Confessions of an Animal Rescuer - The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly

I Took Home the Least Adoptable Cat at the Shelter
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We have had dogs in the past but deep down I am a cat person.

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They are definitely lower maintenance but they still have such fun little personalities. Adorable and love that name. Our cat is getting up there in age but somehow still manages to find flowers and plants to nibble on. We said good-bye to our last cat over a year ago. She was only fifteen however her older sister no relation just house mates lived to twenty-two years. They let us live in our house with them but rarely let us sleep through the night. Oh my goodness, Pinot is so cute. I love that Purina Cat Chow is doing this to help cats in need.

There are so many cats out there that need help… Thanks so much for sharing. We have adopted a cat almost a year ago. She is so precious! Purina does so much to help animals without homes. Your kitten is so happy to have found a home with you. What a cutie. We have a kitten also that is just a year old.

So full of life and the dogs just love her. Your kitten is so sweet!! All our animals eat is Purina its a fave in our household! Love this! She seems so inquisitive! It is amazing how much trouble they can get into while wearing the cone! She is adorble! We adopted a kitten about a year ago and she is a big part of our family and my little fur baby.

Pinot is the cutest little button ever! My two dogs are like my 4 legged kids. I know that feeling, too! When I was younger I had no idea about that strong connection. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to comment. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Comments What a sweet kitty! Love all the photos! My dog had to wear a cone after surgery and it was not fun. She is a very adorable kitty! My sister in law just adopted one last week! She is so happy. I super love your kitten! I adore how my cats behave too, they are so cute! I am usually not a cat lover but your kitten is absolutely adorable.

Oh wow she is just absolutely adorable, I have three cats so am a total crazy cat lady x. Your kitten is adorable, I have always wanted a cat! We have three adopted dogs. They sometimes act worse than my kids. Your kitten is beautiful. We have two cats in our family. They are so much fun.

Carol Schleich (Author of Poor Widow's Guide to Soul Surviving)

You can tell you are a proud mama!!! Such a busy body I laughed at her in the food bag so cute! This cat is so sweet!

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Looks like a much younger version of our Lucy. I did not know this thanks for letting us know. Oh wow I love her now too. What a sweetie pie. Your kitten is really cute and looks like she has a lot of fun. She is too cute. My dogs keep going until they wear themselves out too! What a sweet cat! So fun! Your kitty is so adorable. I love how many cute pictures you got!! Your cat is adorable! I have adopted two tabby cats a few years ago. They are my fur babies.

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Confessions of an Animal Rescuer - The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly [Carol Schleich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. pet tips, stories . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Carol Schleich has been an animal rescuer since the age Confessions of an Animal Rescuer - The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly - Kindle edition by Carol Schleich. Download it once and read it on your.

Omg that cat looks adorable! I wish I was allowed pets in my complex. Love, Ivelisse CarnationDreams. She is adoroable! Such a beautiful kitten! I have never had a cat so to see this post is very good and to see what they get upto. You will now own and take tons of pictures of kitty. Welcome to the club. She is too cute! I feel so sorry for her in her cone of shame, though. Sad kitty. She is simply adorable!!! I super like your kitten, this makes me want to adopt one!

Super adorable! How handy. Almost as easy as cutting box tops, just to help out!! Oh my! So so so sweet! My girls really want a kitten, you have me convinced. Oh she is so cute! And that when we care for those who cannot care for themselves we are entitled to nothing more than the knowledge that an otherwise unwanted animal is protected from the cruelty of both the world and its inhabitants and the seemingly arbitrary hand it is dealt by fate.

After several months, despite diligent administration of his medication, the seizures became more frequent and more violent. I continued the ritual of cleaning and soothing talk afterward, but there was nothing but pain and fear for Gustave as he sat in my lap, trembling and on edge as if trying unsuccessfully to shake off a nightmare.

