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High gain combined with strong feedback helps to deliver the required precision. Most of the error will be in the input data signal. Personal input data tends to be specified, while national input data tends to be statistical. The next step in the process of designing an economic amplifier is discovering the energy sources. The energy sources which support any primitive economic system are, of course, a supply of raw materials, and the consent of the people to labor and con sequently assume a certain rank, position, level, or class in the social structure, i.

Each class, in guaranteeing its own level of income, controls the class immediately below it, hence preserves the class structure.

1. Stop procrastinating.

This provides stability and security, but also government from the top. As time goes on and communication and education improve, the lower-class elements of the social labor structure become knowledgeable and envious of the good things that the upper-class members have. They also begin to attain a knowledge of energy s ystems and the ability to enforce their rise through the class structure.

If this rise of the lower classes can be postponed long enough, the elite can achieve energy dominance, and labor by consent no longer will hold a position of an essential energy source.

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  6. 1. Make your own decisions.

Until such energy dominance is absolutely established, the consent of people to labor and let others handle their affairs must be taken into consideration, since failure to do so could cause the people to interfere in the final transfer of energy s ources to the control of the elite. It is essential to recognize that at this time, public consent is still an essential key to the release of energy in the process of economic amplification. A silent weapon system operates upon data obtained from a docile public by legal but not always lawful force.

Much information is made available to silent weapon systems programmers through the Internal Revenue Service. This information consists of the enforced delivery of well-organized data contained in federal and state tax forms, collected, assembled, and submitted by slave labor provided by taxpayers and employers. Furthermore, the number of such forms submitted to the I. Other data sources are given in the Short List of Inputs. Consent Coefficients - numerical feedback indicating victory status. Psychological basis: When the government is able to collect tax and seize private property without just compensation, it is an indication that the public is ripe for surrender and is consenting to enslavement and legal encroachment.

A good and easily quantified indicator of harvest time is the number of public citizens who pay income tax despite an obvious lack of reciprocal or honest service from the government. Experience has prevent that the simplest method of securing a silent weapon and gaining control of the public is to keep the public undisciplined and ignorant of the basic system principles on the one hand, while keeping them confused, disorganized, a nd distracted with matters of no real importance on the other hand.

These preclude their interest in and discovery of the silent weapons of social automation technology. The general rule is that there is a profit in confusion; the more confusion, the more profit. Therefore, the best approach is to create problems and then offer solutions. Media : Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance. Schools : Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law, and real history. Work : Keep the public busy, busy, busy, with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals.

The successful application of a strategy requires a careful study of inputs, outputs, the strategy connecting the inputs and the outputs, and the available energy sources to fuel the strategy. This study is called logistics. A logistical problem is studied at the elementary level first, and then levels of greater complexity are studied as a synthesis of elementary factors. This means that a given system is analyzed, i. Questions to be answered: 1 what 2 when 3 where 4 how 5 why 6 who General sources of information: 1 telephone taps 2 surveillance 3 analysis of garbage 4 behavior of children in school Standard of living by: 1 food 2 clothing 3 shelter 4 transportation Social contacts: 1 telephone - itemized record of calls 2 family - marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

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Personal buying habits, i. Universal Product Code Assets: 1 checking accounts 2 savings accounts 3 real estate 4 business 5 automobiles, etc. Other government sources - surveillance of U. Strengths and weaknesses: 1 activities sports, hobbies, etc. Business sources via I. Outputs - create controlled situations - manipulation of the economy, hence society - control of compensation and income. From the time a person leaves its mother's womb, its every effort is directed towards building, maintaining, and withdrawing into artificial wombs, various sorts of substitute protective devices or shells.

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The objective of these artificial wombs is to provide a stable environment for both stable and unstable activity; to provide a shelter for the evolutionary processes of growth and maturity - i. This is equally true of both the general public and the elite. However, there is a definite difference in the way each of these classes go about the solution of problems.

The primary reason why the individual citizens of a country create a political structure is a subconscious wish or desire to perpetuate their own dependency relationship of childhood. Simply put, they want a human god to eliminate all risk from their life, pat them on the head, kiss their bruises, put a chicken on every dinner table, clothe their bodies, tuck them into bed at night, and tell them that everything will be alright when they wake up in the morning.

This public demand is incredible, so the human god, the politician, meets incredibility with incredibility by promising the world and delivering nothing. So who is the bigger liar? This public behavior is surrender born of fear, laziness, and expediency. It is the basis of the welfare state as a strategic weapon, useful against a disgusting public.

Therefore, they assign th e dirty work to others including their own children so as to keep the blood off their hands. They rave about the humane treatment of animals and then sit down to a delicious hamburger from a whitewashed slaughterhouse down the street and out of sight. B ut even more hypocritical, they pay taxes to finance a professional association of hit men collectively called politicians, and then complain about corruption in government. Again, most people want to be free to do the things to explore, etc.

The fear of failure is manifested in irresponsibility, and especially in delegating those personal responsibilities to others where success is uncertain or carries possible or created liabilities law which the person is not prepared to accept. Th ey want authority root word - "author" , but they will not accept responsibility or liability.

So they hire politicians to face reality for them. The people hire the politicians so that the people can: 1 obtain security without managing it. Politicians hold many quasi-military jobs, the lowest being the police which are soldiers, the attorneys and C. The generals are industrialists. The "presidential" level of commander-in-chief is shared by the international bankers.

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The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes consent , but they would rathe r knuckle under than be the hypocrite. Thus, a nation becomes divided into two very distinct parts, a docile sub-nation [great silent majority] and a political sub-nation. The political sub-nation remains attached to the docile sub-nation, tolerates it, and leaches its substance until i t grows strong enough to detach itself and then devour its parent. An ideal industry may be symbolized electronically in various ways. The simplest way is to represent a demand by a voltage and a supply by a current.

