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Archaeology and the Historical Reliability of the New Testament
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There was one instance in particular when I make reference to an event that occurred on June 12, , not realizing that the day this comment was posted occured on the same date, June 12, , exactly 49 years later. Much to read and digest. Our Lord chooses those whom He wishes.

To say the least, a thorough thesis. The points are well delineated and well taken. An excellent representation of the historical argument for the existence of Jesus, without the religious hype so common in such representations. But that is not the only alternative. Alternative 1 is that the whole passage is authentic, written by Josephus.

Alternative 2 is that the whole passage is a forgery, inserted into Jewish Antiquities. Translations of what Josephus wrote include some early versions that were apparently made from a Greek version that did not contain the Christian alteration. Alternative 3: It is only partly authentic, containing some material from Josephus, but also some later additions by another hand s. Alternative 3, which is based largely on the evidence of the three translations mentioned under Alternative 2, has the support of the overwhelming majority of scholars.

The translations clearly reveal that some Christian s altered the Testimonium Flavianum as it is most widely known, in Greek. The article above spells out the three alternatives as follows: Alternative 1 is that the whole passage is authentic, written by Josephus. Reply to Joe comment 37 above : Thank you for your very helpful observations. Yes, Jesus certainly disappointed the first-century messianic expectations of Jews in Palestine who were cruelly oppressed by Roman conquerors.

This is the scandal of the crucifixion. Oddly enough, the fact that Jesus not only died, but suffered such an extremely disgraceful death, stands verified not only by the writings of Tacitus and Josephus—but even in the writings of his own followers. Even they, however, did not understand or accept this right away. When the fact of the crucifixion is given serious consideration, it is most remarkable that any Jews at all, let alone thousands according to the book of Acts, chapters 2, 3, and 4 , came to believe in him not long afterward.

Reply to Warren comment 36 above : Thank you for the link. I appreciate your patient defense of your work; of course there are always different approaches to any endeavor. Some long time back I got into a bit of a dust-up with the Univ. They took Mi — Who? Mi, WHO? Not surprisingly, my suggestion made not the least impact on their thinking. Today, we can pick up a book and start reading, even if it is about nuclear physics.

If that book had no separated words or sentences, no vowels, who could just pick it up and start reading? Today we presume universal education, but that is a very modern concept. It is catastrophic to interpret ancient thought in a modern context… and it is not easy to shed that bias.

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This was a very well-composed and thorough article. I am familiar with the names cited in the process of unpacking the subject. However, I still learned something in his discussion of the Testimonium Flavianum sp. Never really thought about the passage in 1 Samuel. Live and learn!!!. Jesus was not crucified.

Excellent article. I have mentioned some to these men to others but have been by certain people that is not proof. And they consider them selves intelligent. It is a generic name introduced by MOSES in the Torah, of establishing a truth, a judgment in the three forms Moses uses and Doctrine as used by Paul in 1 Corinthians 14 concerning two or three tongues with one translator or two or three prophets with one or the assembly judging.

That the Bible as an archive of eyewitness testimony governed by a schema of interpretation that seems to carry from the first to the last lawgiver where it is recorded internally at least that witnesses were intensely scrutinized before being allowed to present their positive testimony seems to put the Bible way above many of the ancient writings as concerning confidence in acceptation of these testimonies.

As far as any other credibility, Paul in 1 Corinthians 13 clears away the path for only one to be extant today by predicting the stopping of the marvelous sign gifts to the Jews Micah compared to John in a generation of 40 years of day years used at the time of the Exodus and the gift of prophecy being done away with consider 1Cor.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Since I have received various letters sent to my Book 1 of 3 in Bible Believer's Archaeology (3 Book Series). Bible Believers Archaeology - Historical Evidence that Proves the Bible [John Argubright] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Behold the.

Of course this is only a viewpoint of this geologist who uses the stereoscopic microscope that compares pairs of overlapping aerial photos that isolates each eye to focus on a common point and allows the brain to interpret from differing details of each point of focus even to the point of contradiction that gives us this stereoscopic or three dimensional perspective.

