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The country has so far fared pretty well and the economy continues to expand despite worries about growth. I think we are seeing signs of it in the desperate measures being employed to nationalize companies which trade on market exchanges as private enterprises. And plans to rescue Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac breathe of a sort of corporate nationalism.

Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for the presidential nomination, is not the first U. Similar pleas to get rid of the Fed were made by Reps. The heady days of expansion are gone, replaced by a desperate fight for survival, in which once-powerful institutions have begun to disappear, with many more to follow.

The game is over, but the players remain on the field, shell-shocked, refusing to admit they have lost Will Europe Collapse Before the United States? Halt, Bankers! We Are the U. Government - Executive Intelligence Review, July 25, We're now in the biggest financial crisis since the s, since the early s: This one is worldwide, and it's more serious now than anything then.

And there is no attention, by either of the two putatively leading candidates now, to any of these issues! That is, what they're saying has no relevance to the cure of the problem which is crushing us, now. This last provision was a point of contention for Bush, who had objected to it, saying that it was aimed at helping bankers and lenders, not homeowners who are in trouble! Vi hanno licenziato? But as last week's Senate hearings-cum-show trial illustrate, they are tuning up the machinery of mass hatred in anticipation of scapegoating authentic capitalists for the ongoing economic collapse You Know The Banking System Is Unsound When The CPI rose 1.

That's buying power! The world's two biggest financial institutions have had a heart attack. The global currency system is breaking down. The policy doctrines that got us into this mess are bankrupt. No world leader seems able to discern the problem, let alone forge a solution Paulson braces public for months of tough times - CNNMoney. For Bankers - By Henry Makow, rense. Banks are insolvent and failing by the hundreds if not thousands. Hedge funds are on the edge of oblivion Recession next year: forecaster says things can only get worse - By Margareta Pagano, The Independent, 20 July The UK economy is heading for recession next year and unemployment could top two million by Un consiglio: vada alla Bocconi e si faccia restituire il salatissimo prezzo della laurea.

Many judges around the country are becoming more sympathetic to homeowners, because of the prevalence of predatory lending and servicing. Uncle Sam is paying current benefits from current revenue. That's a Ponzi scheme. And Uncle Sam knows that when the flood of baby boomers creates the human tsunami that President George W. Check their advertisers, which pay the bills, and also check where they obtain much of their international information. The USGovt supplies data, interviews, video clips, and stories for reasons of efficiency, safety to correspondents, which tends to permit a gradual slant that has turned absurd over the years.

Economy - by Richard C. Cook, Global Research, July 16, Reform measures such as control of credit as a public utility, a basic income guarantee, and a national dividend would be needed for real economic security to replace the current madness that could soon make the U. Don't believe it. My eyes tell me that the figure falls within the margin of 1 out of 4. In the less affluent areas of Frankfurt, it is not uncommon to be approached by kids begging a couple of euros for a hamburger.

There is no guessing as to the growing childhood misery in Dortmund, Munich, Berlin, and the states of former East Germany. And we have yet to the face the coming "hunger years" of and A secret militia, comprised of former Bundeswehr officers and soldiers, is already in the making. They have access to secret arms caches and they know how to take out key installations and the political elites in the blink of an eye Contrordine, si statalizza.

Questi sindacati organizzarono manifestazioni e scioperi, per ottenere aumenti salariali e la giornata lavorativa di otto ore, e le forze di polizia intervennero a reprimere e a rendere vane le rivendicazioni. Uno dei metodi utilizzati dai poliziotti per poter iniziare la repressione era quello di infiltrare finti agitatori come con gli odierni Black Bloc , che gettavano bombe o iniziavano a picchiare.

Presto potrebbero seguire le compagnie automobilistiche e aeree. In one week! Rather than being guided by reason, they are being guided by their compulsions, trying to save what cannot be saved, by methods which have failed repeatedly. Like crack addicts or compulsive gamblers, they find themselves unable to stop their destructive behavior, even when they know, deep in their hearts, that their actions are leading them to their doom G8 Summit Fails Again : New Bretton Woods, Now! Irate securities holders might then respond with litigation that could indeed threaten the existence of the banking Goliaths.

They actually create the money they lend; and creating money is properly a public, not a private, function.

The Constitution delegates the power to create money to Congress and only to Congress. Ru, Why do they bail out the banks when it is the people who are suffering? But in Bullmore v. Shouldn't we just demand that they give us oil? He also sees a sharp rise in unemployment.

