Harpsichord Pieces in Two Volumes, vol. 1, suite 5: Air

Harpsichord Pieces in Two Volumes, vol. 1, suite 5: Air Sheet Music by Johann Mattheson
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Preface in English and German.

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Leipzig, BGA Vol. The Vivaldi Compendium. Boydell Press. In Deane L. Root ed. Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online. Oxford University Press. Johann Sebastian Bach. Thomas Church, Leipzig. Compositions for organ , keyboard and lute by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach Notebook A. Bach Twelve Little Preludes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Praeludium in G minor, BuxWV 2. Canzona in C major, BuxWV 3. Magnificat primi toni, BuxWV 6. Praeludium in F major, BuxWV 7. Ich dank dir, lieber Herre, BuxWV 8. Canzonetta in A minor, BuxWV 9. Double Toccata in G major, BuxWV This seventh volume of his organ music includes Praeludia, works that had a strong influence on the following generation of organ composers, compositions based on chorale melodies, and two sets of variations on dance melodies.

François Couperin: Music for Two Harpsichords, Volume One

Dietrich Buxtehude - Sakrala kantater Dietrich Buxtehude 1. Was frag' ich nach de Welt, BuxWV 2. Sicut Moses, BuxWV 97 4. Passacaglia in D minor, BuxWV arr. Mallon 5. In te, Domine, speravi, BuxWV 53 7. Jubilate Domino, BuxWV 64 8.

Vocal Music Vol. Although he never held a position that required him to compose vocal music, he left over vocal works featuring an extremely wide range of texts, scorings, genres, and compositional styles. This second volume of the Naxos re-issue edition of the complete vocal music recorded by Dacapo Volume One is available on Naxos 8.

Set in Cyprus, the plot involves enchanted and pastoral elements, love and its thwarting, the counterpointing of Man and God, sorcery, revelation and ultimate resolution, all accomplished in a brilliant series of scenes. A follower of Monteverdi, Cavalli reveals the influence of the older man but also his own pronounced independence. Fabio Biondi and Europa Galante have become one of the most admired partnerships in the history of baroque music performance. The choir and instrumentalists of Le Concert Spiritual are on their usual lively form Te Deum Mass, H 1 2. Kyrie eleison 3. Gloria 4.

Credo 5. Precatio pro filio Regis, H 6. Sanctus 7. Elevation: Panis quem ego dabo, H 8. Agnus Dei 9. Domine Salvum fac regem Concerti Grossi, Op. Concerto Grossi Op 6 Nos. Violin Sonatas Op 5 Nos. Lucy van Dael, violin; Bob van Asperen, cembalo. Arcangelo Corelli Violinsonat nr 1 D-dur Op 5 1.

Grave - Allegro 2. Allegro 3. Allegro 4. Adagio 5. Allegro Violinsonat nr 2 B-dur Op 5 6. Grave 7. Allegro 8. Vivace 9. Adagio Vivace Violinsonat nr 3 C-dur Op 5 Allegro Giga: Allegro Violinsonat nr 4 F-dur Op 5 Vivace Allegro Violinsonat nr 5 g-moll Op 5 Giga: Allegro Violinsonat nr 6 A-dur Op 5 Grave Music for Harpsichord Vol. Cummings, beside being an exceptionally clean player, with intelligent phrasing Gramophone Laurence Cummings, cembalo; Reiko Ichise, viola da gamba.

Allemande l'Auguste 2. Premiere Courante 3. Seconde Courante 4. Sarabande la Majestueuse 5. Gavotte 6. La Milordine 7.

Music for a King: Chamber works from the Court of Frederick the Great – NEW!

Menuet et double 8. Les Silvains 9. Les Abeilles La Nanete Les Sentiments La Pastorelle Les Nonetes La Bourbonnoise La Manon L'Enchanteresse Les Plaisirs de Saint Germain en Laye Allemande Gavotte Allemande fuguee Air tendre Air contrefugue The Suites for Viola da gamba and Harpsichord are late works, published in , and are perfect examples of his richly expressive style which here draws upon Italian models as well as, perhaps, celebrating another genius of the French school, Marin Marais, who had died in the year the Suites were published.

