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Let's just say I've struggled. One reason for this, of course, is that English people can be supremely arrogant about their own sense of humour: a feeling of national entitlement comparable to the pre smugness of English footballers. The Pavlovian response "German comedy, is it? Another reason might be that it's just hard to come up with the right comparison. Some obituarists have called Loriot a satirist, but I don't think that's quite right: there's some mild social criticism in sketches like Christmas Eve with the Hoppenstedts , but in the main the tone is apolitical, and simply not acerbic enough to count as satire.

Like Fry, Loriot was an admirer of his native language, a stickler for grammar and a collector of rare coinages.

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Unlike Fry, he never indulged in his own verbal dexterity, but exposed its absurd stiltedness. The problem is: you need to speak German in order to get all that. You can only spend so much time trying to explain why the line " jetzt wissen sie, dass sie in einer Fremdwanne sitzen, und baden trotzdem weiter " is funnier than its translation "Now you know you're sitting in the wrong bath and persist in bathing away". You either speak the language and get its nuances, or you don't.

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Comedy doesn't translate. Generally defined as spin-offs that are otherwise a part of a complex inter- and hypertextual system, these fairy tale collections constitute a metafictional body of knowledge and wisdom that is passed on across the fantastic world of their origin. In the digital era much focus is placed on multimodal, multimedia and hypertextual nature of contemporary adaptation narratives with a significant influence of the fandom on the production of such literary works. The study will focus on the prominent examples of such practice, J.

T he Use-Value of Literature. Whenever a literary text is more than just read, it is put to an alternative purpose. Put otherwise, it is adapted for purposes external to its intrinsic logic of being. My presentation intends to point out how literary texts have been adapted by different regimes of knowledge.

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I contend that these regimes of knowledge resort to literary texts when they experience an epistemological fracture, that is, when the object of their inquiry turns out to be so complex that their protocols and methodologies are insufficient to meet the challenge of this complexity. I will illustrate this contention by pointing at instances from political economy. Regrettably, this extremely talented and fertile writer died in , when she was only 43 years old. One of her most successful and most difficult translations was that of the libretto for Spamalot , a musical comedy by Eric Idle, a member of the legendary comedy group The Monty Python Flying Circus.

This irreverent parody of the Arthurian legend was adapted from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The paper will compare the original text with its Croatian adaptation and determine translation strategies and procedures, paying special attention to culturally specific and identity references such as toponyms, anthroponyms, and idiomatic phrases.

We shall also explore how elements of humour are adapted for the Croatian stage, namely, to what extent they have been localised, simplified, avoided, or intensified. This being an especially successful translation, the paper also pays homage to the translator who has left us all too soon.

The novel is a familial saga portraying a quadruple of the main female characters throughout different generations; it is a narrative of dreams, hopes, philosophies, and tragedies, founded on the time in which each respective generation spent its life span. Likewise, it is a story of faith and free will of the protagonists who have testified to a change in politics on the ex-Yugoslavian territory, from the First World War up to the initial decades of the twenty-first century.

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Thus, the novel is intertwined with intermezzi of silence and untold tales, repercusionally unfabulated because of a fear that affected each generation of the family. However, in most cases the adaptations are marked by a kind of historical and thematic distance from the literary originals, as well as from the reality to which a literary work refers. The distance was achieved, on the one hand, in the chronological sense, and, on the other hand, through the neutralization of any kind of ideational actuality of thematised literary subjects.

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The two novels seemed marginal at first, but upon close reading it became clear that they accurately represent Croatian society and its metamorphoses. The paper identifies these metamorphoses as the appearance of fascist tendencies in Croatian mental and societal landscape. The paper aims to provoke a discussion about these tendencies in Croatian society and to identify the reasons for their occurrence. However, regardless of the nature of the source materials and the cultural, historical, social, etc.

