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The original Angels Flight was a conventional funicular , with both cars connected to the same haulage cable. Unlike more modern funiculars it did not have track brakes for use in the event of cable breakage, but it did have a separate safety cable which would come into play in case of breakage of the main cable. It operated for 68 years with a good safety record. During operation in its original location, the railroad was owned and operated by six additional companies following Colonel Eddy. Robert W. Moore, an engineer for Continental Securities, purchased Angels Flight in In Lester B.

Moreland's family purchased Byron Linville's interest in the Railway, becoming sole stockholder. The following day the dismantling began and the cars were hauled away to be stored in a warehouse.

The railroad's arch, station house, drinking fountain, and other artifacts were taken to an outdoor storage yard in Gardena, California. The only fatality that involved the original Angels Flight occurred in the autumn of , when a sailor attempting to walk up the track itself was crushed beneath one of the cars.

In November , the Beverly Hills Parlor of the Native Daughters of the Golden West erected a plaque to commemorate fifty years of service by the railway. The plaque reads: [16]. Built in by Colonel J. Eddy, lawyer, engineer and friend of President Abraham Lincoln , Angels Flight is said to be the world's shortest incorporated railway.

The counterbalanced cars, controlled by cables, travel a 33 percent grade for feet.

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Each story is written by a different author, but illustrated by the same artist. As you look upstream you can see the lazy wide Zambezi River as it meanders along its course. Selected filters. Shearwater Helicopter circling over the Falls. The other three are plagued with awful dialog and fail to keep up with the beauty of the art. The Victoria Falls region receives seasonal rainfall, and therefore the amount of water flowing over the Victoria Falls changes drastically.

It is estimated that Angels Flight has carried more passengers per mile than any other railway in the world, over a hundred million in its first fifty years. This incline railway is a public utility operating under a franchise granted by the City of Los Angeles. Los Angeles was early in enacting preservation laws, and the first sites chosen each were "considered threatened to some extent," according to the history of the board, now the Cultural Heritage Commission.

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The railway was closed on May 18, [17] [18] [19] when the Bunker Hill area underwent a controversial total redevelopment which destroyed and displaced a community of almost 22, working-class families renting rooms in architecturally significant but run-down buildings, to a modern mixed-use district of high-rise commercial buildings and modern apartment and condominium complexes. Olive Street, Los Angeles.

“The Flight of Angels” aptly refers to the Helicopter Flights over and around Victoria Falls.

At this location the Kastners maintained "The Bandstand," a private museum. The Bandstand featured antique coin-operated musical instruments where one of the cars Sinai was on display in the museum. Olivet was stored in the garage of the building. They were stored at this location for 27 years at no charge in anticipation of the railway's restoration and reopening, which according to the city's Redevelopment Agency, was originally slated to take place within two years.

After being stored for 27 years, the funicular was rebuilt and reopened by the newly formed Angels Flight Railway Foundation on February 24, , half a block south of the original site.


As rebuilt, the funicular was 91 meters Car movement was controlled by an operator inside the upper station house, who was responsible for visually determining that the track and vehicles were clear for movement, closing the platform gates, starting the cars moving, monitoring the operation of the funicular cars, observing car stops at both stations, and collecting fares from passengers.

The cars themselves did not carry any staff members. On February 1, , Angels Flight had a serious accident that killed a passenger, Leon Praport age 83 , and injured seven others, including Praport's wife, Lola. The accident occurred when car Sinai , approaching the upper station, reversed direction and accelerated downhill in an uncontrolled fashion to strike car Olivet near the lower terminus.

The National Transportation Safety Board NTSB conducted an investigation into the accident and determined that the probable cause was the improper design and construction of the Angels Flight funicular drive and the failure of the various regulatory bodies to ensure that the railway system conformed to initial safety design specifications and known funicular safety standards.

Unlike the original, the new funicular used two separate haulage systems one for each car , with the two systems connected to each other, the drive motor, and the service brake by a gear train ; it was the failure of this gear train that was the immediate cause of the accident since it effectively disconnected Sinai both from Olivet' s balancing load and from the service brake.

There were emergency brakes that acted on the rim of each haulage drum, but due to inadequate maintenance, the emergency brakes for both cars were inoperative, which left Sinai without any brakes once its physical connection to the service brake was lost. Contrary to what might be expected, the new funicular was constructed with neither safety cable nor track brakes, either of which would have prevented the accident; the NTSB was unable to identify another funicular worldwide that operated without either of these safety features. Records indicate that the emergency brake had been inoperative for 17 to 26 months due to the fact that a normally closed hydraulic solenoid valve had been placed in a location where the design called for a normally open valve and that its ill fitted solenoid was burned out.


During the 17 to 26 months that the emergency braking system was not operating, the braking system was tested daily, but since the service brake and emergency brake were tested simultaneously, there was no way to tell if the emergency brake was functioning without looking at the brake pads or hydraulic pressure gauges during the test. The test was always performed with the Sinai car traveling uphill, which meant that when the power was cut and the brakes applied as part of the test , Sinai' s momentum caused the car to continue moving uphill a short distance slackening the cable and then to roll back from gravity, jerking the cable tight.

If the emergency brakes had been functional, they would have caught Sinai when the cable snapped tight, but without the emergency brakes, the force of the jerk caused by the daily test was directed through the spline the part that failed and to the service brake. In addition, it was found that the original design called for the spline to be made of AISI steel on one drawing and of AISI steel on a different drawing, but it is unlikely that this ambiguity in the design contributed to the accident.

Continued testing could have resulted in an inspection to locate the cause of the unusual wear. Besides the design failures in the haulage system, the system was also criticised by the NTSB for the lack of gates on the cars and the absence of a parallel walkway for emergency evacuation.

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The funicular suffered serious damage in the accident. The death and injuries could have been avoided if any one of the following had taken place: [21]. On November 1, , both of the repaired and restored Angels Flight cars, Sinai and Olivet , were put back on their tracks and, on January 16, , testing began on the railway. The new drive and safety system completely replaced the system which was the cause of the fatal accident.

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Like the original Angels Flight design and most traditional funicular systems, the new drive system incorporates a single main haulage cable, with one car attached to each end. Also like the original design, a second safety cable is utilized. To further enhance safety, unlike the original design, each car now has a rail brake system, as a backup to the main backup emergency brakes on each bull-wheel. Another added safety feature is an independent evacuation motor to move the cars should the main motor fail for any reason. Angels Flight reopened to the public for riding on March 15, The local media covered the event with interest.

The cost of a one-way ride at that time was 50 cents, 25 cents with TAP card. Private Charters Private helicopter charter flights are available on request. Medical Air Rescue Service to provide medical evacuations and cassevacs when called upon in emergency situations in the outlying areas of Victoria Falls. This includes landing in the Batoka Gorge and Zambezi National Park to attend to accidents and to ferry injured persons to medical facilities in Victoria Falls or Hwange km if needed.

This requires us to be constantly training with the M. Should your flight be disrupted due to a medical emergency, your flight will be re-scheduled. If this is not possible you will get a full refund on any payments made.

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