Intense and passionate, the suites offer lyricism and virtuosity, Italian bravura and French richness. The last of Couperin's harpsichord ordres or suites consists of four varied pieces, including Les Chinois, an early example of interest in China in Western music. Works for Harpsichord: Tombeau de M. Louis Couperin Cembaloverk Fem stycken i D-dur 1. Prelude 2.

Allemende 3. Courante 4. Sarabande 5. Gigue 6. Prelude a-moll 7. Prelude F-dur 8. Tombeau de M. Passacaille Sex stycken i C-dur Rigaudon et Double Prelude A-dur Pavane fiss-moll Prelude d-moll Prelude G-dur His music is intricately sophisticated while at the same time serenely beautiful, with four suites, here played on the lute and the lute-harpsichord. Passio Jesu Christi Bach's predecessor at the Leipzig Thomasschule, and a prolific composer with a contemporary reputation throughout Germany, Johann Friedrich Fasch composed works for the Lutheran church service as well as secular instrumental works, including overtures suites , symphonies, partitas and a large amount of varied chamber music.

His Passio Jesu Christi is a setting of the so-called Brockes Passion, known for its overt sentimentality and theatricality, which was also set by Handel and by Telemann, among others. Kyrie eleison 2. Christe eleison 3. Kyrie eleison 4. Gloria 5. Laudamus te 6. Domine Deus 7. Qui tollis 8. Quoniam tu solus 9. Credo Qui propter Et incarnatus est Crucifixus Et resurrexit Cujus regni Sanctus Agnus Dei Ave Maria Motett Ave Maria Homo Quidam Homo Quidam Ecce panis Bone pastor Musical Parnassus Vol 1 Suites Nos.

Musical Parnassus Vol 2 Suites Nos. Harpsichord Suites Nos. La Bouron 2. La Mandoline 3. La Leclair 5. La Buisson: Chaconne Svit nr 4 g-moll 6. La Marella 7. La Bournonville La Sainscy La Rameau La Guignon Keyboard Music Girolamo Frescobaldi was the most celebrated keyboard musician, teacher and composer in Italy in his day, serving various nobility and the Church in Rome from until his death in He had the greatest influence of any musician in the seventeenth century on the keyboard music of Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Denmark.

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The music presented here is attributed to Frescobaldi from various manuscript sources dating between and and is not otherwise included in the volumes of his music printed during his lifetime. Keyboard Sonatas Vol 1 Matteo Napoli, piano A leading figure in the development of opera buffa, Baldassare Galuppi was also much admired as a keyboardist, though his many sonatas largely remain unpublished and unknown today. Usually comprising two or three contrasting movements, these graceful and charming works juxtapose the melodious and the bravura, the melancholy and the ebullient, often recalling the music of Domenico Scarlatti or the young Mozart.

Matteo Napoli enjoys a busy international career and plays on a number of highly praised Naxos recordings. Volume 2 will be issued on 8. Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. But, trained by Antonio Lotti, Galuppi was also a keyboard player of distinction who served at the court of Catherine the Great in St Petersburg. Twelve keyboard sonatas were published during his lifetime, but Hedda Illy's catalogue lists over and reveals that Galuppi not only inherited the brilliance and panache of Domenico Scarlatti but anticipated the expressive writing of Mozart.


The first volume in Matteo Napoli's series 8. His sonatas are quiet, refined gems of the utmost elegance and lyricism, with expressive contrasts ranging from poignant operatic aria style movements to the energetic influence of Scarlatti. This selection includes late works from the Passatempo al Cembalo.

Matteo Napoli has been praised for his "enviable poise" International Record Review in volume 1 8. At a budget price, this CD is worth every penny Gramophone Laurence Cummings, orgel. Orlando Gibbons 1. O clap your hands 2. Great Lord of Lords 3. Hosanna to the son of David 4. Preludium G-dur 5. Out of the deep 6. See, see, the word is incarnate 7. Preludium d-moll 8. Lift up your heads 9.