It is amusing to see how what could be interpreted as a valley when comparing single photos actually a mountain peak when the two or laid side by side and observed by the geological or forestry instrument. Thank you Lawrence. Your statements are concise and understandable. I find it interesting that so many commented that there are no Hellenistic writings that confirm the historical Jesus Christ yet they refuse to admit any Christian writings, most of which were Hellenistic. Most of our modern history has been written by people of faith Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindi, etc — including the Pilgrims, The Spanish Catholics, Anglican Priests even Atheists and Agnostics who believe with great faith in their position.

Do we reject their ability to report history on the basis of their faith, politics, bias, or lack of tolerance? We would have no history at all. Arguably, Jesus did not do that. This is a key criticism of the reliability and validity of the Testimonium Flavianum. Reply to Dawson comment 34 above : The ancient writings from outside the New Testament treated in this article, mainly those of Tacitus, Josephus, Lucian of Samosata, are evidence that the man Jesus, who was called Messiah Christos in Greek existed as a real man. In addition, these three all refer to his having been crucified.

These beliefs are thus beyond the scope of the non-Christian writings treated in the article. At the same time, my dear Unitarian friends are entirely free to believe otherwise. It is my understanding that Unitarian Christians have examined the evidence and concluded there was no Jesus, son of God, born of a virgin who died for our sins at the hands of the Romans to appease the Jews. Is it reasonable of me to conclude that you would opine there is no strength in their case?

May I have your opinion in your own words please? Reply to Wayne comment 31 above : I agree with quite a bit of what you wrote, I would like to just mention two ways in which discussions of the historical aspect of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament arise. For whatever reason, sometimes a person just wants to argue against sacred writings, and the discussion becomes a field of battle, not a mine in which one can search for reliable history.

In other instances, a person is sincerely facing difficult issues regarding the facts of history and wants to hear, learn, and test what is said in order to arrive at their own view. In the latter instances, historical discussions can be extremely useful. And, if you will, God can use just about anything to accomplish what he wants, for our good.

In a few instances, a person can shift in either direction. There may also be other alternatives that I have not thought of, but I wanted to mention these two. I started out in the opposite direction from the one I now take, and I am grateful to God and to certain people along the way whom he used. Reply to Dennis comment 30 above : Your basic problem seems to be more with ancient history than with Jesus. And if I may suggest it, perhaps you might read or re-read?

I will admit that there were no newspaper accounts, but there were no newspapers about 14 centuries before Gutenberg and the invention of moveable type, let alone modern paper instead of papyrus. Word of mouth was supreme, and that is precisely how belief in Jesus spread. It is to be expected that Roman historians like Tacitus and the Romanized Jewish historian Josephus had little to say about Jesus, and even then, they wrote about him only in passing. Tacitus wanted to revive the Roman civic spirit with his acerbic condemnation of unworthy leaders, and Josephus wanted to tell of the glories of Judaism.

Jesus, as they understood him, did not suit their agendas. Perhaps you should give him credit for having his own agenda generated by his profound love for others , and for following through personally, in the costliest way possible. True, you will not find busts and carvings made by Jews in Israel during the earliest days of the Christian church, because of the way they observed the prohibition against graven images—and it appears that the earliest believers from among the Gentiles followed the lead of the Jewish majority of believers in Jesus.

You seem to suggest that there were lots of Jewish-made images of their first-century human heroes, and somehow Jesus got left out. Well, in that culture, everyone got left out. You also assert that we know more about Tacitus than we do about Jesus. We have four first-century Gospels which recount a large store of information about the things you mention regarding Jesus, including much written by eyewitnesses—or Luke, who interviewed eyewitnesses—or, in the case of Peter, by his secretary Mark who wrote what Peter preached.

Have you found four biographies of Tacitus? I know some classicists who would love to read them—if they exist, as you imply. I await your reply giving publication information. Josephus wrote an autobiography did you know? I know of no biographies of Josephus, as you seem to suggest. Again, if you can find a few, there are lots of classicists who would love to read them. Do you actually know that no one wrote poems about Jesus during his lifetime? I suggest you read Luke chapter 1 for its songs about Jesus, chanted by Elizabeth, Mary, and my personal favorite, Simeon.