And all I could do was sit with him in my lap and love him. And whether or not he knew it or cared was irrelevant to my understanding of what it meant to be his caretaker. But after one especially harrowing episode, he looked into my eyes and I into his as we sat on the kitchen floor, each of us recovering in our own way. There was not affection in his gaze, but there was recognition that I was not an enemy.

Some sense that there might be someone in the world who wanted to help him. That maybe not every card in the hand he was dealt was rotten. And that to take even a bit of fear out of his life was something to gently celebrate. As his condition deteriorated and it became clear that his life was a nearly constant state of misery, we returned to the shelter where he came from for guidance from the vet, though I knew well in advance what they would tell me.

The staff offered comfort and support for which I was grateful, but the overwhelming feeling was still utter failure. In the four years since, I have come to realize that success in rescue animal companionship is not measured by how much they end up loving you but by the simple fact that you stood by them when others would or could not. That you recognized that they were independent beings with heartbreaking histories over which you might have no control to alter for the better. And that by being present for them, you made good on the promise of unconditional care and love, which is the birthright of even the least adoptable cat in the shelter.

What Do You Do When Your Life Partner Isn’t a Dog Person?

Catster HQ. Arden Moore. I came out of a rural, overcrowded animal shelter and have some medical needs that are being taken care of. I seem to do well with calm dogs, but would love a home where I am the only pampered pet. If you would like to meet me, call Jill at I was found running loose during Hurricane Florence and rescued by the shelter. Unfortunately, my family never came for me and I was deemed too old for adoption.

They thought I might have hip problems. I am spry and full of life so they named me Spunky. The vet recommended antiinflammatory meds but said I had a clean bill of health. Would you be interested in a perfect gentleman? One who loves everyone he meets? Does well with other dogs and cats? Has never met a stranger? I just went to a rock concert and was the life of the party. Please call my foster mom, Jill, at to take me home. I am friendly and great with other animals, too. I lost my home during Hurricane Florence and ended up in the animal shelter.

You can find me at Petsense in Shallotte or you can call Jill at to meet me. I am a pretty and dainty white Calico. I came in with a litter of kittens who were all quickly adopted. I am patiently waiting for my family to come in the door. I will just melt your heart! I am great with cats and every person I meet! Look at my adorable underbite. You just have to adopt me. Please call Sherry at to meet me. I am quiet, undemanding and do well with other animals.

Move me in and there will be no problems at all. I am no trouble at all. I just want a home and someone to love me. Please come meet me at PetSense in Shallotte or call Jill at for more information. Call me to find out how selling or buying a home can help rescues. Glenda Eason - Century 21 Sweyer. My Time Is Running Out! The shelter is open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, Noon to 4pm on Saturday and 1pm to 4pm on Sundays. For driving directions or more info, call Pender County Animal Shelter at or email jhorton pendercountync.

I am sponsored in loving memory of Hank Harrington. The house is so very empty without you since you left us on August 25, No other dog compares to you. From giving you a subtle hand signal that alerted you we were going on a car ride You were so incredibly smart and each day you never ceased to amaze us! Every day there is something that reminds us of you, but we think of you especially when we take boat rides and remember your love of swimming Mora, we will miss your goofy walk, your beautiful brown eyes, taking you for rides in the car and for swims in the water.

But, we thank you for showing us how much love a rescue dog brings to our hearts and for rescuing us! Run free my sweet Blackberry, our hearts may never be the same again but they will always wear the paw prints left by you! Hi, I am Kiamilla. That's what folks named me because I was abandoned when the hurricane came and the only thing I had was the sofa that was left by the side of the road.

Folks saw me sitting there for days waiting for my family to come back for me, but no one came. I was so happy to be cared for, warm and safe there. Now, I think my new name should be Christmas. A name of hope, joy, love, excitement, peace and the warmth of a new loving family. I know everyone is so busy this time of year, but if you see me, please help me and give me a second chance. Applications are on our website at www. The Christmas lights surround me, but there is sadness in my eyes.

