and performed the music for the Pixar short film Knick Knack. The rough cut to which McFerrin recorded his vocals had the words "blah blah blah" in place of the end credits meant to indicate that he should improvise. McFerrin spontaneously decided to sing "blah blah blah" as lyrics, and the final version of the short film includes these lyrics during the end credits.


Also in , he formed a ten-person "Voicestra" which he featured on both his album Medicine Music and in the score to the Oscar-winning documentary Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt. In , various unsubstantiated rumors claimed that McFerrin had committed suicide, thus apparently contradicting the positive message from "Don't Worry, Be Happy". In addition to his vocal performing career, in , McFerrin was appointed as creative chair of the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. In McFerrin's concert appearances, he combines serious conducting of classical pieces with his own unique vocal improvisations, often with participation from the audience and the orchestra.

For example, the concerts often end with McFerrin conducting the orchestra in an a cappella rendition of the " William Tell Overture ," in which the orchestra members sing their musical parts in McFerrin's vocal style instead of playing their parts on their instruments.

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For a few years in the late s, he toured a concert version of Porgy and Bess , partly in honor of his father, who sang the role for Sidney Poitier in the film version , and partly "to preserve the score's jazziness" in the face of "largely white orchestras" who tend not "to play around the bar lines, to stretch and bend". McFerrin says that because of his father's work in the movie, "This music has been in my body for 40 years, probably longer than any other music. McFerrin also participates in various music education programs and makes volunteer appearances as a guest music teacher and lecturer at public schools throughout the U.

McFerrin has collaborated with his son, Taylor, on various musical ventures. Later that year, the two appeared together on a panel at the World Science Festival , where McFerrin demonstrated audience participation with the ubiquitous nature of human understanding of the pentatonic scale by singing and dancing, and having the audience sing while following his movements.

As a vocalist, McFerrin often switches rapidly between modal and falsetto registers to create polyphonic effects, performing both the main melody and the accompanying parts of songs. He makes use of percussive effects created both with his mouth and by tapping on his chest.

McFerrin is also capable of multiphonic singing. A document of McFerrin's approach to singing is his album The Voice , the first solo vocal jazz album recorded with no accompaniment or overdubbing. McFerrin married Debbie Green in They have three children, Taylor , Jevon , and Madison. Jevon is an actor and currently an alternate and standby in Hamilton: An American Musical on Broadway. Madison attended the Berklee College of Music. She has two projects, Finding Foundations Vol.

I and II , to her name. McFerrin has won ten Grammy Awards, ranging from the 28th ceremony for releases from , and the 35th ceremony for releases from , and has won a record total of four awards for Best Jazz Vocal Performance, Male , surpassing Harry Connick Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the album, see Bobby McFerrin album. American jazz vocalist and conductor.

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Retrieved July 1, Carl Anthony Online, October 13, Retrieved November 12, Retrieved July 15, Don't Worry, He's Happy". Retrieved May 29, National Public Radio. Retrieved June 14,