They are poems in the Hebrew style, without rhyme, but with truly beautiful—even thrilling—content. In this way, you deprive yourself of their beauty. Best wishes, Dennis. While with great care it is true that some reference to Christ can be found. But the references are much less than are found for Jim Jones or some other historical character. From the vast amount of information on historical events, the references to Jesus are almost inconsequential. I think this is good because people would have Jesus proven to them.

The followers of Jesus were followers because of the Spirit. Jesus becomes huge because of the Spirit and the historical Jesus is proven because of the Spirit. Otherwise Jesus is meaningless. This is because if one does not have his life, the life he brought, one might as well have never heard of him. There are busts and statues of both of them, but? Maybe because real people knew Josephus and Tacitus, just silence about Jesus. No newspaper accounts, no poems about him during his life, nothing written on walls or papyrus? No busts, no carvings?

The jesus the NT writers crafted the stories around to make him the messiah from the past, the redeemer is the one that is the legend, the myth. The text above says jesus was crucified for his own sins not ours or for preaching an unapproved message from an illegal religion. There were many preachers of unapproved religions who got crucified at the time, and we know more about them than Jesus. What have you Christians been doing all these generations?

Check out Egyptian in the Grand Canyon you fools. Jesus Christ is buried in America, and as you know Jesus Christ is a title name not the real name of our savior.

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Same with Prophet Muhammad is a title name, not the real name of the prophet. The Book of Revelation happen even before Christ and John was born. I know in my heart this is incorrect but can you explain to him and to his site that that is not true? Symeon upon making himself worthy to Gods presence. A second reply to Shumaila comment 25 above : Ms. Please accept this correction. This is the second of two replies to Markus comment 22 above : I also wish to respond to your first two points:!

Classicists are familiar with the fact that most ancient Roman historians, including Tacitus, did not reveal their sources. More to the point, elsewhere in his writings, as some classicists have observed, Tacitus notes when a particular historical assertion is in doubt. With characteristic brevity, he reported the facts as he understood them, quickly dismissing the despised, executed Christus from the Annals see Meier, Marginal Jew, vol.

Tacitus was in his early twenties when the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. Because he believed in the Roman gods, it would have been logical for him to think this mass annihilation occurred because the gods were angry. He would then have been very careful to keep a close watch on foreign religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Mithraism, etc. Reply to Shumila comment 25 above : Thank you sir, for your sincere comment. I am pleased to stand together with you, sir, in opposition to those who deny that he was a real man and that he lived on earth.

Despite their denials, the historical evidence for his human life on earth, in all the writings that I have mentioned, has never been refuted, and is, I believe, irrefutable. Sir,you went in to that detail regarding Jesus peace be upon him exist or not. But its not fair that You forgot to mention Holy Book of Muslims which proves the existence of Jesus Christ peace be upon him too.

We all Muslims believe him to be Messiah and we believe he is coming back. Glorious Quran says this about Jesus peace be upon him :. O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. So believe in Allah and His messengers. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs. The Messiah son of Mary was not but a Messenger, many Messengers passed away before him.

And his mother is a truthful woman. Both used to take food. See how clear signs We explain for them, then see how they are turned away. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.

Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible - Biblical Archaeology Society

Associates anyone with Allah,then Allah has forbidden paradise to him and his abode is Hell. And there is no helper of unjust. Sir the name of Jesus peace be upon him came 25 times in Holy Quran. The name of Mary peace be upon her came 32 times in Quran. Sir,for Muslims this prove is enough that Jesus peace be upon him existed and he is the Messiah and he is coming back. Glorious Quran says this about Jesus peace be upon him : O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs The Messiah son of Mary was not but a Messenger, many Messengers passed away before him.

Regarding your points 3 and 4, no doubt you would like to have me produce a list of recommended atheist writers and herald the glories of their writings which deny the human existence of Jesus. I simply find other writers to be more important than Carrier, and of course you are free to disagree. The fact that his books are more recent than others by his fellow deniers has nothing to do with their quality. This site, however, despite your apparent wishes, is not about the comparative virtues of atheist writers, but about evidence for the existence of Jesus.