Broad contends that as home sales keep dropping, most of the equity people in the U. In essence, you invested a new car to get a new car, after waiting 28 years! While working in France, he invented an unusual investment scheme Even bonds are down, although it is hard getting any real idea of the loss. I think it's a plot by extra-terrestrial beings or, possibly, cannibals.

Let me get this straight: If you take out inflation from the rise in prices, then prices did not rise? League Drs. Leukemias, Am. Microbiology people to people amb to South Africa , Acad. History Sanitary Art hon. Pompei chpt. Roman Catholic. Achievments include patents in fieldof first link-at-viruses to human cervical cancer; discovery ofRSV virus in infant deaths in Naples and of tumor liberated protein as a tumorassociated antigen, 55 kilodalton protein overexpressed in lung tumors and other epithelial adenocarcinomas.

Un programma di sviluppo per la crescita del Mezzogiorno. San Giuseppe Moscati. Giulio Tarro. Shangrj-la Hotel. Quale prevenzione? Intervento per la presenza della sacra sindone in Cattedrale. Prolusione alla messa: Riflessioni Scaturite Osservando la sacra Sindone. Seminario di studi: Lavoro, Famiglia, Salute. Seminario del Prof. Lecture su: Aspetti etici e medici della prevenzione del disagio ambientale ed umano.

International Conference on Vaccines Research and Development. Chairman Cancer Vaccines and Clinical Trials. Maria in Aquiro, Piazza Capranica. Relazione: Metodiche immunologiche dei Vaccini. Palazzo degli Stemmi, Arcivescovado. Conferenza: Luci ed ombre delle vaccinazioni. Relatore al convegno: La campagna mediatica contro le vaccinazioni: contesto, rischi e contromisure. Consegna piatto in ceramica. Relatore al convegno presso la Sala Consiliare del Comune.

Vaccinazioni: luci ed ombre, organizzato dai Lions Clubs Pompei Host et al.

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Relatore al convegno: Sana alimentazione come stile di vita. Organizzato dal I. Incontri Virgiliani: Prog. Relatore: Recent and progressive studies on genetic analysis of TLP and its expression as complete protein sequence. Eurovaccines Summit Lions Clubs Vicenza Consegna di una targa, 20 novembre Cenni biografici e spunti di immunoncologia. Guardia Lombardi AV presso la cattadrale Ordine Imperiale dei Cernetic. Ordine dei Santi Contardo e Giuliano. I Memorial Antonio Iovine, incontro di calcio. Conferimento con decreto prot.

Titolo di Honored Member of Cybermed Europe, the European portal of medical-scientific information and research. Diploma for attending the Lions Clubs International Convention, 97th edition allegato. Attestato di partecipazione al Lions Prof. Pio da Pietralcina alla parrocchia di S. Giulio Tarro, il titolo di Accademico di Merito. Diploma di nomina come Knight Commander al Prof. Presso il Teatro Santa Maria di Costantinopoli. Targa consegnata dal sindago di Napoli Luigi De Magistris.

Diploma di partecipazione come delegato al 99th International Convention Lions Club. Lions Club Roma Aurelium. Pietro a Maielli, Napoli Farmaci anticancro prezzi senza controllo. Medicine per la lotta al cancro, inarrestabile corsa dei prezzi Vedi allegato , di Marisa La Penna. Intervista: Il vaccino anti-Ebola nato a Napoli? Intervista: "Tutti sapevano della fabbrica killer, ma nessuno ha pensato agli operai". Intervista: Il Prof. Gridelli a Guardia Lombardi. Rifiuti tossici e incidenza sui cittadini: tumori e altre patologie. Online a cura di Luigi Ciamburro, puntoagronews. Analysing the risk of Flu for understanding a better prevention.

Latest Progress on Lung Cancer Proteomics. Vaccine Research and Development in Oncology. From viruses to Tumor Associated Cancer Vaccines. State of Art on Lung Cancer Immunotherapy. The viral research and cancer by immunological methods. Search for the Cell Gene. Not any longer sick children: prevention of viral diseases in pregnancy. Il dibattito sulle cellule staminali. Di Spirito. Aspetti biologici della fecondazione artificiale. Effetto del Bergarital sulla replicazione di virus. Bergarital come antisettico naturale. Development of TLP for Cancer. Los derechos de los animales.

Antigenic regions of tumor liberated protein complexes and antibodies against the same. Lung carcinoma histopathologic approaches for a prognostic valutation. Biologia dei Retrovirus:tassonomia,vibrione,genoma e ciclo vitale del virus. Indagini istochimiche ed immunoistochimiche nella diagnosi del carcinoma della prostata. IgE-Frt Ferritina : markers di recidiva nel morbo di Hodgkin. Dati preliminari. Epidemiological, serological, evolution aspects of HIV infection and related malignancies within Naples area Le infezioni opportunistiche negli stati di immunodepressione.