Almighty and everlasting God Magnificat 2nd Service Nunc dimittis 2nd Service Fantazia Magnificat Short Service Nunc dimittis Short Service O God, the king of glory Partitas for Harpsichord Acontemporary of J. Bach and Telemann, Johann Christoph Graupner was held in great esteem during his lifetime both as a prolific composer of large vocal and orchestral works and virtuoso harpsichordist, although he is now largely forgotten.

With their considerable requirements of virtuosity Graupner's harpsichord suites surpass Handel's in grandeur of conception, and sometimes even match the younger man in musical substance. His immense and flamboyant Chaconne in A major is perhaps the most superb of all the many keyboard works of the genre. He soon composed a series of 25 sonnet settings taken from the collection of 89 Amoretti 'little loves' written by Edmund Spenser, one of the greatest poets of the Shakespearean age.

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These settings show Greene to have been a master of word-painting technique, and a subtle colourist with a sensitive ear for Spenser's verse. This jewel of a collection is also historically important, as it can be considered one of the earliest song cycles in the history of English music. It is a delectable succession of pastoral airs, love-lorn lyrics, and sprightly or mourning choruses, spiced by the pungent and unforgettable interjection of the one-eyed giant Polyphemus, who destroys the idyll of the shepherd Acis and the nymph Galatea.

Handel had first turned to the subject in a cantata written in Naples in His English work, formally a masque, went through several stages until the two-act version of written principally by John Gay and graced by Handel's exquisite music. Alexander's Feast First performed in London in to an admiring audience of 1, people, and enjoying considerable success thereafter, Handel's setting of John Dryden's poem Alexander's Feast evokes the power of music to stir the soul to acts of love and war, revenge and revels.

This splendid oratorio, set at Alexander the Great's victory celebrations for his conquest of Persia, culminates in an apotheosis to 'divine Cecilia', the patron saint of music whom Handel also praises in his Ode for St Cecilia's Day of Naxos 8. There really is much to enjoy here.

Felicissima quest'alma ur Apollo e Dafne 2. Pifa ur Messias 3. Air ur Water Music 4. Sarabanda ur Oboekonsert nr 3 g-moll 5. Larghetto ur Concerto Grosso h-moll Op 7. Largo ur Concerto Grosso a-moll Op 9. Andante ur Orgelkonsert g-moll Op I know that my redeemer liveth ur Messias Larghetto affettuoso ur Concerto Grosso a-moll Op Andante ur Uvertyr till Atalanta Joys, in gentle trains ur Athalia Largo ur Concerto Grosso D-dur Op He shall feed his flock ur Messias Allegro ur Orgelkonsert F-dur Op Concerti Grossi Op 3 Nos.

The Op 6 collection brims with a wealth of variety, colour, and dance rhythms-Polish and Pastoral dances, courtly and fast ones-and Handel's customary self-borrowings and indeed borrowings from other composers. The combination of full orchestra with a concertino solo group of two violins and cello allows both breadth and intimacy, producing concertos in the fullest sense. On this recording Kevin Mallon incorporates the later oboe parts for Concertos Nos 1, 2, 5 and 6, using them as a model for most of the other concertos.

When the oboes are silent, flutes or recorders are added, in line with eighteenth-century practice. Concerti Grossi Op 6 Nos. The texts inspired Handel to write music of great intensity and melodic beauty, qualities augmented by an almost operatic sense of declamation.

The Gloria dates from Handel's stay in Italy and since its rediscovery in has become a major addition to his Latin Church music. Dorothea Craxton "has a beautiful voice, sings with care for the text and phrases sensitively. Del 1 Del 2 CD 2 Del 2 forts Israel in Egypt 2 CD Handel's oratorio Israel in Egypt was written three years before the Messiah and, like the Messiah, is somewhat atypical of the composer's oratorios.