Later this week, I plan to reply to your points 1 and 2, which are germane to the topic. A first reply of two to Markus comment 22 above : Regarding your points 3 and 4, no doubt you would like to have me produce a list of recommended atheist writers and herald the glories of their writings which deny the human existence of Jesus. It is precisely because he finds this story so ridiculous yet the Christians were admitting to it if they were his source that he would report it just as they relayed it.

Meanwhile, there is no evidence Tacitus did any fact checking of it, or that he even could have done so, much less would have wasted the countless hours needed to do so, to verify an embarrassing story that was already being conceded as true by the Christians themselves. I explained why there is no evidence for that nor any reason to believe it likely or even possible.

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You just repeated the same claims my argument refuted. You had plenty of space for a lot of citations and even lengthy comments in notes. There is no excuse for that. Popular articles should get the audience up to date on the latest research. Not decades old research that has been superseded or even overthrown since. If your path to faith was not via the Bible, no problem! Lawrence Thank you for a clearly informative article about the extra-Biblical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ.

This information is very useful for Christian Apologetics. I was saw Jesus come to me, talking to me and helping me. I saw it from my own eyes. The Jesus is really exist. Basil, in your comment, is there a desire to contend that overpowers a desire to learn the facts of the case? Only you really know. Experienced historians of the ancient world are normally delighted when they find any records, even if they were written centuries after the events—on the possibility or perhaps the likelihood that intervening writings which were later destroyed or lost carried the information to the centuries-later writings.

Perhaps you have heard of scribes and monks copying old manuscripts to create new ones,and then throwing away the old ones? It is not unusual for a leather scroll to be legible and useful one or even two centuries after it was created. I for one would be excited to read the memoires of an old Civil War soldier, even if it were written decades after the events recorded. In chapter 15 he presents the facts of the gospel. Verses 3 and 4 report:. During those 25 years, he had been transformed from a persecutor of Christians to a Christian evangelist, and he had already made two previous missionary journeys.

That puts his adoption of faith in Jesus quite a few years earlier, very close indeed to the crucifixion. Perhaps this very early, years-long series of events might make you reconsider. Reply to Basil comment 17 above : Basil, in your comment, is there a desire to contend that overpowers a desire to learn the facts of the case? Best wishes, Basil, Lawrence Mykytiuk. I believe Jesus was a great teacher, who came to help humanity and lift their minds, but he was also murdered by the reptilian evil. What we know now, is that absolute evil has been ruling this planet for thousands of years, keeping the souls of humanity trapped and recycled, in this dimension, the leaders of this world do not serve humanity, they serve the beast, the Devil and how this is done is through, the evil power elite who want everything, not only own all the land, all the food, all the water and everything they desire total power.

God gave us everything for free, they want it for themselves. Over the decades we have seen how most of the worlds wealth has been sucked out by these evil people. I and most of humanity hope Jesus will come soon, and help git ride of this evil. If Jesus was set up like most religions by a powerful elite, who wanted to keep us under control, then what hope does humanity have, It means this evil will continue, it means they will get their wicked way, Have their Leader the Devil as head of the New World Order as this is what this is, it means many people will be killed for not receiving the mark of the beast which is the electronic microchip, and people r already being chipped, because they are silly enough to think it is cool technology.

Any technology that is used against humanity must be destroyed. If there is no one to save us, then we need to wake up and take back our planet from these evil parasites. Humanity has been so trapped that is why it has been so hard to unravel this mystery. But what we know now and increasing numbers of people around the world are waking up to the fact that this planet is really in control of an evil sickening war mongering race of aliens known as the reptilians and history reveals, that they altered our DNA shortened our lives, from hundreds of years to what we are now, shut down most of our DNA so that we are no longer in touch with the creator, and for thousands of years, we have been trapped, in an never ending recycled to this planet life after life and we do not remember our past lives because they have set up a system where our souls are trapped and all our memories are erased, The need us to suck the energy.

Now when one does real research we can understand what has really happened. So how do we get free? Yes, we can have faith but we are going to have to fight for our freedom. I ask this question? Why would a loving God whose wishes is that humanity evolve on a spiritual level, allow us to have our minds shut down, and we never knowing the truth for thousands of years, it is only because of a higher energy coming to this world, and that amazing people are risking their lives to find the real truth, that we are able to uncover the true history.