The films created through this specific process of adaptation — often referred to as Disneyfication — may be described as a mixture of fairy tales and Hollywood musicals, complete with romantic plots, anthropomorphized animals and other marvellous creatures, lavish song-and-dance numbers, and happy endings. Nevertheless, the medium of film asks for a different approach; thus, where Burgess used language to convey his story, Kubrick employed masterfully and skilfully timed sequences, scenes, cuts, and frames. This paper is written as an introduction to the field of film adaptations of literary works.

The core of this approach is narratology. Consequently, the main thesis has been built upon terms like mimesis, diegesis, showing, telling, description, and focalization. These, mostly binary, terms are used to determine, once again, the boundaries of literature and film. This approach comes from the idea that if we want to study the effects of art forms, we must previously discover what these art forms are in their mere essence. Of course, these discoveries will never be definitive because the art, as any other live organism, is rarely clear and simple. Yet, we can come to some conclusions that can be used as general guidelines in studying art, in this case a specific phenomenon that is film adaptation of the novel.

One crucial thing in this study is the fact that it focuses on one specific kind of adaptation. The novels in question seem to investigate the roots and stability of their respective civilizations, and contrast them either to the absence of any civilizational frame or to civilizations with a very different worldview.

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Under the attacks of a more powerful worldview, the fabric of a civilization which seemed so well-rounded and self-sufficient proves to be permeable, filled with inherent contradictions and weaknesses. The world of isolated communities has virtually disappeared, forcing all civilizations and communities to adapt to the fast-paced and omnipresent change of worldviews, societal values, and the coexistence of variegated personal moralities.

The paper will try to investigate the ways in which the presented societies function on a community level and how the individual characters adapt or fail to adapt their personal worldviews and moralities to the irrevocably changed civilizational frame around them. The implications of the issue in question are far reaching and applicable to various fields of modern life, ranging from the ways students function if placed in a completely different learning environment, the ways workers apply different work ethics if transferred to a country with different attitudes towards work and leisure, the ways one's unquestionable religious beliefs are challenged if the civilizational frame is removed, etc.

The paper focuses on J.

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The story was then adapted into a short film, Crash! Ballard, Harley Cokeliss, David Conenberg, adaptation, hypotext, deconstruction, aesthetic function, political function. The term extralinguistic cultural references ECRs denotes the concepts which are deeply rooted in the source culture and are often unknown to the speakers of other languages. Such concepts are frequently not lexicalised in the target language, which can cause serious problems during translation.

Faced with the difficult task of introducing an unknown concept to the target text users, translators have to consider each ECR individually and make a deliberate and careful choice of their translation strategy. Input space 1 is the impulse, idea or original work that triggers the creative process of the author or the process of comprehending in case of the recipient , and input space 2 is the context of the adaptation. The context refers to certain vital relations which, according to Fauconnier and Turner, among other include identity, time, space, similarity, analogy and disanalogy, etc.

Whether in art or biology, adaptation does not refer to something original but to a mutated and permutated pre-existing of the original. As the presentation of one art form through another medium, the adaptation of literature — first drama and then fiction — has been related to technological reproduction — first to the theatre stage and then to the motion-picture industry — and closely identified with the rise of popular culture.

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This paper thus comes about as an attempt to explore a doubled adaptation: how the black rapist myth as the social and cultural adaptation of Southern Jim Crow laws has been transformed in E. Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes , popular culture, social adaptation, cultural adaptation. The novel enjoys increasing popularity among adult and young literature readers and has earned the reputation of an international bestseller, followed by the film of the same name, directed by Brian Percival.

The film was released in in American-German co-production and has been honoured with many awards and nominations. Both the film and the novel belong to Holocaust-themed works with an emphasis on the terror of Nazi Germany. The film captured the eye of the public, especially due to the fictional character of the book, Death, who becomes the voice and narrator of the film. The paper will analyse the symbolism of death in the time the action was taking place, connecting it with the Holocaust and victims of World War II.