Scored for double chorus and an orchestra using trombones, trumpets, timpani, woodwinds and strings with continuo, Israel in Egypt contains relatively little solo material but is dominated by large-scale virtuosic choruses that fully exploit Handel's lavish and sophisticated word-painting.

J.S. Bach Complete Edition Vol. 1

Set pieces for which the work is most famous include swarming strings representing flies in 'He spake the word', the furious brass and timpani in 'He gave them hailstones for rain' and the famous depiction of frogs in the aria 'Their land brought forth frogs'. Keyboard Suites Vol 1: Nos. This volume, containing the first four, showcases his extraordinary versatility, imagination and contrapuntal skill, as well as his willingness to break with tradition.

Handel skilfully weaves together a wide range of forms, including fugues, a toccata, Italianate airs and Baroque dances. Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered Chorus 2. Duet: Like as the smoke vanisheth, so shalt thou drive them away bass, alto 3. Duet: O sing unto God, and sing praises unto his name bass, alto 4. Blessed be God. I will magnify thee, O God my King alto 6. Duet: O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness bass, alto 7. Glory and worship are before him chorus, solo quartet 8. Duet and chorus: Tell it out among the heathen that the Lord is King bass, alto, chorus 9.

Righteousness and equity are the habitation of thy seat alto Sextet and chorus: As pants the hart for cooling streams Tears are my daily food alto, vocal quartet - Recitative: Now when I think thereupon, I pour out my heart by myself bass In the voice of praise and thanksgiving chorus Duet: Why so full of grief, O my soul alto 1 and 2 O sing unto the Lord a new song, all the whole earth alto, chorus Sing unto the Lord, and praise his name alto Accompagnetto: The Lord is great, and cannot worthily be praised bass Glory and worship are before him bass Duet and chorus: O worship the lord in the beauty of holiness bass, alto, chorus Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad alto, chorus As pants the hart, HWV a excerpt Tears are my daily food alto Oboe Concertos Nos.

Ode for St. Cecilia's Day HWV 76 1. Uvertyr 2.


Interlude 3. Recitativ: From harmony, from heav'nly harmony 4. Aria: What passion cannot Music raise 6. Marsch 8. Aria: The soft complaining flute 9. Aria: Sharp violins proclaim Aria: But oh! Aria: Orpheus could lead the savage race Recitativ: But bright Cecilia Recorder Sonatas Op 1 Nos. Semele Oratorio 3 CD Handel's oratorio Semele was composed in and tells of a beautiful mortal Semele , whose short but spectacular love affair with Jupiter, King of the Gods, comes to a terrifying end in consequence of both her own vanity and the scheming of Jupiter's insanely jealous wife Juno.

Written at the peak of Handel's powers, it is crammed with his most sparkling and dramatic music: spectacular orchestral numbers and powerful choruses combine with heart-stopping arias, including the popular Where'er you walk and the coloratura showpiece Myself I shall adore. The challenging nature of the libretto with its religious conflict, cruelty, self-sacrifice and brothel scene was discomforting for contemporary audiences, and despite Handel's magnificent music the oratorio was his least successful.

This is part of a series of Handel oratorios from Martini and Junge Kantorei. Patient in adversity, Tobit is finally restored to health and prosperity, while his son, Tobias, is safely married to Sarah. Early editorial practice saw to it that several authentic works were published for instruments such as flute and oboe, but more recent scholarship has established that originally they were written for the violin.

All the sonatas are full of Handel's dashing bravura and his gift for expressive slow movements, providing a series of beautifully proportioned masterpieces. Ariadne Daskalakis's recording of the Tartini Violin Concertos 8. Didone abbandonata represents the once hugely popular 18th century genre of opera seria, exploring the same tragic story as Purcell's earlier Dido and Aeneas while expanding the heroine's conflicts between regal duties, love, and helplessness in the face of desertion.

Fredegunda 2 CD Regarded in his day as equal to Handel and Telemann, Reinhard Keiser composed more than one hundred operas, of which Fredegund , set partly in German and partly in Italian, was one of the most popular. It explores the politically volatile relationships between the sixth century Frankish king, Chilperich, whose ambitious mistress Fredegunda is prepared to use magic to become his queen, although Chilperich is betrothed to Princess Galsuinde and Fredegunda also has a secret relationship with Langerich.