I believe God and the gardeners of this world have taken leave and have done for a very long time, so the evil beings re the ones who have had control, we are now in the end times, which mean there are only a few years left if we are lucky, before everything is wiped out.

How Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Record

Otherwise Jesus is meaningless. It is refreshing to read such careful and nuanced writing, in which the author places the facts in order with impartiality and careful judgement. France notes that: The houses excavated at Capernaum were one-story buildings, with an outside staircase giving access to the flat roof. Free Newsletters. September 15, at pm.

But any other Jesuses who might have existed did not have a brother named James who was a leader of the early church in Jerusalem and was martyred. Only the one whom Josephus referred to as Jesus-who-is-called-Christ had this brother. These were some of the historical figures, including Jesus, whom he identifies very specifically.

It is clear that Josephus grew up in the same culture in which Jesus and the apostles lived. If anyone was qualified to deny the existence of the Jesus whom the Christians followed, it was Josephus. But instead, he mentions this Jesus as a historical person. Reply to Franck comment 13 above : I would like to respond to your last question first. You have said:. Consider the writings of the apostolic fathers of the church, who of course were believers in Jesus, but also leaders of many other Christians to whom they wrote and whom they pastored. The main apostolic fathers include Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp of Smyrna who was follower of the apostle John and was later martyred for his faith , and Justin Martyr.

I hope you take a look. Their writings provide fascinating views of the early and developing church. I plan to reply to your other remarks separately. Well thats pretty slim isn t it, it is a clear base upon myth are created. Isn t there anything more convincing? I mean, if jesus was a common name, wouldn t we have many Jesus real or invented doing diferent things and not being the same person? Especially as the jewish were seeking new leadership that would free them of the domination of Rome.

And if he won so many Greeks over even stating that the conversions were after his death, why don t we see any greek comment on jesus life? It wouldn t be the first or last case in history. Reply to Sidney comment 11 above : I hear your claims of inconclusiveness, but not a refutation of the evidence, particularly in Josephus, which the article presents.

The non-Christian witness is inconclusive. It neither proves that Jesus existed nor that he did not. The earliest account of the life of Jesus is contained in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus is a symbol of salvation, which is what the name Jesus means. He stands for whomever or whatever Mark sees as the instrument or embodiment of salvation at any given point in time. Mark does not appear to know of a particular person he lived at the time and place the Gospel is set. There is not one historical Jesus, there are many. I am a 19 years old ex-muslim Computer Science student from Turkey who have found Christ 1 years before.

This just made me even more sure of the existance of our Lord. God bless you. Here is the proof. Even Roman historians recorded it. Yes Jesus is on the right hand side of God his father and the hour is near when all creation will see him. God bless. Nadav, your perceptive comment really made me think. I completely accept your view that a person can be Jewish and a believer in Jesus. In fact, every last one of the twelve whom Jesus chose and called to follow him was Jewish. The earliest church, at the moment when it began in Acts chapter 2, was initially composed entirely of Jewish men and Jewish women.

The Jewishness of the early church was so predominant that a major question that had to be settled in the early church—at the council of Jerusalem Acts chapter 15 — was whether Gentiles should be required to convert to Judaism before they could become Christians. The Jerusalem Council affirmed that only faith in Jesus was necessary for salvation. This Council did tell them to avoid certain things, but in a way that makes their message seem more like advice. In the article above, Alternative 1 is rejected primarily because Josephus shows not the slightest sign of being a believer in Jesus anywhere else in his voluminous writings see Steve Mason, Josephus and the New Testament, 2nd ed.

In fact, Josephus mentions Jesus only twice—in his work titled Jewish Antiquities, books 18 and The above article and its notes take pains to describe several translations which reflect other versions of exactly what Josephus said in book Reply to Nadav comment 6 above : Nadav, your perceptive comment really made me think. Thank you, Nadav, for making me clarify this important question.

Allow me to demonstrate : Jesus is the messiah, he was crucified and rose on the third day. If I truly believe this with all my heart — what does that make me? A believer in Jesus! I am also Jewish. I will not forsake the rich jewish heritage and testimony of the old testament although I strongly reject modern day rabbinical Judaism.

