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The Talosians had abandoned their effort to capture and breed Humans as servants when Captain Pike and the others threatened to destroy themselves using a forced chamber explosion with Number One's laser pistol, a decision the atrophied Talosians had claimed condemned them to eventual death. Vina had declined rescue by the Enterprise , for a reason made evident at the end of the Talosians' presentation: the Talosians show Vina to be horribly disfigured, though their mastery of projecting illusions lets her live a normal life.

Spock's purpose in bringing Pike back to Talos IV was to enable Pike to live out the rest of his days in the same fashion; the Talosians are willing to "free" him from his wheelchair. The basis of General Order 7 , the capital crime forbidding contact with Talos IV, is also evident now: to keep Humans from learning the Talosians' power of illusion which would lead to their own destruction. Kirk then addresses Mendez, but Mendez suddenly disappears. The Talosian Keeper explains that Mendez's presence on board the Enterprise and on the Starbase 11 shuttlecraft with Kirk was merely an illusion.

Spock and the Talosians orchestrated events to keep the crew from regaining control of the ship too quickly. Kirk challenges Spock, saying that despite the harsh regulations, Spock could have come to him for help; alluding to Kirk's willingness to help his friend, no matter what.

Spock admits the reason he did not simply reveal his plan to Kirk was that he did not want to run the risk of subjecting anyone else but himself to the death penalty. The real Commodore Mendez, still at Starbase 11, sends a message that he too has received the Talosians' presentation. Uhura reports to Kirk that he has suspended General Order 7 for this occasion and directs Kirk to proceed as he thinks best.

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Pike signals to Kirk that he wants to return to Talos. Kirk needles Spock for a disturbing tendency toward flagrant emotionalism. Spock regards this as an insult and insists that his actions have been completely logical. On the Enterprise briefing room viewscreen, the Talosian Magistrate shows Kirk the healthy Pike and Vina walking hand-in-hand. I must also vote guilty as charged. And you, Captain? As charged.

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You asked me "why," commodore. You'll see your answer now. Spock, even if regulations are explicit, you could have come to me and explained. Mendez confirms this:. He's got you; whatever he's up to, he's planned it well. The court martial convenes, with Mendez presiding. He reminds Spock that, if the Enterprise enters the Talos star group, a further charge involving the death penalty will be held against him, a fact of which Spock confirms he is aware. Mendez asks Spock what purpose it serves to go to Talos, and with Captain Pike, given the severity of the penalty.

Spock asks if Mendez's comments are part of the record.

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Mendez says they are, and Spock then says he can only explain with the use of the viewscreen in the briefing room. Mendez's query has opened the door for any evidence Spock wishes to present, which Kirk believes is what Spock had in mind. Scott activates the viewscreen. On the screen, the panel views the voyage of the Enterprise to Talos IV under the command of Pike, thirteen years prior. TOS : " The Cage ". The astonishing video record is much more detailed than were log entries in those days.

Questioned by Kirk, Pike signals "yes," that it is he in the video, but "no," that such records were not made during the voyage. Spock will not explain how the video was produced, but reminds Mendez that viewing the video is necessary to answer the question Mendez asked him. Mendez says the court isn't obliged to view evidence without knowing the source, but Kirk insists on seeing more of it.

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The Menagerie, Parts I and II, are the eleventh and twelfth episodes of the first season of the American science fiction television series, Star Trek. Written by. The Menagerie, Part I title card. Spock fakes a message from the Enterprise's former commander, Christopher Pike, steals the vessel, and sets it on a locked.

Later, Mendez interrupts the presentation again to remind Spock they are in a court of space law and not a theater. Spock asks Pike if they are witnessing the actual events of thirteen years previous. Pike beeps "yes. Mendez calls the situation ridiculous and says it has gone far enough. Kirk votes instead to continue and hear the full story. Mendez votes not to continue and declares a deadlock, but Kirk points out that there is still one member of the trial board to hear from.

With that, Mendez asks Pike if the trial should continue. Uhura interrupts the trial with a message from Starfleet informing Commodore Mendez that Starfleet's subspace monitors show the Enterprise has been receiving transmissions from Talos IV in violation of Starfleet general orders.

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Anything anyone touches carries some trace of perspiration. Until next time. We can set you there completely unobserved. Garrison archive footage DeForest Kelley I know it is treachery and it's mutiny.

Spock confirms that the video presentation is coming from Talos IV. Starfleet relieves Kirk of command, and orders Mendez to assume command of the Enterprise , disabling it if necessary to prevent further contact. Mendez tells Spock that his contact with Talos IV has invited the death penalty: Spock has not only doomed himself but ended Captain Kirk's career as well. Spock protests that Kirk knew nothing about what was happening, but Mendez reminds Spock that a captain is responsible for everything that happens aboard his ship.

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Mendez then orders Spock to release the ship to manual control, and Spock respectfully declines. Mendez declares the court in recess.

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As everyone leaves, Kirk confronts Spock, asking him if he has lost his mind. Spock pleads with Kirk that, for his career and Captain Pike's life, he must see the rest of the transmission. Kirk orders the security guard to lock Spock up, and remains in the briefing room alone to contemplate the situation. The brain. And the brain is what life is all about.

Now, that man can think anything we can, and love, hope, dream as much as we can.

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But he can't reach out and no one can reach in! Me, yes. Fusion rifles got a major boost in the Season of Opulence, and The Epicurean is nothing to sneeze at. It's the only fusion rifle that can roll with Swashbuckler, which is an incredibly strong PvE perk. If you get one melee kill, your next few shots will melt whatever they hit.

Another of The Epicurean's strengths is how many good perks it can roll with.

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Range should be your go-to masterwork in PvE and PvP; if you want more stability, try a Counterbalance mod. If you haven't gotten the curated Threat Level shotgun from Scourge of the Past, Imperial Decree is your new best friend. As usual, range is great as a Masterwork, especially since the Imperial Decree has low range to start.

That said, extra handling can be real nice in PvE where range doesn't matter as much. Image credit: Bungie. See comments. Topics Tips. Destiny 2 Season of Opulence.