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And most of all I love how he loves Eve.

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These books would not be as amazing without them. Peabody is fantastic. I loved her storyline in this one. She is makes me laugh. Mavis is a whirlwind. It is so fitting that she is Eve's bff!


Feeney is just Feeney. His dry sense of humor is spot on and the bag of nuts!! LOL Summerset keeps changing. Even if it is just a little bit. The exchanges between him and Eve are priceless.

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They really love each other. I am sure of it. He is rather sweet too. Mira is someone special. Her relationship with Eve warms my heart. And the list goes on. The writing was fabulous as always. View all 5 comments. Jun 08, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , kindle-la-city.

Are serial killers born or are they made? In "Imitation in Death" out killer was made.

He is also not very original in that he has chosen to recreate the masters of the craft starting with Jack the Ripper. He calls out Eve with a handwritten note on extremely expensive unrecycled paper. The hunt is on and Eve has four really great suspects and everyone has a different favorite for "Jack". But, Eve knows, she just. How to prove it is going to take everything Eve, Roarke and the team h Are serial killers born or are they made?

How to prove it is going to take everything Eve, Roarke and the team have. Great mystery and high suspense in a case that touches Eve deeply. Robb does it again Seventeen books in and this series is still going strong!! It never gets old for me and it just keeps getting better.

Imitation in Death (Audiobook) by J. D. Robb |

Roarke and Eve are so comfortable in their relationship, it makes me smile. I love the way they tease each other, Eve comes off as so aloof and annoyed, all the while loving it when Roarke irks her into submission. The passion and desire they have for each other gives me the warm fuzzies. On this particular case Eve brings Roarke on board as a co 5 Stars! On this particular case Eve brings Roarke on board as a consultant and whenever that happens it just adds a little extra to the read. The more Roarke Along for the ride are the crazy love birds, Peabody and McNab, Eve's rock Feeney, and the lovely Dr.

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All that and another amazing plot, with a psychotic killer, tense moments, as Eve whittles away at the clues to find justice for the victims!! Susan Erickson is phenomenal as the book's narrator. She nails the voice for each character, and injects the right emotion and inflection, making an already thrilling read May 30, Breann rated it it was amazing Shelves: sci-fi-romance , established-couple , favorite-heroines , 1-mg-read , gimme-the-next-one-now , mf , police-military , romantic-suspense , favorite-couples , rrrc-challenge.

Gawd, this was good. I was guessing right up until the end. The last chapter was simply amazing. Peabody is still my 1 girl. A killer imitating serial killings and a sneaky one at that. I enjoyed it. I've missed Eve and Roarke. She-Body can justify eating anything! Love the donut scene. I should also mention a murderer is imitating the crimes of some of the most famous serial killers.

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And he is challenging Eve to catch him. Another great read by Robb! Imitation in Death 4. With several suspects to choose from, Dallas and her team will have to use all of their skills and wits to narrow the field before the monster strikes again. The best book in the series so far, but then I have a Jack the Ripper fetish, lol!

In terms of the case, my preference is for those with several suspects and cl Imitation in Death 4. In terms of the case, my preference is for those with several suspects and clues that the reader can follow in an attempt to determine who-dun-it rather than those in which the perpetrator is revealed up front or the mystery takes a back seat to the character development, i. Imitation in Death is one such investigation and it is very well done.

The characters in Robb's book are always a delight. Whether it is the amazingly sexy Roarke or Peabody's and her sarcastic one-liners or even the despicable villain, the people who populate the books are incredibly real and never trite or one-dimensional. Add to all this the laugh-out-loud humor although I do wonder what it says about me that I find the descriptions of Eve threatening to commit grievous bodily harm so amusing , and this is a virtually perfect installment. Jul 23, Lauren rated it it was amazing. Peabody also goes after her detective Shield not realizing that means Eve will no longer need an aid.

Another great story with great characters. That being said, I had to laugh softly when one of the most polluting country on Earth was posed as the recycling champion. One can always dream Aww, the ending was just perfect! An unsub emulating famous serial killers has challenged Eve to catch them. Challenge Accepted. There were several viable suspects; a long nuanced procedural. May 12, Kara-karina rated it it was amazing. This book is a case of solid police work and some delightful banter between Peabody and Eve concerning relationships.

It totally made me giggle. The series continue to be utterly captivating, and it's the developing character arc that I find so irresistible. Mar 30, Aly is so frigging bored rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , action , audiobook. Dec 24, Anna rated it really liked it. Great story with multiple suspects, gory details and witty banter. Jul 06, Jerry B rated it really liked it. Strong police procedural highlights 17th Eve Dallas!

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Imitation in Death book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Summer, A man wearing a cape and a top hat approaches a. Editorial Reviews. Review. Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas encounters one of her most difficult cases in this latest offering from J. D. Robb, alter ego.

We continue to be astounded at the publishing pace of Nora Roberts. Eve Dallas stories, written as "JD Robb", keep coming at the rate of one or two a year. In Death" series, is not the emotional blockbuster of the just prior two "Purity When a licensed companion that's a "hooker" in year parlance is found brutally murdered in the style of Jack the Ripper, followed in quick succession by the killing of a popular female apartment dweller, slain Boston Strangler style, it doesn't take the two notes recovered from the bodies, on unusual stationary, to clue any of us that a vicious copycat serial killer is on the loose.

When it turns out the notes are addressed to Dallas personally, it's also clear that she herself is probably on the intended hit list, providing immense worry to her billionaire but loving husband Roarke. His role in this novel, as in many of the prior tales, is one of Eve's crime-solving sidekick, along with faithful aide Officer Delia Peabody. Fortunately, the notepaper provides a small roster of immediate suspects, but Robb cleverly keeps us guessing, 'til like ten pages before the end, which of the half dozen users of the stationary might be the real sicko. While a sub-plot of sorts involves Peabody's trials and tribulations getting ready for her detective's exam, the storyline is very much ala Ellery Queen in terms of clues, follow-up, and solid police work.

Eve's intuition serves her well, but her assembling and processing of the clues is flawless as she gradually zeroes in, then sucks in, the bad guy. Eve's hardships as an abused young girl, and her husband's often "shady" background provide the usual backdrop to much of the motivation of the principals.

Their marital relationship is always a subject of both display and discussion. Meanwhile, Peabody's moving in with McNab, another regular, provides a foil in "examining" the nature of adults living together. We're still big fans of the whole set, and at the point when many similar ongoing character series novels have long gone stale, find continued enjoyment in Dallas' pursuits.

We think you will too! Summer of was a mean and murderous bitch who showed no sign of lightening her mood. Eve has a pool of suspects that range from a famous musician to a British diplomat to a true crime writer. With the very first victim, Eve realises that the killer stalking the streets of New York City isn't a run-of-the-mill serial murderer. The copycat executions are imitating the methods and victim choices of an ominous list of notorious serial killers, beginning with Jack the Ripper. And when the killer leaves a distinctive note at the crime scene, it's clear that he's targeting Eve personally--a fact that worries Roarke, Eve's shrewd husband.

Assisted by her aide, Peabody, Eve compiles a list of suspects that includes several high-profile possibilities. Also available as: Audiobook. Not in United Kingdom?

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Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. As Lieutenant Eve Dallas stood over what had once been a woman, she wondered when she would see worse than this. The worst murderers in history and a new madman's inspiration. In the lost hours of the night a man in a top hat and swirling cloak leaves horror in his wake and a note to Eve Dallas, signed simply: Jack. More murders follow and Eve quickly realises the killer's deadly game of imitation. But facing this calm and menacing presence, with a trail running through London, Paris and LA, Eve struggles to keep her focus.

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