And I will not reject the rich jewish heritage and testimony of the new testament! What more does someone have to believe to be saved. Should Josephus throw out Passover and celebrate Easter and call Sunday his holy day as well? Where in the new testament does it tell us to do these things to be saved. This argument is swallowed by most Christians because of their own flawed theology and because of the leven that has crept in. Where in the new testament does it tell us to do these things to be saved This argument is swallowed by most Christians because of their own flawed theology and because of the leven that has crept in.

Your own views regarding anointing, however, which you are certainly free to hold in your own context, are entirely different from the view presented in 1 Samuel chapter 16, where divine choice of the person to be anointed is explicit. I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king. In the ancient Hebrew practice of anointing, the choice of the anointed person to be anointed in order to assume office was always implicit and sometimes explicit. In the following verses, Jesse sent for the youngest, who was named David.

It is explicit and clear in this passage in the Hebrew Bible that those whom God had not chosen to be king were not to be anointed, but the one son whom God had chosen to be king was to be anointed. Of course, there were quite a few ancient Hebrew kings and priests, and these were anointed as an initiation rite, to assume office. So yes, there was a plurality of messiahs, or anointed ones, who preceded Jesus.

The Jewish people referred to this coming descendant of David as the Messiah. Thus the pre-eminent Messiah came to be viewed as one and only one person, and the Scriptural implication, taken directly from the Hebrew Bible, was that God has chosen the coming Messiah. Jews believe that he is yet to come, whereas Christians believe that he has come and will come again. The information in my first reply came from endnotes 4 and 5 above.

For other books on particular subtopics or sources, see the other endnotes. Steve Mason, Josephus and the New Testament, 2nd ed. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, A second reply to Daniel comment 1 above : The information in my first reply came from endnotes 4 and 5 above. Among the best of these specialized books mentioned in the endnotes is: Steve Mason, Josephus and the New Testament, 2nd ed. Reply to Daniel comment 1 above : Thank you for asking, Daniel. Almost all of the following books are available new or used less expensive from Internet booksellers. Your local public or academic library might also have some or all of these, and typically libraries appreciate suggestions for what books to add to their collections.

For more general coverage of both Christian and non-Christian sources, both of the following books are excellent and up to date: Craig A. Note: Thiessen and Merz make the important point that all evidence from all sources must be considered. My article above is intended to cover the non-Christian sources, so it actually presents only a relatively small part of the whole picture.

A somewhat older book that is still excellent—and on certain points actually providing a better perspective—is F. Another important book is Bart D. New York: HarperOne, It is largely based on New Testament data. Ehrman presents his case as a scholar of the New Testament. Best wishes, Daniel, as you explore this fascinating subject. This terrible, wrong assumption has led to thousands of years of political incorrectness, in as much as we have completely misunderstood the correct way to govern the planet!

This anointing is a purely physical and mental process intended to remove greed from the human psyche, nothing to do with being chosen by God, or elected by men. As such, there were many, many historical Christs and we governed this planet a lot better than the Romans or our present governments. Is there a book that contains all the info, explained above And there is such book where can I get one. This is a great article and is easy to follow. I appreciate that you left out pieces of evidence that, although would support your point, you could not be certain were authentic.

Thank you for your work on this subject. I believe there are a multitude of reasons to doubt Jesus Christ …. However if you have ever had a personal relationship with Him and watched Him change your DNA from the inside out then you cannot doubt …. You read it but then you can not believe the Truth in what you read!! Reply to 46, Ms. I stopped reading when the first answer quoted a sentence out of the bible… some people are looking for REAL answers. Physical evidence. If all every Christian can do is to provide an answer out of the bible.

Then there is no REAL answer to me. An answer outside of the bible would have a more interest to me. Reply to Rene 44 above : Thank you, Rene, for your kind message. Good guides, perhaps librarians or fair-minded scholars, can help in locating evidence. Without such a guide, it can take quite a while to find out what that most important evidence is. But even then, to experience long-term hunger for the evidence and for solid conclusions can ultimately be good for the mind and spirit.

