The Camping Trip We Will Never Forget

Never Forget These Things on Camping Trips
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On one particular hot summer weekend, we were able to get away early Friday afternoon and secure our favorite campsite. We got our tent pitched, gathered wood for our campfire, put the boat in the lake, and did some water skiing before dark. After dark we shared our campfire with fellow campers, roasting marshmallows and telling stories. At 11 p. Then, at 3 a. By daylight it had rained 11 inches, according to the ranger.

Our tent and everything in it was soaking wet, including us. The boat was full of water, on the verge of sinking, and the temperature had dropped 20 degrees. We dipped the water out, loaded the boat on its trailer, threw the tent and its contents into the boat, and left. When we got home, it was still hot and dry outside. We sold the boat and never went camping again. My husband and I had been married about a year in the summer of We loved camping.

We decided to take our nieces on a weekend camping trip to the North Carolina mountains. The girls had a younger sister about age 4. Because of a bad experience, she refused to go anywhere without her mother. After counseling, her parents were told that she was just spoiled and should be forced to spend time away from her mother.

It was decided that she would go on this trip with us.

It was horrible. She cried the entire weekend. We took them to Tweetsie Railroad. Same screaming. We woke up each morning lying on the cold, hard, wet ground. Our air mattresses were flat. One night we left a bag of trash outside of our tent.

A Story About My First Camping (It is not about me) The Camping Trip We Will Never Forget (): Monique Mealue: Books. This is a story about two boys name Scott and Tom ages ten and thirteen, they live in a small town, and it is twelve miles from town, but close to the woods and.

A skunk spent the night in the bag. The next morning we had to wait in the tent until the skunk left.


In April we took our first camping trip in our new foot Shasta travel trailer. We were an Air Force family new to North Carolina and were anxious to see something of our new home state. It was quite a chore to gather up our seven children, pack all of the necessary supplies and camping equipment, and hitch up the camper to our Buick Sportwagon. We headed east. An hour-and-a-half later, we were waiting in line for the ferry to take us across the sound to Emerald Isle. Daytime was fun with swimming and fishing, but bedtime was another story.

Packing nine people into the limited space of a foot camper is quite a feat. Each of the children had their own spot—three on the table that converted to a bed, one with my husband and me in our bed, and two on the floor. It usually took half an hour for the children to stop laughing and settle down. That weekend everyone got a Bogue Pier sweatshirt.

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The shirts were passed down through the family as they were outgrown. Two of our grandchildren even inherited shirts.

These were hectic but very happy times. It was March in North Carolina—you know the time of year when it gets in the 70s and 80s in the daytime and the 30s and 40s when the sun goes down. We put up the tent next to a pond in the prettiest place I had ever seen. We were so in love; it was the best day. But it was okay. No toilet paper—well, it was okay. The sun went down and it was getting colder and colder. Brian built a fire, and it was okay. When we got in the tent to sleep, I was shivering. We covered up with a thin sheet. He said he did—Greg and Robin had them.

I jerked those covers off of them and we all tried to cover up.

The Camping Trip We Will Never Forget by Monique Mealue 9781425752354

It was not okay. I got up and took my blanket out to the fire that was almost out. I stomped around in the woods, breaking limbs and sticks for the fire with no flashlight. The moon was full, so that was okay.

I got the fire going and lay down beside it on the ground. When I woke up, it was almost daylight. Brian was fishing. He hooked a seven-pound carp that really fought. Brian wanted me to feel it, so he let the fish swim away, and I reeled him in. The fish was jerking and pulling. We laughed so hard when we let him go and he swam back to us.

The Wildlife will surprise you!

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Red deer, wild boar, armadillos, foxes, lama guanacos Note: There are no snakes in Patagonia! Float through unique natural scenes , from higher valleys with wind and water eroded rock-cliffs to wide open areas, with willow trees lining the banks and easy-to-wade crystal clear water. The trip will be also a great experience for those who do not fish. They will be amazed by our beautiful river valleys and country.

Very civilized camping settings!!! Our campsites are very comfortable and complete: A camper will float ahead with a cargo raft , taking all the camping gear, coolers with the food for the dinners, drinks, etc. He will wait for us at every camping area, with all the details ready. She told us something that I would never forget.

She said that sometimes when a spirit was near one could smell a faint skunk smell in the air. Around midnight, when we were lying in bed watching TV, I suddenly smelled something. The smell of skunk was coming from the corner of the room. The other girls began to smell it, but as soon as I got scared the smell went away.

We all figured it was part of our imaginations based on what we heard earlier that night. The next day when we were packing our belongings to leave we decided to take pictures so that we would remember our decidedly haunted room forever. Kayla had a Polaroid camera and we decided to use hers for faster development. We all gathered on the bed, and got a group shot. When the film developed we saw a white figure in the upper corner of the photo. To be sure that no one had touched the film; we took a few more, all which turned out the same way.