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The charismatic , and sometimes provocative , Mollison continued to develop the concept by publishing several books , including The Designer's Manual , then a concise version , Introduction to Permaculture Meanwhile, Holmgren, remained somewhat in the shadows, tested the theory on his property , called " Melliodora" in Hepburn Springs. He re-emerged into the limelight in with the publication of Ten Years of Sustainable Living at Melliodora , which details his own experiences of life on a smallholding designed using permaculture.

In , he published the reference book , Permaculture - Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability , which quickly became very popular. If you research the history of permaculture and the relationship between these two men , you will come across people expressing strong emotions and opinions. Do we need to treat them separately , or are they complementary?

Permaculture One , the only book they published together in does not contain an explicit list of principles, but most of the concepts that were later included in the list of principles are described therein. For the principles but without the detailed explanations you will find in the books have a look at this page from the Permaculture Association. In , Holmgren released , Permaculture - Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability , in which he sets out and explains, with academic attention to detail, his twelve principles. They are set out here on his own site.

The subject deserves further study in order to be fully understood and applied correctly. Their sets of principles are quite different, yet complementary, and other permaculture writers and teachers have since adapted, added to and restated them. Permaculture principles, then, are not hard laws written on tablets of stone but they will provide you with a good initial guide to get you designing while you learn the underlying ethos of permaculture.

Sunday, November 09, Real permaculture My French always needs correcting and I lean heavily on the same friends for my articles, so I feel reluctant to ask for the blogs and, anyway, it somehow loses spontaneity. Posted by Stuart and Gabrielle at pm 1 comment :. Saturday, August 09, Finally, the barn renovation is finished.

As it got more and more busy and stressful towards the end, with not a day off for weeks and progressively longer days, we asked ourselves how we got into this situation.


We now have the opportunity to start catching up with a long list of things that have been ignored, like separating the sheep from their winter coats. Happily for me and him, the ram was particularly easy this year as the wool had already detached itself in several places. The belly neck and legs were already clean and with a quick whizz up and down both sides, he was shorn for another year. My latest forays into print are a couple of articles in the current edition of Les 4 Saisons du jardin bio about.

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Posted by Stuart and Gabrielle at am 4 comments :. Thursday, June 05, Where's Wally? Where's Wally? Last Sunday, on a sunny day he should have better spent relaxing in the warm bosom of his family, our friend Bruno generously gave up his time, his expertise and his personal recipe to help us trowel earth plaster onto the wall between the bedroom and the living area. This was smeared onto the walls with a float and, when it had dried off a little, polished with a dainty, handmade, flexible Japanese spatula. I left Gabrielle and Bruno to go and light the barbeque. As I approached, I heard the unmistakeable, heavy buzz of a bee swarm and looked up to see a swirling cloud of bees.

Fully absorbed in one task, with not a moment to spare for anything else, something presents itself, requiring immediate attention. We started the year with two healthy hives. At the beginning of April, we opened them up to mark the queens with a spot of paint and noticed that one colony was particularly strong. It was therefore likely to create new queens soon although there were no queen cells at that time. Now we had three colonies. A cast swarm followed, which we failed to collect and bee life settled down again.

We had no idea that the weaker colony had put on such a burst of fecundity and were ready to swarm. They swarmed onto the outer branch of an oak tree. I erected a scaffold tower, made all the more difficult as I was wearing full protective clothing on a hot day. I moved the scaffold tower and Gabrielle joined me at altitude to carefully remove the branch to which the buzzing ball of bees was attached. Seconds later, the bees started moving upwards to the hive entrance. While I was filming , much like finding Wally , I suddenly spotted the queen amongst the crowd, which was both exciting and reassuring that things were playing out as they should.


We watched her all the way into the hive. Back to the barbeque, lunch, and then the afternoon earth plastering. We now have four hives of bees and a beautiful deep orange wall. Posted by Stuart and Gabrielle at pm 2 comments :. Thursday, May 01, Why I have not been blogging for a while — excuses 7, 31 and b. To add to the usual excuses of being busy with our permaculture smallholding and barn renovation and distracted by writing magazine articles, I have recently started another blog.