Some years ago I was intensely doubting my doubts and searching a bit, when by apparently dumb luck I stumbled on some evidence that I found to be very convincing: Psalm 22, which was definitely written in Hebrew and translated into Greek well before Jesus lived, when compared with Matthew chapter 27, seemed to me and still seems, after considerable study to present not an airtight case, but a very persuasive one. I recognize that not everyone will agree, and that is simply the way it is. In the last analysis, you choose what to believe or reject, hopefully in a reasonable, fair process of investigation.

My sincere best wishes to you, Rene. This article is very timely. I am on the road to Non believing in God anymore, but it is articles like this one that keeps me away from crossing that bridge. You are a deliberate liar. Christianity is a fraud and it is now in the rubbish heap of history, Good riddance to mankinds most revolting episode.

Depois de ser enterrado, ele fisicamente ressuscitou dentre os mortos. O fato de que Deus o ressuscitou dentre os mortos mostrou claramente que Deus aprovava tudo o que ele fez e disse. When he was crucified, Jesus gave up his life as the perfect sacrifice for all our sins, suffering death in our place. After being buried, he physically rose from the dead. The fact that God raised him from the dead clearly showed that God approved of everything he did and said.

At his ascension, he was taken up into heaven, where he now sits at the right hand of God the Father, praying for us! For this gift of undeserved mercy I am amazed and forever grateful. But since not everyone believes as you and I do, when it comes to showing that Jesus was a man in history, we must rely on ancient historical evidence only.

Our statements of faith in Jesus are subjective and are made in the present, so they cannot count as evidence of existence of Jesus when he lived on earth. Big Hugs back to you. So, In summary sir , Which your opinion about Jesus, do you believes that Jesus lived and lives too,? A Big hug. So, In summary sir , Which your opinion about Jesus, do you believes that Jesus lived, and lives too? Are […]. There is a good overview of those sources here: Did Jesus Exist?

Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible — Biblical Archaeology Society Here is a man who was a cold case homicide detective who decided to tackle the Resurrection as […]. Commentaries on this letter sometimes observe that it has several of the same wise insights also found in the Sermon on the Mount Matthew chapters 5 through 7. John R. Stott observed that the James who wrote the letter might well have been physically present when Jesus first preached that sermon.

Simon, the big fisherman whom Jesus re-named Peter, became his follower. It turned out there had been two government officials named Lysanias!


In a tomb located to the south of Jerusalem were discovered several ossuaries, one of which contains what many scholars believe to be the bones of the former high priest Caiaphas and his family. Other scholars dispute the interpretation of this find. Indeed, we may have the ossuary of the granddaughter of the high priest who condemned Jesus. Ossuaries are particularly fascinating examples of archaeological evidence because they are witness not only to a cultural practice, but they can document the existence of named individuals, their familial relationships and even their religious beliefs.

On July 28th a team of Bulgarian archaeologists excavated a small alabaster box containing several pieces of bone from under the altar of the fourth century AD St. John and St. Ivan John the Forerunner Church were named. Another piece of evidence supporting the hypothesis that the relics belonged to John the Baptist was found 1.

John here on the 24th. John the Baptist, June One theory is that the person referred to as Thomas had been given the task of bringing the relics to the island. An analysis of the box has shown that the tuff box has a high waterproof quality and is likely to have originated from Cappadocia, a region of modern-day Turkey. The Bulgarian researchers believe that the bones probably came to Bulgaria via Antioch, an ancient Turkish city, where the right hand of St John was kept until the tenth century. In a separate study, another Oxford researcher Dr Georges Kazan [of the Oxford Institute of Archaeology] has used historical documents to show that in the latter part of the fourth century [c.

These relics were soon summoned to Constantinople by the Roman Emperor who built a church to house them there. Further research by Dr Kazan suggests that the reliquary used to contain them may have resembled the sarcophagus-shaped casket discovered at Sveti Ivan. Archaeological and written records suggest that these reliquaries were first developed and used at Constantinople by the city's ruling elite at around the time that the relics of John the Baptist are said to have arrived there. This gift could have been to dedicate or rededicate the church and the monastery to St John, which the patron or patrons may have supported financially.

John are found together with an inscription which just literally nails the conclusion and leaves no doubts. The results of three different scientific tests conducted on the human bones were consistent with the identification of the reliquary as being that of the historical John the Baptist.

