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Price: Rs. Description Specification Reviews 0. Book Description: Tales of heroism invariably create a deep impression on the minds of children. Thus, we have selected the life stories of some famous characters from our own mythology, which is replete with stories of valor, wisdom and values. He is a nine year old who lives in the fictional town of Dholakpur, and gets his superpowers from laddoos.

Together with his buddies Raju, Chutki and a talking monkey called Jaggu, this little hero, fashioned on the lines of the Mahabharata's gentle giant Bheem, fights the baddies, helps the poor and saves his village from all kinds of impending doom and perils. Ever since he appeared on Indian television in in the Chhota Bheem series on Pogo, he has been the ultimate junior hero. Now, the animation industry will see a first-of-its-kind 3D animation feature based on the character, titled Chhota Bheem and Kung Fu Dhamaka.

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Little Heroes is a series of children books introducing important personalities from six booklets: Prahlad, Luv Kush, Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha and Bheema. About the Story The story of little Bhima is a Part of the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. He was the second among the Pandava brothers, and the strongest of all!.

But here, we have a character who resonates with the popular Indian mythology and stands for everything good and courageous," says Mohan. There is no point for me to narrate Mahabharata story from Pandava's side as it is well-known.

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Story was narrated Epic - Mahabharata is so vast that one can write a complete novel on its characters individually. Story was narrated in first person like Bhima is reliving it. For those who have thought Bhima was a mindless fighter to aid Yudhisthira, story tells how he would have felt about that opinion. View 1 comment. Jan 10, Dhivya Balaji rated it really liked it. But of late, there have been too many books giving alternative views on some 'lesser known' characters. This made me a little ambivalent about taking this book up.

But what actually convinced me was the cover. Simple, impressive and somehow saying a lot more about the story.


The summary was another positive factor that piqued my curiosity enough to pick this book up. But from the prologue, there was no turning back. To everyone who had read or heard about or even simply heard spin offs from the Mahabaratha, Bhima exists as a part of a whole unit. Yes he was strong and sturdy, a gluttony brute. And he killed Duryodhana, sired children with Rakshasis, and most important of all, was a simpleton, sandwiched on both ends by a righteous, goody two shoes upholder of Dharma, Yudishtra and an adventurous, talented, famous archer Arjun on the other.

Beyond these obvious facts, we know very little about Bhima. This book thankfully takes up the task of telling us readers about the little known in depth life of Bhima as an individual who had a name and heart and mind of his own. It is narrated in first person and tries as much as possible to narrate everything that happened in his life in a chronological order without missing many things. The book surprised me for the better. Having always read about Bhima as a strong man, I was as surprised as Draupadi to realise that he could be gentle and have a thoughtful mind too.

It is not that these two qualities really do not go together, but Bhima had always been praised for his brute strength and never much for his wit and intelligence. But when he gave love advice to Draupadi after the love of her life Arjun brought home Subhadra, and when he insisted Subhadra just smile at him in welcome instead of touching his feet, we know of a Bhima who is kind, gentle and mature enough to hide the pain of his cold rejection at the hands of Draupadi and console her instead of hurting her back when he had the chance.

Not only there. In this riveting first person account, we get to know about some lesser known branching stories of the Mahabharatha - a life that was exclusively Bhima's. We know of Hidimba and Hidimbi, of his experiences in cooking, of the way he treats the women in his life and of his first ever account with a Naga. The strength of the narrative lies in the self deprecating casual tone of the character that is Bhima.

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He seems to be always jealous. Continue shopping. More Details He suggested that Bhima and Sahadeva should stay behind at Gangadwara with Draupadi. SapnaOnline offers Free shipment all across India for orders above Rs and Global Shipment at the most economical cost. Bhima, The man in the shadows, does not offer a prototypical perspective.

If the author had tried to glorify a hidden warrior pushed to the background by his more illustrious brothers and cousins, it would not have worked well for me. But the author has managed to talk about Bhima in what are written as his own words. The honest assessments he makes about himself endear reader to the surprisingly multifaceted character that is Bhima. And yes, I still call it surprising because we have all been inadvertently conditioned to think of Bhima in a particular way.

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This book will surely change all that. But the book does have its shortcomings. Even while talking about the very human emotions of lust, jealousy and envy, Bhima is made out to be someone who feels all this in excess and reminds himself to control those wayward thoughts. In the way he lusts after Draupadi and then realises his folly or in the place where he always feels jealous of Arjun but quickly chastises himself, I get a Draco Malfoy-esque feel oh yes, in his irritation about 'Potter' without the malicious intention.

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But Bhima as an emotional sensitive man has many chances to explain his side of the arguments effectively. A style that was a mild irritant for me all through the book was the modern language that didn't somehow fit the mythology theme. Agreed that the book's aim was to make the character of Bhima relatable, but the usage of modern slang language did not go well with what we surely know is a story set thousands of years, even eons ago. This is not a deal breaker but might seriously offend some purists - along with the detailed description of lustful scenes.