Will you help and make me a gift of life under your tree? All 4 Cats Call or text or email info all4cats. I still love to play like a kitten but do enjoy a few long naps every day. My previous owner's job changed and required international travel for lengthy periods of time. Being alone for days is not my thing. For the latest kitten additions, check out www. I'm a regal, Domestic Medium-Haired Tuxedo gal. I'm a little over 1-year-old and I raised 4 lovely kittens. I'm spayed and up to date on all shots. I get along with cats and I'm ok with small, quiet dogs.

I'm very friendly and I like to be near my people. I like to perch on the couch and survey my space. If you come out to adoption fairs to meet me, I kindly ask that you give me ear scratches. I'm years-old and a very handsome Russian Blue. My owner passed away so I'm looking for a quiet home. I still have lots of love to give. I love treats - maybe a little too much. I'm coming out of my shell and I connect with males easier than females. I'm slightly opinionated and I need time to adjust.

Do you need a movie buddy? Make sure you ask about the All 4 Cats Seniors for Seniors program. I was rescued off the side of the road in Brunswick County where I was dragging my hind legs. A wonderful family got me medical treatment but couldn't provide long term care. I've made huge strides in recovery. I can now run and climb. I am incontinent and I wear a diaper when I am exploring my foster house.

The vet says I had a "tail pull" injury. There is a tiny possibility I could get some control but it is doubtful. I'm a cuddler, especially if you have food. They call me Sparkler because I came to the rescue on July 6 and I am a bundle of energy. I am available to foster to adopt if you would like to get to know me and my special needs. I'm 8-months-old. I'm a handsome, orange boy who is neutered and up to date on shots. I'm a cuddle bug who likes other cats. I've seen a few dogs at adoption events, but I haven't formed an opinion yet. The jury is still out on those creatures. I love to run and play and find laser toys to be so much fun.

We have many more kittens who are not featured here. Please check out our website or visit us on Facebook. My name is Reya! My foster mom named me that because it means 'queen' or 'graceful'.

Editorial Reviews

After getting to know me, I'm more of a jester and quite clumsy, but it's ok! My old name was Rage, which doesn't fit me at all. I'm so thrilled about this awesome new life that it's hard to keep all of my happiness in! Mom is teaching me the 'rules of the house' which were all new to me, but I'm doing great! During my previous life, I was chained outside so I didn't have many cool things to play with and investigate.

So far I've learned to sit and lay down when asked, wait for stuff like goodies and food, peeing and pooping outside only, stopping when I really want to play with something, and chilling out when I get too anxious to play with my foster sisters. I also listen to mom when the fuzzy little cat creature and my foster sisters aren't interested in me loving them so much.

We've become pretty good friends and we love to play together. I've only been living in this thing called a house and my foster mom already lets me walk around on my own. She knows I run to her whenever she calls me!! She says I listen better than her kids! I also love to cuddle, lay in laps, and give TONS of kisses. I love car rides and going new places.

We've gone to a few events with lots of people, dogs, beer, and food. I had so much fun and just hung out and enjoyed how awesome life can be! Everyone says that I'm one of the happiest doggers ever! And they're right! For an explanation of our adoption process, application, and fees, email info mpbf. I am sponsored by Robyn Davis in loving memory of Duncan. Volunteer Dog Walkers Needed Help walk service dogs in training Multiple times every day of the year. You choose based on your schedule. Must be at least years-old.

Just like my friend on the cover of this magazine, I got a visit from Santa! I love to play with other kittens and enjoy being held by humans. Toys are lots of fun and so is taking naps in warm, sunny spots in the house. I love quiet places and attention, and a good lap to sleep on is my favorite thing in the whole wide world! I'm a pretty girl in need of a loving home. You know, they say Tabbies are the best kitties around - come see! My name is Cinnamon A and I am certainly a spicy girl with just the right amount of sass.