Di Nicuolo. Monoclonal antibody for tumor associated antigen induced by herpes simplex virus. A tumor diagnosis device in oncology urology. Viruses and Immunodeficiencies. Guardando al futuro: informazione ed educazione. Tarro G. Aspetti Virologici delle Cardiomiopatie. La Beta-Glucuronidasi fecale come indicatore di rischio dei tumori Colon-Rettali. Tumori ed Ambiente di Lavoro. Come prevenire il cancro.

The pathogenesis of malignant tumors. Sindrome mononucleosica eterofilo negativa con piastrinopenia associata ad infezione da herpes simplex. Human tumor antigens inducing in vivo delayed hypersensitivity and in vitro mitogenic activity. Colon e Virus. Estrazione di antigene tumorale usato come immunogeno.

Protocolli di immunochemioterapia attiva aspecifica alternata nel cancro della mammella. Effetti immunoinduttivi. Di un antigene neoplastico umano TLP autologo ed omologo. Ecologia virale. Problemi immunologici della diagnosi precoce del cancro. Eziologia e patogenesi delle nevrassiti virali. Diagnosi precoce di alcuni tipi di tumore di probabile origine erpetica. Uso del test immunoenzimatico ELISA in parallelo con la prova radioimmunologica RIA nella ricerca di anticorpi per antigeni erpetici associati a tumori.

Differente resa virale a seconda del pH e della temperatura di colture cellulari infettate con HSV. Studio attuale e futuro sugli antigeni non strutturali di Herpesvirus. Effect of two methisazone derivates on herpes simplex virus replication. Studi attuali e futuri sugli antigeni non strutturali di Herpesvirus. Effect of DNA inhibitors on synthesis of herpes simplex virus antigens. Studies on the mechenism of antiviral activity of ketoaldehyde derivatis of biphenyl. Sindromi neurologiche clinicamente primitive in leucemici.

Effetto citopatogeno su colture di cellule HeLa del liquor cefalorachidiano di un caso di leucoencefalomielite. Studies on the mechanism of antiviral activity of Biphenyl Ketoaldehydes. Il Sarcoma. Le altre Medicine. Sulle Mestruazioni. Sversamento illegale dei rifiuti tossici ed aumento delle patologie tumorali e delle malformazioni alla nascita in Campania.

Tabularia A. Considerazioni sulla cultura scientifica e la crisi del mezzogiorno. Luci ed ombre delle vaccinazioni. Ecologia virale e virus influenzali. Prospettive epidemiologiche e sanitarie associate alla rapida urbanizzazione. Monumenti e Tradizioni in Campania. Inquinamento Atmosferico, Cambiamenti Climatci e Salute. Aspetti bioetici del testamento biologico.

Versi da bere. Progressi in medicina e chirurgia: il ruolo del volontariato. La prevenzione come dovere morale. Il Daimon del Benessere, Vol. Il Progetto Genoma: Problemi di ingegneria genetica. AIDS: Ricerche e prospettive. Bioetica e Vaccinazioni. Progressi in medicina e chirurgia. Emergenza oggi: AIDS. La prevenzione nel campo delle malattie infettive emergenti. Immunodeficit e immunoterapia specifica attiva. Surrogate markers nelle infezioni HIV. Le infezioni HIV. Aggiornamenti e prospettive, Monografica edited by O.

Perrella, M. La Via, L. Eziopatogenesi delle Epatiti Virali. Arzte fur die Abschaftung der Tierversuche. Solei MI — Cap. Montagnier, J. Melnick, H. Fudenberg, G. Tarro, et al.. Metodi alternativi alla vivisezione nella cancerogenesi. Classificazione ed epidemiologia delle lesioni ginecologiche da HPV.

Aspetti delle lesioni virali in ginecologia, Spoleto edited by E. Cosmi Ass. Editor: L. Immunologia dei tumori ovarici. Edizioni Internazionali. Stress e stato immunitario. Characterization of Herpesvirus nonviron antigens. Il cancro dovrebbe essere solo un segno zodiacale. Fondazione T. Curriculum vitae et studiorum Giulio Filippo Tarro 50 anni M. Campania, terra di veleni. Medicina e recenti Miracoli. Giulio Tarro: — Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum La ricerca scientifica anno Bioetica e cultura della prevenzione: un nuovo modo di intendere la salute e la malattia.

