Spy and Squirrel

Spy and Squirrel
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Reports that they carried away something shiny were denied by the victim.

This story really isn't farfetched at all anymore. Before long, any "critter" might be a spy, or not even a real critter. Like this swift.

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I thought it was worth recounting my own experiences with squirrels as a warning to you all. Is that a squirrel in a chipmunk disguise? A chipmunk disguised as a Spy Squirrel?

Or is it really a dwarf groundhog made up to look like a chipmunk impersonating a Spy Squirrel? This confirms our suspicions about the pigeons drones near house!

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Iranian intelligence operatives recently detained over a dozen squirrels found within the nation's borders, claiming the rodents were serving as. Reportedly, some 14 implike squirrels were recently "arrested by Iranian authorities for espionage," as the critters were apparently found to have various amounts of "spy gear from foreign agencies" on (er, in) their bodies. Some reports even mention that the animals were sporting.

You never see a baby pigeon The animal are organiZing As great as this story is, here's a brief one that tops it--with theological implications, yet! It's from yesterday's Mpls Star Tribune as a sidebar to a long story about squirrels and how to deal with them Be afraid Does anyone know what Iranian squirrel taste like??

Does it taste like chicken lol???

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Maybe I'll barbeque it. By grrlscientist on July 25, I fixed the story to match the dates in the contest.

Keb The Story matches the dates just fine, have you been hitting the bottle again. There were no eyes in the glasses. Must be an optical illusion. No, full view clearly shows a persons closed eyes and human cheeks.

Squirrel Spies: a Nutty Story

It looks like human eyes in the glasses to me. In the source image, the person wearing the glasses had eyes wide open peering over the top of the glasses. What you are seeing is the line of skin below the eyes.

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