If you are looking for a little lady to add to your family then come on down and get to know me. I sure would love to spend this cold winter in a cozy home with you. Please hurry over! Visit our Facebook page for Adoption Fair events and to see other animals up for adoption. I am a Fox Hound mix girl and I weigh almost 90 pounds! Don't let the size fool you though, I can snuggle and do my best to be a lap baby with the best of them. Come and see for yourself, ok? My name is Minnie A I am a Labrador Retriever mix and a young girl at that.

Although my chocolate coat is beautiful, you should really see these hazel eyes in person. I am approximately 50 pounds and looking for the perfect family for me. My name is Mocha A and I am a 1-year-old domestic short hair Tabby girl with the cutest little button nose you've ever seen! My sweet and friendly personality! Providing complete grooming services for your pet 6 days a week. Your pet will be groomed in a clean, comfortable, relaxing environment. My name is Magic, and I have special powers. It may be my long, black fur with a smokeygrey undercoat that captures their attention.

It could be my plush feather-duster tail, or the silky wisps of hair that curl out of my ears. Whatever it is, their next impulse is to rub me. And I love that! My motor starts purring as soon as anyone comes near. I am sponsored by Cole and Slate Mayew. My name is Veronica, and I am a very sweet, but shy, young lady. I was rescued from a dogfighting ring, so hopefully you can understand why I am a little fearful of humans.

My friends at C. I'm hoping to find a family that is willing to continue working with me to help me get over my fear. I recently completed my heartworm treatment and am so happy to be able to run and play with new doggy friends! Call or email carewilmington yahoo. Please visit me and my brother Sebastian also pictured on this page at Petsmart during adoption hours so you can see us tumble around.

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My coat is simply stunning with alternating bands of brown mixed with orange Tabby. You really should stop into Petsmart and visit us.

our mission is kindness

I can be a little shy at first but, also like my brother, I can be bribed with chin scratches, a brightly colored jingly ball or kitty cookies. Please consider adopting me and my brother Anton together as a pair. I am so good-natured and I just get along with everyone.

I love being given affection and I have been known to chirp for more on occasion. I am more than ready to settle into my new home for the holidays. Please visit me at Petsmart on New Centre Drive! We are a beautiful little family who share the same snow-white whiskers, olive green eyes and black and white color scheme. We play together, groom each other, are on the same napping schedule and really love to be together. Consider adopting us together!

I hope my sweet smile and flip-flop ears has caught your attention! For driving directions or more information, please call Pender County Animal Shelter at or send an email to jhorton pendercountync. I was rescued from outside of the College Diner in a box with a litter of kittens. We had been dumped. All of the kittens have been adopted and I am patiently waiting my turn. I would like a calm, quiet home with older kids if any at all.

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You know, right before rescuing Apple at the shelter, my girlfriend and I gathered as much financial and identifying documentation as possible: old bills, pay stubs, personal references. There are other options. They want pets to go home with good people That's just simply not true. Since I have special needs, the Wilmington Dog Wizard will do free follow-up training for the rest of my life!

If I could choose my dream home, I would prefer to be the only pet. Of course, I would take anybody who has a patient heart because I can learn to get along with anyone. I am having a hard time continuing to live in a pet store week after week. Call Jill at to meet me or come see me at Petco. I am sponsored by Perry Davis. Cat Tails Please call to adopt us! I have the roundest face ever, kind of a moon face ha, ha! I have allergies so sometimes my skin is scabby and my hair is often thin. I often lose too much weight and look too skinny. I also have a cauliflower ear.

But all of this just makes me special! Our eyes give us a little pop of color and our coats are smooth and glossy.