Death will be explored as an important aspect functioning as a connecting factor between the book and the film, which both carry important significance of the political and historical situation of the said time period. Finally, the paper will compare how the role of the book's narrator has been changed and transferred into the film and which techniques were introduced to represent the narrator as such. The plot revolves around an ostracized high school girl who discovers her inherent destructive powers, but also explores social sensitivity and domestic abuse. Even upon its publication, several studios already considered making it into a film, but it took two years before Brian de Palma stepped in as the director.

Although all three adaptations follow the characterization and plot relatively faithfully, some notable differences in-between provide interesting comparisons on femininity, teenage alienation, peer pressures of fitting in, and the role of religious upbringing. The paper also aims to show how levels of fidelity of adaptations to the original novel bring about different notions and interpretations on the broader social message and impact of the films on modern popular culture.

This paper approaches film adaptation as a modality of translation. Adaptation scholars have pointed out that the study of adaptation is largely interdisciplinary and that, as a result, the theory and methods enabling adaptation analysis are also derived from multiple sources cf. Cattrysse ; Elliott ; Leitch As processes and products, adaptation and translation involve an act of communication between a source and a target text within a new sociocultural context Aragay ; Leitch ; Venuti Nevertheless, a systematic methodological and theoretical approach to adaptation as translation seems to have remained under-researched so far.

The rawness of experience of the nameless woman in this one-woman play is matched with a block of ice suspended above the stage, which gradually melts during her performance.

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The Season 8 runner-up has one gold album, his debut "For Your Entertainment," and has performed as the frontman for Queen. Siegmund Who art thou, say, who dost stand so beauteous and stern? Hence now away; hither return not! Return to Book Page. Siegmund blickt ihr freudig und erhoben nach.

It will be argued that this double act of melting shows how the adaptation of the post-traumatic body can become a site of inscription and a site of the inscriber. All the latent warrior spirit of our race seemed to leap to a flame. As we went out into the still night our hearts were stronger, our minds brighter, our courage high, and in the quiet stars above brooded the certain promise of victorious and lasting peace.

Marston described this striking phenomenon of quoting Shakespeare and of alluding to the French Wars in appropriately modernist terms. Agincourt was the talk of the town, or the talk of the trenches, rather. Dr Johnson had been decidedly sardonic when, in the 18 th century, he suggested a performance of Henry V at Versailles. As early as October , George Russell noted:.

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In twelve months from now [now being October ] the five hundredth anniversary of the triumphant prediction will have come round, and by that time the words, already famous, will have acquired a new and an even more glorious significance. For St. It is a moment for looking forward and for looking back.

Scene I. Agincourt Evening after the Battle Certainly, as Thomas Barclay noted in his entente history entitled Angleterre et France of , it was no longer possible for young people growing up in France at the time, to imagine a past when the prevailing hatred towards the English would ever find a proper reason to make popular a new war with England, but a bold focus in on the victory of cannot have been appreciated by all.

Band, or about the costumes and armour rented in Rouen for the occasion. It was mounted at the Y. It is worth taking a closer look at this production presented under the patronage of the British and Belgian base commanders at Calais, as well as the Governor and the Mayor of the town, with proceeds intended for the Star and Garter Home for Disabled Soldiers and Sailors.

In this army setting, for example, with a rehearsal time of three weeks, there were no understudies, and this was a liability when troop movements were obviously unpredictable and random. In the event, the actor playing Henry V received orders to move on the day of the performance itself, but, as we learn, disaster was fortunately averted. As the facts about the tercentenary celebrations in Calais reveal, much else could be read and was read into the play. The Harfleur scene, then, was balanced by scenes that furthered the rapprochement and entente between the enemy nations.

In the event, the part of Katherine was played by Marthe West, a local actress of Anglo-Calais descent. Both local newspapers described how, at the end of the evening, all members of the audience received a souvenir. Of course, the tercentenary celebrations at Calais were not a spontaneous expression of jingoism, but a carefully managed campaign under the aegis of the entente cordiale , meant to have the French and the English see eye to eye, now and forever. In this history, the French themselves may not have been as apt to quote Shakespeare as frequently as their cross-Channel neighbours, but they did not remain silent.