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First, Oxford scientists were able to carbon date the knucklebone:. Oxford professors Thomas Higham and Christopher Ramsey attempted to radiocarbon date four human bones, but only one of them contained a sufficient amount of collagen to be dated successfully. We had suspected that the bones may have been more recent than this, perhaps from the third or fourth centuries.

However, the result from the metacarpal hand bone is clearly consistent with someone who lived in the early first century AD. Significantly, they identified a family group of genes mtDNA haplotype as being a group most commonly found in the Near East, which is better known as the Middle East today — the region where John the Baptist would have originated from. They also established that the bones were probably of a male individual after an analysis of the nuclear DNA from samples. However, the DNA we found in the samples showed damage patterns that are characteristic of ancient DNA, which gave us confidence in the results.

Further, it seems somewhat unlikely that all three samples would yield the same sequence considering that they had probably been handled by different people. Both of these facts suggest that the DNA we sequenced was actually authentic. Of course, this does not prove that these were the remains of John the Baptist but nor does it refute that theory as the sequences we got fit with a Near Eastern origin.

Third, Dr Lachezar Savov used modern medical scanners to make 3D images of the relics. Nevertheless, the accumulation of circumstantial evidence does appear to render the hypothesis plausible. When Jesus was on the way to be crucified, the Roman soldiers forced a man called Simon from Cyrene to carry his cross-beam cf. Matthew ; Luke Simon had sons called Alexander and Rufus Mark ; Romans In , Israeli archaeologist Eleazar Sukenik discovered a tomb in the Kidron valley in eastern Jerusalem. Pottery dated it to the 1st century AD.

The tomb contained eleven ossuaries bearing twelve names in fifteen inscriptions. Some were particularly common in Cyrenaica.

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Tom Powers comments:. When we consider how uncommon the name Alexander was, and note that the ossuary inscription lists him in the same relationship to Simon as the New Testament does and recall that the burial cave contains the remains of people from Cyrenaica, the chance that the Simon on the ossuary refers to the Simon of Cyrene mentioned in the Gospels seems very likely. For one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection.

Show us which of these two you have chosen to take over this apostolic ministry, which Judas left to go where he belongs. They chose Judas called Barsabbas and Silas, two men who were leaders among the brothers. As reported by Jerusalem Christian Review December online edition , Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a 1st century tomb in the mountainside off the Kidron Valley, containing ossuaries bearing signs of the cross.

The inscriptions identify the cave as the tomb of the Barsabbas family. Historian Ory N. This is years before any part of the New Testament was written, proving that the Scriptures are consistent with the archaeological evidence. Philip, one of the twelve apostles. Excavations at Hierapolis revealed a Martyrium believed to belong to Saint Philip. It was believed when the Martyrium was fully excavated the archaeologist would find the tomb of Philip.

Unfortunately, there was no tomb. Francesco D'Andria, director of the excavations, was surprised and disappointed, but continued the work in surrounding areas. Approximately 40 yards from the Martyrium, D'Andria discovered a small church. Inside the church they found a first century Roman tomb. Evidence indicates the tomb was built in the first century and the church was built around the tomb sometime around the beginning of the fifth century. D'Andria believes the evidence indicates Saint Philip's remains were originally placed in this tomb in the first century and remained there for over years before being moved to Constantinople.

James, the brother of Jesus, was martyred in AD Historian Paul L. In my opinion … it is likely that this inscription does mention the James and Joseph and Jesus of the New Testament. However, recent peer-reviewed scientific findings show that this carbon dating is unreliable because the dated samples were taken from a medieval patch. Archaeology adds to the cumulative case for the historical reliability of the New Testament by empirically verifying references to specific cultural practices, beliefs, places and people.

As Paul Barnett concludes:. It does, however, endorse the narratives at many points, especially in the case of inscriptions, which by their nature are specific. Here we meet characters secondary to the main story — the Herods, the high priest and several Roman governors. Moreover, through archaeology we are able to fill in background details that enhance the narratives in both the Gospels and in the book of Acts. Archaeological findings have confirmed that the texts of the New Testament are from first to last historical and geographical in character.

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