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Some of us even have a whole bunch of white whiskers! So, come to Cat Tails and meet me and my friends. Some people think I look like I might be part Bengal cat. The rattle is much better than the bell! New Hanover Humane Society Please call to adopt us! I came to the shelter with my brother Oliver, who is also pictured on this page, but we do not have to be adopted together. Come on out and meet me, please! Come meet me! I am vaccinated, housetrained and ready for my forever home. Not too small and not too big, just right. I am house-trained and I know some basic commands.

I am vaccinated and ready to go! My new home should have a secure privacy fence so I can chase balls and explore and have a good time. My brother Igor is also pictured on this page, but we do not have to be adopted together. Black Lab mixes are great - hurry over! Sadly, I lost my human family and my feline sister. Please visit me, and think about an addition to your family! Needs Meds. If you live near Chalmers and Hood Drive, please check sheds or outbuildings in case he is inside!

Merry Christmas from the Feral Felines! Friends of Felines wants to thank you for your support throughout the year. Our fight to keep feral cats and kittens off our streets is never ending. Our dedicated volunteers and caregivers work day and night to feed, trap and care for these homeless animals. We can't do it without your support. Please consider us in your Christmas tradition of giving.

We rely on you to continue our mission. Please find it in your hearts to make a tax-deductible donation to help these abandoned and orphaned cats live healthy and happier lives. All donations are tax deductible and all money goes directly to the cats. Every penny collected is pledged to help feral cats of New Hanover County. Please mail your donation to: Friends of Felines P. Box Castle Hayne, NC Be Their Hope. Visit www. An acknowledgment will be sent to the person or family that you have honored. It's me, Brooklyn. If only I could talk… - I would thank the person who rescued me from a horrible situation.

Website: www. Call to meet me today.

So You Want a Pet Squirrel Monkey . . .

I am sponsored in honor of all the people who lovingly care for the dogs at Paws Place. Hi, my name is Boo Boo and I'm the long-haired, beautiful Torti on the left. I'm a year-old, spayed girl who is a quiet cuddler. Amy is one of my housemates and, as you can see, she's also very pretty! She's 5-years-old, spayed and a little shy. Once she gets to know you, she is quite the talker and will have a whole conversation with you. We have found ourselves in a heartbreaking situation - we can not live in our home anymore because it was damaged by Hurricane Florence. Our Mom is so sad but has no other choice.

She has been a volunteer at a local shelter and has helped so many animals who needed to be rescued or fostered. Now she needs help. For more information, please contact Pet Friends of Duplin County by emailing abby. We are sponsored by Cindy Meyers in loving memory of Harley and Murphy. Cowboy is my name and making you laugh is my game! I am still a puppy at 8months-old and I am a Treeing Walker Hound. I have no desire to go hunting, I would rather play with my toys and chew on my bones. I am already neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped.

I am also heartworm negative. I don't want to stay in a crate all day, but I am a good boy if I have to. Just don't leave anything within reach, because I will get it and pull it through and play with it! I will play with anything: a pine cone, a rock, a piece of paper, a stick! Mom says I am her "clown" and the more she laughs, the more I act silly. I play well with all the other dogs here, no matter how big or small they are.

I like to bark at the cats, but they never get close enough to me to say hi. I was found in rural Pender County, on the side of the road, with my sister and two brothers. I was eating garbage - I was so hungry, I would have eaten anything. We all had something called "cherry eye" in our eyes, but mom had it all fixed up and I am looking good now! I love when it's time to eat and will do anything you want me to for a treat or some food.

If you want to meet me, please send an email to my foster mom at roseysweezers7 aol. You can see more pictures of me on our Facebook page - just search Roseys Rescue. Onslow County Animal Services Call or or email animalcontrol onslowcountync. I am house-trained and good with children, but I need some puppy manners lessons. I am learning not to pull and jump - I get so excited when it's time to play - but a human who will be patient in training will have an amazing companion in me.

Due to my breed, you will need to provide a copy of your lease or written permission from your landlord or rental agency before meeting me. I need to know that I will be welcome in my new home. I am 4-years-old and was a good mama.