Overall, a nicely written clear book about a man who was forced to remain in the shadows. The first person narrative did it! This goes to show just how strong unrequited love could be. Go for this book if you really like mythology stories talking about the alternative perspective. But if you have read too many of them already, the contradictions might just make you pull your hair out in frustration. This is a book I really enjoyed reading. This might not be the only 'official' version of the other side of Bhima, but it surely is one amazing read. View all 3 comments.

Oct 28, Pankaj Goyal rated it liked it. Indian mythology constantly attracts Indian readers. I do not know about the others but it always attracted me.

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I will always pick up a book based on Indian mythology if you ask me to choose between a book based on Indian mythology and any other book. Nonetheless, at the same time, there are a few characters in Indian mythology that don't make any kind of energy in my brain. And, Bhima, one of the well-known characters from Mahabharata, is one such character. The explanations behind this a Indian mythology constantly attracts Indian readers. The explanations behind this are hard to clarify.

Actually, I myself don't have the foggiest idea about the reason.

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My reasons for accepting this book for review were clear. I truly wanted to change my perception of Bhima. And, I believed this book will change my point of view on Bhima. Bhima: The Man in the Shadows by Vikas Singh puts Bhima on the focal stage with all other noteworthy characters from Mahabharata playing around. The book also brings into focus the character of Draupadi.

The book also uncovers a few lesser-known characters. As a result, the readers get a chance to hear an interesting story which was somehow hidden in original quiet spaces of the Mahabharata. I must say that this book has been successful in bringing out the story of Bhima with some remarkable force. We come to know Bhima as an inquisitive child, a sacrificial sibling, an enthusiastic and caring spouse and a most protective father and uncle. The book even throws light on various faults of this great warrior. Now, let us turn our attention to some other aspects.

Does this book give a chance to pause and lead towards level headed discussion? Or, does this book toss a light on any philosophical point of view because Mahabharata is full of philosophies?

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To be completely forthright, in those aspects, the book under review does not satisfy you. However, as I already told, this book is not by any stretch of the imagination a point of view book. It is a re-telling where Bhima lies at the core of it. It is a quick reading and worth an excursion down the world of fond memories of your most loved epic. The language in the book flows smoothly and the construction of the dialogues has also been done well. Pace of the storyline is good. Emotional scenes also evoke emotions in you. However, the author has used sexual scenes at a number of places in the book.

While sex sells whether it is in a book or in a movie, its utilization ought to be minimized while recreating mythology-based books. At last, I would simply say that it is certainly an exciting read. And, yes, this book did change my perception about Bhima. My fascination for Mythology keeps drawing me towards books related to the subject. The epic of Mahabharata is one such story that every Indian never gets bored of. So how can I? This book focuses on one character from Mahabharata.

Bhima, the mighty warrior who is powerful, focused, loyal, abides by dharma and yet somehow shadowed.

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Much of the narrative revolves around Bhima's passionate love for Draupadi which she is never able to understand or perhaps, ignores throughout their life. There are My fascination for Mythology keeps drawing me towards books related to the subject. There are stories which I already knew but I never saw them through Bhima's perspective.

These perspectives create a whole together new image of Bhima. After a few chapters, one tends to develop sympathy towards Bhim who does so much for his brothers without any complaints and passionately loves Draupadi hoping for just an ounce of love and care from her. It's heartbreaking to read. There is a certain charm in the writing style. The language is like laminar flow of water. It is soothing, smooth and engaging. It's been quite a while since I read a book written so beautifully.

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I hope the author continues writing. Author was inspired to write this book after reading Bhima by Vasudev Nair. That book is already in my reading queue which now I must take up for reading in coming months. Can't afford to miss that. This was quite possibly one of the worst re-tellings of the Mahabharat that I've ever read and I've read a lot! I was interested in the possibility of focussing on Bhima's perspective because it's never been done before.

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Unfortunately, the author squandered the opportunity to explore the complex relationships between Bhima, Arjuna and Draupadi. If only he had spent more time on that, and less time on trying to bring in unnecessary modern scientific explanations into the story, this may have be This was quite possibly one of the worst re-tellings of the Mahabharat that I've ever read and I've read a lot!

If only he had spent more time on that, and less time on trying to bring in unnecessary modern scientific explanations into the story, this may have been a much better book. I really didn't think knowing that the Devas were aliens, or that modern warfare was used in Kurukshetra helped this re-telling in any manner.

On some level, I think the author saw the gaps in his tale because he spent a lot of time addressing the likely criticisms through his acknowledgements section. Again, if he'd spent time on tightening his prose to address the gaps vs. Please do yourself a favor and give this a miss!