The Six Questions: That you Better Get Right, The Answers are the Keys to Your Success

Why Curiosity Matters
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Michell specializes in coaching individuals and teams to reach their highest potential by helping them define their purpose and passion. Today she continues to consult and coach hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and sales reps and students all across North America through live seminars and private coaching sessions. Through their careers, Julie Edmonds and Michell Smith have collectively coached tens of thousands of people and are well respected for their honesty and inspirational voices.

They have been committed to the development of people professionally and personally and have both been consistently recognized by their peers with numerous awards for their contributions to the personal success of other entrepreneurs. Each of them has personally conducted well over 30, interviews while recruiting for their sales forces and administrative teams, and between them, they have aided in opening over companies in the past 17 years.

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Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice Winter RV Tips Weather resistant rv plug. Do you need help with university assignment? Poor services can cost you a lot! Take the Self Improvement Tour. Login Help. By Julie Edmonds and Michell Smith. Average: 0. Your rating: None. Question Number One: How clear are you on what you want? Author's Bio:. Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Email Address:. Every year students emerge devastated because they listened to rumours about what was coming up.

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The truth is anything can come up. The papers are designed to be unpredictable. Rephrase in your own words when possible. Students tend to forget about what they put down on their CAO forms in the rush to study for the Leaving Cert. Porridge can be perfectly edible with some minor adjustments. Some fast ones include putting chocolate chips, bananas, peanut butter, or even molasses and strawberries on it. It takes the notion of inedible slop away and keeps you going all morning.

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The Six Questions: That you Better Get Right, The Answers are the Keys to Your Success [Julie Edmonds, Michell Smith] on *FREE* shipping on. Read The Six Questions Workbook: That you Better Get Right, The Answers are the Keys to Your Success book reviews & author details and more at

It releases endorphins in your brain that make you feel good about yourself, and it clears your head after hours of studying. None of the following things will be dictated by how you do in the Leaving Cert: where you live, who you marry, how often you marry, how many icecreams you eat in your lifetime; your overall health and well-being; the number of stones that work their way into your shoes resulting in you repeatedly hopping about on one foot to remove them; the amount of love in your life.

You are learning skills rather than rote-learning information. Record them onto your smartphone or iPod and listen on the way into school. Creative writing needs to be vivid and entertaining. The reader should have specific sights, sounds and smells in their minds-eye as they read your writing. Stream-of-consciousness style answers rarely achieve a good grade, particularly if you get stuck exploring one point in excessive detail. Points must be supported with relevant and accurate quotes. When you make a list with that heading for all three texts, you can more clearly see what they have in common.

You then need to find key moments in each to support your comparisons. And you should be comparing them all the time. Most people will write between seven and 10 paragraphs. Prepare your favourite poets well and you will be rewarded. They often show more than one acceptable method of solving a question. It is not possible to predict the allocation of marks within a question — the allocation can vary hugely and in unexpected ways.

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Like this column? Give a brief example of a time when you faced this, and stress that it worked out well. Look over the requirements for length, sources and background information, and remember someone will be reading of these over a couple of weeks in the summer, so make it memorable. Remember, not everyone can do everything. Stream-of-consciousness style answers rarely achieve a good grade, particularly if you get stuck exploring one point in excessive detail.

Break this up into five 35 minutes slots each week-night giving you just about two hours at weekend. Therefore you must keep up with the material covered in class. It is vital to know the exact set-up of your exam, how many questions, the wording used, etc. Time yourself to get used to the time restraints. There are five marking scales, with up to six categories per marking scale.

It will help settle your nerves on exam day. Of course if you prefer a sequential approach, do that. These questions have to be read very carefully. Try to understand the problem. Look at the information given. Jot down all the quantities given and what is being sought, ie, translating the English words into mathematical sentences. Often there is an equation that links the data you have with the data you require. The more practice you have from tackling different questions, the more confident you will become when you face a strange looking question.

You will often learn more by tackling it on your own for a while, even if you have to read the solution in the end. Also, if you solve a problem using a calculator, write out some or all of the steps taken.

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This is to ensure you get marks even if you make a slip. It provides a lot of useful information. Use it. You should perhaps study how the question is opened — the structure of the answer — keeping an eye on relevant quotations used. They show the layout of the actual exam and how questions may be subdivided in various sections. It is good practice to study a certain topic and then do out exam questions, keeping an eye on time constraints and sticking rigidly to them.

No marks will be awarded for information that is not relevant. In the filiocht section, if you are asked on theme, only on theme and not feelings or emotions. Whatever mistakes you may have made, will not be repeated in June. Remember, you will always learn by your mistakes. If you ran out of time in Paper 2 — a very long paper — you will need to adjust the length of time you spend on the various sections.

Know the picture sequences well as there are 80 marks going for this section. Practice asking questions.

6 Steps to Discover Your True Self

Students are generally better at answering questions than asking them. Also practise reading the poetry on a daily basis — with 35 marks for reading a mere lines it is worth more that the entire poetry or prose course. The examiner is there to help you reach your highest potential. Rich vocabulary is all about using a different way to say something. Listen to French, German or Spanish radio and record yourself to perfect your accent.

Once you have learned a topic, practice it out loud on your own. When you are more confident, practise with a friend or a relative. Aural exam. To raise necessity, always know whom you're doing it for. Ask yourself, out loud, "Who needs me to be on my A game right now? It could be your family, your team, your peers, your customers, your end users -- whomever it is that you have to perform well for.

Speak your "why" to yourself, out loud. To be a high performer, your job is to prime your mental ability to perform an activity well. To do that, you have to raise the necessity so you enter with a high level of intention, so you perform with excellence. High performers increase the outputs that matter. When Jobs came back to Apple, he stripped down the product line. Then he focused on increasing the quality of the products that remained.

5 Rules (and One Secret Weapon) for Acing Multiple Choice Tests

High performers are also more productive because they see five steps ahead, and align themselves to achieve each of those things. That finding changed the way I look at almost every project I start. What are the five moves? What are the five major needle-moving moves that will get me there -- and what are not the major moves, so I know the distractions to avoid? What key skills do I have to develop to accomplish those moves?

For example, before I started developing online courses I didn't know anything about video.

Six Tips for Successful Scripture Study

Technology wasn't a strength, speaking wasn't a strength, but I identified those skills as necessary for my long-term success, and I obsessively worked to develop them. What's interesting is that many high performers didn't know they were thinking in five moves; they did it unconsciously. They didn't realize they consistently identified the absolute must-have skills for long-term success and became obsessed about gaining those skills.

They just did it. Teach people how to think and you change their lives. High performers say things like, "Think of it this way" or "What if we approached it this way? But that's not all they do. Think of an influential person in your life.

CAO Countdown

Maybe a parent, a caregiver, a teacher -- choose someone who impacted you. They taught you how to think about yourself, or about others, or about the world, and they also challenged you to grow. Why was this person so influential? They inspired you. They pushed you. How did they push you?

Q9: What are your targets and goals if you are hired?

They always told you to be your best. High performers challenge the people they care about to grow. That's what makes the most difference where influence is concerned. We did a tremendous amount of research on courage, and we found that in the face of risk, hardship, judgment, the unknown, or even fear, high performers tend to do a couple of things.