When this is done, the relationship between the two becomes what is called an admittance, which can r esult from three economic factors: 1 hindsight flow, 2 present flow, and 3 foresight flow. Foresight flow is the result of that property of living entities to cause energy food to be stored for a period of low energy e. It consists of demands made upon an economic system for that period of low energy winter seaso n. In a production industry it takes several forms, one of which is known as production stock or inventory. In electronic symbology this specific industry demand a pure capital industry is represented by capacitance and the stock or resource is represented by a stored charge.

Satisfaction of an industry demand suffers a lag because of the loading effect of inventory priorities. Present flow ideally involves no delays. It is, so to speak, input today for output today, a "hand to mouth" flow. In electronic symbology, this specific industry demand a pure us industry is represented by a conductance which is then a simple ec onomic valve a dissipative element. Hindsight flow is known as habit or inertia. Other large alternatives to war as economic inductors or economic flywheels are an open-ended social welfare program, or an enormous but fruitful open-ended space program.

The problem with stabilizing the economic system is that there is too much demand on account of 1 too much greed and 2 too much population.

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This creates excessive economic inductance which can only be balanced with economic capacitance true resources or value - e. The social welfare program is nothing more than an open-ended credit balance system which creates a false capital industry to give nonproductive people a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. This can be useful, however, because the rec ipients become state property in return for the "gift," a standing army for the elite.

For he who pays the piper picks the tune. Those who get hooked on the economic drug, must go to the elite for a fix. In this, the method of introducing large amounts of stabilizing capacitance is by borrowing on the future "credit" of the world. This is a fourth law of motion - onset, and consists of performing an action and leaving the system before the reflected reaction returns to the point of action - a delayed reaction.

The means of surviving the reaction is by changing the system before the reaction can return. By this means, politicians become more popular in their own time and the public pays later. In fact, the measure of such a politician is the delay time. The same thing is achieved by a government by printing money beyond the limit of the gross national product, and economic process called inflation.

This puts a large quantity of mo ney into the hands of the public and maintains a balance against their greed, creates a false self-confidence in them and, for awhile, stays the wolf from the door. They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor, and the politicians are the publicly hired hit men that justify the act to keep the responsibility and blood off the pub lic conscience.

See section on consent factors and social-economic structuring.

If the people really cared about their fellow man, they would control their appetites greed, procreation, etc. Since most of the general public will not exercise restraint, there are only two alternatives to reduce the economic inductance of the system. The latter option has been taken as the obviously better option. At this point it should be crystal clear to the reader why absolute secrecy about the silent weapons is necessary.

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The general public refuses to improve its own mentality and its fait h in its fellow man. It has become a herd of proliferating barbarians, and, so to speak, a blight upon the face of the earth. They do not care enough about economic science to learn why they have not been able to avoid war despite religious morality, and their religious or self-gratifying refusal to deal with earthly problems renders the solution of the earthly problem un reachable to them. It is left to those few who are truly willing to think and survive as the fittest to survive, to solve the problem for themselves as the few who really care.

Write down all the physical things that money would get you. Make a list, try to include as many things that you can think of. Note: need , not want. Because if you think about what exactly you need this money for like a new house , or a new car, or a fantastic holiday etc. So take some time to think about it, make a spreadsheet if you need to, come up with a specific number and write it down.

I have developed several powerful techniques that can be used to do exactly that.

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It's packed with simple DIY techniques that deliver measurable results in every aspect of your life. So, basically, if you want to escape your job and follow your passions to success, you do NOT want to miss this. So how are you going to attract money if you have a mindset of a poor person? It just means that you can allow yourself to window shop for expensive things, plan amazing holidays, treat yourself to small luxury things every once in awhile. In other words, speak like you already have the money! Experiment with several different wordings and choose the affirmation that strikes a special chord with you.

Repeat it into the mirror every day. Cut out some images of money. Keep it in your bedroom or office, and let it fill you with excitement and good feelings each and every time you see it. John Rentoul. Chuka Ummuna. Shappi Khorsandi. Gina Miller. Our view. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Steve Coogan.

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2. Know that there is no magic.

Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. When a person can amass such an unfathomable amount of wealth, it piques the interest of our global population, much of them steeped in poverty rather than wealth. Many modern-day successful and wealthy people are voracious readers ; they never stop learning and challenging their minds. It has failed because the community has failed. That's it.

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Smoke billows and flames propagate across the hillside near houses after the Stromboli volcano erupted in the north of Sicily. It killed a hiker and sent tourists fleeing into the sea. An orangutan looks out of its cage in the controversial Pata Zoo in Thailand. Located at the top of a department store, the zoo has been controversial for keeping animals in tiny, concrete cages. A protester breaks in to the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong during a protest on the 22nd anniversary of the territory's handover to China from Britain.

Riot police use rubber pellets to disperse LGBT rights activists as they try to gather for a pride parade, which was banned by the governorship, in central Istanbul, Turkey.

Explosive charges blow up the remaining sections of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy after it partially collapsed last year killing 43 and injuring dozens. A forest fire flare up in Ziltendorf near Frankfurt, Germany as mainland Europe suffers an intense heatwave. One of the world's most hazardous volcanoes, Mount Ulawun in Papua New Guinea, erupts spewing lava and ash high into the air.

An aerial view shows a crater on a barley field near Ahlbach. Experts assume that an air bomb of the WWII probably exploded at a depth of several metres as a result of the triggering of the chemical detonator. People gather for a protest in Prague, Czech Republic.

Protesters are on calling on Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis to step down over fraud allegations and subsidies paid to his former companies. Policemen push back anti-coal activists after they entered the open-cast mine Garzweiler, western Germany.