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How to make the classic pasta alla puttanesca
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Classic Pasta Salad

Cacio e pepe. Ten ways to take pasta to the next level. Ziti alla Genovese. How to make soffritto. Spaghetti alle vongole. Spaghetti alla telline — spaghetti with wedge clams. Spaghetti ai ricci. Spaghetti ai ricci di mare.

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Pasta e ceci. Minestrone di verdure. Pasta e ceci alla Romana. Want our most popular features delivered to your inbox? Thanks for subscribing We'll only contact you around once per week with our best features and seasonal recipes.

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Five amazing sweet snacks from Sicily.

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The pastiera: Italy's most festive cake. Valentine's Day in Italy. Introducing the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The two saints: Italian feast days in April. Filled pasta. Cook school confidential: cooking with pasta. Famous pasta shapes and their stories. Pasta power: a brief history of Barilla. Mushroom and ricotta cannelloni with Parmesan, brown butter and nutmeg. Chilli chicken pasta with red pesto sauce.

The Actor, the Diplomat and the Chef. Italian dessert. Vegetarian lasagne. Salmon and rocket pasta salad. Tortiglioni with chicken and lemon sauce. Fregola salad with roast spiced cauliflower, saffron, dates and olives.

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Sizzling prawns in chilli butter with orzo, herb and tomato salad. Duck ragu.

16 Classic Pasta Recipes Most Definitely Worth Mastering

As we get going, it will be a regular weekly feature: one of our favorite pastas for your delight -- every week. Check it out. Please take a look at our companion blog: www. We post to this blog periodically, so give it a look whenever you get on the site.

12 Classic Italian Pasta Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make | Martha Stewart

And look at some of the back posts -- like "negroni" for example. The legendary and incomparable Marcella Hazan passed away at age 89 at her home in Longboat Key on September I published her first cook book, "The Classic Italian Cook Book, " and we will be paying tribute to her genius in both of these blogs in the weeks ahead.

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Keep in touch. This comes in as "pasta as therapy". We recently finished some tough chemo and as a therapy during the sessions we found making pasta a wonderful way to get back to basics. We especially loved making garganelli see garganell i. The results are herewith. We used them with one of our tomato sauces Benedetta which we made last fall -- and froze, and it was all wonderful. The tool is handmade from terri mirri, see where to purchase.

We have been commended for having one of the best risotto presentations on the internet. If you haven't visited our risotto section, please do so! And we keep adding more gems to this extraordinary collection. There are many of us who would vote risotto as the greatest comfort food in western civilization.

And by clicking on "Risotto" we believe you will find superb instructions on preparing it and great tips, also, for the experts , and a wide variety of recipes. Tip: we have two versions of the classic risotto Milanese style. Would you like to be slightly more adventurous?

Are pasta salads healthy?

From baked ziti to bolognese, these 16 classic recipes will make you a pasta pro in no time. There are an endless amount of excellent pasta recipes. Our update uses a creamy Parmesan béchamel, in addition to a tangy tomato sauce, which together make for a super flavorful finished. Get beyond Bolognese: We have all the heavy hitters, the big names of pasta plus sauce.

Make your own tortellini, cannelloni, lasagne? Make your own egg pasta? The how-to sections allow you to do just that. Complete and de-mystified. Just want to add to your knowledge of all things in Italian cuisine? Click on ingredients : a thorough survey of Italian cheeses, and your Italian pantry of ingredients. A guide to take the confusion out of Italian wine? The best of Italian restaurants around the world.?

Library: the best Italian cook books for further exploration? This is classicpasta. These recipes will serve you well throughout the months ahead. H ere is a guide to what you will find at classicpasta. Thank you for the amazing and creative ideas! This is wonderful to have so many different ways to make pasta and I have all ingredients on hand, in fact some anchovies are waiting to be used! From the Beautiful NorthWest, Lisa. Thanks Lisa! Takeout menus are also on the fridge!

Love this round up of simple pastas. My favorite of the lot will probably be Arrabiata. I never thought of anchovies on pasta though. Love them in sambals, but pasta?!

All the Grilled Vegetable Recipes You Can Handle and then Some

Blanching fresh basil leaves before blending is the key to this vibrant, ultra-herby pesto. Grilled Tofu and Chicken Pad Thai. The difference between the two recipes is that the Roman version contains anchovies, whereas in Naples we don't use them. Five amazing sweet snacks from Sicily. Nothing can beat some quality family time up north! This vegetarian revelation balances the meaty sweetness of butternut squash with bitter broccoli rabe and a creamy sauce. Cook the pasta of your choice according to the pack instructions.

You just mince it up and it literally melts. Skip to primary navigation Skip to footer navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Subscribe to receive three free recipe ebooks Sign Up. Blog View Japanese Recipes Contact. These are simple easy pasta recipes that are classic Italian pasta dishes.

Never mistake simple for bland! Author: Nagi. Prep: 5 mins. Cook: 15 mins. Total: 20 mins. Mains, Pasta. Servings 6 people. Print These pasta recipes are simple Italian classics you'll find in trattorias all across Italy. For all recipes, follow the Base Steps then move onto the recipe specific steps.

Use the recipe slider to change the serving size. Meanwhile, prepare one of the sauces below. When pasta is ready, scoop out 1 cup of pasta cooking water, and drain pasta. Toss pasta until sauce thickens and sticks to pasta called "emulsifying" the sauce , 1 - 2 minutes. Use more pasta water if needed to loosen sauce.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. Finish pasta per chosen recipe. Add garlic and cook until golden - be careful not to burn it. Toss with pasta and cooking water per Base Directions. Toss through parsley and chilli flakes, serve with parmesan. Add garlic, stir until fragrant, then add the tinned tomatoes and chilli flakes, simmer on medium for 5 minutes.

Toss through parsley and serve with parmesan. Add garlic and anchovies, stir until the garlic is fragrant and the anchovies have melted.