La ricerca scientifica del terzo millennio. La ricerca scientifica alle soglie del terzo millennio. Prognosi nella donazione di sangue e di organi. Virus e cancro in patologia cervico-vaginale. Sport e Handicap. Nuove sperimentazioni in campo oncologico e gli interessi delle multinazionali: implicazioni e aspetti bioetico-sociali. Eutanasia ed accanimento terapeutico. La ricerca scientifica alle soglie del nella lotta contro le patologie virali e tumorali. Virus emergenti dalle epatiti.

Curriculum vitae et studiorum Giulio Filippo Tarro. Prevenire e vincere. AIDS and drug addiction. Prevention as a moral duty. Enviromental factors and lung tumors. New developments in the figth against cancer. More about AIDS. La sicurezza del sangue e degli emoderivati. Bioetica in oncologia Progetto genoma: implicazione etica in oncologia. Bioetica e vaccinazioni: relazioni al Convegno Bioetica e scelta terapeutica, Aula Magna della regione Emilia Romagna. Aspetti biologici della Fecondazione Assistita.

AIDS: cosa possiamo fare — cosa dobbiamo sapere. Aspetti di medicina preventiva nella trasfusione di sangue. AIDS aggiornamenti e prospettive. Sagripanti, C. Gagliardi, A. Carpi e G. Virologia e Immunologia. Eziopatogenesi delle epatiti virali. Manuale di Prevenzione ed Educazione Sanitaria edited by P. Con lo sport per la vita. AIDS: che fare. AIDS,diagnosi,prevenzione e terapia.

Argomenti di virologia. The Rolex of Viruses in Human Cancer. First Internat. Origine dei virus. Argomenti di Virologia. Salute e Ambiente in Campania. Viral Latency, Molecular Pathogenesis and Malignancy.

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The role of the etiopathogenesis in the Internal Medicine. Origin of the Viruses and Their Evolutionary History. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: The road to lung cancer biomarker discovery.

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Tracking the H1N1 influenza virus in the Italian region Campania. Tumor liberated protein from lung cancer and perspectives for immunotherapy. Early diagnosis of lung cancer by detection of tumor liberated protein. TAF-test: A tumor diagnosis device in oncologic urology. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Herpes Simplex Virus tumor-associated antigen. Studies of tumor-specific and herpes virus nonvirion antigens.

Increase in preexisting cellular antigen-combining groups at different times after infection with different viruses.

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Palermo , Napoli Italy. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. Medical Certification. Military Service. Priority date s : IT July 7, Europe: Patent No. Other countries: Australia: Patent No. Georgia : Patent No. North Korea : Patent No. Priority date s : IT October 10 Priority date s : IT July 10, Europe : Patent No. Other countries: Australia : Patent No.

Russian Federation : Patent Applications No. Priority date s : see PCT application. International Patent Application No. The International Preliminary Examination Report, issued at the end of the PCT procedure, has expressed a favourable opinion with regard to novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability.

Austria : Patent No. New Zelanda: Patent No. Priority date s : IT July 17, Mexico : Patent No. Norway : Patent Applications No. Priority date s : IE April 19, Priority date s : IT February 25, The International Patent Application No. The International Preliminary Examination has been concluded IPER issued on May 21, with a positive opinion regard to novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability of the claims concerning the cDNA of TLP, the peptide coded by the same and the relevant pharmaceutical compositions.

Priority date s : IT March 24, The International Preliminary Examination Report, issued at the end of the PCT procedure, has acknowwledged the novelty of the invention. MIA, has not been extended. On October 2, , the IPER International Preliminary Examination Report , has expressly acknowledged novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability of all the five claims. Priority Date s : IT, June 29, Priority Date s : IT, November 30, The Italian Patent Application No. Date s : December 13, Application No. Date of filing: May 5, Libri per Amici.

ISBN: Copyright ISBN: , anno Marzo Congress of Chemoterapy, Tokio, August X Internat. Congress of Microbiol. As above. Prague, August The Nederlands Sept. Annual Meeting of NationalAcademy of Sciences. In Proceedings of the II Intern. Symposium on Cancer Detection and Prevention, Bologna.

Excerpta Med. Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

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Gimignano 31 May. Il Internat. Conference on Comparative Virology. Gabriel, Canada, Aug. II Int. XI Int.

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Cancer Congress. Firenze October Giordano et al. IX Meeting E. Mariehamn, Finland May III Int. Congress for Virology. Madrid, Spain Sept. Accinni and A. Castle, Czechoslovakia, June Accinni et al. III Intern. Cocchiara et al. Xth Meeting E. Easy to cancel your membership.

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