They liked it so much they came again. They came as volunteers. Then as friends. This Christmas gone, they looked after our chickens, sheep and cats, which allowed us to leave together for a change to visit our mums in the UK. Soon after they got home, Clive fell ill. The shocking news is that he has a cancer of the brain, which, among other traumas has rendered him blind. Clive is a professional photographer and senior lecturer in photography at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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We quickly raised all the money we needed for that and Clive has asked that we put on an exhibition of his work and that of his students in both conventional and tactile images, so make accessible the world of photography to those who are visually impaired. I got carried away with Photoshop! As regards permaculture i. All the lambs are born, three Ouessants and a pair of Ouessant x Belle Isle twins. The barn renovation project has taken huge leaps forward since I last blogged about it.

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An article written by Patrick Whitefield also mentions us. I promise to carry on blogging here a little more often, so watch this space. Wednesday, February 05, Learning about permaculture. Search in books for definitions of permaculture and you will find many variations; permaculture means different things to different people. I think that worries some, who would rather add rules and regulations, checks and balances, to make sure that permaculture is the same wherever you happen to be, like a Holiday Inn hotel.

But permaculture is site specific, so why not person specific? Le vert de mai des feuilles est magnifique. Maison, 5 pers. Les Volets Vermeils is our sunny, bright and welcoming holiday home with secluded pool and garden in the heart of Codalet, near Prades. With an historic past, this year old traditional Catalan village house is the perfect base for your holiday. Three bedrooms comfortably sleep four people in one double room and two twin rooms, all with wonderful views, especially from the living room terrace which boasts a perfect view of the Canigou mountain.

We offer free wifi internet and each room is equipped with everything you'd need for a relaxing holiday. The garden is set in the walls of the old barn which is reached via a short gravel path and features a raised decking area, garden area and shady patio. The plunge pool is 3.

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Ce livre dénommé" Initiation au Jardinage Bio", est destiné à donner des bases indispensables pour connaitre le jardinage bio. Comment instaler son jardin. INITIATION AU JARDINAGE BIO (French Edition) - Kindle edition by César Bergonzi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

The pool is available from May - September and is heated naturally by the sun. We have tried to be sympathetic in renovating the space but this means we had to keep the bathroom downstairs and the garden area is reached by a little gravel path from the ground floor. The kitchen and bedroom 3 is on the first floor; bedrooms 1 and 2 are on the second floor; and the living room and balcony is on the 3rd floor. There is free parking in the village usually within sight of the house, but also a small free car park nearby.

Guests are welcome to use our bicycle for the short trip into Prades. Codalet is a typical sleepy French village but with all the amenities of Prades just a minute walk away.

There you'll find shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, the railway station, tourist information and a municipal swimming pool. From the top balcony in our house you get to watch all the goings-on directly below you in the square. There is a daily bread van to buy your morning croissants from and a weekly deli van to save a shopping trip. For information on the historic importance of the house, see our website giteprades for the story of the Jewish family who were hidden in the house during A moins de 5 mn il y a toute sorte de commerces ainsi que des boulangeries,restaurants,gare sncf et bus Chez Gil et Delphine.

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Petit appartement tout neuf. Ideal couple de curiste. Maisonnette entre ville et montagne. Petit village catalan, tranquille, proche de la nature, entre la montagne et la mer. Maison de plein pied. Chambre d hote. Centre thermal de Molitg les Bains et Vernet les Bains. Studio 66 wifi,calme, bains chauds randos proches.

Elle satisfera aussi bien les couples, les voyageurs en solo et les voyageurs d'affaire. Draps et serviettes fournis Petit dejeuner compris. Ma maison est situe sur les hauteurs de Prades. Le quartier est calme et vous pourrez stationner facilement devant la maison. Le petit village d'Eus.

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Et bien d'autres lieux touristiques. Grande salle d'eau. Tv avec TNT et Wifi. Serviettes et draps fournis. Charmant Studio tout neuf. Chez Mimie et Lulu, maison de village. Vous trouverez aussi un bar restaurant sur la place du village. Joli studio de 25 m2 dans la commune de Vernet les bains, station thermale, au pied du Canigou. Au calme, dans un village thermal.

La Casa Pau.

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