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How do you stimulate trainee surgeons to train their skills more often?
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Alongside each dictator are their trusted Lieutenants, who will make player's lives even more difficult. Lieutenants are tough to overcome and will require players to devise special tactics. Finally facing and hopefully beating the dictator in the game is the high point of every campaign!

Missions are enemy schemes influencing the scenario from outside the currently contested region and play a vital strategic role, as they can modify enemy strength, recovery and mechanics in the game. Players will need to decide whether to split forces to resolve them or focus on the regional map progression and deal with the conditions set by the active missions.

Missions can range from helping wounded in a village, hijacking the local radio station or capturing a well-guarded convoy. As always, the risks and rewards need to be considered carefully.

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Enemies in the game come in different flavors and sizes, from the base Redshirt grunts to elusive snipers or deadly MG teams, each with their unique attack patterns and abilities. As the game progresses, these enemies get replaced with elite versions and become more dangerous. There is always the chance for a random bloodcat popping up in your sector!

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Rebel intelligence provides some information about how guarded each sector is, but you never know exactly whom you will be facing. Outnumbered and often outgunned you need your wits, skills and a plethora of weapons to overcome the opposition's troops.

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Each scenario represents a contested region made of sectors, divided into areas, that need to be liberated and may feature a unique objective as well. Capturing strategic targets will make your life easier, with mines that produce funds or villages that allow you to recruit workers and train militia. With 40 different sector maps there is always something new to discover. Terrain types in an area influence enemy and mercenary abilities, adding to the challenge further.

Hide in lush jungles or go close-combat in urban areas! You can build your own campaign or skirmish scenario and we will do community challenges from time to time to build scenarios based on specific premises. Endless challenges await! JA:TBG is a truly co-operative game playable solo or with up to 4 players, where you need to coordinate your team's efforts and skills to the best of your ability to free Arulco The game will come with printed versions of the rules and scenario booklets in English and pdf versions in German, French and Polish.

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Cards only have limited text and should be easy to understand. Take them up in new scenarios or incorporate them in you base campaign. Descend into new sectors, such as mineshafts and secret research facilities, that host new dangers and top secret tech-inventions like the Rocket Rifle and lasers. New rules for lighting can be integrated into the base game, bringing darkness and night-vision equipment to Arulco! The bucket does not stop here: If we reach the upcoming stretch goals, we will be able to get you even MORE gameplay for your greenbacks!

Want to help even more? If we manage to reach these nifty social stretch goals we will make the game even more attractive by adding the below to your game.


Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter finishes based on actual costs incurred to ship and is collected via our pledge manager system. This allows us to charge fairly for all backers and avoid a 'one size fits all' mentality to shipping. We will ship your pledges to several hubs around the world at our cost.

An enhanced remake of the original Binding of Isaac that features expanded gameplay, pixel art visuals, and a variety of other new additions - including full controller support and local asymmetric co-op.

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An all-new game to celebrate the original installment's release. The sequel to Legend of Grimrock expands from a single dungeon to an entire island. A reimagining of the s adventure game, Shadowgate. Released in for computers and mobile devices; it includes a soundtrack that was inspired by the NES version of the game, hand-drawn graphics, and a new set of puzzles. After a space explorer falls from orbit and is rendered either unconscious or dead, the AI system that runs his armour takes direct control of the suit to try and find her partner some medical help.


Daylight is a survival horror game powered by Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4. A tower defense style game where you play the evil villain protecting your castle from would be heroes using traps.

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A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share some of the best stuff on the web!. Underground Games is a collective of board game developers making games dangerous again. NEW: Jagged Alliance, Castle von Loghan.

Recreating the look and feel of late-'80s and early-'90s computer platforming games, MURI is a sci-fi platformer that puts the player in an experimental armor suit as they destroy an army of robots to discover the fate of humanity. An adventure game involving an aphid grub that must embark on a journey in order to rescue its companion. Journey of a Roach is an adventure game about roaches living in a post apocalyptic world in which all humans have been wiped out by nuclear war.

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There are no current plans to support any other systems. You will need a Wii U game console to play Underground. That is why we chose to develop our game on a commercially available, consumer grade video game console.


Cart Privacy policy Terms of use. What will you get? The laparoscopic controller including the playing field and two handsets, with a manual. Batteries for the playing field are included. What will you need in addition? A Nintendo Wii U game console. Any of the available consumer models will suffice. Two Wii Remote controllers and two Wii Nunchuk controllers.

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Sold separately at any toy store or ordered online at for instance Amazon. Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk controllers sold with the original Nintendo Wii game console are also compatible. The game. Any television screen or monitor that has an HDMI connection.

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Order information. Consumer orders If you would like to buy online using credit card or PayPal, order from our webshop here. Business orders If you would like to submit a purchase order for our laparoscopic controllers, please contact sales undergroundthegame. Effective While playing this spectacular puzzle- action game, players subconsciously train their basic laparoscopic skills, such as depth perception, eye-hand coordination, inverse movements and bi-manual dexterity.

Training Surgical doctors-in-training residents all around the world can play Underground from any location, even their homes. Affordable At Cutting Edge, we believe that training solutions should be reliable and affordable. Does this game really train laparoscopic motor skills? Where can I buy the game? Where can I buy the laparoscopic controller?