This important and entertaining German Baroque opera abounds in melodious, often ravishingly orchestrated, music. Violin Sonatas Book 1 Nos. The first four from Leclair's first book of violin sonatas balance humour, flamboyance and rustic charm with many technical challenges. The artists on this recording are accomplished interpreters of early music, having performed with leading period instrument ensembles including the Hanover Band, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and The Academy of Ancient Music.

While enlivening French chamber music with Italianate vivacity, Leclair also revels in the ornamentation, love of lyricism and touches of pastoral colour characteristic of his native land, while nodding here to the Scottish style of fiddling or there to the gentle sound of a shepherd's bagpipe. Volume 1 Sonatas Nos. This third volume presents the last four sonatas, whose bright and energetic fast movements and luminously singing slow movements are complemented by the rustic quality of their dances.

Volumes 1 Nos. Leclair takes us on unexpected journeys of landscape and scenery in his slow movements and excites with Italian energy and fire in the fast. Gramophone on 8. He had continued to be influenced by the lyricism and virtuosity of Italian models but, concerned that the technical demands of his writing might prove excessive, ensured that a handful could be played either on the flute or the violin.

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Yet he continued to make considerable advances and the level of melodic invention and expressive intensity remained untouched, the result of a fusion of Italianate fire and French elegance. Together with Naxos 8. Concerti Grossi Op 1 Nos. Recorder Sonatas Daniel Rothert, recorder Vanessa Young, cello Ketil Haugsand, harpsichord Little is known about Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant's life, but his solo recorder sonatas have retained their popularity from their origins in the Baroque period to the present day.

Strongly influenced by the violin sonatas of Corelli, these pieces combine Italian and French characteristics to create expressive and virtuoso chamber music of the greatest elegance and finesse. Daniel Rothert brings his "warm, refined tone" American Record Guide to a selection of the best sonatas from Opp.


What the Critics say Orlando Gibbons 1. Almo divino raggio - seconda parte The crowning glory of the set is the immense Chaconne from the Partita in D minor, a set of variations on a theme which makes unprecedented demands on the performer's expressive and technical abilities. Konstantin Scherbakov, piano. Giovanni Togni. Passacaille Sex stycken i C-dur

Armide 2 CD Armide represents the culmination of the long and fruitful career of Jean-Baptiste Lully, the most powerful musician at the court of Louis XIV and the first important composer of French opera. It was an instant and enduring success: a crowd-pleaser at its initial production and a perennial favourite of audiences and critics in the 18th century.

Ch'ami la vita mia nel tuo bel nome 2. Se per avervi, ohime, donato il core 3. A che tormi il ben mio 4. Amor, per tua merce vattene a quella 5. Baci soavi e cari 6. Se pur non mi consenti 7. Filli cara ed amata 8. Poiche del mio dolore 9. Fumia la pastorella - prima parte Almo divino raggio - seconda parte Allora i pastor tutti - terza parte Se nel partir da voi Tra mille fiamme e tra mille catene Usciam, ninfe, omai fuor di questi boschi Questa ordi il laccio La vaga pastorella Amor s'il tuo ferire Donna s'io miro voi, giaccio divengo Ardo, si, ma non t'amo Ardi o gela a tua voglia - risposta Arsi ed alsi a mia voglia - contra risposta Secular Manuscript Works Voglio di vita uscir Fuggi cor Ahi, che si part'il mio sol Se d'un angel' il bel viso Claudio Monteverdi - Madrigaler, bok 2 1.

Non si levav' ancor l'alba novella - prima parte 2. E dicea l'una sospirand'allora - seconda parte 3. Bevea Fillide mia 4. Written by both players, the liner notes accompanying both CDs are highly informative both musically and biographically. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Join our Newsletter Join our Newsletter. Jochewed Schwarz, harpsichord Emer Buckley, harpsichord.

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